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45 Celebrity Short Hairstyles for Glamorous Look

Hair is important to every person’s look, attitude, or personality. There are many types of hair-like short, medium, long, curly, straight, naturally black, brown, blonde, etc. The film and music industries are influenced by hairstyles all around the world.

Short hairs are in trend for female celebrities since the 1950s. In 1950 famous stars like Marlin Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor usually had short hair with high volume and looks so beautiful.

Nowadays, many hair products, stylists, and professionals are available, which help celebrities with their hairstyles, haircuts, outfits, etc. Short or pixie style is a very cool option for the spring season and is done by many celebrities like Charlie Thereon, Jamie Alexander, Katy Perry, etc.

Short hairstyles are easy to maintain, style, color, and look refreshing and cool. Short hair also helps celebrities show their jawlines, face cuts, face-framing, etc., giving them extra elegance and beauty.


Celebrity Short Hairstyles

Layered Short Pixie Cut

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

The pixie cut is generally a short hairstyle. In pixie cut, hairs are very short on the sides and back of the head but slightly longer on the top. Layered short pixie hairstyle included very short layers of hairs on top and sides with a pixie cut. This hairstyle looks so perfect and expressive, bold look. Layered hairstyle is styled in many ways like long layers, shoulder-length layers, etc. Layers provide a sleek volume to hair. On straight and silky hair, it gives an amazing texture. You can assemble this hairstyle a simple eye makeup and a gorgeous outfit.


Classy Short Blonde Haircut

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

The classy short blonde hairstyle is for girls who have naturally straight hair. This cut is above shoulder length and perfect for those who have a broader forehead. In this hairstyle, bangs are on the front forehead and short bangs on sides of the head. It gives you a simple classy short hair look which is easy to maintain and wash. This hairstyle is very comfortable for little school-going girls with some colorful pins etc. Pair up with a light shade of lip color and earrings. For a simple fashionable look, this hairstyle gave you a different look of short hair.

Pixie with an Undercut

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

Very short pixie is for men and women both. Mostly male models usually wore very short pixie undercut for a bold look. In this hairstyle hair on the sides/back is very short but on the top or front slightly came with fringes. This hairstyle is perfect for those people who have thin hair. People who love experimenting with their hair always try this. Short pixie undercut hairstyle is refreshing for summers, bold look, dramatic look. Many female singers, actresses wore this hairstyle on the red carpet with a-line dress, suit, etc. With bold eye makeup and nude lip shade, it contrasts very well.

Messy Pixie Undercut

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

The messy look is popular these days in terms of short hair, ponytail, bun, etc. Messy hairstyle is for both men and women for a funky look. Messy pixie hairs look more attractive and eye-catching. Blonde hairs or colored hair provide a different look to this hairstyle. This hairstyle consists of light bangs on the sides and front with a side partition. This style is best for people who are having thick hair. An only professional stylist can do this haircut perfectly because it takes a lot of perfection. It looks perfect with a pair of ear studs, nose pin, etc.

Straight Long Pixie

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

Long pixie for straight hair is best for little girls. The length of hair in this hairstyle is slightly above the shoulders and equal from all sides. This hairstyle gave a cute and perfect look. Girls with long straight hair but wanted to look cute without maintaining regularly is go for this look. For black, brown, blonde, purple, etc. With every color tone, it looks great. You can pair it up with a short straight dress or a beautiful neck piece. This can be suitable for regular working girls with low maintenance and elegance.

Short Blonde Bob

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

The blonde bob has always been a classic hairstyle. For women looking to turn heads all of the right reasons, this hairstyle is a very sexy option. The main reason for this is the sex appeal that comes from a specific cut and the color. This cut flatters the face and color enhance all the features of your face in a very positive way. The hair is slightly curled at the edges to give it a voluminous look. It looks messy and elegant at the same time because it is polished at the top and curled at the ends. This hairstyle is sweet and sultry at the same time. The cut and color of the hairstyle are perfect for a vacation with your love or day out with friends. The blonde streaks at the front along with the a-line cut help in brightening up your complexion.

