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35 Stylish & Effortless Pixie Cuts for Girls

If there is a timeless and classy style, it is the pixie cuts. They are unique and can suit all face types. Pixie cuts for girls are cute, chic, and beautiful. Pixie cuts can take any form, from giving a feminine vibe to a bold tomboy or an emo-chic look.

It all depends on how you style them. You can have a sassy undercut to look modish or have a long top for a grunge look. It’s just like wet clay, which can be molded into anything. If you love to have short hair, then pixie cuts are the ones you need to get. Trimmed pixies are extremely easy to maintain too.


Stylish Pixie Cuts for Girls

Rippled Short Cut

Love the series of waves on the beach? Let us introduce you to the waves-inspired short rippled haircut. Looks sexy, right? As shown, you need to get an irregular trim to get that rippled structure.

blonde wavy pixie for girls


Blue & Pink Hairdo

Isn’t this colorful enough to flaunt your short pixie cut? This could be a perfect choice to ace that unique, bold look you have always wanted.

You just need two bright-toned colors that compliment each other. Dye the front part of the pixie for this dual-toned look.

two tone pixie cut for girls


Diffused Ombre

If you are looking for a neat anime hair inspiration, but do not prefer it to look like a complete weeb style, then go with this dual color diffused ombre style.

Pixie cuts for girls are versatile; they come in all shapes and hues. This style is a neat anime-inspired look that does not look like cosplay.

ombre pixie bob for girls


The Green Addict

Green is such a happy color. We have seen many people prefer green as it is lively and has some calming effect. If you are one of those people, why not a green curly bob?

Instead of going for a monochromatic green outfit, get a green bob and lip color to make some difference. Also, add bright hair accessories to see through the greens.

curly green pixie cut for girls


Rainbow Streaks

Love multi-color palettes? Try this rainbow-streaked short pixie. This is not so bold and heavy-colored style, so it can also be worn as an everyday style.

This style includes multiple colored face embellishments for an edgy look. You can skip this part if you are not comfortable with it.

colored pixie cut for girls


Short Trimmed Pixie 

This is a mix of modern and countryside essence. The brown hair will remind you of those milkmaids from the countryside. Whereas the short and trimmed pixie has a modern essence in it.

If you have light-colored hair, you can try this style effortlessly. This could be a no-maintenance everyday hairstyle.

short brown pixie cut for girls


Side Swept Blonde Pixie

The voluminous top looks so good on pixie cuts; girls with long hair lengths can try this style. Just comb all the volume into one side. But, of course, they don’t stay in place; use hair sprays to fix them for this cute pixie cut for girls.

blonde pixie cut for girls


Feathered Pixie

Yet another style of wearing a gorgeous-looking pixie with long voluminous hair on the top. For this look, you need much longer hair than the hair required in the previous style.

The sides are trimmed almost short to highlight the center volume. Arrange it irregularly to get a feathery appearance. Use serums to add softness and shine to the feathers.

messy pixie for girls


Dual-Hued Pastel Bob

Bored with regular coloring techniques? Try these new and unique hair color ideas to make a style appearance. This has two hair colors with similar tones, blending in without making it flashy.

The streak can also be covered with the top layer of hair, so it can match any style you could ever imagine. You can use it as an everyday style too.

pink pixie bob cut for girls


Electric Purple Flames

Flames? Not the actual ones. The white streaks on this electric purple short pixie cut give a false appearance of flames.

The white streaks are placed at an angle to add details to the gradient purple hair. This could be the best pick for any special occasion. Pair up with bright-toned dresses to look extravagant.

light purple pixie cut for girls


Messy Voluminous Pixie

This hairstyle suits one who wants to go for the voluminous look with a messy style. The style is elegant, stylish, and befitting for all age groups.  The cut expertly frames the face and displays the splendid features of doe eyes, bold brows, and button nose.

The hair color looks so natural and unique. It is perfectly complementing the style and enhancing the glamour of the hairdo. Simply have it, get all the attention, and be the show stopper at the parties to go for the click clicks.

