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50 Vibrant Brown Hairstyles That Are Super-Trendy in 2024

If there’s one color that never goes out of style, brown is the one. Brown hairstyles are totally classic and somehow look good on every woman who wants to rock one. They pair perfectly with all skin tones, and the right style will make any face shape look great.

There are tons of shades to choose from, and you can highlight them, go ombre or two-tone, and more to make them even more unique and personal to you. Customizing your hairdo to your liking is key when you’re searching for your new signature style for the year.


Vibrant Brown Hairstyles

Interested in some nice brown looks to rethink your hair? Look below!

Golden Brown Waves

Make people question your hair color whenever you walk by with these golden brown waves.

It’s super hard to tell whether it’s very dark blonde or extremely light brown! The tumbling waves make it even harder to tell the true color when they catch the light.

thick golden brown hair


Long Straight Coffee Brown Hair

Go a little darker to give yourself a nice, mysterious vibe. The long, straight locks are extremely simple to wear and make for an excellent everyday hairstyle for someone with limited time.

long coffee brown hair


Short Blunt Ombre Bob

A brown hairstyle that also features a blonde shade always looks amazing. Cut your hair into a nice blunt bob to frame your face. Add blonde ombre to the bob for a very balanced look with a lot of depth. 

brown ombre bob


Nice Straight Long Ponytail

Sometimes it’s best to wear a simple and very natural shade. It might even be your natural hair color!

Then you can use this easy hairstyle to keep your hair back. A straight ponytail just below the crown of your head is the perfect way to look like you’re prepared for the day.

long brown hair ponytail


Sleek Shiny High Bun

Women with red undertones in their brown locks will benefit from making their tresses very sleek. It helps the hair shine and brings out those warm undertones.

Form a perfectly round and wrapped bun with a flat top on your crown to emphasize the sleek look. 

sleek high bun with brown hair


Youthful Long Bob with Bangs

Pair a long bob with bangs for a youthful, simple look. You’ll appear relaxed and your straight hair will have a lot of depth with the bangs. Keeping the hair this short is a good way to keep thicker tresses under control.

straight brown lob with blunt bangs


Wild Dark Brown Curls

If your hair is extremely dark brown it can look almost black. Wearing it in curls is a good way to show there’s still a brown undertone.

Push your hair over to one side for an effortlessly glamorous look. It’s great for emphasizing the natural volume that your really dense curls create.

curly dark brown hairstyle


Dip Dye Blue Ends

Add a little unique color to your look to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Blue is a beautiful common choice for this and it goes well with brunette tones. The blue will sit and the end of your wavy hair and look stunning.

dark brown hair with blue dip dye


Fine Bob with Side Bangs

Fine hair can often look way too thin when it’s long. Keeping it in a short bob makes this less obvious and parting it at the side makes you look trendier.

Push the bob behind your ears a little to create a crisp and clean look that it’s easy to style.

short brown bob for fine hair


Reddish Brown Wedding  Hairstyle

Light brown hairstyles with ginger undertones look amazing as a wedding hairstyle. They also look very glamorous worn curly. Side swept your hair over to one side of your head to create a chic wedding look you’ll adore.

wedding hairstyle with brown hair


Light Brown Balayage Hair

You can make your hair look astonishingly beautiful with the balayage light brown hair. With this technique, the hair dye is painted to give a graduated and natural-looking effect. You can highlight the balayage by adding a golden shimmer to it.

Brown Hairstyles


Black Brown Shade

If you are planning to look simple and scintillating, you must check out the black-brown shade. Have a black tone of hair towards the upper part and provide a brown shade to the lower layers to make your hair look stylish.

Brown Hairstyles


Blonde on Brown

Let your hair look magical with the blonde and brown effects. Add layers of blonde highlights over your dark brown natural color to achieve a youthful appearance.

Brown Hairstyles


Blunt Bob with Bangs

Make yourself ready for any formal occasions through blunt bob with bangs. The hair length is below the neck level in this style and you need to make sure that the locks are curved inwards for a blunt look. You have to pair this with short bangs that are swept to the side of the forehead.

Brown Hairstyles


Brown Bob

Gift yourself a flawless look with a brown bob hairstyle. Make sure to perfectly blow-wave the bob to smoothen the top and turn the ends slightly under to get a perfect finish. Those with darker sun shades of brown should simply try bob hairstyles once because dark brown bobs are simply excellent.

Brown Hairstyles


Brown Hair with Highlights

Sprinkle style over your ordinary-looking hair by transforming it into brown hair with highlights. You can have spiraling curls towards the end of your hair and add copper and golden highlights to provide a sparkling appeal.

Brown Hairstyles


Brunette Bangs

Make yourself famous wherever you go with the fashionable brunette bangs. Dress up your loose curls through the ends of your shiny brunette locks to give your hair a good bounce.

