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25 Stunning and Exclusive Red Carpet Hairstyles

Apart from your apparel, the most important thing to create is probably your hairstyle, which can make or break the perfect red carpet event look.

Taking the classic red carpet haircut is the answer to creating that particular time, be it a wedding or an essential date, finds you looking your best.

Along with makeup, your hairdo is the best device to draw recognition to your best features. For instance, if you have pretty eyes, you’ll want a hairdo that stresses them, such as an asymmetric division or a layered bang.

More precise cuts also highlight your facial highlights, so you may want to hold an up-do to produce a comparable effect while having your hair long. Hold your face shape as well, and prefer a red carpet hairstyle that celebrates it.

Red Carpet Hairstyles are a variety of beautiful hairstyles sported by Celebrities. Sport a fabulous gown or outfit and hair, and you will be on the top of almost all magazines.

On the contrary, a bad hairstyle will get you all the trolls on social media. Hence a proper hairstyle is very important. This is why most celebrities have celebrity hairstylists and pay thousands for a cut and style.

Some even fly their stylist with them everywhere they go as part of their entourage. A great hairstyle has become a very important aspect of the entire style and fashion of celebrities on the red carpet.

These hairstyles fashion trends are all easy to do’s and do not require heavy makeup or jewelry. A single leather band on a sensual, small neck is all that is required with these fashion trends. These hairstyles and fashion trends will rest big for the rest of 2024 and into 2022.

Below mentioned are some of the most exquisitely amazing Red Carpet Hairstyles that you can try:


25 Stunning and Exclusive Red Carpet Hairstyles

Classic Mid Section Hairstyles

Red Carpet Hairstyles

This is a definitely simple style. If you have gorgeous blonde hair, then all you need to do is just apply some gel or mousse and make the hair cleanly stuck on the scalp.

You can also put some hair accessories like clips and other such hair stick on to amplify the look. Celebrities wear this style very well. It is indeed a fact that simplicity is key.

Pair this look up with light jewelry and no heavy makeup, and this will work the best. Also, a simple brown or black leather strap neck-piece with a simple locket or amulet adds mystery and will make it that much more sensual.


Small Croquette Hairstyle

Red Carpet Hairstyles

Not all women believe in having the gorgeous locks. With the change in a contemporary style, it is a particularly new trend that has evolved in the cropped hairstyle.

One can see many celebrities walking the red carpet with an exaggerated fancy gown, yet their hairstyle is cropped and short, posing a distinct contrast to the entire look.

To be honest, it is this contrast that makes them look even more intense and attractive. One can put a pretty headband to add some glitter to the hairstyle.

The style is simple and exuberates a sophisticated appeal. Here one can see Kate Hudson sporting this gorgeous hairstyle.


Short Swept Rolls Hairstyle

Red Carpet Hairstyles

Tracing back to the vintage hairstyle, one very exquisite hairstyle is this particular short rolls. This classical style has its own quotient of appeal as it bears a rich theatrical history.

In the early 70’s till the mid-80’s, one can witness the prevalence of this hairstyle in plenty in stage show and award function.

With the present time and scenario as fashion and style changes, these rolls have become a bit sublime on the rolls as in the rolls are softer.


Minimal Classic Hairstyle

Red Carpet Hairstyles

A Red carpet is an event that displays glitz and glamour to an infinite degree. The event showcases all the latest trends and fashion trends that are in season.

One of the most famous trends in 2024 seen is the Minimal Red carpet hairstyle. The bouffant, as known, is a puffed hairstyle on the crown area, adding height to the head.

However, with this modified version, the bouffant has a subtle, in fact, minimalistic height. Make a center partition and clip both the side and from the crown are make a subtle bouffant section. A smart and simple style with great impact can be a wise bid to the red-carpet event.


Perfect Ponytail Hairstyle

Red Carpet Hairstyles

If the hair is long, then this perfect pony hairstyle is a popular one. It can also be a swift and effortless style for celebrities who are always busy.

In this style, all the hair is brought up and held back at the top of the head, with some out-of-sight clip, or it can be held by a slit rubber band as well. It requires understated makeup.

The hair is usually straightened before putting in the ponytail. Yes, if done right, even the ponytail can be made appropriate for a red carpet event.


Short Wavy Hairstyle

Red Carpet Hairstyles

The wavy hairstyle is one such hairstyle that never goes out of fashion and is forever in trend. A wavy short hairstyle can make any woman look absolutely gorgeous regardless of what their face shape is like.

