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21 Modern Wedding Hairstyles for Women of Every Taste (2024 Favorites)

Organizing a marriage is not a simple responsibility as it includes several tiny events and choices to make relating the special day, including wedding hairstyles. Hair is a significant part of something that provides us the good expressions. A bad hair day can make the look sulk even with a pretty smile. You don’t desire this on your D-Day, do you? Your wedding date is approaching quickly, and you are overlooking the difficulty of choosing over a lot of different wedding hairstyles to come over the appropriate one for you. Pick a wedding day hairdo that accentuates your entire look for the special day. If you don’t visit a hairstylist at regular intervals during your wedding, prefer one who is very famous or has a credible name in the business.

Wedding Hairstyles are different for every bride and hold a very significant part in making them look great on their special day. At the end of it, all this is the day that every woman in their life waits for. It is the time where be it, friends, relatives colleagues all will have their eyes fixed on you. Hence this day is the one where a bride wants to look her absolute best. Choosing a wedding hairstyle and how you require to look during a wedding, therefore, is highly required.

Here are some great wedding hairstyle ideas that may help you to choose from the list.


Modern Wedding Hairstyles

Croissant Braid Bun Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles 2024

Wedding is the most special day in a women’s life. On this day, she wishes to be the prettiest bride ever. From her attire to her jewelry and her hairstyle, everything should be perfect. Coming to wedding hairstyles, this particular style is indeed very pretty because it incorporates both the braids and buns in a very fashionable way. The Crown area has French braids while the side of the hair is remained loose from where the hair is taken to tie a bun just below the braid. The bun is tied in such a fashion that the hair in between has a lot of layers. This Bun braid hairstyle is extremely intricate and makes a very classy look. To enhance the look for the day, you can add on this hairstyle with some star-studded hair accessories.

Side Braid Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles 2024

For the wedding day, a girl anticipates a lot of styles when it comes to doing up her hair. Usually, women prefer a tied-up style so that if she wears a crown or a veil, it can be hung upon and it stays. However, for a more stylish deviation, you can also keep your hair open. In this style, the open hair wedding hair-do is stated. The style is very simple and it will take just minutes to do. It is better if your hair is a bit curly which adds a dreamy appeal to the entire look. Take a section of hair from one side and braid that section. Take the braid and place it at the back of the hair and clip it with a Bobby pin so that it is not visible. Now leave open the rest of the hair. For that bit of Magic place the Crown right on top of the braid. However, the last part is optional.

Criss Cross Pony Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles 2024

In this style, make sure that your hair is straight. In case you have a curly hair straighten it up with the help of a smoothing gel and hair straightening tools. Now, after you have prepared your hair to tie up the style, section your hair into two halves. Take both the sections keeping it loose make a pony. Make a small gap between the two sections, which you used for tying the Pony. Insert the loose end that is hanging below into this gap. A cross formation will occur. You can place a beautiful hair accessory in between the center formation.

Intertwined Braid Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles 2024

For a wedding, it is not necessary to always go with the conventional hairstyle. If you are a bride that loves fashion or loves to create their style, this particular hairstyle is a sure bet that will excite you. Well in this hairstyle, do curl up your hair if it is straight as the cause will later help us to get the natural effect that is desired from this style. Start to braid from the side and as you do the back, and the sideways tie it up in a loose net boho bun. This bun will be tied in such a way that curly locks of hair will form it giving the natural appeal that we mentioned earlier in this style. When the hairstyle is completely done, you will notice the look that is created is so charmingly pretty.

Layered Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles 2024

The layers too, are much in vogue in the present fashion scenario. To style this one, do tell your stylist to just keep a section of hair in the front which will be used as a two-sided layer to entrails the bun. Let’s simplify the style now. First, take a Center partition and divide the hair into two halves from the Crown area and back brush the hair keeping the first two layers intact from the sideways. Now the Crown area where you have back brushed the hair already eat in a loose French style. Remember the hairstyle will be till the neck area then gather of the loose end of the rest of the hair and tie it up in a feather bun. Now, do you remember the first two side layers that you created? Take those two side layers and join it to the bun. The hairstyle looks exquisitely beautiful.

