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21 Tribal Braids for Super Trendy Appearance

Today fashionista girls and celebrities are seriously obsessed with the Iconic 90’s hairstyle that is “Braids.” The braids are the easiest to do hairstyles for everyday work routines. Even celebrities like to tie their hair into braids for that elegant, simple as well trendy look at the same time.

Throughout the time, the simple braids are given lots of makeovers which have given us a lot more verities and ways in which we can style our hair in ways with the help of braiding.

A simple YouTube search in today’s time will flood your screen with more than thousand of videos of DIYs, tutorials, and ways to do braids. Even social media sites like Instagram have spread the variations of braids.

We are here combining all the trendy yet traditional hairstyles involving variations of braids and bringing to you 21 most unique and stylish braid hairdos. Your search for the perfect braid hairstyle will be complete with this versatile hairdos just keep scrolling.


21 Tribal Braids for Super Trendy Appearance

Box Braid with a Ponytail

Tribal Braids

Box braids are quite trendy nowadays and are one of the most iconic braiding styles which are going in trends since the 90’s. There have been some variations done in the box braiding, but they are still traditional hairstyles in today’s time.

The box braids have been the definition of the iconic black and white television era. In 2024’s, the hairdo is still believed to be a perfect solution to rock a protective style while it adds plenty of length and strength and gives you little something to throw over your shoulders.

The first hairstyle is trendy as well as traditional and is a great solution to protect your hair. Here in the picture, you can see the crown hair is divided from the rest, and box braids are made all over the head.

The next thing is the ponytail of the crown braids hair, which is tied by taking the braids from the crown portion. This hairstyle is not giving only a sexy and unique look, but it also adds some heights to your look.


Touch of Beads

Tribal Braids

In the modern iterations of braids, we see the styling done by adding the jewels to the hair. The decoration of hair is done by adding beads, metallic threads, or just going for highlighting of your which can turn heads to your hairdo.

The box braids are the only hairstyle that is low-maintained as well as glamour. Once hair is done in box braids, they can go on for weeks. Adding little style and accessories will make you stylish not only for the day but also for the entire week.

This hairstyle is perfect when you are looking for a style for a long term purpose. To achieve this versatile open hair box braids style first, you have to start braiding the front hair or more prescribing the crown hair.

The hair is divided into two parts with a braid, and the braids on both sides are going into a definite direction, as clearly seen in the image above. The braids are left open but are styled by golden metallic, which you can style in your way as per your look.


Touch of Color

Tribal Braids

As the hair color trend is on the top of the trending list and every celebrity and girls are going crazy for those golden and other vibrant colors with the hair. In the modern era, we have combined the traditional hairstyle of braids will almost all today’s trending styles, and here is with the highlighting.

The traditional box braid is combined with the modern trend of highlighting the trend. If you are yearning to play with colors in your hair but do not want a permanent commitment with them, then here is the suggestion to go with colored extension.

In this way, we also restore the advantage of doing box braids that is to protect the hair but yet you look up to date with the fashion style. You can go to any professionals or do it at home; the extension process is simple and easy, and they can go for a long time similar to the box braid style.

Do the box braids as seen in the picture; the girl has gone with the silver highlights or extensions, keeping her roots black as to have a bit of fun without going through the hair coloring process.


Bangs and Beads

Tribal Braids

The styling trends are gone to the heights. Every day on social media, we came across various styles and ways of over the top styling with accessories. People nowadays are going all out with the styling and accessories.

If you are one of the people who do not like hair falling over the shoulder, but you want to accessories the hair in a celebrity style, then this style is definitely for you. The hairdo just involves your half hair, or you can say only the crown area the other part is shaved to have that clean look.

The crown hair is tied in a way that the braids will be hanging in front, just like the bangs. To level up your accessorizing game, all the braids are styled up with those big black beads, as we can see from the above-provided image. This is a top styled hairstyle that will make you look unique and versatile.


Cornrows with the Goldilocks Touch

Tribal Braids

Cornrows are the modern box braids that are done in a very tied manner to show the clear and neat partition between the two braids. Some people think that cornrows are a tricky part of the box braids, and they are uncomfortable to carry for a long time.

But here we are breaking that myth as we believe those cornrows are easy and as flexible as the box braids in maintenance for a long time. As a fact, cornrows need less maintenance than the box braid. Once done right, they can last for up to one month.

Don’t believe us try it yourself. We bring you a hairstyle with lots of cornrow braiding with style. Here the lady in the above picture has given a golden touch just like Goldilocks to her hair by adding a little golden in her hair at the end just like dipping technique of hair color.


