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50 Most Fabulous Shoulder Length Haircuts for Women

For ease of care and versatility shoulder-length haircuts are hard to beat. Ladies forget short and long hairstyles, these beautiful shoulder-length hairstyles are perfect for you!

Make your hair cut at this medium length to gain multiple stylish looks. Shoulder length hairstyles are surely the most versatile and classic for any woman.

Having the right hairstyle that compliments your features not only makes you look better, but you also have a new found confidence that is transparent to others.

From Straight to sleek, wavy or curly there is a right hairstyle just for your shoulder length locks! So take a while to look at these lovely shoulder-length hairstyle and inspire the best for your next look.


Flattering Shoulder Length Haircuts for Women

Blonde Shoulder Length Hairstyles

If you have the confidence to experiment then blonde is the perfect option for any hair type. As you can see that this medium length hairstyle looks stunning in blonde style.



Celebrity Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Celebrities are the one to adore and admire so make your hair in shoulder length that surely enhance your beauty.



Hairstyle for Medium Hair

If you have the beauty look and you want to add some elegance in it then this hairstyle will truly great for you.



Kirsten Dunst Shoulder Length Hair

Such a lovely hair look that will surely inspire you for your new look. Try it and see the difference.



Layered Haircuts for Shoulder Length Hair

Not too long and too short make it in medium length and in addition just add some layers to it and have the perfect look.



Layered Shoulder Length Haircuts

Make layers to your shoulder length hair and add some shade to it. We bet you will truly look outstanding in this style.



Medium Haircuts for Women

If you are blessed with natural hair then medium haircut is the one to create which is also low maintenance and easy to do.



Medium Length Haircuts

Don’t speak to much let your hair yell and tell the world that you are the one who can pull off every hairstyle. Add some layers to your medium length hair and glam it up.



Medium Short Hair

This medium short hairstyle will give you boldness, confidence, individuality and style. So be ready to prepare this haircut for yourself.



Mid Length Haircuts for Women

Mid length hairstyles are the one which can suit to any aged women and any face shape too.



Medium Ombre Haircuts

This one is the most gorgeous and perfect option for medium length hair, just add some layers and colors then you will see the difference.



Selena Gomez Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Selena Gomez is the youth icon and as you can see that this shoulder length hair looks stunning on her then why not copy this hairstyle and look like the same.



Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyle

Many girls love the bob looks. This shoulder length bob hairstyle is the perfect to wear and easy to style too.



Shoulder Length Hair for Women

If your hair is not too short or not too long then try this medium hairstyle and be the style icon by having the coolest look.



Shoulder Length Haircuts for Girls

Medium length hair is awesome. It’s cute and easy to style. We don’t need to say anything you can see it and believe it here as well.



Shoulder Length Haircuts

Add some waves and color that you can pull off this ultimate shoulder length haircut on your own.



Shoulder Length Hairstyles with Highlights

Shoulder length hair is easy to maintain and looks cute on you. Just make some highlights to your hair and rest is the best.



Shoulder Length Hairstyles

This medium short blond hairstyle is perfect for every confident girl. Just inspire to make this look for yourself.



Shoulder Length Layered Hairstyles

Layers are great for any hair type and as you can see it looks good on this shoulder length hairstyle so why don’t you try the same?



Shoulder Length Ombre Hair

This shoulder length ombre hair with bangs will be the right option for you to select if you want to glam your look.



Shoulder Length Short Haircuts

Shoulder length haircuts are very versatile and easy to style. so make it little short to medium and have the perfect look.



Stunning Shoulder Length Hairstyles



1. Medium Length Hair with Waves

Shoulder Length Hair

The center part of this style looks very ravishing and compliments the round face. The style is apt for chubby cheeks or double chin as it will fall on the cheeks taking away the fullness. The style is simple, evergreen and can be maintained easily. Apart from the middle part, if a side parting is created, it will add some more texture to the style. The style is slightly wavy and is symmetrical that adds to her looks. Use a smoothing and shining product to maintain frizz free beautiful hair.

2. Medium Length Stacked Lob

Shoulder Length Hair

This is a trending style, and the stacked lob is a beautiful option for straight, wavy and curly hair. The cut has been characterized by front layers falling longer on the back, and this is creating the delightful lines and beautiful contrast. A curling iron can give you such beautiful curls, and if you have natural waves, then the style is just for you. Just a serum to tame the flying hair will be needed.

