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25 Popular Hairstyles for Men to Look Fabulous

Hair styling and grooming is not only a women’s copyright; it is equally important for men too. They can too style their hair in long or short as they wish.

Today in this article, we are describing the popular hairstyles for men. These hairstyles are classic as well as modern, which can suit men of any mood. Some hairstyles are popular because they are easy to maintain and versatile too.

You can go for the popular short hairstyles that are most easy to maintain and can be done in any type and length of hair. Tiny quiff or pompadour, undercut, side-parted, etc. can be executed easily in short hairs and look stylish.

Undercut and faded sides are becoming very popular nowadays. As they are simple as well as stylish, these are becoming a favorite choice for men of any age group. These cuts are cooperated with quiff or pompadour to look chic. Some styling tools such as a blow dryer and brush with hair gel, wax, or pomade are required to style them.

Messy hairstyles with highlights are also common these days and can be carried off at any occasion or event to make men appear fashionable. This hairstyle does not need much to maintain and is easy to go.

Side parted hairstyles are widespread among people who are looking for easy to style hair cut. Taper hair cut or medium length hair also requires side swept to style them. Some side quiffs also look good when styled differently. The side parting can be classy if you go for matte and can be modern if shine or texture is added to make it a retro finish.

There are many styles for men with long hair, which are very popular such as a top knot in full hair, half bun, and long layers in mid parting or side parting. Bun Hairstyles for men are supper hot styles that take them to a different level of fashion. These are very comfortable and look classy as well. Long hairs are combed and gathered at the back to make a top knot and for making a half-bun, some hairs need to be left open.

Long layers with a side parting or mid parting are awesome styles for men which are most admired nowadays. Curls and wavy hair can also make some popular hairstyles for men. Curls with faded hair cut make a trendy style for men. Extremely faded sides and back are also in trend these days.

Hence there are many different trendy hairstyles for men which are very popular among people of any age group. Some of them are sorted for you to choose from:


Popular Hairstyles for Men to Look Fabulous

Neatly Side Parted Quiff Hairstyle

Popular Hairstyles for Men

This is a new version quiff with classic side-parted. Here the hairs are kept short to give a clean look. Thick hairs are cut and styled in such a manner that it is making a combination of traditional as well as modern looks.

The sides have been faded to give contrast to the middle part of the hairs on top. With side parting, the top hairs are swept at one side and from front side some hairs are back-combed to make a quiff with little volume. To make the style unique, the faded sideburns are joined with a stylish beard.


Side Parted Modern Pompadour with Tapered Sides and Back

Popular Hairstyles for Men

This is a unique style for a modern guy. Thick hairs are needed to execute this style. It can be carried off easily by men in any profession. Young guys are quite comfortable styling it. The hairs are side parted and tapered from the sides and from the back as well.

The thick and long hairs at the top on the middle are styled into a pompadour. It has been blow-dried to add dimension to the style. An uneven beard is giving complements the style by combining with tapered sideburns. This is a cool style to enjoy in the summer season.


Towering Pompadour with Highly Faded Sides and Back

Popular Hairstyles for Men

If you are looking for a hairstyle that will give you a contemporary look then this style is for you. This is a current style that is common among trendy guys who are in the fashion world.

The sides are faded a few inches above from ears. The back side is too tapered in such a way that the skin of the neck area is made visible. The pompadour is blow-dried to give height with lots of volume and texture, which is again a contrast to faded sides and back.

Combined with a light beard and middle nose ring, the guy in this hairstyle is looking chic and confident.


Immense Pompadour with Back Side pointed

Popular Hairstyles for Men

This is an exceptional style of hair which is representing a different level of pompadour. The hair are looking sleek and shiny. The long hairs at the top are swiped away at the side with full of volume. The sides are left paler descending towards the neck area. The hairs from the back are swiped upside to make a conical shape at the back, which appears unique.

The style uniting with the faded beard looks awesome. Round facet men can carry out this style to add length to their faces. The unique cut of hair and beard is matchless to any other modern cut.


Blonde Messy Quiff in Light Hair

Popular Hairstyles for Men

Young boys with light hair can opt for this style to make their hair look a little voluminous. This is a messy style of quiff with a blonde. The sides and back are faded to give a cool look. The faded side burns are kept a little longer till the jawline.

Appropriate for hot summer weather, the style is unique in itself. Guys with carefree nature, who wants to spare less time in styling, will benefit by adopting this haircut. This is a simple style with a touch of contemporary which is meant for the young chap.


