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50 Black Braided Hairstyles for Voguish Look

Braiding hair is the oldest traditional way to style hair. Black women usually braid their hair to protect it from external damage. Many of them got modern updates to match the trendiness of the modern fashion world.

Modulations gave us many styles and patterns to braid. From highly durable micro braids to textured twists, black hair looks astonishingly pretty when braids and patterns are added to it. However, with all these options, it is hard to narrow down a perfect fit for you, which is why we are here to help you with our top picks.


Different Versions of Black Braided Hairstyles

Long Braided Bob 

black braided bob hairstyle

This is a classic and most preferred black braids hairstyle. The braiding starts from the roots and ends up with tight knots at the ends. Hair is closely braided to create a thick voluminous look.

This could be a classic casual style or an occasional style if embellished with any hair accessories.


Braids with Glass Beads

black braided hairstyle with beads

This braided lob has blue highlights on the roots which are mesmerizing.   The brighter base acts as the center of attraction.
The locks are thinly braided and are embellished with blue and white-toned glass beads which will shine under light. Knot the ends tightly to secure the beads in place.


Chunky Box Braids

black girl with long box braids

The bigger the braids, the better the look. While we love these charming black box braided hairstyles, we have to price how simple but elegant and chic these look.

They are a perfect fit for any occasion, offering you the protection your hair needs. However, the baby hair and the sharp middle partition are the attraction’s center.


Intricate Pink Ombre Braids

black braided hairstyle with pink ombre

This style here is a classic proof you need that not all protective hairstyles are boring and old-fashioned. This style here is a perfect mix of traditional and modern fashions.

Micro braids offer protection, while the color offers style for your hair. We are in love with the fanciful nature of these styles.


Cornrows with Knotless Ends

black cornrow braided hairstyle for short hair

This style uses an alternate pattern of thick braids to create a stunning messy look. Your hair is divided into two to three rows and braided till the back.

Between each of these sections, the tight braid to the skin is the main attraction. The ends are just left free as a token of freedom.


Braided High Bun

braided bun hairstyle for black women

A simple yet versatile thick black braids style wherein the front give a dimensional base for the entire hairstyle.

Instead of a regular bun, this braided bun seems to be more fun and beautiful to wear. The braids add texture to the bun, which attracts the limelight easily.


Micro Twists with Curly Ends

thin black braided hairstyle for curly hair

These braids are a great option if you don’t want your hair completely braided till the end. You’ll have to braid your hair from the roots at the top of your head to do this.

You’ll have to let the rest of the braiding hair freely fall from the roots. Then twist the ends to make the curls.


Classic Teen Look

long black to brown ombre braids

Yo! Teens, need a classic long braided look for your casual college look? Look no further; we have the simplest and easiest classic braided style here.

Firstly, get a nice cheerful ombre hair color job, then braid and fix your long hair as shown to create this classic college look.


Tribal Women Look

braided hairstyle for black women

Love to embrace your tribal culture, but no good and cool-looking hairstyles? Try this font bun braided style here. Firstly, braid all the hair into thin braids from the roots separately.

Then grab a few thin braids near the hairline and create a bun as shown. Repeat the same process twice near your temples; do this look. The coolest way to have tribal essence in your hair.


Marley Braided Bob

braided bangs hairstyle for black women

Trying to style your asymmetrical bob just? Consider this braided bob with tapered ends here. The locks are braided in multiple directions to cover all the scalp regions.

The braids are left free falling for an edgy look. The ends are chopped into tapered tips for a pointed look. Marley braids are known for their texture finish.


Thick Cornrow Updo

Black Braided Hairstyles

In thick black long hair, this braided style is unique. In this style, you can see multiple thin braids that are very neatly plaited. The part between the braids looks so clean as if it has been shaved.

The braids are braided in the semi-sphere from both sides. Then all the braids are gathered to form a high ponytail and it is also fastened with a braid. For this style, you will need very long and thick hair.

This style is looking awesome on this dark complexion model. The style will go well with fun-loving young girls.


Twisted Rope Style Braid Updo

Black Braided Hairstyles

In this braided updo style, hair is highlighted with a brown color shade. The hair needed thick and very long for this style to execute. This style is made of several thin cornrows.

In front of the head, some thick braids are twisted like a rope and then gradually left open at the back. Braids from the side part are too joined at the back. This is an African tribal technique of braiding in a modern way.