Wavy Blonde Bob

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

The hairstyle of the year- a long bob, which is commonly called as ‘lob’ has gained so much recognition. It is the most famous hairstyle for people wanting short hair. It proves to be a universal hairstyle because it is perfect for all kinds of face shapes, hair extensions, and complexions. The bob suits all sorts of the texture of hair. Be it straight or wavy, sleek or messy. Short enough to give you that ease you want from your hair, and long enough to tuck behind your ear. This long graduated bob is a perfect short haircut for women. It’s wavy, which makes it more gorgeous and perfect for enhancing the features of the face. It has long layers in the front, which adds an illusion of length to the face. This hairstyle adds a sensual tint to your face as its front layers have perfect length till the shoulder, drawing attention towards the clavicles which are one of the most sensual body parts.

Pixie With Side Fringes

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

“Short hair, don’t care!” – is the latest trend and almost everyone seems to be in. The latest trends offer a lot of hairstyles for short hair, and if you are thinking of going short from long, there’s a lot to choose from. A ‘ pixie cut’ is a perfect short haircut of today for women looking for an ultra-short style yet look feminine. And it proves to be the best hairstyle for busy women. There are many types of pixie cuts, and all of them look as pretty as they can be. A side fringe pixie cut or pixie with bangs proves to best of all. The heavy bangs create a balance to the face by minimizing the width of the face. This hairstyle helps you go shorter with still maintaining that delicacy of your face and enhancing your features. This hairstyle makes your hair look fuller and adds an element of dimension and height.

Short Curled Bob

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

Curls are so effortlessly romantic. And they let you look so feminine. It is polished enough for special events yet looks messy that you can wear it anywhere. Adding these to your little bob cuts is the icing on the cake. You can do so much to your curly bob, and every hairdo looks so different from each other. Every time it is unique as you experiment with finishes and textures, the size of the curls and highlights. Messy curls and short bob proves to be best for everyday hairstyle while neater polished curls are more of an office or party looks. And this hairstyle is a balance between both which perfect for an outing with your friends or a date night. Curly bobs are always eye-catching because of how voluminous and gorgeous they are, so the layering at the back ensures that people like what they see. It will make you feel more confident. And you will love its flattering cut.

Center Parted Bob

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

The bob has proved to be the most famous hairstyle of all the short hairstyles. No doubt, they are by far the most gorgeous. Also, they don’t limit us and allows us to show our creativity in styling them. They could be kept straight or made wavy or added curls. And everything suits it. After blowing out the bob, create shape, straighten, and look perfect. When this graduated bob styled straight with middle partition gives an illusion of grown out bob and looks so effortlessly chic and gorgeous. To style it more, highlights of a solid color could be added. The center part and stick straight strands make this hairstyle more simple yet chic. This hairstyle gives you more of a sophisticated look because of its A-line shape. Therefore, This chic style makes us never want anything less than a razor-sharp cut ever again. It’s slightly stacked in the back, making the angles even more pronounced.

Simple, Small and Textured Pixie Cut

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

Short hair indeed limits the way of styling it . for obvious reasons you can’t do braids or buns out of them. But there’s something more to styling short hair than stuff like this. Short hair gives you more comfort, and they are so in trend. Short hair is a constant source of inspiration and empowerment.

There’s so much you can do to your short hair. You can have different types of bobs, pixies, and many more. The beauty industry seems to love the short hair trend. And one thing is for sure that that this trend is not going away anytime soon. This small pixie hair cut seems to give a balance between “boyish” and “feminine”. It makes the look classic elegance with an edge. It is sophisticated but rebellious. In this, both sides and the back is tapered while leaving smaller bangs sweeping in the front. My favorite is the detailing and intricate attention given to small details of the hairline, especially at the front. What makes it feminine is the soft textured fringe along the hairline. It is simple but yet not an average pixie cut.

