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7 Essentials You Should Have In Your Hair Care Kit

Good healthy and shiny hair is like a blessing. If you have good hair, it always adds those Brownie points to your look. Good hair indeed makes you win half the battle when it comes to good looks. With good hair, you can do so many hairstyles and alterations with your appearance and thus give yourself a whole new look. However, having beautiful hair is no Cakewalk. There is a lot of hard work involved in making gorgeous locks. If you want to have hair that talks about Health and Glow, then you need to follow a very good hair cleansing and nourishing regime.  When it comes to hair care, always remember that continuity and consistency are what matters.

So without much waiting, let’s get started with the 7 Essentials that need to be done so that you get Rapunzel-like hair.

7 Essentials You Should Have In Your Hair Care Kit

1. Shampoo:


The first in the list is shampoo. Now when it comes to cleansing your hair with shampoo, there are a few points that you should know. Shampoos can be of various types, be it the Herbal shampoo, protein shampoo or LS and paraben-free shampoo, and there are even shampoos that are very hard due to chemicals. Hence before you choose to shampoo, the very first thing that one should focus on is buying the right kind of shampoo for their hair.

For healthy hair, SLS and paraben-free shampoo are best as it does not contain any chemicals and toxins. These shampoos are readily available in the market as well as online. Look for such shampoos while buying. As far as the Herbal shampoo is considered, these too can be used for daily cleaning purposes like Amla, shikakai, Rosemary, aloe vera, green tea, etc. are very good ingredients for hair health. Ingredients like aloe vera work on scalp Nourishment whereas Amla, shikakai and Rosemary work on the growth of hair.  Tea or green tea essential oils are very good for having a clear scalp which is necessary for proper hair growth and scalp nourishment as well.

How often one should shampoo- The next question is at what frequency or intervals should shampoo be done. Well, if you are an individual who has to travel frequently or maybe travel a lot and stay out words then cleansing your hair every alternate day is recommended. However, if you are an individual who stays at home mostly, then thrice a week is enough for your hair.  This is because the more you go out, hair attracts more of dirt and pollution making them look dull and dirty.  Also, while doing shampoo, do keep in mind the kind of shampoo you are using.

If almost alternate days that you have to clean your hair, then a very mild Herbal shampoo is fine for you.  If you stay at home, then SLS and paraben-free shampoo or a protein shampoo will be a good choice.

The technique for Shampooing- Many individuals are not aware of the fact that even while doing shampoo, you must use the proper technique to clean your hair. Just applying shampoo directly on your head and rinsing it off is not enough. The actual and the right method which has given proven result is always apply shampoo indirectly. Using direct shampoo on your scalp is never a healthy habit.

First, put a dollop of shampoo in a considerable amount of water in a mug and mix it well.  After that, wet your hair and pour this mixture on your hair slowly. Then slowly massage your scalp for at least 5 to 7 minutes, let it stay for 5-7 minutes and then rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. This cleaning process is one complete routine clean up that, when done properly, will give you a notable result.  If you are an individual who has to stay outside a lot then while shampooing, repeat this process twice or thrice before finally rinsing it off with water.

2. Conditioner

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Individuals apply conditioner; it conditions the hair. In simpler words, it smoothens your hair and makes it Shiny and silky so that there are no knots or tangles which usually appear after shampooing. Conditioners should be chosen carefully, just like the shampoo. Herbal conditioners are the best which do not include SLS and paraben.

How to apply conditioner- Many people make a mistake while applying it. Conditioners are used once the head is thoroughly cleaned with shampoo. To apply it, take a considerable amount on your palms and smoothly apply its coating on your hair completely from the middle section to the tips. Do not apply the conditioner in the roots or scalp area.

Conditioners are always applicable to the hair and most importantly the tips of your hair which is often exposed to frictional breakage. It should be kept for at least 10 minutes so that it works on the hair and softens them, after which wash your hair thoroughly with cold water and make sure your hair does not have any amount of residue left.  Remember, washing your hair thoroughly is important.

3. A Hair Mask

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Hair mask provides your hair with the nutrient that shampoos and conditioners doesn’t. There are various types of hair masks present in the market. They can be either home-made or store-bought. Store-bought hair mask comes in a semi-solid form which you can apply as per the instructions given at the back of the package. However, in store-bought hair packs, there can be many chemicals that can harm your hair health. Hence using homemade masks can be a better idea. For making a hair pack, you can use ingredients like aloe vera gel, tea tree Essential oil, curd, egg white, olive oil, coconut oil, etc.