This style of braids appears amazing with highlights of brown color. This will look awesome on a woman with a round face shape and a dark complexion.


Multiple Thin Long Black Braids

Black Braided Hairstyles

This style of braids is looking unique in itself. The hair needed to form this style is long and very much thick only the outcome will look awesome. Uncountable long braids are making the style exclusive. The hair is side parted before braiding so the bunch of braids is falling on the side of the face.

All the braids are gathered on the front sides of both the shoulders, giving a stylish look. To execute this style is a little time-consuming but once done will look chic and can carry on for days. This braided style is for young girls who can flaunt it confidently.


Braided Topknot with Curly Hair

Black Braided Hairstyles

This style is looking great with long black curly hair. Here the upper parts of the hair are braided, and a small topknot is made with the braids and is tied with a small golden clip.

Thin braids are also made from both sides and three layers of braids are falling on the upper forehead, which is again decorated with small golden clips making the look fashionable. The curly hair is left open on both sides of the shoulders. This style will give a gorgeous look to an oval-shaped woman. The beautiful smile of the model makes the style head turner.


Black and White Rope Braids

Black Braided Hairstyles

This style needs long thick hair that is half bleached at the bottom leaving some front hair black. The hair is mid-parted and then made into two thick braids from black and white hair and one thin from full black hair on both sides.

The thin braids are adorned with white clips giving a black and white awesome look. The head is covered with a black hat, which makes the style fashionable. This black and white braided hairstyle is complementing the complexion of the oval-shaped face woman.


Twisted Double Colored Top Bun

Black Braided Hairstyles

This is a twisted African hairstyle. The hair is colored in bronze at the bottom part. In a small portion, the hair is twisted all over the head. Then all are gathered to form a big bun at top of the head. The top bun is secured with the knot pins.

The double color of the bun is making the style amazing. To adopt this style you need to have thick and long hair. This style is appropriate for working women. This style will look awesome on the round-shaped face, giving them a balanced look.


Huge One Side Top Knot

Black Braided Hairstyles

Thick black and long hair are required to execute this very fashionable style. Thin braids are made all over the head and then assembled at the top at one side and tied with a colorful band making a big knot.

Some braids are braided with colorful threads giving a beach look. The knot is a little highlighted with brown color. Few hair strands at one side are left loose, which are falling near-eye, giving a stylish look.

The golden earring is adding an element to the style. This style gives the impression of being at the beach. It will look good on all modern women.


Top Knot with Messy Braid

Black Braided Hairstyles

Black and thick medium-length hair with brown hair extensions have made this style trendy. All the hair pull together to make a top ponytail and then they are braided unevenly to give a messy look. A knot is formed by making a circle from the braid.

The rest of the braid is left flowing on one side at the shoulder. A highlight of the brown color is giving an elegant look. The round earring which is falling at the neck bone is adding an element to the whole look. This style is chic for any event or fashion show.


Wedding Hairstyle for Long Black Hair

Black Braided Hairstyles

This style is generally liked by women, who have long and thick hair. All the hair is pulled back to form a big bun, giving a sleek look. The bun is fastened with a braid, like a tiara, making the style a fashion statement.

This hairstyle can be done by brides on the wedding day and can be flaunted at any event or fashion show. The dangling earring of diamonds is adding an extra element to the style and look very stylish.


Side Parted Two French Braids

Black Braided Hairstyles

This is again a style for long and thick hair. The hair is tightly braided in French style braiding giving a tiara look on both sides. The two braids are kept in front of the shoulders. This style will complement the oval face-shaped woman.

This style is common among young ladies of an African country. The style is looking chic with a black and white stripe jacket. The two golden chains with the pendants are enhancing the beauty and personality of the model.


Tribal Cornrow Braided Top Bun

Black Braided Hairstyles

This is an amazing tribal style of cornrow braiding. The hair is weaved in several thin braiding and then pulled off to the top of the head to make a bun. Two cornrow braids are dangling from both sides of the cheekbones.

The braids from the bottom are decorated with beads of different colors and sizes. This is a very cool and sensational tribal style in modern variation. This is appropriate for any fashion event for black women with black long hair.


Multiple Box Knots

Black Braided Hairstyles

This is again a tribal hairstyle of Africa. The long black shiny hair is partitioned into small portions and then the hair is twisted to form notches at all partitions, just giving a box-like look.