Usually, this hairstyle will give a lot of volume to your hair and creates a frame for your face. You will spot many celebrities hit the show in this hairstyle.

This hairstyle is a low makeup and light sustaining hairstyle. Plainness is essential here, so dainty jewelry works best.

A plain calfskin band chain and locket will work miracles. This haircut has been also suggested as one of the most sensual hairstyles.


Inverted Braided Hairstyle

Red Carpet Hairstyles

This hairstyle is definitely something different, and in the world of fashion, the more it is different, the more it becomes trendy, and a chance of getting spotted increases.

This style has classic braids but the USP of the style lies in the fact that the braid is done at the back end of the hair and then inverted to be pinned on the crown area or the scalp region.

This hairstyle will emphasize some facial characteristics and enhance the overall facial appearance of the star. The hairstyle has a particular mellowness to it.

Most star’s hairstyles will have either mild waves, locks, or a straight flush and delicate look to it. Most red carpet hair forms will be delicate and refined.


Grey Wavy Hair for The Diva Look

Red Carpet Hairstyles

It is not only the style that adds to the glamour quotient of the hairstyle or to put it properly, the entire look, but also does the color matters the most.

Many times it is seen that on the red carpet, celebrities pose for a very shocking color that makes her the talk of the town. This grey color is the classiest and safe bid if one can carry with poise and grace.

In this style, all you need to pair with this hair color is an indomitable attire. A white dress will work wonders with this style and choice of hair color. Grey has Gothic undertones; hence, the look will have a grave or bold vibe.


Fishbone Braid

Red Carpet Hairstyles

With an entirely great beautiful, this simplistic braid style adds an exciting twist. A smooth first division and magnetic waves are the ideal blends for a show-stopping way along with this braid.

The haircut will complement the clothes, footwear, and associates. The hairstyle has a great first impact. When you look at a personality that is making down the red carpet, you are required to see the simple factor.

Initial impressions travel a great way, and they get a lot of journalists’ coverage. It’s vital that your whole appearance is balanced, and each component appreciates the others.

This means matching your dress, accessories, and hairstyles. Also, this is the hairstyle that inspired the hairstyle of the famous Disney princess Elsa from the movie Frozen.


Bun Braid Hairstyle

Red Carpet Hairstyles

This simple look is both sophisticated and spirited, accomplished by the use of loosely tied braids. This bun braid looks sanctions round face structure wonderfully and attaches to the signature classical Victorian look.

Hints of loose hair coming through the main bun also add to the carefree chic effect that looks excellent. Some hairstyles manage to complement specific facial shapes better than others do. So it’s better that you should start testing with various hairstyles some months before your event.


Tousled Red Carpet Hairstyle

Red Carpet Hairstyles

As mentioned earlier for a celebrity, the hairstyle makes a lot of difference. For the celebrity who is always busy and trying to meet both ends like scheduling and other such things, simple and ways to style hairdos are really very important.

This tossed up messy hairstyle is a very current popular style where one wears the hair down, and tousled. This look dissipates a very fresh out of the shower kind of look.


Straight Hair with Fringes

Red Carpet Hairstyles

This is one of the most spotted hairstyles in the red carpets. No matter what happens, one of the very simple hairstyles that never go out of fashion.

A straight hair has a charm that never gets old, and the one looks so chic when the hairstyle is neat and tidy and looks pretty all at the same time.

These parlor straightened hairstyles also do not toss or gets messed on easy turbulence. Also, the front fringe adds the cuteness quotient and makes the entire look have an adorable touch.

Women who have to broaden foreheads can style up with the hairdo as the fringes cover the forehead area.


Curly Red Carpet Hairstyle

Red Carpet Hairstyles

Curls, also a quintessential style that never runs out of fashion makes for a great red carpet hairstyle that one can dress in. These curls look gorgeous and make one look stunning.

One of the USP of this hairstyle is that it adds a lot of volume to the hair. Also, this hairstyle has a rumpled effect, and that is so damn stylish.

A hairstyle like this is very easy to maintain. Add a hair mousse and crumble. There you go, your hairstyle is so damn ready.


Side Bun Hairstyle

Red Carpet Hairstyles

This particular red carpet hairstyle is prevalent in contemporary trends. The hair is firstly hand-collected so that it retains its messy appeal.

The petite bun is tied on the side, and the hairstyle looks so charming. Replete with feminine grace, this particular hairstyle can be sported by women having long or short hair of voluminous or thin hair.


