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20 Impressive Ghana Braids for an Ultimate Diva Look

We are here to tell you about one of the most gorgeous hairstyle and that is none other then Ghana braids. So prepare yourself to know everything about this hairstyle. This hairstyle required detailed work. but don’t worry it looks trendy and stylish so worth doing it.

Ghana braids are good ways to protect your hair from the damages of pollution and dust. The braids that go from the front side of your head to the end of the scalp are known as the Ghana braids.

There are few other names of the Ghana braids like banana braids, straight backs, and Cherokee braids. This popular style of the Ghana braids can help you to look smart and bold while protecting the strands.

There are some extensions that you need to add to the Ghana braids to enhance the volume of the braids. This particular braid style has a historical background. This African style has a social value and status at the same time.


20 Impressive Ghana Braids for an Ultimate Diva Look

Here is a brief summery that you want to know about Ghana Braids.

How to do Ghana braids?

Things that you need to create a perfect Ghana braid is listed below.

Hair cream for hydrating

  • Hairbrush
  • Rat tail special comb
  • Kanekalon hair extension kit
  • Scissors
  • Hot boiling water in a bowl or mug
  • Cream for managing edges of the hair

To do the Ghana braids, you need to follow the points given below.

  • Firstly, you need to hydrate your hair by using the cream to make the process of creating the braids easy.
  • Brush your hair well so that no knot remains there in your hair strands.
  • You need part the hair perfectly by using the end of the rat tail comb. The partition should be created according to your requirement of the braids. Secure the sections with the sectioning clips.
  • The corner most section is needed to be divided into three strands.
  • Then create two to three stitches of the braids with the strands and then add some extra strands from both the sides on each stitch and continue the braid stitching in the same manner.
  • Then pick a thin portion of the Kanekalon hair and fold it perfectly in half.
  • Then you need to place the hair extension fold under the middle strands and then combine the two portions of the hair with the right and left strands of your natural hair. And continue braiding to some extent.
  • Then add the thicker portion of the Kanekalon hair to your natural braid.
  • Repeat this process of braiding and add the thicker portion of the hair in the middle than the end of the hair.
  • Continue this process of braiding till you reach to the nape of the neck.
  • After that, a simple braid is needed to be made by the rest of the natural hair.
  • Then secure the end of the braids and cut off the excess portion of the hair after the braids.
  • Make the similar braids on all of the sections.
  • At the end of the process secure the ends of the braids by dipping them in the hot boiling water.
  • You can also use the edge control cream to get the neat look.


What Ghana braid will suit your face shape?

Different types of Ghana braids are suitable for several face shape. The perfect match of the Ghana braid with your face shape is required to get the best look.

  • Round face: simple and classy straight back Ghana braid is perfect for the round shape face.
  • Oblong face: low bun Ghana braid is suitable for the oblong face shape.
  • Square face: curved Ghana braids cab give the best look to the square shape face by fading the sharp edges of the face.
  • Triangular face: Horizontal type of Ghana braids is perfect for the triangular face cut.
  • Heart shaped face: this is the perfect shape of the face for experimenting different styles of Ghana braids.


What Ghana Braid will suit your thin hair?

The Ghana braids can give your thin hair a thicker volume look by adding the Kanekalon hair. This excess hair combines with the natural hair to give you a thicker hair volume in the middle.

There are some Ghana braid hairstyles for the ladies with thin hair. The Chevron Ghana braids, Ghana braids with ponytails and simple Ghana braid styles can be managed on your thin hair.


What Ghana braid will suit your thick hair?

If you have a thick and long hair, then you should try several Ghana braids on your hair. You can try the understated Ghana braids which look beautiful on the thick hair volume.

You can also try spider web Ghana braid to get an exceptional look with your thick hair volume.


How to maintain Ghana braids?

There are some tips that can help you to maintain the Ghana braids at your home and get the desired look as well.

  • You need to keep your Ghana braids secure when you are going to sleep at night. The silk pillow case or a silk cover on your head can keep the braids secure. It can help you to maintain the neatness of the braids.
  • You should moisturize the braids by applying some almond oil on it and rubbing them lightly.
  • The application of the edge control cream in the hair can also help you to maintain the neat look.
  • You should trim the flyaway hair strands to maintain the sophistication of the hairstyle.
  • Wash the braids with the conditioner water once in a week to remove the oil and dirt from the braids.

Here are 20 of the most gorgeous Ghana braids inspirations for you. So just go through it and try one of these for yourself.


Symmetrical Hairstyle with Ghana Braids

The black straight long hair can be managed by braiding the hair in symmetrical Ghana hairstyle.

You need to create a middle partition on the head and then make five Ghana braids on each side and combine those two braids and create one braid on each side from the end of the scalp.

These two neat braids with the entire length of the hair can give you a perfectly neat and smart look.

Ghana Braids


Dual Toned Long Ghana Braids

The long black and gold tone hair can be adorned by creating the long Ghana braids. The alternative thin and thick Ghana braids on your hair can make your look neat, classy and smart.

These braids in can be decorated in a better way by using the golden hair clips. The combination of black and golden color can create a magical presentation on hair.

Ghana Braids


Cornrow Braids Hairstyle

Cornrow braids hairstyle is the perfect one for the women who want to get a gorgeous appearance in the crowd.

You need to create multiple Ghana braids with all the hair on your head and then make two buns on the tops of the scalp to complete the style. This stylish presentation of the hair can be impressive and unique in the crowd.