Pixie Cut for Girls


Cutie & Sweetie Cut

Pixie cuts are not only meant for the grown-ups but also for the little ones. One looks very cute and sweet and can even carry it in schools with a cute hairband or simply tug their bangs to a side with a simple hair clip.

The stylish hairdo with keeping short hair is actually what the little one wants. Keeping short hair is really easy to manage and comforting for kids. To add to the flavor just keep the side edges longer on both sides and you are done.

Pixie Cut for Girls


Jagged Cut Bangs

The classic and endless haircut comes under the category of all times favorite. The length of the layered razor hair is a jagged cut. To make the hairstyle look softer and tender the edges can be cut in a round shape.

The jagged bangs are styled on the forehead giving your face a more elegant look. It is a low-fuss hairstyle. The smooth straight evenly layered hairstyle looks quite cute and charming and is ideal for people with round face structures. It is suitable for all types of trendy outfits and can be best paired with red hot lipstick.

Pixie Cut for Girls


Gravity Defying Cropped Do

This style is for those who want to look gorgeous and gutsy. To carry this style, you actually need to have that confidence and boldness within you, and then only, you can wear the style with full glamour and grace.

The lengths are shaved on the sides and back and volumized on the crown. The drastic bleached pixie cut will surely be the talk of the town. Go ahead with this sophisticated yet elegant look, and you will never feel more of yourself in your whole life. This is a must-try to style those who search for something new and unconventional.

Pixie Cut for Girls


Sweeping Bangs with Pixie Cut

If you’re ready to go short with your hair but don’t want to leave your entire face exposed, a sweet side-swept look gives you the security of bangs with the ease of a pixie. If you want to make it look smooth and soft, simply side swept your longer locks.

You can even use straighteners to create a smooth finish. Those who have straight hair, feel blessed. This style frames your face with utmost grace and elegance. The bangs always bring an effect of cuteness and a younger appearance on the face.

Pixie Cut for Girls


Rockers Fantasy Pixie Cut

This hairstyle is the short hairstyle wherein the hair is kept short, till the ears. Along with that, it has choppy layers which go from the bangs to the nape. On the sides and back, hair is cut squarely, the top hair is razored in layers that can be smoothened with the help of gel or wax.

The style is best suited for any sort of hair. These are beautiful variations pixie cut have come up with. There is always a scope of customization too if you want to, to suit your personality. It is best suitable for modern outfits.

Pixie Cut for Girls


Cute Short Straight Pixie

For those who want to look every bit stylish without taking much pain in maintaining and managing their hair, this is the style for you.  The oval-shaped face can really pull off this short hairstyle more than anyone else.

The cut is with jagged ends that taper in on the back and sides, and the hairs are styled forward to create a thick full look. The full fringe going with jagged cut ends creates a beautiful frame upon one’s face. It is a great cut full of style and texture.

Pixie Cut for Girls


Super Short Textured Pixie

One looks very appealing in this natural super short pixie cut showing off a well-shaped forehead and adding a volume on top. It’s a great choice for a youthful, low-maintenance short hairstyle.

The balayage of hair color with caramel hue is adding to the texture and brings more impact and beauty to the style. The flouncy layers just rev up the romance within and make the guys go mad about you. This is a super hot style to carry by teenagers and young girls. So, girls go for short hair and rock the party.

Pixie Cut for Girls


Ultra Chic Pixie Cut

This is a cut styled in a deep side part with tousled waves. One is able to pump up the volume even without long layers to weigh down the hair. It clearly has enough length where one would be able to play with the texture, going straight or wavy with ease.

If you’re a newbie to the pixie cut, forever holding on to your long hair, this might just be your excuse to cut it all off.  After all, everyone wants a change and this will surely prove to be a pleasant change.

Pixie Cut for Girls


Short Fringe Close Crop

Short hair doesn’t care, is the mantra for this style. Sometimes drawing out a silhouette for the edges of your pixie cut can give it a neat and organized effect for those who hate messy designs.

