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Why Do I Have So Much Static on My Hair?

Having too much static in your hair is a hair-raising experience—literally and figuratively. Your hair strands standing on end, looking as if they’re going to fly away, is not a beautiful sight to behold. It’s truly a nightmare no one wants to have.

Unfortunately, we can’t escape hair static. No matter how much you moisturize and style your hair, there will always be times when having static on your hair is inevitable.

But here’s some great news. There are various ways on how you can minimize hair static. Keep reading this article to know what causes hair static and how you can get rid of it!


What Causes Hair Static?

Hair Static

Before addressing your hair static problems, we must first understand what hair static is and what causes it. The presence of static electricity causes hair static, resulting from an imbalance of the negative or positive charges on your hair surface.

What causes this imbalance? This imbalance takes place when two, unlike objects, rub against one another. For example, your hair came in contact with your hat or a brush. Because of this contact, your hair loses an electron resulting in a positive charge, while the other object gains an electron resulting in a negative charge. These changes lead to hair static.

The good news is the imbalance goes away when the air is humid. But unfortunately, hair static is inevitable when there’s a lack of moisture in the air.


How to Get Rid of Hair Static

If you’re dealing with so much hair static in your hair, don’t fret! Here are some of the ways how to fix it:

Rub Your Hair with A Dryer Sheet

How to Get Rid of Hair Static - Use Dryer Sheet

This may seem like a weird tip, but trust us, this works! The reason behind this is because dryer sheets are loaded with substances that can eliminate the charge in your hair, getting rid of hair static in the process.

Pro Tip: Rubbing scented dryer sheets on your hair is also one good way to refresh second-day hair.


Moisturize Your Hair

How to Get Rid of Hair Static - Moisturize Hair

To solve the lack of humidity in your hair, the best thing you can do is moisturize your hair. You can do this by applying hair oils, moisturizing hair spray, or a leave-in conditioner.


Go Ionic

How to Get Rid of Hair Static - Use Ionic Hair Dryer

You may want to upgrade your old hairdryer to an ionic one since such a hairdryer emits negative ions, which helps to bring back the original charge of your hair strands. In addition to eliminating hair static, the negative ions also dry your hair faster and minimize heat exposure.


Always Choose Silk

How to Get Rid of Hair Static - Use Silk Pillowcase

When selecting your pillowcases, head accessory, or the lining of your hats, always choose silk over acrylic or cotton. Since linen is smoother, your hair will glide through the material smoothly, preventing frizzy hat hair.


No one wants to have hair that’s full of static. Fortunately, there are always on how you can solve this issue. The guidelines are pretty simple— keep your hair hydrated and neutralize its charge. You can do these by following the tips that we’ve mentioned in this article.