Sleek Bob

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

The only words that come to our mind while this hairstyle is sleek, posh, and structured. And those baby lights, make this hairstyle more gentle. This could be a perfect transition hairstyle for someone who wants to go short but doesn’t want to say goodbye to the long length of their hair. It helps the person to enjoy the benefits of both- short and long hair. It looks both- classic and chic. You can keep it loose with straight or curls or do an updo, and you will look effortlessly gorgeous irrespective of your hairstyle choice. This one with sleek straight looks so gorgeous and party-ready. Simplicity is a huge element of this hairstyle. The front layers are long enough to reach your shoulders and clavicles, which are said to be the most sensual parts of the female body. Therefore, this hairstyle makes you look sensual but still maintaining the simplicity of your personality.

Short Bob with Long Bangs

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

The summer reaching its peaks and getting on our nerves always get us thinking of going short. Maybe hearing this could give you all the guts you need to bring the change. Short hairs are the new trend, and they have been taking over the beauty world this year more than ever before. There are immense types of short hairstyles to choose from these days, and these short haircuts are overflowing with effortless style and timeless appeal, making your decision to lose those inches off your hair easy as pie. If you want to go a little extra, this tiny bob with textured bangs is so for you. It’s perfect for those who are ready to take the risk and want to make the ultra-short hair work for them and also for those who want to go short but love their bangs. For a total change, dying your hair blonde looks like a great option.

Blooming up Curls

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

When it comes to your naturally curly hair, the fun, as well as the beautiful thing you can do with them, is to leave them bouncy and curly. Natural curly hairs are not only fun to wear, but nowadays they are admired by everyone. Showing your natural and wild side to the world brings up a lot of confidence and power to your personality. This hairstyle is all about your naturally curly hair. Tie up your short curly hair in the center of your crown area, set your hair with setting spray or gels, leaving the center hair to be bouncy and curly just like the above picture. This hairstyle allows your natural curls to go wild and shine but in control and with elegance.

Faux Locs with Curls

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

Going for curly styles and hairdos gives a very original and trendy look to one’s personality. If you are into curls this season, then the next style is for your short hair. Begin with the backcombing of your short hair to give them little more texture and volume. Then you can apply heat protection sprays to you because it involves curling of your hair which may damage your hairs so the heat protection sprays or serums will be a shield your hair from damage. Once you are done with the protection of hair from heat, start making voluminous curls with the curling iron, set it with the setting spray and leave them for a few minutes to set. This is the more natural curly hairstyle for your special occasions.

Fashionable Faux Hawk

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

The faux hawk is a very stylish and cool hairstyle for this hot season. Mostly there are two simple faux hairstyles- first to create a bump kind of hair at the front, second by using gel and create bangs. But why not go more natural this summer. This hairstyle is so simple yet cool to be admired by all. This hairstyle is the combination of both the up mention style, and this makes it more unique. Simply from the picture, we can see the sides of the head have trimmed hairs leaving the center of the crown, which has slightly long hair. Instead of making a bump in the front, we can leave them naturally, which gives the illusion of natural messy bangs.

Natural Curls

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

Talking things all-natural the next hairstyle is all about it and the curls. In the picture above the natural curls are settled on to the head of the lady in a sophisticated manner. But don’t worry if you did not have natural curls you can still go for this hairstyle by using natural curling methods like braiding or with the curling iron. Before using curling iron makes sure your hairs are protected by heat serums or sprays to avoid the damage. These hairstyles give the feel of the 90’s so going for a themed party you have to try this hairstyle out for your short hair.

Trimmed One Sided Hairstyle

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

Short hairs for women are in so many trends that every new day we are getting short hairstyle goals by a lot of wonderful women of the world. At the begging, there were just cutting, but soon the trimming of the trend came into existence. Now in the modern era, women are rocking there trimmed cuts like no other. This next hairstyle is for my trimmed hair friends. The lady in the picture has her trimmed too short, commonly known as a boy cut and had them set with settling sprays or gels. For more flawless look the hairs are swapped towards one side. It is a luxury look to your personality.

