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30 New Hairstyles for Men to Look Dashing and Dapper

Most of the internet is filled with new, stylish and unique hairstyles for beautiful women but we always try to bring new hairstyles for both our audiences. Men’s hairstyles have evolved a lot in the last decade and we’re thrilled to present you with the latest and trendy hairstyles for men.

In this particular article, we are going to talk about fresh looks for or handsome males. If you are looking for something new or a fresh hairstyle or even a haircut to get more attention this summer break, then you have clicked the right article. To get summer ready for this season and look cool, you just have to style up your hairstyle or get a modern new haircut.

Want short hair on the sides, long on the top, all these upcoming hairstyles are fashionable and trendy for summer break. Want to go for a fade or undercut along with short, medium, or long hair there is a number of easy-to-style hairdos and cuts which we have summed up in this article.

We have considered all types of hairstyles from undercut hairstyles to taper fade haircuts or hairs on the side or back to guys styling their gorgeous natural texture as messy we have it all.

We have also gone through French crop, side part, and fringes which are fashionable and comfortable to maintain. Considering all these, we have chosen top hairstyles which will make you stylish and trendy for this summer season.

All these hairs are for all whether you have thick, thin, or natural wavy texture; you can try them. So let’s keep going and check out all new and fashionable hairstyles for you guys.


New Hairstyles for Men

Low Fade Cut with Long Hair on Top

New Hairstyles for Men

Fades cut are one of the best options for men to choose. The various types in these cuts provide us with plenty of opportunities to go with, which will be best suited to us according to one’s style and personality. In our very first hairstyle, we have gone for a low fade haircut with long combed hair at the top. From the picture, we can see that the long hair on the head is combed side words, which are providing a cleaner look to the faded haircut. This hairstyle with long comb hair with a low side cut offers a bold yet classy hairdo for gentlemen.


Messy Quiff Hairstyle

New Hairstyles for Men

The quiff hairstyle is one of the best hairdos for guys this year. This hairstyle has been continuously voted to be a popular style.

The simple quiff is known to add volume to the haircut, and when it is presented messy, they provide not only capacity but also a cool vibe to your personality. In this hairstyle, the quiff is done messily, which is providing a fresh, edgy look to the man.

The faded hair cut shows more skin near the ear area, which all over enhances the height to the top hairs and gives a neat, clean look to the hairstyle. This hairstyle requires your hair to be 3-4 inches long on the crown area. This will provide you with the advantage to go with a pullback clean look or pomade wax moderate hairstyle in the future.


Textured Pompadour with Side Fade

New Hairstyles for Men

Pompadour hairstyles are considered to be one of the hottest and sexiest styles for men. This is another good option for this season and will make all head turn to you.

The clean-cut fade hair cut on the side is adding an edgy vibe to the hairstyle. The disconnection between the side haircut and the crown hair is a fantastic line-up. The natural straight, silky texture of upper pompadour hair is undoubtedly going to get you some attention.

People often misunderstand this hairdo as they think that the hairstyle is too difficult to achieve and will consume a lot of your time but let me clear that misunderstanding by saying that they are effortless to make.

To style a proper pompadour hair and to maintain them all day long, you just have to apply an excellent waxed or pomade to dried hair, and then you can blow-dry for a smooth effect. The next step would be to comb your hair either backward or with a slightly side twist as done in the image to provide height and volume to the style. For a more stable look, you are free to yours a hairspray.


Undercut with Messy Taper Hair

New Hairstyles for Men

Playing with your natural hair texture is one of the good things to do as they are easy to maintain hairstyle, plus they make you look cute and carefree.

Whether it is your messy or curly texture, you can try this cut taper hairstyle for this summer season. If you think your messy curly hairs are a curse to you, then you are wrong to try this cut taper natural messy hairdo, and your beliefs would change forever.

The 2-3 inches long hair on the crown area, specifically in the front and shorter or about 1 inch on the other part of the crown area, will work in this hairstyle. The sides are skin shaved or have a fade haircut which is a bold touch to the style.


Side Slicked Hairstyle with Fade Haircut

New Hairstyles for Men

As we have discussed before how adding fade along with some longer strands gives you an edgy look. Here is one more side-slicked hairstyle with a touch of fade haircut on the sides. This simple and easy-to-maintain style with very low maintenance needed is perfect for your 2024 summer season.

The little messy spike texture on top is adding volume and height to the hairstyle. The front side swap slicked hairs are simple, decent style, and at the same time, they are adding curtness and innocents to your character.