3. Medium Length with Waves with a Middle Parting

Shoulder Length Hair

The most comfortable style for girls with wavy hair and a round face. The length is good to be left open or simply tied in a bun. The hair has been done with a voluminizing product to add fullness and movement. The waves fall beautifully on the face to give a perfect frame to the face. Just keep your hair hydrated and moisturized, and you are good to go. It is a style for the modern day women to give her charming appearance.

4. Stylish and Messy Waves

Shoulder Length Hair

Mess with style is the new vogue. The stark dark black hair done in medium length will make you look ravishing and ready to go. The side part of hair gives a carefree wave to the otherwise classic cut. The style has been created with the use of products that increase volume. The overall style speaks a lot about the strong personality, so the makeup has to be kept minimal to build a strong impact.

5. Shoulder Length Stacked Lob

Shoulder Length Hair

The blond hair has been done beautifully in medium to short waves. The cut has been done with beautiful symmetry of the hair falling on the neck makes the look simple and easy to carry. The weight is at the bottom thus giving movement to the hair.

6. Teased Messy Short Waves

Shoulder Length Hair

The style is the epitome of elegance in spite of being simple. the hair has been teased at the root to give a messy look with volume. The gel has been used to get the tousled look that goes well with all occasions and women from any background and age. Serum to tame the flyways will be required. It is a style that will need some scrunching with deep conditioning, and then you are done and sorted to go.

7. Inverted and Smooth Medium Length with Side Swept Long Bangs

Shoulder Length Hair

The medium length hair has been done with layers at the bottom, and the ends are finished in an inverted out way which adds to the stylish look. The hair is light and slightly teased at the roots gives them movement. The hair looks a bit messy, but that adds to the look. A slight movement of hair from one side to another side changes the look. With the same messy look addition of tiara can make a whole lot of difference.

8. Half Bun with Gorgeous Waves

Shoulder Length Hair

This is a slightly longer medium length cut that is quite a modern twist to the traditional waves. The cut has framed the face beautifully, and style itself has a rock star appeal. The top knot half bun in the crown part adds to the look. The ends are with light highlights that add to the look. Avery beautiful and simple style that will help you rock most of the outings of a simple lazy afternoon. The style is messy but still looks very elegant.

9. Medium Length A Line Bob

Shoulder Length Hair

The a-line bob falls slightly longer than the style and has texture and sleek look that can make anyone run for all their money. The length is uniform, and the middle partition with teasing up at one side creates the look and adds to the length of the face. Serum to tame the frizzy hair will be needed and blow dry in the morning will be worth the effort. The hair falling playfully on the face creates a very sassy look. It is an evergreen style apt for all occasions.

10. The Greek Goddess

Shoulder Length Hair

Simple and sleek with super shiny and healthy hair is the description for the style. It is a style that will remind you of Cleopatra and her beauty’ the roots are dark black and the ends are in light hues that creates the simple yet powerful statement. Straightener will be needed to create the look. Lots of gel will help to get the look but make sure that the products are light or the entire look gets destroyed.

11. Middle Part Medium Length Stacked Lob

Shoulder Length Hair

It is trendy, stacked long bob that is an excellent option for straight, wavy or curly hairs. The blond colored hair looks beautiful and gives a feminine appeal to the style. A gentle waves to the style has been added with help of smoothing iron with rounded edges. The hair has been tucked behind the ears giving it a cut childlike appeal. The middle part of the hair provides a balance with the frame to the face.

12. Medium Length Shag Haircut

Shoulder Length Hair

The style is about the medium length dark black hair with a slight hint of brown tone. The cut is about feature short, texture, choppy layers that are enhanced with the shades of hair. The final result is with the use of lots of shinning and smoothing products along with volume enhancing products. The middle partition makes it easy to manage the hairs.

13. Sleek and Simple with Side Bangs

Shoulder Length Hair

An evergreen style for all that can be apt for any party or event in case you desire. It is a style that has stood the test of time and can be done without much efforts. It is your efforts towards healthy hair that will be shown in this style. It is the cute next door girl hairstyle that can be done at home without much efforts; it is best suited for straight hairs.

14. Middle Part with an Asymmetrical Bob

Shoulder Length Hair

This is a choppy and trendy style that has one bang longer and angled at one side. The back and front hair are of the similar length. The side hair falls on the cheeks giving a cute frame to the face. It is a cute, simple style that will require hot iron straightening to get the desired result.

15. Short Length Shag Haircut

Shoulder Length Hair

This shag cut has lots of different length layers and will require the use of a dry cutting technique to get the perfect choppy effect. A little scrunching and plopping will present the desired look. The style will need protein treatment and deep conditioning to get the results of beautiful waves and shags. The length is short, so it can be kept open or tied in half pony.