Brown Hairstyles


Brunette Wavy Hair

Want to get a ‘fresh off the beach’ look? Go for the brunette wavy hair. Blowing out your hair on the alternative side of your natural part will provide hair bounce and volume. Create voluminous waves throughout the length of your brunette locks to obtain this style.

Brown Hairstyles


Brunette with Blonde Highlights

Now you can make your hair look desirable by making it a brunette with blonde highlights.

Make sure to choose a light color blonde shade for your brunette hair so that both the colors can complement each other well and the blonde highlights look like golden threads over your hair.

Brown Hairstyles


Chestnut Waves

Present yourself like a queen of woodlands by turning your hair into chestnut waves. All you need to do is add a nice chestnut shade to your hair and create nice waves throughout the sides and back of these luscious locks.

Brown Hairstyles


Chocolate Brown Hair

Reflect your love for chocolates by donning chocolate brown hair. The hue of chocolate on your hair is bound to refresh your face and make it look younger.

Get the drop-dead splendid hairstyle by including facet parts, smooth curls and long layers to your hairstyle. Get a pretty and polished look with excellent style.

Brown Hairstyles


Dark Brown Hair with Natural Highlights

Enjoy warmth, depth, and glossiness of your hair through dark brown hair with natural highlights. Make sure to keep the highlights just 1 or 2 shades lighter than your dark brown hair color in order to get a natural and flattering look.

Brown Hairstyles


Dark Brown Long Hair

With the help of dark brown long hair, get ready to accentuate your skin and add more brilliance to your hair. You can either leave your hair straight in a sleek fashion or add gentle waves towards the end for a thicker appearance.

Brown Hairstyles


Dark Waves with Subtle Highlights

If you want to look more fashionable and natural, then go for dark waves with subtle highlights. The warm tones of highlights will offer you a catchy look and provide a voluminous effect.

Brown Hairstyles


Glossy Brunette Locks

Gift yourself mesmerizingly deep, rich, and shiny hair with glossy brunette locks. Try a nice gloss treatment to receive a shimmering look that shall make you appear party-ready.

Brown Hairstyles


Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Get a street-style chic look with the half up half down hairstyle. You can enjoy this versatile cascading hairstyle by combining falling braids with long wavy locks. This bouncy half up half down long hair with free curls is ideal for casual days or formal occasions.

Brown Hairstyles


Honey Blonde Twist

Give a sweet present to your hair with a honey blonde twist. Add a glossy honey blonde color to your hair and dress those locks in loose waves throughout the sides and the back to let them fall over your shoulders and give a fantastic finish.

Brown Hairstyles


Layered Haircut with Bangs

Do you want to look pretty and peppy? Then fill your hair with layers and bangs. The layered haircut with bangs will highlight the special features of your face and give you a fresh and balanced look.

Brown Hairstyles


Layered Medium Brown Haircut

Look impressive at every occasion with the layered medium brown haircut. Make sure that the brown-colored layers start from the length of the eyes and fall onto the collar bones in order to add volume to the overall look.

Brown Hairstyles


Long Dark Brown Hair

Most celebrities are checking out the long dark brown hair and it’s time that you do the same too. The dark brown color gives a smooth and glossy outlook to your thick and long hair.

Brown Hairstyles


Medium Brown Hair with Waves

The medium brown hair with waves shall give you an evergreen look. Add kinky waves to the back and sides of your hair in order to provide it with movement and an attractive shape.

Brown Hairstyles


Medium Length Light Brown Hair

Provide a luminous appearance to your look with medium-length light brown hair. You may have blunt-cut ends and curly waves to encourage the movement of the hair.

Brown Hairstyles


Short Brown Hairstyle

You can get the trendiest look with the short brown hairstyle. Make use of a proper shade of brown to brighten up your short hair through a graduated bob look. To style this kind of pixie haircut for every day isn’t a huge task, such short hairstyles stay properly on their own.

Brown Hairstyles


Short Textured Hair

Look bold and sassy with short textured hair. Just taper the sides and back of your hair into the head and make sure to give a jagged cut at the top for a distinct texture.

Brown Hairstyles


Side Swept Wavy Hair

Make your evening events special with side-swept wavy hair. All you need to do to get this look is to move a major volume of your hair towards one side and then add wavy curls at the ends of the hair.

Brown Hairstyles


Sleek Brown Lob

The long bob, also called the Lob, is one of the hottest looks around nowadays. We simply can’t get enough of how flawlessly this blunt, long bob has been cut.

Achieve a soft and feathery texture for your hair with a sleek brown lob. Make sure to add a good amount of hairspray to get a glistening appearance.

Brown Hairstyles


Straight Brown Hair

Keep your hair sleek and stylish with straight brown hair. The dark-colored locks provide a subtle dimension and classic appeal to your overall look. This celebrity-inspired hair look will surely look great on you so try it and believe it.

Brown Hairstyles



Ash Brown Hair

This Color adds spunk to your everyday mundane look, it works well with olive skin and brings out all the best from the brown palettes.