Tiny Rolls

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

To bored with simple curls or waves in your hair? Then this hairdo is for you, my ladies. It is very unique and out of the box hairstyle, which simply makes you more in talking of others. In the above picture ladies, tiny curly hair is rolled into tiny curly rolls and is stick to the head surface. The process is done with every strand of hair on her head. They are stick and fix to her head with fixing sprays or serums. The whole hairdo gives a messy and flawless look to the lady.

Short Ponytail Hairstyle

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

If simple things are not your style but you are too lazy to anything else, then this hairstyle is especially for you. Tied of just tying your short hairs into a ponytail now just try this one. This hairdo is as simple as your coffee, begin with your regular pony, but this time without using a brush instead use your fingers to collect the hair. After tying the pony, you can also pull a few strands out to give fluffiness and messy look to your hair. This is perfect for date night or office meetings as it provides a formal and chic vibe at the same time.


Alyssa Milano Short Straight Hairstyle

The back and sides of this short sassy ‘do is tapered into the pinnacle mixing into the top layers which are swept to the facet for form and style. The the front is swept throughout the brow to melt the face and completes the over-all appearance brilliantly.


Bianca Kajlich Short Straight Hairstyle

The back of this brief sassy ‘do is tapered into the nape whilst the edges are jagged reduce and pulled lower back behind one ear. The top is parted at the facet and swept throughout the brow to soften the face and completes the over-all look brilliantly.


Charissa Thompson Short Wavy Hairstyle

Layers are reduce all through the lower back and aspects of this highlighted mane to encourage motion throughout for a soft finish. This short sassy ‘do is perfect to complement an extended face and wishes product to pinch thru the ends for a textured appearance and sense.


Charlize Theron Short Straight Hairstyle

The top of these blonde vibrant locks are parted on the aspect, pulled back smoothly and sculpted to the again of the pinnacle to create this fashionable up-do. A wave has been created on the hairline for extra style and sass.


Chelsea Kane Short Straight Hairstyle

Chelsea Kane constantly has a wonderful blonde hairstyle on the pass, and this one is no exception. She is asking suitable here in a short layered ‘do this is excessive on texture, volume and frame. This hairstyle appears extremely good on her coronary heart-fashioned face however could additionally match spherical, oval, rectangular, coronary heart, and triangular shaped faces as properly.


Elizabeth Debicki Short Straight Hairstyle

This blonde mane is cut in uniform layers throughout to create this cool informal fashion that is versatile sufficient to wear in special ways depending on mood or occasion. This look is perfect for those with quality to medium hair and desires simplest a small amount of product to tame fly-away hair.


Erin Darling Short Straight Hairstyle

One side of this ‘do is tucked in the back of the ear, leaving the opposite side out displaying off the textured ends. The top is parted at the facet with the long bangs used to melt the face for a excellent end.


Helen Mirren Short Straight Hairstyle

For girls who like an elegant, state-of-the-art ‘do that can be created in minutes, check out Helen Mirren’s easy and stylish hairstyle. that is a softly layered brief ‘do this has lengthy layers on top and is tapered in the direction of the neck.


Jaimie Alexander Short Straight Hairstyle

Layers are jagged cut around the facets and returned of this dark mane to lighten the period and gives this fashion lots of form and texture high-quality applicable to supplement an extended face.


Julianne Hough Short Hair

Grown out pixies that are neither bobs nor quick cuts are lovable hairstyle to fashion in exclusive approaches. This excellent example of Julianne Hough is a fab coiffure and in case you want to head for a pixie cut which isn’t always too short you can reproduction a grown out pixie like this.

Julianne Hough Short Hair

Kaley Cuoco Short Straight Hairstyle

The back of this quick sassy fashion is tapered into the nape, whilst layers are reduce at some stage in the edges and pinnacle to create this a laugh and fancy style. The bangs are swept to the side to melt the face and completes the over-all look brilliantly.