All the knots are done very neatly giving a stunning look. Big circled earrings with manifold metal neck string make the style eye-catching. Black lips are complementing the hairstyle. Modern women will love to apt this hairstyle in summer.


Top Bun with Numerous Braids

Black Braided Hairstyles

An ancient African tribal style is executed in a modern way. Here the artificial hair braids are used to do the hairstyle. The natural hair is pulled together at the front of the head to make a bun, and then it is covered by artificial braids.

The braids are too long as they are hanging on both sides in front of the shoulders giving an edge to the face. This is appropriate for all face types. This unique style needs a great personality and confidence to carry it.


Dual Color Box Braids

Black Braided Hairstyles

If someone is looking for a new hairstyle, then why not try these double color box braids. This ethnic and cool look will create a stunning style for your appearance.

Here the thick black long hair is highlighted with a coffee-brown color which is giving shiny and luscious gaze to the hair. For this style, the hair is parted from the center and again, they are fractioned into small portions.

Each portion of hair is firmly braided and left loose to fall on the shoulders. This style needs time and patience for braiding but when done, looks amazing. The highlights of brown color in black hair look glamorous.


Multi Texture Cornrow Turban

Black Braided Hairstyles

The hairstyle features a bun at the top like a turban. All the hair is braided in box braids in a sophisticated way. The hair is highlighted with a brown color which is adding shine to them. Some box braids are thick while others are thin.

They are all pulled together to make such a classy hairstyle. The bun is very beautifully created by using braids at the front of the head. The stone studded golden dangler earring is complementing the style. The sunglasses also make the style, a ramp look. And above all, the smile is stealing the heart.


Simple Cornrow Ponytail

African American Braids

Sometimes, Even simple things deserve as much praise as complex. And same is the case with cornrow braids. To make them look beautiful, it is not always necessary to put them in a complicated manner or African cornrow designs and patterns.

Style them the way you like, whether it be, pop it into a ponytail, or twist it into buns. In this style, the hair is braided very close to the scalp, using an underhand, upward motion to make a continuous and raised row. Cornrow braids are a perfect way of styling unruly and unmanageable hair.

Also adding that simple ponytail to these simple braids makes this hairstyle more versatile and chic. This look will undoubtedly receive a lot of attention and compliments. That’s almost too good to be true- cornrows tied into a ponytail! These cute Lil cornrows will go with all your outfits, especially summer outfits. It is going to be hard for you to say goodbye to these braids.


Half Cornrows, Half Curls!

African American Braids

Are you tired of Your unruly hair? In case you want to tame them perfectly and also want to look stylish, then all you need in your life are cornrow braids.

In this, the hair is braided very close to the scalp, using underhand, upward motion to make a continuous, raised a row. It is a stylish and perfect way to style unruly hair that requires more taming and tons of time every single day to style.

This one is the most stunning hairstyle of all. It includes cornrow braids at the Crown section which are tied in two ponytails and curled at the ends! The Braids done here are of ‘ Large-feed in cornrows’ type.


Twin Cornrow Braids

African American Braids

Summers are here, and so are vacations. Braids are the best way to tie your hair neatly. They help to keep the hair away from your face and neck. That’s what this gorgeous hairstyle says to us in clear words.

Two braid hairstyles are one of the most ancient forms of hairstyles, and now they are becoming popular all over the world. These are very common among the kids because they look so cute on them. But not only for the kids, but it is also very famous among young girls because it’s easy, trendy and cute.

This hairstyle starts with a partition and famous cornrow braids on both sides at the front coming all the way down till the very end of your hair. This hairstyle is the perfect option if your bangs are growing or have already grown, If you have natural curls and you want to change your look constantly, If you are a sports person and love your workouts.


Thick and Long Jumbo Box Braids

African American Braids

Want to look like a princess? I mean, who doesn’t? These long jumbo braids will do justice to your princess look. Boldness, elegance, and sophistication are the only words we could think of while looking at this hairstyle.

Box braids offer an excellent opportunity for people with unmanageable hair to wear their hair in different types of versatile hairstyles which look stunning yet easy to do. Box braids are very low maintenance and also protect your natural hair.

Box braids can be styled in several wonderful ways. Big braids are equal to plenty and plenty of sass. And adding a ponytail to these will only make them hotter looking. This is because adding half or full high-up styles to box braids makes them great as there is already so much volume to work with.