Long Pompadour Hairstyle

New Hairstyles for Men

Having long hair works both sides meaning for women as well as for men. Long hair provides you with choices of a unique range of beautiful hairstyles.

There are plenty of different ways to wear your gorgeous long hair for men, and here we present one of them. This long pompadour neatly pushed back in style is very easy and straightforward to achieve.

The flat and clean look on sides and all the volume and height is all this hairdo is about. The contrast of flat and puff is so much in trend and will make you look more handsome every day.


Colored Back Pompadour Hairstyle with Fade Cut on Sides

New Hairstyles for Men

This hairstyle is very similar to the hairdo we have discussed before. The pinch of violet color added to the puff is a very unique and versatile addition to the haircut. This hairstyle is perfect for making quite a statement.

Neatly swept-back pompadour with more sin showing fade is a perfect example if you are planning to have lots of parties this summer. The fluffy puff on the head draws up attention to your longer, slicker hair. The side skin fade cutting is the part that is going to stand out in the hairdo.


Faux Hairstyle and Fade Cut

New Hairstyles for Men

With so much of men going for sharp spiky texture makes you feel pressured to choose one of them though you are not a spiky person, then this hairdo is defiantly one for you.

As along with spikes, faux haircuts are also gaining a lot of popularity this year. Here we have combined two trendy hairstyles with a twist. This modernly stylish look is achieved by fade cut, but the fade is not too deep and does not reveal much skin. The long upper hairs are textured and are standing in spikes.

Twist her is this that spikes are not sharp; instead, they are curvy, which adds a lot more volume to hair along with uniqueness to the trendy style. This hairstyle will be perfect if you grow a little beard on your chin area.


Spiky Fade Haircut

New Hairstyles for Men

Hairstyles changed according to time and trend. There is a variety of short to long hairstyles like undercut, fade, pompadour, etc. Most guys like messy and textured hairstyles. Spikes are full of texture and sparky. The idea of a short fade with Mohawk is too bold. It requires proper styling with pomade and uses a brush to pull hair up. To style your spikes, always use your fingertips. This hairstyle is perfect for young boys because they have time to style; on the other hand, businessmen don’t have enough time to style or maintain their spiky hairstyle. It is comfortable for the winter or autumn season.


Messy Taper Hairstyle

New Hairstyles for Men

Messy hairstyles are trending among men and women. Messy is a new way to style curly or wavy hairs. Fine hairs don’t have thickness or volume to show the messy effect.

This thick medium length modern style is surely a big hit. Front and sides are trimmed with edgy lines. The volume on the top and taper adds some classic edge. It is suitable for a pub crawl with a full beard. Style with your favorite shine wax. This simple hairstyle is stylish.


Textured Pompadour Fade

New Hairstyles for Men

Pompadour is a good haircut for guys. It is a trendy and neat style. This brushed-back hairstyle is for long fine hair. This textured pompadour is sure to turn heads with a disconnected undercut with an amazing lineup.

For styling, all day just apply wax and blow dry properly. Start by brushing your hair back and create a perfect height from the front. You can also style this hairstyle with a trimmed beard. Highlighting with bright colors is in trend so you can also highlight some strips on the upper part of your hair.


Medium Side Swept Hair

New Hairstyles for Men

In today’s modern time men are crazy for long hairstyles. The long hairstyle gives a hot badass look, especially when combined with a thick beard. It is perfect for those guys who have natural thick straight hair.

Side-swept hairs look best on the right side, and the left side hairs are very short with a thick, sleek line. Front and back are different which the best part of this style is. Side-swept is a long hairstyle that needs time to style and looks great on the young ones.


Disconnected Quiff

New Hairstyles for Men

The disconnected quiff is one of the most popular hairstyles for boys. The quiff has many variations like short, and long. The high skin fade with blonde highlights looks amazing with an undercut. It provides height to your face and increases contrast.

Choose your hairstyle according to your age, hair quality, and skin color. It requires styling products for a perfect outcome like gel or cream. The front top quiff is higher than the sides and back of the head. It compliments a beard or off-bearded man.


High Top Fade

New Hairstyles for Men

Some hairstyles from the ’80s and ’90s are back in trend. High fade looks so simple but attractive. Top and middle part is high and divided by a clean lineup. It shapes your face and shows off all your tattoos or ear studs etc.

The length of this hairstyle depends on your choice and hair growth. It is a high-maintenance hairstyle perfect for weddings or occasions. The skin fade on the sides with a trimmed thin mustache completes your style statement. Curly or Afro-haired men also wear this hairstyle.