Kate Mara Short Straight Hairstyle

This quick sassy ‘do is tapered into the pinnacle via the edges and returned at the same time as the top jagged cut and left slightly longer to create this lovely fashion exceptional ideal to balance out a spherical face. The bangs are pinched down with product to melt the face and completes the over-all look magnificently.


Kris Jenner Short Straight Hairstyle

The returned and sides of this short cool ‘do is tapered into the pinnacle even as the longer period thru the top is jagged cut to create a textured look and feel. The shape of this coiffure is best to complement a spherical face and first-rate proper for people with first-class to medium hair.


Lily Collins Short Straight Hairstyle

Lily Collins’ short immediately hairstyle looks fantastic with a deep facet component. Lily has flipped the front layers of her hair over to one facet, growing a voluminous look complete of frame and texture. Lily has styled her layers faraway from her face but for some other smoother and sleeker look, she may also style the hair flat across the forehead.


Lucy Hale Short Straight Hairstyle

The ends of these brown locks are jagged cut to sit down on the jaw-line taking into consideration a diffused movement on the mid-lengths to ends. This casual hairstyle is ideal for the ones trying a low-fuss look that is simple to manipulate with regular trims.


Mary Elizabeth Ellis Short Straight Hairstyle

The back of this short simple fashion is tapered into the pinnacle, with one tucked in the back of the ear leaving the other facet out to soften the face. The form of this coiffure is ideal to supplement a spherical face and wishes most effective a small amount of product for maintain and shine.


Paz Vega Short Straight Hairstyle

This fancy ‘do is cut quick through the perimeters and returned with one aspect pulled at the back of one ear, leaving the alternative side out displaying off the textured cut ends. The top is smoothed over to at least one aspect allowing the the front to fall on the face to soften the over-all appearance.


Rachel McAdams Short Straight Hairstyle

This short fancy ‘do is tapered into the nape whilst the perimeters are jagged cut and to obtain a texture and form. The top is parted on the side then pulled in the back of the ear to create this hairdo exceptional acceptable to supplement a protracted face.


Rose McGowan Short Straight Hairstyle

This cool’ do is clipper reduce quick and close to the head across the lower back and aspects blending into the pinnacle length this is jagged cut to acquire height and texture.


Rumer Willis Short Straight Hairstyle

The back of this brief flexible hairdo is tapered into the nape while the perimeters are tucked behind the ears for a neat finish to the edges. The longer period via the pinnacle is styled up high making this a first rate look to supplement a spherical face.


Sarah Paulson Short Straight Hairstyle

The back and facets of this hairstyle is tapered into the pinnacle with jagged reduce layers through the pinnacle styled over to the aspect for a fun and fancy experience. The bangs are swept to the side to melt the face and completes the over-all ‘do brilliantly.


Scarlett Johansson Short Straight Hairstyle

The edges and back of this flamboyant ‘do are clipper cut brief and near the head even as the pinnacle is teased and styled up for height and form. This lovely ‘do is perfect to stability out a spherical face.


Sharon Stone Short Straight Hairstyle

The back of this short sassy ‘do is tapered into the top whilst the sides are tucked in the back of the ears for a low-fuss appearance and experience. The pinnacle is parted at the side and swept across the brow to melt the face.


Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair


Toni Collette Short Straight Hairstyle

The sides of this short stunning ‘do are smoothed returned at the back of the ears even as the top is teased and smoothed back to achieve this formal fashion ideal for any occasion.


Tyra Banks Short Straight Hairstyle

The edges and again of this short style are tapered into the pinnacle retaining a smooth finish to the edges, even as the pinnacle is smoothed down to border the top of the face for a splendid look and sense. This hairdo is fantastic to supplement a protracted face and is simple to control.



Tired of keeping your long hair and open try these unique hairstyles. These hairstyles are specifically for curly hair girls. Remember to wear a smile with these unique hairstyles to glam up your look. This unique hairstyle above will go hand in hand with your personality. We hope we had brought you the thing which you were looking for. Hope we have helped you and you like them. Thank you for your time. Wish you good luck. I hope you have a nice day.