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45 Cute & Easy Summer Hairstyles That You Can Create Yourself

Technically, you can wear your hair any way you like at any time of the year. But aren’t there just some hairstyles that give off summer vibes that you can’t deny? You should try out some of these summer hairstyles and see how they make you feel about the sunny season!

These looks are super fun and bouncy and they go really well with light summer clothing and accessories. They’re also super easy to achieve at home and can become your new go-to daily look if you’d like!


Simply Devine Summer Hairstyles

Need a new look for this year’s sunny season? Check out your options below for some ideas!

Curls with Headband

Girls with curls can always find a new way to make them look adorable. Whether your curls are natural or the result of a perm, you can show off those long tresses and keep them back out of your face with a nice rainbow tie-dye hairband.

curly summer hairstyle with headband


Wind Swept Wavy Bob

Everybody loves a gentle summer breeze, so make your hair look like it’s been gently windswept to the side. Volumising and a wavy texture can do this really easily. As for the color, blonde is always great for the hot season. Make sure your roots are darker to add depth.

side swept wavy bob for summer


Sweet Summer Space Buns

Some summer hairstyles are totally classic year-round like space buns. These are so adorable and will keep your hair off your neck so it won’t stick to you if you get too hot and perspire a little. It’s really playful and goes well with all kinds of outfits and make-up looks!

space buns hairstyle for summer


Curly Braided Ponytail

Ponytails are extremely simple and you can make them look even better if you curl the ends of them. But do you want yours to be even more unique?

Form a braid just behind your bangs and create a ponytail at the end of it. Sweep your bangs towards your ear to keep them out of your face.

braided ponytail hairstyle for summer


Spiky Blonde Pixie

Have you always wanted to try out a pixie cut? Summer is the best time to do so as having such short hair will keep you cool and help you catch a gentle breeze when one blows by.

short blonde pixie cut for summer


Easy Curly Updo

Wearing your hair up is always a good idea when it’s hot. However, you can still look glamorous when all your locks are swept back towards the crown of your head. Arrange curly hair so that it sits right on top of your head and has an eye-catching texture.

curly updo for summer


Rainbow Braids

Summer hairstyles give you a lot of freedom to get very experimental and go wild with your look. Dye all your hair in rainbow colors and then get braids!

It’s very common for people to get braids when they go on vacation to Mediterranean countries, so it’s an unforgettable style for this time of year.

colorful braided hairstyle for summer


Elegant Long Brunette Waves

Some people might prefer to look like all the fabulous women on the covers of summer magazines.

In that case, you want to wear your hair very thick and glamorous with an easy wavy texture. Sweep it all over to one side of your head for an extra effortless look with a lot of body.

long brunette hairstyle for summer


Blonde Crown Braid

Go blonde for the summer, then keep all your hair secured out of your face by braiding it.

Start the braid to the crown of your head and ensure it wraps all the way around the head then cascades over your shoulder. It’s a really fun way to keep your hair under control.

summer hairstyle with braid


Two Tone French Braided Ponytail

Brown and blonde go really nicely together and can create very unique looks when styled correctly.

Forming a French braid that incorporates another smaller braid into it will definitely have people looking in your direction. End the braid with a ponytail at the nape of your neck.

french braid hairstyle for summer


Casual Summer Waves

No matter whatever your hair type whether you have waves, curls, or straight hair— just get ready for the spotlight. This gorgeously done casual wavy hairstyle is the perfect style for this summer.



Chunky Layers

Natalie Portman has totally rocked this chunky hairstyle. Add some layers to your long locks and you can make exactly the same impact as she has. So try it and see the difference this summer.



Cute Braid

For those who prefer a long and cute hairstyle, this side-swept hairstyle is the best look to get.You can to fishtail as well with this gorgeous style.



Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

One foremost part is how you maintain your natural long hair. Here you see that this long twisted hair into braids is the ultimate option for any summer wedding.



Easy Summer Haircuts

Rihanna has truly rocked this amazing short bob hair in the most elegant manner. Bob is a very trendy hairstyle that you can try this summer to glam your look.



Hair Color for Summer

Women with colored hair will surely get everyone’s attention. Here you see that this chic totally glam her long wavy hair in coolest hue ever. This might be the perfect choice for you to make this summer.