Line up with Low Bald

New Hairstyles for Men

If you want something different, then line up is the best option for you. Not everyone has thick hair, so line-up design makes your bald look more fashionista and cool.

Abstract and geometric designs are available at your stylist’s salon. It is a very low-maintenance hairstyle full of patterns. If you have a thick long beard, then this bald look is fabulous.

Line up attached to head to beard provides extra drama to your side look. It is not comfortable for desk jobs; that’s why most of the models and actors are seen in this hairstyle.


Perfect Sheer Hairstyle

New Hairstyles for Men

The sheer hairstyle is a versatile style for every aged man. A clean cut makes your look more prominent. If you have curly or wavy hair this round with high fade on the sides looks professional for the office. Some hairstyles are not convenient in the summer season.

All you need to comb your hair and look amazing all day. A short beard balances the look with shaved sides. Add some short fringes to highlight your round hairstyle. If you have tattoos on your neck, then wear this hairstyle for a showing.


Comb Over Hairstyle

New Hairstyles for Men

Mostly comb over hairstyle is for long hair, but this hairstyle is suitable for 3 inches of length. The sharp fringes with a long top easily frame your face.

Combed over clearly shown on light-colored hairs like blonde, light brown, etc. You can wear a funky oversized shirt and be ready to go to the gym, music class, etc. Make sure you take help from a professional hairstylist for the desired look.


Pompadour Merging Fade

New Hairstyles for Men

For the pompadour haircut, you need 3 to 5 inches of hair on top. It is an easy hairstyle and requires only a good pair of clippers. You can do fade cut and undercut on sides and back. We love how in this hairstyle, the pompadour and the fade sides are merging into each other and making one a complete hairstyle.

Also, there is no specific demarcation. To go extra, design and two bald lines are made in the fade. It looks very cool. Styling your pomp requires a quality pomade or wax; this allows you to add height and style.


Side Fades with a Blue Quiff

New Hairstyles for Men

The quiff has been trending very much this season, and we can clearly see why. It looks hotter than it sounds. Also, it works for all types of hair. Curly or straight, styled hair or un-styled hair, it always looks good.

For quiff, you need at least 3 inches of hair on top of your head. The sides are buzzed into a taper fade, leaving the top hair. It depends on you how short you want to keep the fade. You can choose from options of a high, low, mid, or skin fade.

You can add a very short clipper setting in your fade hairstyle that will create a lot of contrast; this will give you an extreme look. For the quiff, you can also add highlights of different colors to enhance it more. The blue looks extraordinary and so handsome.


Messy Pompadour

New Hairstyles for Men

Pompadour does not always need to be sleek. The messy pompadour, along with fade cut, is the perfect combination. The fresh low bald fade and messy pompadour line up the balance between the messy textured hairstyle up top and clean lows.

By working a small amount of pomade into hair, you can create a natural look that stays in place all day. You can style your pompadour in many ways when you want it or leave it in a natural and messy looking. It looks good both ways. This is perfect for college-going boys because it gives you a casual and funky look.


Partitioned with Sleek Top

New Hairstyles for Men

With fade cuts at the sides and straight top hair, this is a good idea to style your hair. A partition is made in the top section, which is giving a completely new dimension to the hairstyle. If you are looking for a completely new hairstyle, this is a nice and easy way to upgrade your old look.

If you have messy or curly hair, you can straighten them to achieve a sleek look. You can also use gels to set the hairstyle for a special occasion. This will look very good if you have to attend the marriages of your close ones.


The Spiky and Fringed Top

New Hairstyles for Men

Another new trend in the men’s hairstyle industry is this funky hairstyle. This one is a spiky top and cropped fringe with a fade cut. The cropped fringe features so perfectly with a high bald fade. This could be styled in a natural or textured way.

This hairstyle suits guys of any hair type, including fine or thin hair. Combine low skin fade with a spiky side-swept fringe and short textured hair in the back, and look oh so handsome. Make your look more upfront by combining it with a cool beard and make the girls swoon.


Trimmed Sides and Sleek Top

New Hairstyles for Men

The sleek back hairstyle has traditionally been a retro style, but now it has a modern version also. When combined with a fade cut not only becomes trendy but also looks so cool. It works best worn loose and textured.

You can use gel to set the top. The hair at the top is combed backward and is kept sleek and straight. It looks very professional hairstyle but also looks very cool. It is perfect for businessmen. If you have a meeting and have to attend parties also, this will work for both purposes.