Golden Highlighted Quiff with Shaved Hairline

Popular Hairstyles for Men

Many fashion hair styles are in trend now-a-days. But some are unique in themselves to make head turn. This style is one of them. The quiff is highlighted with golden color tone leaving the roots in its original color. The sides are faded in descending order from upper side. The shaved hairline at side is adding extra element to the style. Black beard with long moustache is distinguished from highlighted hair. This cut can be easily styled by blow dry to add volume to the quiff. Above all, the sun glass is making the whole look chic.

Gentlemen Layered Hairstyle

Popular Hairstyles for Men

This is a hair style which has a class of its own. Men with any age group will be comfortable in styling it. This is a simple short hair style which is cut in to layers with side parting. The hairs are combed over at one side unevenly. The messy look of the style symbolizes the innocence of the guy. Thick side burns with pale beard is giving contemporary look. The style can be implemented on any occasion. Heart shaped men with this style can balance their look.

Short Hair Style with Tiny Quiff

Popular Hairstyles for Men

For this style, thick hairs are cut into short from sides. Medium length is kept at the top to style a tiny quiff. The hairs are left free to give a disorganize look. Upper area of the side burn is tapered lightly to add an edge to the style. This short hair style is easy to maintain for professionals who have busy schedule though they want to look stylish. But this hair cut needs frequent visits to barber to uphold the style and shape. This cool style in itself is smart and trendy.

Short Hair with Fully Trimmed Side Hairline Design

Popular Hairstyles for Men

This is a super stylish design for men in this year. The hairs are scissor trimmed from the middle. The side part is extremely faded and it is decorated with hairline design. This is an extra ordinary style for highly fashionable man who wants to stand apart in crowd. This hair style is common among people who work in fashion industry. The thick hairs in the middle are widely contrast to exceedingly tapered sides making the style unique and head turner.

Back Swept Long Layers with Dyed Highlights

Popular Hairstyles for Men

If someone has long hairs and wants to style to look chic, then this is a great style for them. The hairs are cut into long layers and dyed to highlight them to appear sleek. The sides and back are under cut and tapered so that the layers are more prominently visible. The side burns are merged with the stylish beard. To maintain and style it some styling tools are necessary. Hair gel and blow dry will add little volume while brushing it. Eye glass is making the guy look modern. For any event this hair style will look immense stylish.

The Classic Style of Pompadour

Popular Hairstyles for Men

This is a pompadour hair style which is setting a class of cool hair style. It is a most popular hair style of men who wants to look fashionable. The hairs are long from middle on the top and are swept back. The sides are scissor tapered from both sides. Hair gel is used to style and giving them a lustrous effect. The clean shaved and square facet men will admire this style. This is a style for all seasons and for all occasions.

Highly Faded Sides with Long Swept Layers

Popular Hairstyles for Men

This style is again representing the classic and as well as modern side of hair cut. The side parted hair style gives a cool look to modern men of today. Here the hairs are cut in long layers and swept back at one side on top, adding a high dimension to over all look. The sides are faded to skin to make the appearance elegant and to highlight the facial features sharply. From back side too, the hairs are trimmed. Chin line beard with long moustache making the style look amazing.

Wind Swept Messy Hair Style

Popular Hairstyles for Men

The messy and wind- swept layers are the main element of this style. This style does not need much care and maintenance. Only wash the hairs, blow dry and left them free to move in direction they wish. The long hairs on top are disorganized as such that some bang of hairs are falling at the forehead for an outstanding look. The sides are kept bit short. Paired with long uniform beard and moustache, the whole look appears messy. This is for a man who does not care to look stylish but present himself as he is.

Long Hairstyle for Men

Popular Hairstyles for Men

People with long hairs can look stylish by cutting their hairs in long bob cut. This cut is well liked by young guys of this generation. This is extremely stylish and formal hair cut which can go well with any outfit. Common among people working in fashion industry and also can be styled for event shows. The hairs are cut in layers which are kept long from back and little short from front. They are finger brushed so as to look uneven. Square face shaped men will look awesome in this hair style.

Messy Layers with Bangs on Forehead

Popular Hairstyles for Men

Men are not legging behind in styling their hairs. They are taking them to next level of styling. They love to try each and every style to look chic. This is again a cool style with lots of layers in different size. The highlighted layers are muddled to make the style exclusive. The hairs are long from back and from front the short layers are covering the forehead which gives a young look. In winter season the style will make you look super hot. Combined with extremely faded beard and moustache, the style is super easy to maintain.

Back Combed Thin Hair

Popular Hairstyles for Men

Earlier thin hair men could not do much to style their hair. But now there are many styles of hair which can make them look fashionable. The hairs are combed back by using hair gel to add shine so that they can look stylish. This is a most simple way of styling light and straight hairs. Curly beard and moustache are making contrast against straight hair. The style will look good on mid-age group of men, which will add an element to their personality and can enhance their confidence too. Men with any profession or job can opt for this style.