Rocking Diva Look

Tribal Braids

Whenever we say, box braiding, the first image which pops in our heads is the braiding of all the hair. Traditionally the definition of box braids is the tying of braids all around the hair. But in this experimenting and creative world, we bring you a unique box braiding style.

Box braiding is the other part of styling your hair simply, but when you look for a diva look simple is not an answer, but with the little help, we can bring the braiding in the diva game. This is all for those divas who are ready to style and go all out.

The above provide image shows us a clear image for a diva. The large and fluffy curls are going all-round, which are very easy to achieve by curling iron or more heatless ways the box braids are added at the crown part, which are hanging at the front.

And the diva look is complete by giving the golden touch to the look by the accessories. This style is straight out of the red carpet looks.


Crochet Colorful Braids Hairstyle

Tribal Braids

Crochet is a technique of braids. This crochet hairstyle is for long and short hair. In this hairstyle, hair is divided into two parts according to your face or choice, then braiding your hair into loose cornrows.

After this, the colorful hair extension is added between the cornrows. This hairstyle is very simple and attractive. According to your hair length, different crochet techniques are used.

If you have round African face, then this hairstyle suits you very well. This crochet hairstyle is perfect for schools, parties, etc.


Box Braids

Tribal Braids

Box braids are best for multiple hair lengths. Box braids are very popular in African, American-African culture. Box braids are styled in many ways or designs. In this hairstyle, all hair is divided into boxy shaped areas.

This hairstyle is unique to natural hairstyles. Many young singers, actresses, players go with this box braided hairstyle. You can decorate braids with different beads, colorful threads, highlights, etc. This is time consumed hairstyle.


Middle Parted Cornrows

Tribal Braids

Middle part cornrows are for long hair. Cornrows are braids. In this hairstyle, we divide the hair into two sections from the mid to create cornrows. All hair is turned into braids. African hair is very good for braided hairstyles.

This hairstyle is best for red carpets, photo-shoots, etc. You can wear an A-line dress, short dress, etc. According to your face shape, color, hair strength, cornrows are styled.


Dramatic Tribal Braids

Tribal Braids

Dramatic tribal braids mean braids with cuffs, rings, cords, etc. In this hairstyle, ringed braids and braids with ornaments give a queen look. This hairstyle is gorgeous and unique.

Different hair ornaments, accessories are part of tribal. So, this hairstyle is for fine and long hair. This is time consumed hairstyle and styled by a perfectionist.

The traditional dress looks best with this hairstyle to look like a tribal queen or princess. This hairstyle is not for office, school, proms, etc.


Thin Braids with Beads

Tribal Braids

Like its name, this is an adorable hairstyle. This hairstyle is for multiple hair lengths. In this hairstyle, thin cornrows are made with beads on the ends. Beads are also a part of African culture.

For both men and women, the beaded hairstyle is in trend. Beads are used according to your choice, color, hair strength, etc. This hairstyle also looks very good on little girls. With minimal makeup and a nice dress, this hairstyle looks so prominent.

This hairstyle is also styled in many designs, techniques, etc. Mostly singers, rappers, players like this beaded hairstyle for a unique traditional look.


Cornrows with High Bun

Tribal Braids

This hairstyle is for long hair. In this hairstyle, all hair is turned into braids and then turns into a high bun. This hairstyle is for men and women. Buns are always in style. So, traditional cornrow buns are also in trend.

Some girls don’t like ponytails or open cornrows, so buns are perfect for them. In summers, making buns is quite helpful. You can add colorful beads or pins to make it more stylish. It consumes time but looking so classy and elegant. You can wear suits, a funky outfit with cornrow high bun.


Fulani Braids

Tribal Braids

Fulani braids are styled with many unique patterns. Fulani braids come from Fula people. Fulani braids are very eye-catching. It looks so beautiful and creative. In this hairstyle different pattern, beads cornrows are included.

Hair is divided into three to four parts. The top and the front section are different than the back part. The back part is twisted into a half bun and added beads on the top and end of the bun. With minimal accessories and simple outfit, this Fulani bun with braids looks so perfect.


Braids with Bun

Tribal Braids

This hairstyle is for fine and long hair. French braids are everyone’s favorite. In this hairstyle, hair is divided from mid-section. French braids are done on both sides towards the end of the braid. If you have a perfect face shape then this hairstyle is for you.

French braids are styled in many ways like buns, tails, waterfalls, etc. The style goes with any outfit. This hairstyle is good for college girls, parties, etc. This is a very cool and easy to do hairstyle.


Pigtail Braids

Tribal Braids

If you think that the braids are difficult to carry as they are for think hair, then here for you, we bring the braids in a styled manner, which is easy to achieve, and the thickness and the texture of your hairdo do not matter much.