It’s a beautiful mixture of faded brown and pale white; this cool shade goes well for warm Asian skin tones. Go for this shade when you are all in for an edgy, rebellious look that shouts out volumes of attitude.

Brown Hair Color


Auburn Brown Hair

Auburn brown is brown with just a hint of wine red, a warmer tone that gives a subtle yet trendy look on light to dusky skin tone, this is the shade you want if you do not want to see any red or gold in your hair color. 

Auburn highlights add zing to your usual hair look, go for it if you are afraid to experiment with Colors different from the usual palette. Auburn brown is cool and sophisticated; you can’t go wrong with this shade especially if your complexion is fair.

Brown Hair Color


Blond Brown Hair

Blonde Brown is the fairy tale shade that lets you have the dark chocolate brown base and sunshine shades of blonde; it is perfect for fair to medium skin tones.

If you have a wish for Disney princess hair, blonde brown is your shade with cool tones that add warmth, leaving you with gorgeous tresses. It works well as a highlighter for natural hair to a dark brown base.

Brown Hair Color


Bronze Brown Hair

This lovely shade gives you the best of brownies, whether you have straight or curly hair, you can never go wrong with bronze brown.

It is luxurious and rich. Bronze-brown is a warm and subtle blend of golden and red tones that looks beautiful on warm skin tones, avoid this Color if your complexion is cool—it will look too orange!

Brown Hair Color


Burgundy Brown Hair

Burgundy Brown is reddish brown, a wine shade that contains more brown tones and looks beautiful on complexions that are peachy or golden.

Burgundy brown can be adjusted to flatter nearly every complexion, it looks beautiful in the daylights and blends well with lighter shade hair if you were looking for highlights.

Brown Hair Color


Cappuccino Brown Hair

Cappuccino hair Color is rich and deep with a hint of russet warmth to add a warm, rich texture to your mane, it’s the washed gold shade formed when dark chocolate is mixed with milk chocolate or cream.

This shade of brown compliments a wide variety of skin tones, from fair to medium cool or neutral complexions, it gives a very chic and classy look on all occasions.

Brown Hair Color


Caramel Brown Hair

Caramel brunette hair is the best look to sport in sunny weather. This shade is also an excellent choice for global or caramel brown balayage or ombre highlights in a darker chocolate brown base color.

Cool skin tones can’t ever go wrong with the golden-hued caramel hair Color, avoid this shade if your complexion is cool or extremely fair as it will clash with your skin tone.

Brown Hair Color


Cherry Brown Hair

Cherry brown hair color is a dramatic and exotic shade, luscious deep brown with hints of cool red.

It goes well with medium to cool brown complexions adding a subtle wine red with the base of washed brown, it goes well on all occasions making a subtle statement of its own making you a head turner at the events.

Brown Hair Color


Chestnut Brown Hair

Chestnut brown hair gives you a ravishing look if you have medium to long hair. For those who have warm-toned skin, they can go for bright streaks as it adds more volume to the look.

Chestnut brown is what you get when you combine warm shades of brown like gold, caramel, and dark chocolate. A perfect match for the cool skin tones and beautiful if you’re looking to add a little pizzazz to your mane without going aboard much.

Brown Hair Color


Cinnamon Brown Hair

Cinnamon brown hair is the best choice if you want a break from your mundane hair Color but work at a conservative workplace that frowns at Colored hair or doesn’t want to experiment overboard.

This shade of brunette is the brighter version of light brown with warm red hints to add a spark to cool skin tones; it’s a rich brown color with a touch of coppery spice. It goes well with all skin tones be it fair, peach pink, medium, dark or golden complexions.

Brown Hair Color


Cola Brown Hair

Cola brown brings out your fiery side; this Color adds so much more drama to everyday life. If you have a warm medium skin tone, this is the perfect color to go for; whether you go for highlight or just go complete global rich cola brown, it is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher.

Brown Hair Color


Dark Chocolate Brown Hair

Dark Chocolate Brown is the perfect shade of brunette as it looks incredible on any skin tone. Pair it with a smile, and you’ve hit gold. Wavy, straight or curly, long or short, summer or winter, dark brown hair always looks good on all occasions.

A neutral, simple yet intense dark brown hair Color, try subtle blonde or lighter shade lowlights to add more definition to dark chocolate global Color.

Brown Hair Color


Platinum Brown Hair

Platinum Brown gives a subtle, yet intense touch of dimension to your hair, a unique combination of strong and ashy reflects for an intensely cool shade with platinum, metallic-like shine.

This shade compliments cool tone skin people. It pairs even better with dark platinum crown highlights. Pair it with an attitude, and you are ready to conquer the world.

Brown Hair Color


There are lots and lots of choices to make when it comes to selecting a perfect brown hairstyle for yourself. So ladies if you are looking for a hot brunette hairstyle or to freshen up your brown hair allow these fabulous styles to be the inspiration of all you need. Pick your favorite style from the list and get to look like a superstar.