Hair masks can be of any type like a protein hair mask, herbal hair mask, oil hair mask and so on. The mixture of egg- white in hair mask acts as an agent of conditioner and thereby softens the hair to a considerable degree. These masks can be applied with the help of a brush but make sure that the concoction reaches the roots to the tips and envelopes the entire hair.  Leave the hair mask for 30 minutes. Thereafter wash off the hair with shampoo followed by conditioner. If you think just cleaning will do, then the conditioner part can be omitted. Hair masks should be used once a week to have healthy, shiny hair. If you are an individual whose time schedules are too tight and you do not get much time to indulge in self-care, then twice a week, you can apply hair masks.

4. Hair Oil

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The benefit of using hair oil is that it hydrates the scalp area and moisturizes your hair. Alongside it also provides the necessary nutrients that your hair requires for healthy growth. Hair oils have a lubricating effect on the cuticles of your hair. If you have dry skin, hair oil is the best solution for you. Many times women have coarse or very curly hair that becomes unruly, in such a scenario, hair oils have a very good effect on controlling those unruly locks.

Pure coconut oil and olive oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, argan oil, jojoba oil are great for your hair growth. Also, while Applying Hair Oil, there is a specific technique that should be incorporated. One should take their preferred oil and apply it on the scalp in a circular motion with the tip of their fingers and then straight from the tips to the roots; it should be covered.  Keep the hair oil for a minimum of one hour so that your scalp can soak the goodness and nutrients of the oil. You can also keep it overnight and then wash it in the morning. If you have an oily scalp, keeping it for one hour is sufficient. You can even go for a hot oil massage, take an ample amount of your preferred oil, heat it and then slowly apply it on your scalp, massage it properly. The oil will not only suit your hair cuticles but will also make them soft and supple.

5. Hair Brush

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Using the right kind of hairbrush is very important for your hair. There are different hair types like curly, frizzy, short, or straight hair, similarly, there are various brushes to suit them. Some brushes have very thin bristles while some have thick ones. Each one has its purpose to serve.

Following are the various kind of brushes along with their purpose:

  • Detangling brush- As the name suggests, the detangling brush is used to comb hair which is highly tangled. The detangling brush has broader and wider bristles so that the weak hear do not get torn while combing your hair.
  • The round brush- It suitable for women with long hair. It makes your hair look straight and sleek. There are several types of round brushes available in the market. Go for the one, which has short rounded bristles so that they glide smoothly in your hair.
  • Paddle brush- This one is best to control the highly unmanageable hair. It can be used for any occasion, hence it is a must brush in everyone’s closet. Sine a paddle brush has a wider paddle, it covers a lot of hair surface in one glide, making it easier and qucker for you to comb your hair.
  • Smoothening brush- This kind of brush is excellent to style your hair in different ways. Pick up the amount of hair with the smoothening brush and blow dry it or style accordingly. The small bumps on the edge of the bristles of the brush, work as a detangler and a perfect smoothening agent.

6. Heat Protection

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Parlour styled hair is each women’s dream, but the irreversible harm caused to your hair by continually using heat and styling accessories can’t be ignored. Your once lovely and thick hair will become dehydrated, weak and fragile over time. Worry no more! With heat protection sprays, you can now avoid hair breakage and style your hair as you desire. There are mainly two types of heat protection spray, which are:

Natural heat protection spray: the natural ingredients in such sprays tend to make hair a bit greasy; thus, the hair is coated with such a solution which makes the hair shock resistant. So when the blow dryer, iron, curler, or any other heat stylers come in contact with your hair, these ingredients protect the hair shafts and cuticles from getting damaged.

Salon-style heat protectors: these heat protectors protect the hair from heat and not only that, but it also adds an amount of smoothness to your hair. There is various kinds of brands in the market when it comes to salon-style heat protectors. For making complex hairstyles, these salon-style heat protectors are great. Some of them also prevent frizzy hair.

7. Strong Hold Hairspray

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As the name suggest, a stronghold hairspray helps in holding the hairstyle perfectly in a strong manner. These sprays are quite strong and have a dry yet misty texture that coats the hair. However, the spray will never make your hair look dull or spoil the style. One can get many such hairsprays in the market. Just remember to spray it from a particular distance.

Hence with the above mentioned 7 hair essentials, get your best hair care kit ready.

Happy hair awaits you!