Cornrows with Center Braid and Beads

African American Braids

Black people often find it difficult to style their kid’s hairstyles mainly due to the very nature of their hair, which is kind of kinky and a lot of curly without much flexibility for styling. One of the most common solutions to this is braids. Braids allow styling hair uniquely and elegantly.

Box braids are not only a cool option for kids but also keeps them comfortable to deal with their hair daily. This hairstyle usually gives a thick braided look because all hair is covered with braids by sectioning them in different manners. This hairdo is a unique way of doing box braid.

This is done by doing cornrow braids at the crown section. These braids are parted with a thick centered braid, and on its both sides the rest of the long braids falling over are left. The use of different accessories often adds a pleasing look to the hairdo, and hence these beads on the braids make the look more versatile. Try this hairdo; it will make your little one look rocking.


Goddess Sleek Cornrows

African American Braids

Cornrows are a perfect way of keeping hair in place and style for weeks without investing a lot of time every morning. You wake up, and you are good to go. In this particular sleek cornrow hairstyle, this lady looks an absolute goddess primarily because of those cornrow accessories.

These are small cornrows, also known as ‘ Lemonade braids.’ These take the longest to put in and are more precise than the other types. But once complete, they are very low maintenance and durable. These are stronger than other braids and can be kept for long. This is a good option if you want statement hairstyle.

This is done by doing cornrow braids at the crown section. These braids are parted with a thick centered braid, and on its both sides the rest of the long braids falling over are left. A Unique accessory is added to the center braid, which makes this hairstyle more goddess. Cornrow braids with beads are a new hot trend.


Zig-Zag Cornrows

African American Braids

In this, the hair is braided very close to the scalp, using underhand, upward motion to make a continuous, raised a row. It is a stylish and perfect way to style unruly hair that requires more taming and tons of time every single day to style. Cornrow could be made into several different hairstyles.

They are usually made different by sectioning the hair in various patterns while doing the braids. And what makes this hairstyle unique from the other ordinary cornrow braids is that for these braids the hair is sectioned in zig-zag lines or margins.

This is one of the most stunning hairstyles among them. It includes cornrow braids at the Crown section as others but with a zig-zag pattern. We are in awe of how this little change in sectioning the hair, makes a huge difference in the appearance of cornrow braids. They look newer, girly, and stunning.


Braids up to The Ponytail

African American Braids

This hairstyle is about to charm your teenage years as it is not simply braiding your hair and tying them into a high ponytail as we have done earlier. Looking closely at the above-given picture we can see that in the hairstyle the simple braiding is mixed with the fishtail braid.

The two braids are done fixedly, and symmetrically the simple braid is followed by a fishtail braid on the crown of your head. To give your hairstyle an elegant look the braids are done with extraordinary finishing. All the brads taken collectively are tied upwards at the back as a high ponytail.

To give the ponytail more height and heaviness, the rubber bands are not used. Instead, the finished braids are raped around the ponytail. To add a little more funk to the hairstyle, the tiny and thin braids are done right above our ears oppositely.

For more fun, to the look, you can always add a little more accessories to the hairstyle as your personality. This hairstyle is perfect for casual, formal parties as well as for family dinners to enhance your personality in front of your relatives.


Cornrows into Ropes

African American Braids

Simple braiding of hair is too common to do with your hair these days. But the cornrows are the traditional hairstyle of Africans. To save the cornrows the oldest hairstyle tradition we have added a stylish twist to the hairstyle which will go with your everyday look and is very easy to execute.

The hairstyle above is easy to achieve, yet it seems like it has been done with a lot of effort. You can simply begin by dividing your hair into two equal sections but for more uniqueness, to the style, you can make a partition between the sides by forming a braid in the center as in the above picture. the next step would be to create clean and tidy French braids on both sides of the crown.

The French braids are not supposed to be continued till the end; they should be done till the beginning of your neckline. Then they are followed by rope braids (formed by twisting two equal strands of hair in a criss-cross manner) till the end. The rope braids should be tight and firm to signify the look. As you know to make it a more adorable hairstyle you can add cool and unique hair accessories just as shown in the picture.


Ropes Instead of Braids

African American Braids

This hairdo is especially for bringing a smile to your little princess’s face. This is an easy and versatile look which you can achieve in no time. Not going with the traditional look of braids replace them with rope braids as shown in the above picture and tie them to a high ponytail.

Doing rope braids will not reduce the benefits of braiding hair it will just change the look and make it more unique and versatile.