Fade Cut with Long Side Fringe

New Hairstyles for Men

Keeping your top extra long with your sides trimmed may seem extra, but the outcome is worth all the risks. This combination looks so gorgeous and cool. If you are a die-hard fan of funky and cool stuff and love to look that way, just go for this hairstyle.

This will change your entire look, and you are going to love it. This hairstyle is made more upfront and cool by making these cool designs in the fade cut. Comb the long hair in one style and keep them messy and natural. You can use gel and sprays to style the side fringe.


Short Gelled Top

New Hairstyles for Men

Want to go extra short? And extra-classic? This one is for you. The fade cut is combined with an extra short top. The whole hairstyle is washed with gel, which makes it more glossy and different.

The short top is set with gel and makes this hairstyle a very tidy and clean hairstyle. This will give you a very classy look. The best part about this hairstyle is that it is very low-maintenance but so trendy. This is perfect for sports boys and schoolboys.

Sexy Butch Cut to Try This Year


High-Faded Quiff

Hairstyles for Men

Over past years Quiff haircuts are on the top of the trending list in men’s hairstyling. If you were in search of a fashionable quiff haircut, then we will suggest this haircut especially. This high fade quiff hairstyle is perfect for you to become a star in your college or professional life.

The hairstyles include spiky quiff hair on the top and high razor cutting at the sides. The fade on the sides is done too deep that the skin is visible. This hairstyle is surely a celebrity vibe haircut on our list.

This haircut will be perfect if you are a college boy or a man in a profession closely related to fashion or relaxed vibes. If you are a serious personality, then this haircut maybe not be a good option for you.


Natural Curly Texture Taper Fade

Hairstyles for Men

If you have naturally curly textures and are bored of going to the stylish to hide them or if you want to show them, then this hairstyle would be the one for you.

If you are the guy who falls in the first category, then boy, this is the time to embrace your natural bouncy hair texture and make the world stop looking at you.  The curly fade haircut above in the picture provided is going to be one of the best hairstyles for men with naturally curly hair if you are not one of them then I would suggest skipping this one and moving to the next.

With just 2-3 inches of length on the above front along with about a 1-inch area in the back will do the hairstyle. This hairstyle will bring advantage to maintaining your curly hair as it just towel-drys your curls. Apply some protective serum, put on your smile, and walk out the door!


Thick Spiky Textured Haircut with a Touch of Fade

Hairstyles for Men

This is another extremely sexy along with a tough masculine look for guys with a bad boy personality. The well-set thick spikes with fading are an eye-catching look for ladies to impress. The hairstyle is achieved by having long hair on top with a little side swap which we can see from the above-provided image.

And there is also a subtle side part. For this texture, you have just to add some shine protective serum and comb to form pomade and there your new hairstyle is. The comb to bring that texture we will suggest a tooth comb as it really helps to set apart the strands from each other which is done in this hairdo.


Disconnected Push Back Haircut with Sides Trimmed

Hairstyles for Men

Having a disconnected pushback or a quiff hairdo is a long ongoing trend in men’s hairstyles. The disconnection or you can say a tiny touch of messiness brings out a cute as well as a tough vibe for a man at the same time. If you are looking for that, then check this hairstyle.

The hairstyle involves a disconnected quiff with about 2-3 inches of hair on the top and side trim. The sides are not trimmed with the help of a razor but simple with the pair of sessions, so do check with your hairstylist before getting the seat.

Again to achieve the texture, we will suggest you use a tooth comb and good protective serums will keep the hairstyle in place all day long.


Natural Long Flow Haircut with Lower Taper Style

Hairstyles for Men

Letting your hair flow naturally as they are supposed to be the symbol of romance and softness in your nature.

If you are a guy with softness sweetness and seriousness and you want people to know that, then this hairstyle can do that for you. This beautifully designed hairstyle includes low taper which is an easy way to achieve the whole hairdo.

To achieve that, you just require having medium-length hair on the top or crowning area that shows your natural silky textured hair. The silky hair should be flowing naturally to the back from the front. To add messiness to your hair, we suggest you have a few fringes in between the style. A little height in front will sum up the whole hairstyle.


So these are ongoing and upcoming trends in the men’s hairstyle industry. These will make you look trendy this year. This year we are going to see lots of variations of the most popular haircuts like fades, undercuts, pompadours, comb over’s, quiffs, slick backs, and even man buns or top knots.

Your hairstyle should be trendy and also something that you like and pull off. Therefore, we bought you a variety of all sorts of new trends. So pick what you like. We hope this will be helpful.