Ghana Braids


Unique Triple Blonde Braid

Women who want to get a smart and unique presentation can follow the style of triple blonde braids. In this style, you need to create some thick and thin Ghana braids with your hair.

The blonde color of the hair can make these braids highlighted and noticeable.

Ghana Braids


Asymmetrical Ghana Braids

The asymmetrical Ghana braids are chosen by the ladies who want to get a neat and smart appearance in the crowd. In this style, you need to create two Ghana braids on the scalp in an asymmetric way.

The length of your hair should be divided into two parts and then create two simple braids to get a perfect style.

Ghana Braids


Braided Ponytail

A ponytail with the Ghana braids can give you a super cool look. The long and black hair looks perfect in this style.

Multiple thin and thick Ghana braids on your scalp and the final ponytail on the top of your scalp can give you a bold and smart appearance.

Ghana Braids


Hispanics with Goddess Braids

The Hispanics with Goddess Braids can give you a young and cute look. The two-toned hair looks great in this style. It can not only give you a neat look but also give a perfect shape to your oval shape face.

The hair up to your waist can be adorned in this style. The ends of the hair after the end point of the braid should be left free.

Ghana Braids


Red Braided Ponytail

The red colored hair strands can be braided in Ghana style and create a ponytail with the braids on the top of the scalp to get the best look.

This style of highlighted hair strands can give you a gorgeous and smart look at the same time. It can also give your hair a thick volume.  Your facial shape becomes prominent in this style as well.

Ghana Braids


Red Swirl Ghana Braids with Cuffs

The combination of cuffs and swirl Ghana braids can give you a classic look. The red highlighted hair strands in this style make it more vibrant and remarkable.

The red swirl Ghana style braid is smart and gorgeous looking. This style can help you to get a round shape on your face by arranging the braids in this particular manner.

Ghana Braids


Different Style of Cornrows

The black cornrows hair can be adorned in a unique style by adding some golden hair clips. The cornrows should be arranged in a perfect way to create the style.

The neat and smart cornrows can help you to get the best appearance in the crowd. This style with the top ponytail can give your hair a thicker volume and bold look at the same time.

Ghana Braids


Braided Mohawk

Mohawk style is one of the most gorgeous ones, and if you combine it with the braided one, then you get the unique look in the crowd.

In this style, you can highlight the middle portion of your scalp by styled in Mohawk pattern. The dark shade of the hair strands can give you a classy look in this style.

Ghana Braids


Ghana Twist Crochet Braids

The twisted ponytails are always beautiful, and if you can make it with the Ghana twisted crochet braids, then you can achieve a greater look. The stunning twisted crochet braids towards a side can give you a classy makeover.

The straight and shiny hair looks glamorous and stylish in this manner. You can also get a perfect shape of your face by styling your hair in this way.

Ghana Braids


Ghana Cornrows

You need to find the central point on your scalp and then create the Ghana cornrows with the hair strands of each section. In this style, the braids become thin to thick from the central point of the scalp and give you a unique yet bold look.

These multiple braids can hide the thin volume of the hair and give you a filler look. This style looks perfect on the straight and black hair.

Ghana Braids


Micro Ghana Braids

Micro Ghana braids on your black hair look perfect and classy. You need to side part the hair and create the micro braids in a backward manner on the half portion.

And on the rest part, you need to create the micro braids in the side front manner to get this style. The black multiple micro braids can create an amazing look on your face. It can give your face round and prominent shape.

Ghana Braids


Queen Braids

This is an ultimate example of Ghana braids. Don’t think anything just opt for this style and look like queen. This braid style suits almost any face shape and for long thick hair type.

Ghana Braids


Ghana Braids for Kids

Ladies with middle length black hair and dark complexion can style in a unique way by following the Ghana braids for kids. This style can not only hide your actual growing age but also give you a classy and remarkable gorgeousness.

The Ghana braids are needed to be created on the front part of your head, and then the rest part of the hair should be curled and set free to create this style. The small curls with the sharp ends can give you a mind-blowing appearance.

Ghana Braids


Ghana Weaving Hairstyle

The mat gold color hair can be braided in Ghana style to get a unique style. The braids on the scalp in the particular pattern can give your face a round shape.

The bun on the backside of your head suits well with this style. The side-ward braids in this style make your face more prominent and gorgeous at the same time. This style looks great on the medium to dark complexion.

Ghana Braids


Ghana Cornrows Braids

The cornrows braids in Ghana style can give you a stylish makeover. The brown and black Ghana cornrows braids can make the shape of the face more prominent and classy. The straight and long micro braids in this style create an amazing style on your head.

The gatherings of the Ghana cornrows braids on the center of the scalp can hide the thin volume of the hair as well. In this style, you can achieve a bold and trendy look.

Ghana Braids


Box Braids Half Updo

The box braids on the long black hair enhance the beauty of your appearance. The half do the combination with the box braids can create an amazing trendy style on your hair.

The long box braids on black shiny and straight hair texture create a smart makeover. These multiple braids in a side-ward manner on the top of your head make your face round and gorgeous.

Ghana Braids


Box Braids Updo

The box braids can be combined with a perfect updo to get a smart and bold look. The black and brown box braids and a central updo can highlight your face and give it a perfect shape at the same time.

The updo on the top of your head can be made to get a neat look as well.

Ghana Braids


This list of the Ghana braids can help you to find the best style which is trendy and suitable on your face at the same time. So ladies and ladies go for this style and dazzle your look.