Tying pony at the back is to provide security of hair and make it easy for your little one to enjoy and jump around without little locks of hair hanging in front of their face. You can always add cute and funky accessories to the style and you can be the most stylish mum among your peer group.


Short and Roped Braids

African American Braids

As we all suffered the internet and the majority of the time the cornrows hairstyle we found is for long and heavy hair people. Long hair braided into a bun or ponytail we all are aware of this hairstyle.

But maintenance of these long hairs is the most difficult part of a lifetime. In today’s era people who cannot deal with long hair situations cut down their in to short and if you fall into the same category do not worry this hairstyle is only for you my short hair friend.

The traditional hairdo of braids is rapidly replaced by rope braiding, which is more easy and more fun to do as well as brightens and charms up your looks. As in this hairstyle also instead of going with the braids, we go with rope braiding and simply left open to finish the look. This hairstyle is one of the simplest hairstyles yet stylish.


Fluffy Braids

African American Braids

Braids are the only hairstyles that are easy to do as well as creative as you can bend the hairstyle in various other designs to make it look more creative and unique.

To refresh these memories and bring back the benefits of the braiding we have to bring you a versatile and ultra-modern hairstyle which is easy to do as well as will compeer you in every day looking for a college, office, shopping day and important meetings to make that first impression.

Looking at the above-given picture we can see the simplicity of the hairstyle. Classically the tiny three strands of braids are formed all over the hairs. For adding grace to the style soberly the front few braids are taken back and that fluffiness is achieved by loosely tying those front braids back. That fluffiness is adding a lot more luxury to the style.


Full Braid, Half Ponytail!

African American Braids

Till now we all know the importance as well as the popularity of the braided hairstyle. The three-strand braid is mixed with a lot of other hairstyles such as buns, ponytails, etc. to make a more creative hairstyle to give there everyday look.

The next hairstyle is similar to it as we can see how the long shiny black hair of the lady is tied in fascinating tiny and more number braids all over her head. And to give it a stylish touch to the hairdo we collectively take the center hair or braids and tie it in the ponytail not with the rubber band but instead of it is done by the braids or the hairs to provide more height to the ponytail.

Looking at the picture, it is giving a red carpet feels so we can conclude that this hairstyle is perfect for night parties, disc party, dinner get-together, and date night.


Diva Bun for The Night

African American Braids

Most all round, as well as the flexible hairstyle of all time, is hair buns. Our history is filled with proves that how simply creating bun can make a person look more elegant and presentable. But in today’s time simple is not appropriate for most personalities. People are continuously looking forward to upgrading their style.

The hairstyle is a bun but not simple but elegant. To achieve this look, you begin by dividing the hair of your crown into three parts left side, center, and right side. The next step would be to divide each side into three more strands and start creating clean and sophisticated French braids similarly shown in the above picture.

After creating three French braids at each side we have to create a bun at the back but not simply including the braids but instead overlap those braids over each other creating a cross sign in the middle of the crown are, and it is followed by messy diva bun. This hairstyle gives red carpet feels and goals.


Elegant Bun Style

African American Braids

Buns are the only hairstyle that cannot get out of style. It is the most traditional and modern hairstyle. Tying your hair into the buns is a simple and versatile look that can go with your every look such as school, college, parties, time with friends, office wear, an important meeting, date brunch, and night looks.

If you are also fallen in deep love with buns, so this hairstyle is for you to make you more unique and confident in your bun. Start with sectioning you’re into the three parts –left, center, right. Left and right sides are to be designed by creating French braids and the center hairs are done in rope braids.

A very high bun is created at the back, and more height is given to it by wrapping braids around the bun which is giving a princess and more girly look to the hairstyle.


Braids Down The Way

African American Braids

Braids hair buns, box braids, rope braids, braids, braids, braids. We have lots and lots of style which starts or ends with braids. Braids are the most common and easy hairstyle.

If you are lazy enough to try some complex and time-consuming hairstyle but yet want to look presentable in this hair-oriented world. No worries girl we held your back. This hairstyle is all about your laziness you just have to effort on the braids making that it. Your braids should be clear and loud to make the statement.


Ponytail Braiding

African American Braids

Till now, we have come to know almost all the various types of braids such as French, box, rope, etc. And we are also well aware of ponytails of braids. So thinking about what is new and unique in our next hairstyle. Here is it. This hairstyle is the mixture of two most versatile and demanded braids that are- French and rope.