It is recommended to use a radiating gloss and shine-enhancing pomade to create a shiny finish with a soft hold. The gloss would give the pomade a little slip, and create a smooth texture that will not sit heavy on the short style. The style is exquisite, sophisticated, and neat. It is suitable for all age groups, and elderly women will just cherish this style forever.

Pixie Cut for Girls


Chic Short Straight Hairstyle

Your face would definitely be charmed with an amiable and childlike short haircut. The side-parted hair and the short sides are the distinct features of this hairstyle. Likewise, the jagged bangs are really cool to look at.

The streaks of a different shade add more to the aesthetic appeal. The color of hair is something that really brings a difference in the style. Here, also, the hue of hair is creating a significant impact.  It brings a nice, funky, and casual look for the girl who likes to look cool and awesome in hot summers.

Pixie Cut for Girls


Liberating Perky Pixie

This is an extremely side-parted short cut, in which the hair is too short at the back, but has a bit long at the front in layers. The bangs are a sliced-in fringe resulting in a hairstyle that’s slightly easier to grow out because you already have the long bangs in front.

Along with it, the hair over the ears is carefully angled to give you a 70’s free spirit vibe. Overall a versatile style feeling liberated. You must try this style to feel the difference within and flaunt your style to the world with utmost grace.

Pixie Cut for Girls


Angled Bangs Sweet Pixie Cut

This sweet pixie cut features bangs that not only sweep to the side but they are graduated in length going from shorter to longer across the forehead. This asymmetric cut looks unique and creatively designed.

This style covers up the forehead so beautifully with silky and shiny black-colored hair. Irrespective of your color, this style goes well with any and looks absolutely gorgeous. It highlights all the best features and hides all the imperfections. Though this one is perfect for all groups; Elderly women will surely love and admire this hairstyle.

Pixie Cut for Girls


Super Short Iconic Pixie

With the blonde locks closely cropped to the head, the natural beauty would shine brightly. The attention-grabbing pixie shows how a short hairstyle can look extremely feminine. Neatly the side bangs are swept down on the forehead which gives your face an additional charm and looks superb with any outfit.

An ode to perfection. This style can be perfectly paired with one-piece and casual outfits like denim with beautiful complimenting accessories. Those who like to go for short hair; do go for it and create your own style statement.

Pixie Cut for Girls


Short and Tousled Pixie

Go full-on cool girl with textured bangs and short layers. This edgy look is polished with blonde highlights giving a bold look to the heart-shaped face. This shaggy hairdo is a good option for those who want a little more flexibility with styling and want to look bold every moment.

Taking your platinum hair to new shorter lengths can be really fun, especially if you are willing to try something a little more funky, textured and flexible with this domino-inspired haircut. Young girls, this style is definitely for you.

Pixie Cut for Girls


Short Shaggy Pixie

Just because your hair is short does not mean you cannot enjoy stylish layers. This haircut is a superb innovation in the world of hair. In this style, the hair is kept slightly edgy, especially if you love a messy look like this one.

Charming, bold yet elegant, this short pixie hairstyle is all about that. One should be bold enough to go for this one. This look is perfect for everyday routine and suits every type of face, just wear it with grace, confidence, and attitude, and you will look like a glamorous diva.

Pixie Cut for Girls


Short Cropped Curls

The short crop not only does it keep you physically cool but also adds an instant edge. The classic curl gives the appeal of pop culture. The looks go cute with a wavy, curly pixie. It looks simple yet very stylish and perfect for all occasions.

The glance is commendably out of the ordinary. It is an awesome pixie hair cut with ultra-modern touch and can be worn gracefully with a dauntless attitude. This is an ideal adornment for going anyplace and in any outfit.

Pixie Cut for Girls


Drop Dead Gorgeous Pixie

This one is not meant for everyone, but the ones who love to experiment can wear it with grace. The style might not look good on girls with a long faces, but suits those who have an oval or heart-shaped faces. The eyes and cheekbones are efficiently emphasized and enhanced.

If you have a round face and wish to make it appear longer, go for a pixie haircut with the body at the top of your crown so that it lifts the crown of your head, making your face appear more elongated than usual. Beautiful gowns and long dresses can be best paired with this hairstyle.