Buffet Bun Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles 2024

In this hairstyle, what is important is the carefree look that is created. Make sure to get a Center partition then create an elevated buffet on the crown area. The hairstyle can be done on women who have thin hair; this hairstyle is just best suited for them. The bun at the back can be small and better if it is so. This will highlight the front elevated portion even more. Use some hair spray at the front hair to keep the height intact. If you are wearing a veil on your head, then you can pin it up from the bun and keep the bouffant in place. This hairstyle also adds a certain amount of volume to your otherwise thin hair and adds height as well.

Princess Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles 2024

Well, the wedding is a dream of every girl to look just like a princess. This time dreams can come true in just a few steps so here it is on how to style your hair like a princess. In this style, you will be requiring a lot of rollers to curl up your hair. After you have curled up your hair. Thereafter take two twisted braids from either side and secure at the back of your head. Then push the braids upwards so that the region above them on the Crown gets the height and the buffet is created. Leave the rest of the hair curled up as it is. A princess always comes with her crown so do not forget to wear a crown. Place your crown or Tiara just at the beginning of the Buffet and the two side braids align with your crown. It not only makes the look perfect but also gives it a very royal touch.

Accessorized Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles 2024

If you are a bride who is looking for a style that will take a few minutes and you love simplicity, then this style is your best bid. In this style, all you need to do is wave your hair using a hair setting spray and a few rollers. After you have made sure that the hair has incorporated the Wavy texture, bring a few strands of hair from either side of the head and place it back and secure it with hair accessory made up of stones and pearls. In this hairstyle, the accessory is the main USP and the main ingredient that involves the glamour quotient of the look. The style is minimalistic and sophisticated as well.

Twisted Bun Look

Wedding Hairstyles 2024

This hairstyle is for women who love the head to be all in place and tidy yet have a very natural and graceful appeal. To do this style first add a detangling gel on your hair and then start. The hairstyle will have three uplifted knotted bun consecutively tied one below the other. The hair you have tied will stick out a bit in separate strands to give a voluminous look. With this hairstyle, you can have a very bright accessory which will add on the style quotient even more. Make sure to spray some hair setting solutions so that the bun stays in place.

The Rapunzel Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles 2024

Going down the memory lane and flipping across those pages of the fairy tale storybooks often Rapunzel and her beautiful braid has etched in our mind. The pretty and excessively fat and thick braids have weaved dreams in those little eyes. With floral adornments, how pretty the hairstyle would make Rapunzel look. From fairy tales to reality, one thing that hasn’t changed is the desire to look like a character from such tales. Recreating such a magical hairstyle on your wedding day is a winning idea. For this hairstyle, you will be requiring a wig as a lot of volume will be needed. Braid the hair keeping the strand huge and big. In the enormity of the braid lies the beauty of this look. In-between you can place beautiful flowers and decorate the style further.

Plain Bun Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles 2024

In this hairstyle, you will see just a single bun that is tied at the back of the head. Now you will be asking that what is so elegant about this style such that it featured on the list of wedding hair do’s? Well, the answer is not the bun but in the way, the bun turns out into. The style has a very classy appeal importantly, the head, which has the elevation and the bun in contrast to the elevation, is slightly smaller. After the hair is tied, do not forget to pull out the strands separately and the bun to give a voluminous and carefree look. This style is so simple that it is impactful and you do not require anything else. For wedding wear, this hairstyle with small star earring and off-shoulder white gown will seal the look.

Brown Wavy Hair

Wedding Hairstyles 2024

Women love to experiment with their hairstyle but for their wedding day, they want something that will work its magic surely. Hence experimentation is something that is not a very good plan on a wedding day. This particular hairstyle is one such that will never go wrong. With your conventional and traditional wedding white gown, Wavy hairstyle will pose a Stark contrast, highlighting each other and complimenting the look very gracefully. For greater appeal, braid either side of the head at the center and in the back of the head and pin it up to create a very small buffet on the crown region.

Messy Bun Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles 2024

Have you ever wondered how beautiful classical hairstyles were? A very old school vintage charm they exuberated. If you are someone who loves it being traditional then for your special day, this hairstyle can be the ideal pick. The hairstyle has a boho charm to it. To style this one, you first need to braid the sides of the hair taking every strand hand-making ridges all along. You can place all the hair together in a bond form and with a very pretty or a designer hair accessory. The look is now complete.

Side Accessorized Look

Wedding Hairstyles 2024

You have straight hair, then this hairstyle will be very easy to do roll the end of the hair in slide waves. Then side partition your hair choose a very ordinate hair brooch it will complement or whatever you have wished to wear on your wedding day. Place the brooch security on the side of the head such that the wheels come at the bottom style is feminine mention it magical charm in the entire appealed of the bride. If you are walking to take the pledge forever in your life sure that many gases had hooked upon you, filled with love and admiration. This hairstyle has a very sleek appeal and makes your face looks slimmer.

