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15 Most Beautiful 1940s Hairstyles for Women To Try Now

The 1940s hairstyles are still famous for so many reasons! Actresses like Katherine Hepburn and Ingrid Bergman were real beauties back in the days, and everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of their looks.

Like many other gorgeous and talented ladies, these actresses inspired hairstyles and fashion, and even now, women all over the world want to be glamorous, delicate, and elegant like them.


1940 Hairstyle Trends

You don’t have to be old to love vintage hairstyles because the 1940s women’s styles are reflected in their whole manner and way of being. If you want to feel like you are part of that golden era, here are some 1940s hairstyles that you can easily recreate.

1. Rolled Sides with Curls

long hairstyle of 1940s

Back in the days, women loved curls, rolls, and waves. They wanted to be glamorous every time they walked out of their houses. If you’re going to look impeccable, split your bangs in the middle, and roll your hair on each side. Style perfect curls that fall on the chest.


2. Victory Rolls 

1940s hairstyle for women

This look was very popular back in the day. Split the bangs and top in two and use each side to roll the hair. This way, you will obtain a trendy hairdo, the well-known Victory rolls.


3. Blonde Waves with Rolled Bangs

1940s curly hair

In the 1940s, hairstyles were massively based on waves and curls, and women used them to look their best all the time. Red lipstick, gorgeous blonde hair, exquisite dresses, and gloves, they had the whole package.


4. Pompadour Red Bangs

updo style of 1940s

To create a big pompadour roll, use your bangs and hairspray to maintain that volume throughout the whole day. Also, go for a colored scarf to complete the look.


5. Hair Bow with Bangs

1940s bow hairstyle

The 1940s hairstyles inspire this astonishing hairdo. It has a modern touch because hair bows are highly fashionable at the moment. To recreate the look pin all the hair on top of the head and make the bow. Spare the bangs and keep them spread on the forehead.


6. Crown Braid

Elegant, classy, and confident. This is how you will feel with this braided hair crown. It is so easy to style! Split the mane into two and style two low braids. Place them on top of the head to create the crown.


7. 1940 Hairstyle with Fluff Bangs

Gather the bangs and the temple hair to get the fluff bangs. They are perfectly curly and will gorgeously work with the queue curl from the back. You can even decorate the updo with some other perfect strands that are flawlessly curled.


8. Permed Hair

This was certainly the beginning of a golden era for the permed hair. Because waves were so stylish back in the days, women wanted to forget about using rolls and rods every day, so perming the mane was a long-lasting option. If you don’t want this look to last for months, you can pull it off only a few times using an iron.


9. 1940s Curls

Colored scarfs that held the bangs and temple hair in the back were quite popular. Women highly used them to create the 1940s hairstyles, and they styled tight or full curls for the mane.


10. Rockabilly Style

This rockabilly hairstyle is inspired by the 1940 hairstyles and it has a modern touch thanks to that impressive gray shade. Back then, women opted for natural colors, but these days, you can pull off any shade you want.


11. Wavy Hair with Bangs 

Another trademark for the 1940 hairstyles are the hats and berets. The cartwheel hat was among women’s favorites, and fashionable ladies with long manes used it to complete the look.


12. 1940s Bumper Bangs

Bumper bangs are also a trademark for that fascinating time period. If you want the fringe to look perfect, use a special bumper hair donut. Begin by parting the bangs, use hairspray, and start rolling the strands on the donut. In the end, use bobby pins to secure the hairdo.


13. Short Bangs with Turban


If your bangs are too short and you can’t use a bumper bangs donut, you can opt for a conical iron to do the roll. Gather the rest of the hair in a bun or use a fashionable, colored turban.


14. Tight Curls for Weddings

If you want a wedding hairstyle that is inspired by the 1940s, this brilliant bun with stylish curls and rolls will make you look like a real diva.


15. Wavy Bangs with Bun

To recreate this marvelous 1940 hairstyle, keep your bangs on one side and create two beautiful waves that will make the hairdo look sleek and elegant. Opt for a low bun and get ready to receive all the compliments.


1940s hairstyles were imposing and sublime. From those famous Victory rolls to bumper bangs, they all made women look ravishing, glamorous, and very chic. If you really fancy those times, the hairstyles above reflect the most notable trends for those golden eras. Which one is your favorite?


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