Pixie Cut for Girls


Shaggy Textured Pixie

Even messy hair can be designed this brilliantly. If you are on the curlier side of the spectrum, embrace your natural texture with this shaggy pixie. You don’t need a breakup, or any excuse for that matter, to inspire a serious chop.

The newest shortcuts are feminine, flattering, and just plain cool. The chic short crop has us contemplating a dramatic cut. For added texture and hold, twist the ends with a tiny dab of pomade. Flaunt your style and beauty with this super cool and trendy style and spread your charm all around.

Pixie Cut for Girls


Beauty Pixie Crop

This pixie cut can seem like a daunting prospect, but once you go for it the long hair would be happily forgotten. This blonde pixie cut will make us want to reach the clippers for a crash course on short hair.

Embrace short hair like this super short crop look. Add a tiny bang to give yourself a little pop and keep everything else super short and buzzed. If you want to elevate your look a little, add a little dye to provide yourself with a pop of color. The short hairstyle looks really cool, and bold and denotes an ultra modern woman.

Pixie Cut for Girls


Blue-Hued Permed Cropped Top Pixie Cut

This is the epic style with all the flavors of hippie touch. The dauntless and bold look is not for every girl next door. To carry this hairstyle a lot of confidence, grace and charm are the first and foremost requirements.

This style is most suitable for the ones with permed hair. The hue of the hair is adding real style to the hairstyle. The color definitely very complements the style with its unique and cool effect. This is a perfect style for the younger generations.

Pixie Cut for Girls


Platinum Grey Pixie Cut with Bangs

The hairstyle looks super delicate, soft, and sophisticated. The beautiful blend of grey and platinum shade with highlighted streaks simply looks amazing. The balayage of grey and white added a great texture, style, and uniqueness to the style by placing the color perfectly on each and every hair.

This style is befitting for all age groups and can be paired with all types of attires; be it casual, formal, traditional, or party wear with utmost grace. The style is loved by many celebrities and famous personalities of the world all around.

Pixie Cut for Girls


Golden Pixie with Defined Texture

This one is a super short haircut with great style. This is the best feature of the pixie cut in that it offers various wonderful hairstyles with the ease of short hair. You can look at every bit of a sexy and hot diva without having to keep the burden of long hair.

The ultra-short hair with smooth and perfect balayage of golden color looks phenomenal. The pixie cut with each and every defined hair strand looks amazingly awesome and brings great texture to the hair. This style can be carried off well with both funky dresses as well as stylish and elegant gowns.

Pixie Cut for Girls


Asymmetric Pixie Cut with Longer Side Front Hair

The unusual but progressive hairstyle this one is, Where the back hair is kept very short and the front hair is kept longer with a side partition. The twist in style is the twisted, wavy front hair that is actually adding a lot of style to the front hair.

As discussed before, the color of the hair is the supreme thing that distinguishes the style and makes the haircut look prominent. This is definitely a bold look that needs lots of guts to wear this style. This is the style that can make you the style symbol and make others follow what you follow.

Pixie Cut for Girls


Rich Glossy Mermaid Hued Hair with Simplistic Cut

The simple cut for simple people wrapped up with a lot of style and awesomeness. Those who like to keep their styling simple yet noticeable and eye catchy would definitely get attracted to this kind of styling.

With elegance and sophistication, the hairstyle is looking apt for mature women and professional women. To achieve this style, rich, glossy, smooth textured, and silky hair is preferred with any shade of color as per your suitability. The style is suitable for all types of outfits.  So go bold with this simple-looking hairstyle and cherish your look.

Pixie Cut for Girls


The above-mentioned 25 hairstyles are in and trending. The beauty of the style is that it knows no age and comes with a style statement of its own. One can easily customize according to one’s own requirement or simply go with a fusion of styles.

It does not take much time to nourish or pamper. Just power yourself up according to your needs and simply take upon the challenges head-on. Be an icon in a jiffy and throb the power punch backing you every time. Go ahead and rule the world and see men gurgling “why should women have all the fun.”