Thick Messy Hair on Top with Undercut Sides

Popular Hairstyles for Men

Now-a-days, kids are also not left behind in styling their hairs. Many styles are meant for them in which they can look super cool and stylish. Thick hairs are cut into long layers in middle on the top which are styled in front covering the forehead. They are unevenly styled to give a messy look. The undercut sides are highly faded to make the style contemporary. The style with lot of texture can opt by any kids of teen age group. They can enhance their personality and confident level by styling hairs in different cool stylish.

The Three Steps Hairstyle in Pompadour

Popular Hairstyles for Men

This is totally a new and somewhat funky hair style. If you are looking for some creativity in hair style then you can go for this. This will certainly make you stand out of the crowd. Young boys in teen can go for this cut to look unique. This style is designed in three steps. Hairs in the middle on top are kept long and over combed back. They are styled in pompadour giving a lustrous look. On second step hairs are undercut till one or two inches down on both sides. And now on third step the hairs are extremely faded with a hairline design.

Faded Undercut Sides and Back with Full Pompadour

Popular Hairstyles for Men

Faded undercut are now highly in trend and it is flattering all men around the world. It looks fabulous on all types of hairs. The hairs on both sides and back are super faded giving amazing look. Middle hairs are long and blown dried to give volume. Accompanied with uniform and well maintained beard, the style is a class in itself. This style will suit more on men with round face as it will give a stability to maintain the shape.

Blue Dyed Highlight with Funky Feather Cut

Popular Hairstyles for Men

School going boys are not need to go for that boring hair cut any more. There are many cuts and style to opt for. They can look fashionable and stylish too. Here the hairs are undercut and faded at both sides. On the middle, the hairs dyed in blue color are again kept long with lot of texture and are combed front. With blow dry, the hairs look little voluminous. At the back the hairs are trimmed to give almost a faded look. The undercut style is making a big hit now-a-days among teen age boys.

Bun with Faded Back and Sides

Popular Hairstyles for Men

Bun is not only for women’s hair style, men equally look good in this. Men with long and thick hairs can execute this style of bun. Here the maximum part of sides and back are tremendously faded giving almost clean look. The hairs at the top are gathered to make a small bun which looks very stylish. The tiny bun paired with uniform beard can make feel others jealous of you. This is a super cool style which will look great in summer season. It is simple as well as comfortable style for every man.

Hard Curls with Undercut and Faded Sides

Popular Hairstyles for Men

Gone are the days when curls where not in trend. But now they can be executed in creating super cute styles for men. Guys with hard curls need not to worry as this style is for them. Both sides in this style are undercut few inches down and then they are faded to give clean look. On top the curls are highlighted with dye which is giving lots of texture to the style. The faded side burns are merged with faded beard, which is helping to highlight the facial features. Over all the look is very stylish and chic.

Half Bun in Long Hair

Popular Hairstyles for Men

Man with bun looks very stylish and modern. Many guys wants to keep their hair long but sometimes it becomes difficult for them to maintain and style them differently. So hair stylists have made it easy for them to carry long hairs in fashionable ways. They simply can gather their hairs at back and can make bun out of it leaving some hairs open. This will give a sleek look to them. Accompanied with beard will make their style complete. This style is appropriate for events and daily wear too.

Side Parted Wavy Hair

Popular Hairstyles for Men

Waves give a touch of romance, so as in this hair style too, it is giving a feeling of love. The wavy hair styles are in much of trends now-a-days. They can be styled in many different ways. Hair stylists have come up with many fashionable cuts for men in wavy hair. Here in this picture, the hairs are cut into layers so that they can maintain their natural waves. The layers are swept at one side and left loose so that they can take their shape of its own. The back side of the neck is kept almost clean. Trimmed beard with this hair style will make the whole look romantic.

Short Formal Hairstyle

Popular Hairstyles for Men

This is a very common hair style in short hair for men, popular among office goers as well as in men of any age group. The sides are trimmed to give a neat look. The hairs at the top are back combed to make a tiny quiff and back is also kept short. The side burns are joined with light beard and moustache, making the style complete. This style will enhance the confidence level and personality too. People can wear this style anywhere and with any outfit. Easy to maintain and style, it is familiar with people who have tight schedule and cannot spend much time in styling.

Hence, the hairstyles described above with pictures will make you easy to choose the style which suits your personality much. These are the super cut styles that are easy to maintain and style. These styles will make you comfortable to match your feet with today’s demanding fashion without compromising your console. So go and change your look and present yourself differently to the world.