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25 Crimped Hairstyles That Are Super Trendy in 2024

Crimped hair hit the styling scene in the 80s, a decade known for over-the-top style. Crimped hair is making a comeback today, but with the variation, you need to make the look modern and all your own.

Sure, you can tease your crimped hair in a nod to the 80s or accessorize it for a 90s vibe. But they can be chic and classy, too.

Add crimped hair into your hairstyle as a detail or loosen the crimps for a glamorous appeal. Regardless of your length or style, we have 18 different crimped hairstyles that you’re sure to love.

1. Loose Crimped Hair

Crimped hair is typically a spunky hairstyle, but a glamorous, more subdued look can be achieved. Loose crimps look a lot like separated finger waves that look great on longer lengths. To pull this look off, start your larger crimps several inches away from your part and flatten with gel or hairspray.


2. Crimped Hairstyle for Black Women

Crimped hairstyles have a surprising amount of versatility, so why not give them a try for your next look? Fortunately, weaves crimp just as easily as your natural hair, so the look is definitely possible. Smaller crimps are more playful while larger, looser crimps are perfect for dressier occasions. They look elegant when shiny and hydrated.


3. Wavy

Looking for a crimped style that is more laid back? Wavy crimped hair gives off an easy, beachy vibe, so give it a go if that is your preferred style. Start your crimps at the upper corners of your forehead so hair can lay smoothly on the top of your head. Add texturizing or salt spray when done and give your hair a tousle with your fingertips.


4. Big Crimped Hair

Maximalists, rejoice! Big crimped hair is everywhere these days, starting on the runway. Use a large crimper for big waves and separate with your fingertips and hairspray to give off a larger than life vibe. The key here is intentionality; you don’t want your hair to look out of control. Start crimps at the sides of your forehead and smooth hair several inches out from a center part.


5. Crimped Blonde Hair

Blonde hair is often drier than other hair colors, so use it to your advantage when creating a crimped style. This looks is all about controlled teased texture. Create an all-over crimped style or use crimps here and there throughout your hair as a detail to add to the overall effect.


6. 70s Crimped Hair

’70s-inspired crimped hair is perfect for the laidback flower child in you! This crimped hairstyle uses large crimps for a wavy effect. Here, hair isn’t tampered down but rather leans into wispy, slightly frizzy texture for a natural feeling. Crimps can start a mere inch from a center part.


7. 80s Crimped Hair

A more playful approach to crimped hair is this ’80s inspired ‘do. The look is all about volume created from tiny, teased crimps. To emulate this crimped hairstyle, create lots of teased texture at the crown of the head for a ‘the bigger, the better’ vibe.


8. 90s Crimped Hair

This era of crimped hair may be more subdued in terms of volume, but it definitely isn’t lacking in style! The ’90s look is all about tiny crimps as well, but no teasing is required. Try a cute side part, as seen here, held together with a playful clip or your favorite hair accessory.


9. Crimped Hair with Braids

Crimped hair is all about being creative, so why not have fun with it? Adding in fun details like braids is the perfect way to amp up your crimped hairstyle. You can add cornrow braids secured with bobby pins, as seen here, create a braid crown, or keep it simple with a single plait. The choice is truly yours!


10. Long Crimped Hair

Crimped hair is a great way to spice up your long hairstyle. For a chic vibe, don’t overly crimp hair but instead utilize the crimps on a gradient. Start with smaller crimps around your face and move onto larger crimps as you gradually work down the length of your hair.


11. Medium Crimped Hair

Medium-length hair is perfect for showing off your favorite crimped hairstyle. You can go small or large with your crimps and you don’t have to worry about creating a solid crimped style. Here, hair is sectioned into deep side part and the hair over the forehead is left clean and crimp-free.


12. Short Crimped Hairstyle

Pixie hairstyles can be so refreshingly fun, so why not add in your favorite crimped details? Whether you have totally shaved sides, an undercut, or no shaved details at all, you can totally rock this look. All you need is a few inches of hair to create the crimped look of your dreams.


13. Red Crimped Hair

Every hair color looks fabulous when crimped, but this red hairstyle brings something unique to the table. For a modern, edgy look, crimp the bulk of your hair but leave face-framing pieces of hair around your face.


14. Crimped Bob

Bobs are shorter hairstyles, so lots of volume from tiny crimps can make hair appear bushy. This bob may be longer, but it looks great in a larger, looser crimped style. We love it for any hair texture, but it really gives fine, flat hair a lot of life!