Hair Color for Summer


Layered Pixie Haircut

A short hairstyle is a prime choice for every woman to make in summer. Here you see that this layered pixie haircut is the awesomely done and is the style to make and glam your look.



Long Haircut For Summer

If you are having long hair then you have a lot of options to make a stunning hairstyle. Summertime doesn’t worry you can make your long hair in such a manner that it will give you the best look and relaxation as well. Add some layers and see the magic.



Medium Long Hairstyle

Layers are always complimenting your hair whether you have short, medium or long hair. Here you see that this lovely medium long hairstyle is worth trying this summer.



Medium Wavy Hairstyle

This short to medium curly wavy hairstyle is the one to make this summer. If you want to try something different then this will be the style that you can glam this summer.



Mid-Length Haircuts For Women

This cute center parted medium-length hairstyle is looking beautiful. You can opt for this style this summer and look the same.



Pixie Haircut for Summer

If you are a style freak and know how to make the perfect hairstyle, you can opt for this stunning pixie cut. It will make your hair look very thick and the overall appearance will truly be awesome.



Sarah Harding Bob Haircut

Bobs are the ones to make in every season. It will truly enhance your look. Here you see that Sarah Harding is totally rocked this blonde bob hairstyle. So why don’t you try it and get the same look for this summer?



Short Hair with Bangs

A short hairstyle is the first choice to make in summer. This short hairstyle with bangs is one of them. Try it to get the exact look for yourself.



Short Haircuts for Chubby Faces

No matter what your face shape is these short haircuts are a perfect choice to make for yourself. If you are having chubby face then this hairstyle will surely glam your look this summer.



Short Haircuts for Thin Hair

If you possess a soft lock of thin hair, and you are bored with the same old styling. Don’t worry here is an option to explore the beauty in you by selecting this hairstyle for thin hair.



Short Hairstyle for Black Women

If you are a black woman with natural hair. You can make this bob style and add some hues to it and totally glam this look for summer.



Short Hairstyles

If you have classy short hair then you have the coolest option for this summer to make lovely hairstyles. This chic bob hair with blond touch will surely be the choice for you to make.



Short Pixie Haircut

Well, we have already told you about pixie cuts. Here you can see how immensely you rock this short pixie haircut in this summer.



Short Pixie Hairstyles For Summer

This twisted pixie haircut is one another choice for you to style this summer. Just go for this style and get the spotlight.



Stunning Haircut for Summer



Summer Hairstyles for Short Hair

There are many options if you are having short hair. This blonde straight short style is the one to pick and make this summer.



Summer Hairstyles for Women Over 50

If you are old in age. Nothing to worry these gorgeous short hairstyles for fine hair will surely give you a younger feel.



Summer Hairstyles for Women

Hairstyles trends are very functional. It is long enough to improve tresses and to make a stylish summer hairstyles. This layered hairstyle will give you some inspiration to make a beautiful style for this summer.



Wavy Bob Haircut

We already said that bobs are the perfect option to make in summer if you can pull off rightly. Here you see that Anne Hathaway has perfectly rocked this wavy bob hairstyle. You can make this summer bob hairstyle by adding some waves to it.



Blonde Hair Top Knot Look

The top Knot hairstyle looks great especially when you have smooth and long hair. As long hair can help in making a good knot. Here, as you can see in this picture, the hairstylist has first made a high ponytail by taking all the hair tresses. The hair in the ponytail is kept loose, to make it look better.

The hair of the ponytail is then passed from the ponytail hairband, to give it a look of the knot. The hair tresses are given two colors, that are brunette brown and blonde. The upper hair is done with blonde, and the inner hair and the root tip is kept of a brunette shade.


Summer Hairstyles


Twin Braided Hairdo

The twin-braided hairstyles look cute on anyone. Especially, if you are a teenager or a college-going girl, you can get this twin braided hairstyle to look pretty. In this hairstyle, the hairstylist has parted the hair from mid.

Then, the hairstylist made a French braid right from the front, near the forehead and it is gone till the upper back and is then tied there with a hair band. The hair left from the braid is left open only. Make the braid on both sides of the head.


Summer Hairstyles


Braided Messy Ponytail

We all love making ponytails. But how about making a ponytail with a twist. Yes, we have a different ponytail hairstyle for you, which will look different but will look really great. For long hair tresses, this hairstyle is a perfect go.