You have already come across the style of pigtails as two ponytails that our little ones love to do. But here is a much more styled version for you involving the braids.

From the picture above, you can see the French braids are done on the head, and the long hair is tied neatly in braid just like the box braids.  The hairstyle gives a perfect and edge look to you. Focusing on the angles of your face structure.


Jumbo Red Tribal Braids

Tribal Braids

You can make the simplest of braids look trendy this way, have jumbo braids with the creative patterns. You can try various patterns along with altering the thickness of braids. There are endless patterns you can have in braids.

Braids are colored red to add that extra boldness. It is made more good looking by adding different hair accessories like braid rings. The braids can be more jazzed up with cords and braid cuffs.

There are many different colored cords to try, like featured or just use one. This hairstyle is loved because it is bold and dramatic. It is a must-try. You can add your innovations according to your likes and dislikes.


Cornrow Tribal Braids

Tribal Braids

Cornrows are the most popular styles for Afro hair. These raised braids are formed using the underhand technique. Because they’re braided so close to the scalp, your skin is often exposed.

Considered a protective style, you can leave cornrows in for weeks at a time if you care for them properly and keep your scalp moisturized. Even better, there’s no limit to the kinds of looks you can create with them.

From sleek, sexy, and simple to colorful, messy, and crazy, they are a huge trend at the moment. This braid type involves plaiting in hair extensions to give it an illusion of naturally ultra-long cornrows.

Try experimenting with different thicknesses to create a unique look. Gold cuffs and other hair accessories look fantastic when added to this style. You can go for something bold or a more subtle finish.


Tribal Dreadlocks Pattern

Tribal Braids

Dreadlocks are the most iconic hairstyles of all time. They are very Eye-catching. They are so easy to maintain. After having dreadlocks, you will feel like a full new girl full of attitude vibe. Dreadlocks give you a very bold look and are not at all for the shy types!

For natural hair, especially people with curly and unmanageable hair, they are considered a protective style because they don’t require any chemicals to create. They don’t need to be styled daily. They help in retaining the natural moisture of the hair.

They are good for the scalp as they don’t put too much stress on the scalp. Dreads require lots of patience as they can take years to be fully complete. The dreads in this hairstyle are styled in a great pattern. Hair rings are added to the pattern to make it look more bold and gorgeous.


Vibrant Unicorn Tribal Braids

Tribal Braids

Have a look at this oh so gorgeous hairstyle of tribal braids. These are such vibrant tribal braids. The braids are styled into such a good hairdo and are a combination of bold pink along with light pink and other unicorn colors.

These braids are ombre colored, keeping pink as their main color. We love this hairstyle. It is so perfect as it enhances all of your features. It will make you the center of attraction everywhere you will go.

It is so trendy and girly. It is best for the ladies who want a bold new look yet keeping it subtle. You can recreate these braids or even try many different vivid shades.


Long and Bold Mustard Braids

Tribal Braids

Earlier, in the last hairstyle, we featured vibrant pink braids. Not only pink, but there are many other bold colors that the tribal braids a completely new look instantly. We stumble upon another bold color, but this time, it is beautiful mustard.

As you saw, pink-blue looks stunning as a braid color. You will be surprised to see how gorgeous a single mustard color make your braids look. Style your tribal braids into a half bun or a full bun like this one.

This is best for the days you don’t want braids in your face. Mustard can be worn on any braid length either as highlights or as a whole like this one and with any braid pattern.

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Bun Updo of Tribal Braids

Tribal Braids

Another hairstyle we have to show you is this beautiful braided bun. This bun isn’t like a normal boring bun; it sits high on the head. We keep loose braids at the sides, which give it a more casual and girly look.

You can add braid cuffs to provide the hairstyle with a more attractive look. You can even highlight like grey highlights in this picture, which are giving the braids a very stylish look.

What makes this hairstyle extraordinary is the beautiful triangular pattern in which hair is partitioned to make the braids. Braided buns like this look gorgeous and are perfect for occasions where you want to look elegant and glam.


We tried to show you almost all aspects of doing tribal braids in this article, and we are sure you have had that desire in you now to try these braids at least once in your lifetime! Even if you are still not sure, we know you are a bit relieved by these ideas!

They are done and loved many celebrities, and they are so much in trend. They are protective of your natural hair. They keep you manageable with your unmanageable and curly hair.

These colors and styles are perfect for anyone! So what are you waiting for? All you should is to take a picture of the hairdo you liked the most and want, and take it to your hairstylist. Head out soon to get these all so glam styles.