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20 Splendid Brown Hair With Red Highlights For 2024

If you are tired of your dull hair color and need to give the mane a touch of greatness, brown hair with red highlights is exactly what you need. You can create shades that will marvelously stand out, get a fabulous ombre, or even add a third color: a light blonde, or some purple tints.

Also, the haircut ideas for red highlights are limitless, from pixie cuts to gorgeous bobs. You can even opt for long layered hair if you have a rich mane. Either way, any combination between these hairstyles and red hues is a brilliant choice and undoubtedly eye-popping.

Scroll down and discover the best ones and tell us in the comments which were your favorite hairdos.

1. Dark Brown with Red Highlights

A long inverted bob haircut provides such a proper framing, especially if the base color is a dark brunette. Layer the back to create that stacked effect and toss the bangs on one side. Choose a mahogany red shade for the highlights.


2. Light Brown + Red Highlights

If you want a natural color that suits your skin tone but still want to add something that makes the light brown hair pop, some deep red highlights will certainly do the trick.


3. Red and Blonde Highlights

As we previously mentioned, every time you want a truly breathtaking hairstyle, brown hair with blonde and red highlights will gain all the attention. The colors will astonishingly blend and if you style waves and curls, you will obtain a lot of volume for the mane.


4. Short Hair with Red Highlights

Even if you have short hair, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it look fabulous. Opt for a short haircut that makes thin hair more voluminous and flip the bangs on one side. Style a few burgundy red highlights to build an impressive look.


5. Medium Hair with Highlights

Keep the mane long and slightly layered at the tips. Dark cherry color for the highlights will give the whole hairstyle a new rebel touch. Keep the bangs on one side.


6. Long Brown Hair with Red Highlights

This amazing brown hair with red highlights looks astonishing when you build a hairstyle that enriches the colors and makes them pop out. Part your hair in four sections and use them to create rolled buns, one next to the other.


7. Caramel and Red Highlights

Get a marvelous look by choosing a brown shade for your hair. Style blonde highlights and dye a few red strands in front of the head. Keep the top hair and bangs parted in the middle.


8. Auburn Red Highlights

Brown hair with auburn red highlights will look its best if you opt for a layered haircut. To make the mane look even more thrilling, use a conical iron to style well-defined curls.


9. Chestnut Brown + Red Highlights

Chestnut brown hair is so impressive and it can look even more fascinating if you opt for red highlights that will beautifully blend with the base nuance. Maintain the hair in a medium length and style waves.


10. Brown Curls with Red Highlights

Get a V-shape cut for your long hair and style bright red and burgundy highlights. Opt for gorgeous full curls that better define the colors and wear your mane on the back.


11. Chocolate Brown + Red Highlights

Dark chocolate hair is absolutely delicious, and if you cut the strands in an inverted stacked bob, you will obtain a marvelous hairdo. Also, you can add some gorgeous red highlights, and the final effect will be breathtaking.


12. Red Balayage Highlights

This dark purple-red shade makes the mane look absolutely luxurious. It is such an elegant imperial color that everybody will notice your glamorous transformation.


13. Red and Purple Highlights

Such a marvelous color palette, texture and layering! And they’re all in just a single hairstyle. Add all the right ingredients: stacked layers for the back and a stunning blend between purple and red highlight and here you have a gorgeous hairstyle.


14. Brown Bob with Highlights

Whenever you want a hairstyle that looks fabulous on you, opt for a bob haircut with an undercut. Keep the long bangs on one side and add a few wide red highlights.


15. Red Highlighted Ombre

A V-shape for your hair will make the mane look fabulous! Go for a red highlighted ombre and style massive curls to obtain that impressive volume!


16. Bangs with Highlights

This dark burgundy red is so sexy and chic. If you have green or blue eyes, this fantastic color will draw all attention on your face. Create bangs and style layers and waves if you want to look amazing.


17. Highlighted Straight Hair 

Get an inverted bob that provides a lot of volume for the back, and add the eye-popping red highlights only on the sides. Also, remember that this hairstyle is also ideal for women who wear glasses.


18. Wavy Brown Hair with Red Highlights

Opt for a bob haircut with bangs swept on one side and choose a dark brown color as a base. Create orange-red highlights to make the hairstyle pop and build gorgeous curls.


19. Brown Layers + Red Highlights

If you have a dark skin tone, opt for layered brown hair. Your bangs should be split in the middle and reaching the chin. On the other hand, keep the rest of the mane longer and create dark red highlights.


20. Braided Hair with Highlights

Get a medium length for your hair and make a burgundy red ombre. For the top, you can also add highlights in the same shade. To obtain a marvelous hairstyle, take two thick strands of hair, and braid them. Secure them in the back, and you’ll get a beautiful crown.


Get ready to rock any appearance with stunning brown hair with red highlights! Why? Because red is so trendy in 2024! There are plenty of options when we’re talking about red hair: from ginger cooper red to bright imperial hues. Pick the ones you love and adapt them to your style, skin tone, and haircut. The outcome will gather all the attention, and you’ll have a cool, fresh modern look.