Both braids are newly created and are becoming very popular these days. Mixing these two braids to get the most flawless and gorgeous hairstyle is out of the box. All your crown hairs are tied in French braids then the ponytail is followed which is in rope braids. Add some cool and stylish accessories, as shown in the image above.


Rope Looked Cornrows

African American Braids

The rope looked cornrows look like ropes with colorful beads, and rubber bands look very cute. This hairstyle is for younger or little girls and boys. In these three strands of hair make a rope-like braid.

This hairstyle is for long or medium hair. It can be styled in many ways like with a center partition or side partition. Mostly African American male or female rappers, and singers always prefer this hairstyle.


Very Short Curly Hairstyle

African American Braids

This very short hairstyle is for those people who have curly hair. Curly hairs are not easy to maintain. Sothis hairstyle comes with very short curls all over the head and gives a fresh look. This hairstyle is for both girls and boys, but boys prefer this hairstyle the most.

Curly hair is naturally has a heavy or wavy texture. This hairstyle gave a cool refreshing look and also came with very low maintenance. For working women or men, this is very comfortable. Especially in summer every outfit, gives a cool look.


Curly Mohawk Hairstyle

African American Braids

Mostly curly hair looks good rather than straight hair according to some stylists. Only a few people have curly hair and may be stubborn. So there are many hairstyles which highlighted uniqueness and personality, so Mohawk style is one of them.

This hairstyle is for short or shoulder-length hairs. Some celebrities specially adapt this style to straight hair with the help of curling products. With light makeup and funky outfit, this curly Mohawk hairstyle looks very different.


African Fishtail Braid

African American Braids

African fishtail braids are quite a beautiful hairstyle. A fishtail braid is a complicated hairstyle, and in this hairstyle, two hair strands are used to make a braid. This fishtail hairstyle is suitable for both long and short hairs, thick or thin, black or golden.

On short hair fishtail braid can be fixed with the help of pins or on long hair you can extend it into a long braid and fixed with a rubber band or beads etc. African fishtail braid can be styled in many ways which look unique. It looks classy and modern with suits or funky styling. The African fishtail braid also looks great with ear studs or neckpieces or nose pins.


Finger Coils Rose with Short Hair

African American Braids

Finger coils on short hairs look like coils. Finger coils are only for short hairs to make an elegant look. This hairstyle is perfect for naturally curly or afro-textured hairs. In this hairstyle some hair products are used then with the help of fingers coiling is done.

Finger coils are very popular among girls or boys. This hairstyle gave a great volume or texture to curly hair. Many African American celebrities rock their looks with this coiling technique. It can be styled with colorful outfits with shoes, circular large earrings, etc.


African American French Roll Bun

African American Braids

Buns are a trendy style for hair. High and low buns are in fashion today. African American French bun is suitable for natural curly, wavy, hairs with high volume, etc. For this hairstyle, strands are tightly tied together and make twisted into braids to make a French bun.

Buns are styled in many ways and styles. It can be styled with any outfit or with loud eye makeup etc. For daily routines with low maintenance, this hairstyle is a comfortable option but consumes time. African girls mostly do this hairstyle for parties’ functions etc.


Side Swept Cornrows

African American Braids

Cornrows are a traditional African style. In this hairstyle, hairs are braided very close to the scalp. Side-swept cornrows are the very coolest styles nowadays. Cornrows are suitable for both long and short hairs. Inside swept cornrows, there is a mixture of chunky and thin braids as well as a c curve pattern on one side.

To manage long hair and gave a unique style statement side swept cornrows are the best option. Pop singers, fashion designers, celebrities, etc. also prefer this hairstyle for award shows or different events.


High Bun and Flowing Braided Strands on Shoulders

African American Braids

Regular three-strand braids and high buns are always in trend. This high bun and flowing braid hairstyle can be done with long hair only. This hairstyle consists of many numbers of braids and the ends are closed with the help of small rubber bands.

Half of the braids are used to make high, but the little messy bun and other braids are flowing freely on the shoulders. This hairstyle consumes time but looks very cool. It can be styled with jeans or hoodies etc.


Although weaving a  braid takes several hours and a lot of time, it will not make you regret it, not even for a second. Black braided hairstyles for women are worth wasting your time for a quick glance.

However, you must have good maintenance and a proper hair care routine to ace a long-lasting braided style. However, a quick tip, bulky and stiff braids can cause damage and frizz to your hair, whereas small braids are long-lasting.