16. Medium Length Modern Shag Haircut

Shoulder Length Hair

The medium length shag is cut but has the perfect balance and clarity as the hair stay out of face but still provide an excellent frame to the face with the help of side-parted hair that falls on the hair like longer bangs. It is a delightful style and will need spray to hold the hair. You can use lightweight products so that the movement of the hair is not affected, but the shape and look are maintained. The ends are pointed but in a soft way.

17. Simple Medium Length Hairstyle

Shoulder Length Hair

The middle part of the style and hair falling on the forehead add softness and frame to the face. The sleek and straight hair create a very sophisticated look. It is an effortless style, but shining products will be needed to create the look. The style is simple and elegant and can be copied at home with great ease.

18. Side Parted Messy Hair

Shoulder Length Hair

Let the hair fall freely on your shoulders. Just create a slight side parting, so that the front fringes cover your side face. Let your natural curls flaunt with this style. Use your fingers to comb the hair or a wide-tooth comb. It gives you a messy casual look, suited for any casual outing. You need to use hairspray or serum to set the hair.

19. Short Messy Waves

Shoulder Length Hair

It is simple, carefree look done on the medium length hairs. The shades of black and blond blend well with style. The style has simply scrunched back brush at the crown, and the hair is left open and free. The use of no products is visible but a deep conditioning regime is followed to get the desired look.

20. Long Waves in Short Hair

Shoulder Length Hair

The hair has long waves in the short length and is a bit messy style. The hair has been back brushed with hand, and they fall playfully on the sides of the face giving the face a very soft frame. It is an effortless style, but lots of efforts in maintaining the healthy tresses is quite evident.

21. The Violet Hair

Shoulder Length Hair

Slightly long hair with soft waves and the sharp end was done in shades of violet looks very doll-like. The side partition and hair teased at one side looks very elegant and adds a bit of the length to the face. It is a natural shade for hair but looks very smart and charming. The hair is a bit messy in their appearance, but they are not frizzy. There is movement in the hair as the ends have been kept heavy with the choppy cut.

22. Curls with a Side Bang

Shoulder Length Hair

The length is short, and due to the curls, there is furthermore shrinkage. The side partitions of the hair also in a big curl and fall beautifully on the back hair after covering some part of the forehead. This is a very vintage inspired hairstyle but is still very popular and apt for ladies who have naturally curly or wavy hairs. Lots of conditioning and hydrating masks will be needed for this style.

23. Loveliest Shades in Waves

Shoulder Length Hair

The color of the hair speaks volume about the soft sweet personality. The waves that fall just on the shoulder are bit messy and have been scrunched. The light shades and the waves will require lots of moisturizing and deep conditioning. The hairstyle and the color will add waves of freshness to your look. It is a style to make you look young.

24. Soft Multicolored Lob with Bangs

Shoulder Length Hair

The soft pastel shades with bangs falling on the forehead but staying away from the eyes create a very smooth look. It is a fun look, but at the same time, it’s adorable. Conditioning and smoothing products are essential to maintaining the look. It is must try to look for the season of fun without being too loud and has the unicorn appeal about it.

25. Tousled Middle Part Layers in Different Hues

Shoulder Length Hair

The style is about the different layers and beautiful shades of blond, brown and dark tones in it. The side part with some hair on the cheek frames the face. The glamorous tousled layers that fall just a little below the shoulders are in trend and will suite anyone with thin to medium hair.

26. Formal Curls

Shoulder Length Hair

These are vintage inspired soft waves with middle partition. A few highlights give it a modern appeal. The style is best for women with natural curls or waves. Lots of conditioning and protein treatment is required to get the curls in the right way. The style needs no accessory to increase the look, but some clips of pearls or stones can bring a lot of glamour to these simple, beautiful curls. The style is an excellent Gatsby look.

27. Choppy Hair with Natural Highlights

Shoulder Length Hair

The style and the look are effortless. The natural pattern of the curls has been simply dressed up. The curls are kept natural and there lies the beauty. The hair is clean and softly disheveled to get the look. The shade is beautiful for the complexion, and the side part just makes it complete. It is a style that is suitable for all and with a good curling iron this style can be easily done at home.

28. Waves for Thin Hair

Shoulder Length Hair

This a tousled, beachy textured look. The grown out and the regrowth along with the brightness makes it a look that is similar to naturally sun-kissed. The look is messy with purpose. A few pieces have been curled, and the hot curling iron has been used for it. The lob style is suitable for all face shapes and is easy to style. With leave-in conditioner and heat protection, this style is good to go for all the occasions.