In this hairstyle, you will have to make 2 to 3 braids, as you can see in the picture. But do not make a braid from complete hair, instead, make the braid by taking some hair tresses.

As you will need the rest of the hair for making the ponytail as well. Loosen the braided hair from between. Gather the hair tresses and the braid together and then using a few hair tresses, tie it into a low ponytail.

Summer Hairstyles


Make a Pull Through Braid This Summer Season

Want to try a different hairstyle this summer season? Then, go for this pull-through braid as it will give you a gorgeous look. You can try this pull-through braid style on different occasions. Just be ready with some rubber bands. If you have long hair tresses, then pull through braid will look great on you.

This braid starts with a ponytail, and when you will actually make this braid, you will learn that this braid is not like a usual strand braid, as it contains many ponytails. It will be better if you can take the help of a hairstylist to make this braid if you want a perfect braid like this.

Summer Hairstyles


Braided Low Hairdo for Stunning Summer Look

Just keeping the braids or making a high bun using the braids is a very old trend now. This summer season you can get this new braided look with a low hairdo. Starting with the mid partition and then making braids by taking a few side tresses. And then adding and pinning up those braids at the back of the head.

Take the left side braid by pinning it low near the neckline and taking it through the neckline to the right-side ear and vice versa with the right-side braid. Pin up the complete braid, so that it looks like a heavy braided hairdo. You can carry this look to your workplace also.

Summer Hairstyles


Golden Brown Long Curls

We have seen many girls worrying about how to style their long curly hair. But you all should know that long curly tresses especially the one which is properly and neatly brushed look damn good.

You will not need any other hairstyle, if you will just go with this hairstyle as this hairstyle can go with any party, for your workplace, for any traditional event as well. To get this look, you also need to get your hair colored with golden brown hair color or with bronze hair color. Part your curly hair from the side and then keep your curls at the front on your shoulders.

Summer Hairstyles


Messy Side Braid

It is not necessary that one looks good only with neatly brushed or combed hair. Sometimes a messy combination of the hairstyle can also make you look good. This hairstyle is not a normal 3 strands hairstyle, but this hairstyle goes with a ponytail.

Leaving hair tresses at both sides and making ponytails from the hair at the front and center by pulling them towards the back. You will need a few elastic bands also in this hairstyle for securing the hair knot every time you will cross both sides hair around the ponytail. In the end, you need to pull some hair from the braid, to give it a perfect messy braid look.

Summer Hairstyles


Messy Ponytail Hairstyle

Ditch your high ponytail look with this new messy ponytail look. If you just want to get going with the casual look, then this hairstyle is the right choice. Ponytails are always good when you don’t have any other hairstyle in mind. And when you can make different types of ponytails, then one should definitely try.

Comb your hair using a wide tooth comb and ensure that you tie your ponytail loose so that this hair look can be created. This will be a low ponytail hairstyle and it will be near the lower head. Once you have tied your ponytail with the elastic, you can wrap your hair tresses around it.

Summer Hairstyles


Half Up Half Down Fishtail Braid

Planning to go to any event or any traditional function? But you are confused about the kind of hairstyle you should go with. So, look here, we have a really amazing braided hairstyle for you. This half up – half down fishtail braid hairstyle will make you look gorgeous among everyone.

You may need external help for doing this hairstyle. With long and smooth hair, this hairstyle can be done easily. You should also get the hair color done in the same manner that is a nude blonde and burnt brown with dark brown inner hair color. Do not tie the braid at the end, so that it can give it a more natural look.

Summer Hairstyles


Get This Milkmaid Braided Look

If you are the one who does not like to keep your hair open for long, especially during the summers, then get ready for the milkmaid braid look. Keep some bobby pins and elastic bands handy with you, when you will be doing this milkmaid braid.

This is an easy braided look where you will have to make a braid on both sides by taking hair tresses from the side. Later on, you will have to put the braid around the crown leaving some of the hair at the front near the forehead. Pin both side braid in a manner that give you this pretty bohemian look.

Summer Hairstyles


Some were really is the time of year that has all the best summer hairstyles for you to wear. You can try out a different style every single day to make the most of this time of year. Keeping your hair out of your face and continuing to look glamorous is key to the perfect sunny season look.