15. Updo Hairstyle

Crimped hair looks just as amazing pulled up as it does worn down. In fact, it’s incredibly unique texture will make your up-do stand out! Be sure to pick a style that makes room for volume and texture, however, like this French twist. A few pulled out crimped pieces bring this look together.


16. Crimped Half Up Hairstyle

Half-up styles are as cute as they are functional. You’re sure to look amazing when incorporating crimped hair into a look like this one. This crimped hairstyle has a soft, natural feeling. Leave your ends straight to keep it youthful, modern, and fresh.


17. Crimped Ponytail

We love crimped hair on creative up-dos! Here, crimping serves as the texture that adds to the overall main event. Create a bubble ponytail like this one or try a simple low ponytail or fishtail braid. Because this hairstyle has a lot of interesting elements, smooth crimped hair on the top of the head.


18. Crimped Mohawk 

Embrace the funky feel of crimped hair with an elaborate mohawk up-do! You don’t have to have a mohawk to create a look like this one. Create thick cornrow braids along your scalp and secure hair at the back of the head. For the mohawk, go for lots of teased, crimped textures and secure with bobby pins.


Color Combined

Crimped Hairstyles

The creative color combination looks adorable and stylish. Create crimping on layered hair is normal but with different textures, it looks so nice. To make this style tie your front hair into a half knot and other strands lose freely. Colored hair needs proper maintenance and moisturizer so it takes time. When you combine sea green, blue, grey colors it looks like a metallic color that is best for professionals like celebrities, models, etc. These textured crimps are made with an iron rod which can be used only on occasions or special events because regular use of an iron rod will damage your hair.


Dutch Braid with Ponytail

Crimped Hairstyles

Braids are a common hairstyle for everyone in the world. Try this dutch braid on crimped hair is full of volume with a micro crimped ponytail. Various tools are available to achieve micro to large crimps. Girls who have thick and extra-long hair always worry about hairstyles and maintenance. So dutch braid will add style and a high ponytail is a comfortable option. Micro crimps add little volume which is an alluring idea to achieve a princess-like look. It is lighter but looks like a heavy hairdo.


Emphasizes the Face

Crimped Hairstyles

This classy and girly hairstyle looks awesome with a bandana or headband. It is a good idea to style your short hair with half crimping. Short hair is easy to maintain, color and style in a few minutes. The front hair is pinned in the right direction to frame your forehead. Wear a bandana for a beachy and stylish look. This hairstyle shows your carefree and caring personality and is perfect for outings and picnics, especially in the summer and autumn seasons. Ends remain untouched which gives you a natural look also.


Easy Breezy

Crimped Hairstyles

Women love that hairstyle which is easy to do and looks beautiful. It is full of attitude hairstyles that look amazing on bob-cut hair. To make this hairstyle take your front and side hair and make a loose french braid at the bottom. The ends which are crimped is lose freely. If you are in a rush, make this hairstyle and ready to go. It is a versatile hairstyle that can be suitable for any hair type, professional workplace, and skin tone. This easy-breezy hairstyle looks a little messy which gives you a modern look.


Romantic Perfect Updo

Crimped Hairstyles

If you are worried about choosing a hairstyle for a wedding, then don’t worry; this updo is graceful and elegant. It is a combination of modern and old-fashioned hairstyles. Start making bubble braids from the roots and secure it with a ribbon. Crimping adds volume to your hair so after twisting your hair, looks thicker and more beautiful. Try this updo on icy blonde, golden blonde hair because in light colors, your hairstyle or braids looks more eye-grabbing. It takes time and a professional hairstylist for better results.


Gorgeous Modern Day Princess

Crimped Hairstyles

Girls always want princesses to look at their younger age. This mesmerizing beautiful hairstyle is giving you a prince’s vibes. At first, a braid will be made from the top, coming down to the parietal ridge to the middle part of the crown. At the crown, a little knot will be made and the bottom hair will be used to make curls. Hair will be dyed in the bronze shade to give it a special look. This can be done on special occasions because of the complexity in the procedure of making this hairstyle.


Splash of Colors

Crimped Hairstyles

Sometimes unique and funky is all you need. The foremost thing while making this hairstyle is to divide all the hair into two parts. The right side hair will be made to make two braids going from the partial ridge to the nape of the head. The second side is used to make a messy look (like the hair is tangled for a long time). After all that, different colors will be used to dye the hair on this side and the dominant hair color will be sea green. This hairstyle is done by teenagers who love heavy metal music.


As you can see, crimped hair can be worn in a variety of ways. Loose crimps can create wavy texture while tiny crimps create volume and energy. Wear your hair up, down, or somewhere in between to suit every single occasion. With all of our options to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find a favorite.