Razorback Short Hairstyle

Red Carpet Hairstyles

This style is definitely unique and one of a kind. The sizes are razor and kept trimmed while the upper part is mildly spiked and also kept at a height to add the volume.

Overall it is a hairstyle that is bold and smart. To give a final look, brush out with a comb that has wide tooth and complete with hairspray that has a long-lasting effect.


Short Bob Wave Hairstyle

Red Carpet Hairstyles

This hairstyle is done in a very short length, and the best part about this hair is that since the length is very short, the styling part becomes very easy.

The front waves are a contrast to the side minimalistic sweeps. Thus it is a great and versatile style to rock the event.


Knotted Hairstyle

Red Carpet Hairstyles

This hairstyle is very pretty. Section your hair into two halves. Tie the first into a tiny bun and keep the rest open.

A wispy, divine dress should be used along with a complimentary, comfortable hairstyle like this and not a severe and harsh hair-do, even if fashion beckons for that kind of hairstyle.

It’s also essential to guarantee that all your jewelry is in pace with hairstyle, so it is advised not to use any silver accessories while wearing golden jewelry or a sunny colored dress.


Top Knot Hairstyle

Red Carpet Hairstyles

On events like Red carpet celebs sport style that can be followed as a trend later. This iconic look is created with so less amount of styling objects but looks just the opposite because of the minimalistic look.

Paring it up with a face net adds the enigmatic touch to the look.


Crown Braid Hairstyle

Red Carpet Hairstyles

In the red carpet actresses, sports this style a lot. The makeup can be a bit rich with this hairstyle. The look can be paired with a long vintage gown and some nude-colored lip shades.

The crown braid adds the touch of royalty to the look and why not if it is an event like Red Carpet.


Layered Shag Hairstyle

Red Carpet Hairstyles

Layers are much in vogue. The fusion of shag and layers in a short hairstyle makes a steal combo. The hairstyle is both cute and sensual.

It subtly has a framing session for the face, and you can decorate the hairstyle with flowers or other kinds of hairstyles. This hairstyle is also very easy on maintenance.


Upsweep Layered Hairstyle

Red Carpet Hairstyles

If the hair is long, this is a modern style. It can also be a fast and simple style for the busy star. In this style, the hair is brought up and held back at the top of the head, to form a bun kind of hairstyle, and the front has light curls.

The top of the hair can be made more decorative by putting some dazzling accessories.


Simple Back Brushed Hairstyle

Red Carpet Hairstyles

This hairstyle is very simple, in fact, the easiest one in this entire list. This hairstyle has its minimalistic charm. Put a hair gel to get a mildly stiff appeal and back brush the hair and adorn it with a nice headband.

A stone studded one will add to the glamour quotient. The best part about this hair is that it hits just below the shoulders and makes a great appeal.


Long Bob Hairstyle

Red Carpet Hairstyles

For red carpets, fashion becomes of elemental importance. Also, such fashion stands out. With hairstyles, the benefit is that one minor change can make the entire appearance look completely.

In this style, Penelope Cruz is spotted flaunting a bob hairstyle with a mild touch of the bouffant crown area. It is so subtle that it is almost not noticed at all;

However, the impact of that sublime twist confers a uniqueness to the otherwise common bob look hairstyle. You can pair a shimmery dress with this hairstyle to complete the glamorous look.


Grape Curls

Red Carpet Hairstyles

This red carpet hairstyle exuberates a funky undertone. The curls are more like the grape curls and look very dense. This hairstyle, too, does not fall under the normal and mundane curly styles.

Being slightly different, this hairstyle can be paired with a long gown. It is not remotely a feminine style, and probably that is the beauty of this hairstyle.

It gives a scope of contrast that can be created in the look to bring about a balance in the entire appearance.


Bouffant Ponytail Hairstyle

Red Carpet Hairstyles

If you have blonde gorgeous locks or any length hair which is slightly on the lengthier side, then this can be your bid. Ponytails are always sensual and feminine and kind of goes with almost any age.

Being a very versatile hairstyle, this ponytail hairstyle can be tied by dividing the hair into one section and tying the top with a band.

The rest of the hairstyle is left along with the pony. Thus the entire style is petite and very charming. One canal does add a bit of hair accessories for this.


These hairstyles fashion trends are all easy to do’s and don’ts require heavy makeup or jewelry. To conclude, red carpet hair styles give us multiple styling options on how to wear the hair for occasions like award shows and such events.

Create your own red carpet look and be the stunning diva you are. So what is the wait all about? Choose your favorite style.