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40 Hottest Short Layered Hairstyles For Women Over 50

As we age, your hair appears to change alongside everything else. In the event that you are as yet doing your hair a similar way you did at 30, it might be the ideal opportunity for a redesign.

Another haircut can truly enhance your looks and your inclination. Presently to really make a move! Here is a rundown of marvelous short layered hairdos for ladies more than 50 that are additional in vogue, additionally super practical and simple upkeep for ladies like you!


Short Layered Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Layered Pixie Curls

This layered pixie cut is a wonderful short layered hairstyle for women over 50. It’s simple yet elegant, and the rolled curls sit perfectly in a honey blonde color on top of the head. The rest of the hair is straighter and darker, creating fantastic depth to the look.


Straight Grey Side Sweep

short layered gray hair for women over 50


This hair is straight, grey, and swept to the side in a way that’s both elegant and simple. It’s a short layered hairstyle for women over 50 that’s easy to style, and there’s some depth and volume to it thanks to the layers that you can see sitting neatly on top of the swept-over hair.


Side Parted Long Pixie

woman over 50 with short layered hair


This resembles a pixie cut that’s grown out and swept slightly to the side. It’s parted to one side, and there are some bangs that cover one side of the face. The other side of the face has a rectangular section of hair that helps accentuate the face shape.


Bright Blue Undercut

Who said every short layered hairstyle for women over 50 had to be mature looking and elegant? This one is fun, blue, layered and given an undercut. It’s perfect for staying youthful later in life!


Spiky Cropped Look

This spiky cropped look is very edgy and masculine, but it’s made beautiful and feminine by the wearer, who pairs it with earrings and some subtle makeup. It’s a very fun look that’s great for nights out and everyday wear, and it’s easy to maintain and style.


Vivid Red Layered Waves

The hair here is very slightly wavy, giving a lot of texture to the layers on top of the hair. There are also layers on the sides and around the back of the hair, giving some life to a haircut that would otherwise be very plain.


Shocking Silver Layered Bowl

This short layered hairstyle for women over 50 is surprising, as it looks grey at first glance, but the hair is actually dyed bright silver.

It’s cut into a bowl shape that’s slightly longer at the back, but it’s not a bowl cut. The choppy layers that add texture ensure it’s not your average bowl cut.


Thick Flowing Ear-Length Hair

Here’s a short layered hairstyle for women over 50 for women who want a little extra length to their haircut. The bangs reach halfway down the face and are swept to the side with the rest of the top layer of hair. The underlayer is just below ear-length.


Tapered Textured Hair

This haircut is tapered. It’s short at the back, then gets a little longer at the earas, and shortens up as it moves into the face. The bangs are the shortest of all. Layers give life to the back of the hair.


Chic Blonde Bob

This chic blonde bob is perfect for looking younger. It’s parted to one side, and the bangs have layers that make the hair look dynamic and full of pleasant texture that really catches the light and adds beauty to the look.


Volumized Classic Bob Look


Here’s another bob look that has a more mature look to it. The hair tucks nicely under the chin on each side, and some bangs sweep over one side of the face, partially covering the eye. The hair has lots of volume towards the back.


Very Flat Bob Look


If you want a more classic, easy bob, then this is a good one for you. The hair is chin-length and parted almost in the middle. There’s no added volume to the look, and the layers are very subtle.


Curly Top Straight Underneath


This is a unique look. The hair on top is curled and spiked slightly, and it’s more towards the front and sides of the head.

However, underneath the hair is straighter and longer, extending past the nape of the neck. It’s a look that’s both modern and classic, and its very mature yet chic looking.


Bright Blonde Long Pixie Spikes


This haircut has a pixie cut shape, but it doesn’t have a pixie cut length. Instead, it has lots of layers that are styled in neatly arranged spikes that create a fun, sharp, and dynamic look for the wearer.

The white-blonde look adds a touch of youthfulness to the style, and dark roots add a touch of depth.


Choppy Pixie Crop


Here’s a more classic pixie cut. The layers make the hair look neatly choppy, and the various blonde hues add some depth and volume to it.

There isn’t too much volume and there’s very little thickness on the sides, making this a look that works well with wide and long faces.


Short Textured Silver


This hair is naturally silver, and it’s very short, almost bristly on the sides. The top is slightly longer and has some light waves to it, for a textured appearance that looks absolutely wonderful.


Forward Focused Choppy Layered Look


This haircut is designed to look choppy and very fun. Most of the hair is brushed forward, and that’s where the emphasis on the texture of it is. There’s also some texture and volume at the crown of the head, standing tall and very stylish in this look.


Short Front Long Back Style


This is a highly recognizable style that you’ll love. The hair in front is very short and barely goes past the eyebrows, and it’s longer on one side.

Then it’s gradually tapered and layered to become almost shoulder-length at the very back of the hair, in a stunning blonde color.


Long Layered Grown Out Pixie


A grown-out pixie look is always fun, easy to care for, and very desirable. This one has lots of layers so it looks very thick and textured. Long bangs sweep across the forehead on one side, with lighter bangs touching it on the other side.


Evenly Tapered Layered Look

This is the most perfect taper of them all. The hair starts very short and spiky on top, and as the layers go on, it all gets longer. It’s longer from the top down, then from the sides out to the back.