Rope Braid Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles 2024

Are you a very playful bride? Are you the bride who is always busy and do not have time for yourself? If this is the case, then we have you sorted on your special day. You don’t need to worry about your hairstyle because this simple yet elegant hairstyle will take just minutes to do but it will look extremely beautiful. To do this hairstyle, take your hair from one side and start horizontally braiding towards the other side. Now, after you have finished braiding about the strands within the braid, make sure that it looks like fluffed up small knots. As it is your special day, ornamentation is what you deserve for your hairstyle to look even more special. Do not forget to add some floral decor within it.

Shag Hair Style

Wedding Hairstyles 2024

fashion is all about exploring new hairstyles. In the contemporary fashion world in the journal of hairstyles, the shag cut is much in Vogue. So if you are a bride who is very stylish and wants to stay updated to Fashion, be it for your College Fest or on your special day of the wedding, then this style is a sure pick. The shag cut comes on the front locks and either side of the face and the braid goes from the side along the back and ends in a small tie up bun. This Hairstyle brings out a very simple yet classy and fashionable personality of yours. Flaunt class and simplicity like nothing with this shag cut hairstyle.

Clip Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles 2024

Wedding is not all about the bride and the bride’s hairstyle; it can be about the little flower girl or the bridesmaid or your best friend hairstyle as well. So this hairstyle is for one who is attending a wedding. This can also be a very good bridesmaid hairstyle as well. If your hair length is medium or short, you can just roll it up in the front and pin it leaving the rest of the hair dangle to lose on your shoulder. Do not forget to put light makeup and wear your best outfit. Yes, you are all ready to rock the wedding event in a very graceful way.

Pixie Bun Haircut

Wedding Hairstyles 2024

This style is very contemporary and has a very sharp appeal to its MBA bridal wear as well as are hairstyle fit to be worn at weddings. Spray up your hair such that it has static energy and after that, make a very small yet tight bun at the back and tie it up. Make sure the front fringes still your eyebrows and the sides have the lock the ears. You can prepare this hairstyle with an off-shoulder white color dress and accessorize it with a white belt that will add a lot of contemporary Vibe to the entire look. Do not forget to seal the look with some extra-long eating droplets for that added oomph factor.

Floral Bun Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles 2024

In this style, all you need to do is kids and then banned here in unkempt way speech of this hairstyle lies in the floral decor that you place on the top. The hairstyle resonates with a very dreamy and midsummer to the entire look. For a bride on her wedding day, the hairstyle and the look is very important as there will be a lot of guests be there just to admire her hence is a very safe bet to play on as there is nothing turn down hairstyle is extremely attractive and has a magical charm added to it.

Boho Braid Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles 2024

Somebody who loves it careless the Vibe of a free spirit, then this hairstyle is just for you. Whether you are a bride or someone who is attending a wedding does not matter hairstyle equally flaunts the spirit of grace in you. In this hairstyle, do not come clean. Let it be a little messy and in between, there will be very narrow braids. You can also incorporate some colorful beads like in yellow or pink or even red show up as very good decor in this unruly Bohemian hairstyle. This style will look best if you have mid-length or long hair. If you can wear a backless gown, it will be best.

Plain Wavy Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles 2024

You don’t have to do any kind of effort in this hairstyle. This the most simple and easy way of choosing a style. All you need to do is just call up your hair and put a Shiny glossy serum.
This hairstyle can be a perfect one if you are planning to have a wedding on the beaches or if you are attending your best friend’s wedding as a bridesmaid. Being a very simple yet versatile style, you can pair a lot of accessories with this hairstyle.

Weddings hold a lot of emotion. The day is when she takes he vows with the special one. It is the day a woman has grown up dreaming about. From her venue to her look most importantly. The importance of a wedding day for a woman is incomparable. It is indeed a day where she wants her appearance to be flawless and look extremely pretty in the eyes of her husband. Thus a good and unique hairstyle will seal the look of a bride to perfection.

From the above mentioned various unique styles incorporating patterns, accessories, braids and buns, you can choose the one that best suits your attire and with your personality. So his 2024 wedding hairstyles can indeed leave the brides to look not only beautiful but worth remembering.