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30 Modern Shag Haircut for Utter Stylish Look

A fresh haircut always gives new happiness and youthful energy. It is not always about a perfect hairstyle but all about a change.

The modern haircut always lets you keep updated with the trendy styles while bringing your energy and personality at the top. Girls with different lengths face types and texture always get confused while choosing a haircut as there are numerous options available.

Some of them might be perfect for short hair and some for long hair. But modern shag haircuts are the classy option that has choices for all length hair and suits almost all the face types and textures.

Modern shag haircuts are an effortless styling option. They are a little mussy and casual hairstyle. Shag haircuts include various lengths of layers.

On the top and the sides, these layers are mostly feathered and thin around the edges. Shag haircuts have been popular for a long time, and it is the preferable hairstyle for women in the Hollywood and music industry.

If you are looking for a casual and carefree look, we have got some of the best modern shag haircuts to give you adorable and elegant looks.


Who Should Try A Shag Hairstyle?

Almost everyone wants to try a shag at least once in their life. It’s no wonder why when the wild multilayered, choppy haircut gives a stunning effortless look.

The great news about shag is that almost anyone can pull a great shag look. It suits most face types and goes well with both thick and thin hair. It gives a youthful elegant look no matter your age or style.

If you’re worried about how a shag might suit you, here is a list of the ideal face types that goes extremely well with a shaggy haircut.

Oval Face

Ideal Face Shape for Shag Haircut - Oval-Shaped Face

The oval face is almost the most ideal hair shape for any haircut. If you have an oval face, don’t be afraid to go wild with your shag. Whether you’re going for a thick layered cut with some thick bangs or a classic look with soft waves and parted bangs, anything would look great on you.


Oblong Face

Ideal Face Shape for Shag Haircut -Oblong Face

The oblong face is the 2nd most ideal face for a shag. If you have an oblong face, you’d want to build height and volume above the head to give the appearance of a smaller face.


Rectangle Face

Ideal Face Shape for Shag Haircut - Rectangle-Shaped Face

No matter what people might tell you, rectangular faces look great with a shag too. All you need to do is go to a professional stylist. They’ll soften the corners of your hair, give you a middle part, and you’re good to go.


Heart-Shaped Face

Ideal Face Shape for Shag Haircut - Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces have been rocking shaggy hairstyles for years. Look at Chloë Grace Moretz for instance. With a heart-shaped face, you could easily pull a classic shag with bangs on the side and choppy ends. A shag is your perfect recipe for shrinking the size of your forehead.


Inverted Triangle Face

Ideal Face Shape for Shag Haircut - Inverted Triangle Face

Just like heart-shaped faces, people with inverted triangle faces look fabulous with a shag. If you have this type of face, you wouldn’t need to worry about bangs as long as you reduce the layering.


Who Shouldn’t Try a Shag Hairstyle?

On the downside, the shag hairstyles have a long history of going wrong in the hands of incapable stylists. Even though shags are well-known for their versatility, some faces are tricky to deal with and don’t go as well for a shag haircut.

Square Face

how to style shag for square face

Many stylists fail to attempt a dashing shag look on a square face. To rock a shag with a square face, your stylist needs to strategically place curls around your face to get it right.


Round Face

Round faces are tricky to deal with when it comes to a shag. If you have a short haircut and a round face, don’t go for a shaggy look. That’s because shag hairstyles typically increase the size of the face including cheeks and chin.

On the bright side, with a skilled stylist and a medium to long hair length, a shag could work just fine for a round face.


Diamond Face

Another face shape that needs strategically placed curls is the diamond face. To squash the size of the cheekbones, a stylist needs to place the curls at the back more than the front. By doing so, they take most of the action off the face.


Triangular Face

It’s extremely rare to see people with a triangular face getting a shag haircut, and for a good reason. Triangular faces have narrow foreheads and big jawlines. With a shag haircut, you’re further emphasizing the size of your face making it look much bigger than it actually is.


30 Modern Shag Haircut for Utter Stylish Look

Pink Red Uneven Bangs with Layers

One of the funkiest hairstyles you can try, in this modern shag haircut, color the hair in pink-red. Cut the bangs uneven till the eyebrow level. Have layers from the mid of the length through the length.


Ash Blonde Pixie Cut

short shag haircut for women


A style that requires no maintenance, you can try this modern shag haircut if you want to have a very short pixie hairstyle. Color the hair in ash white. Cut bangs unevenly. Get some strands in front of the ear, letting your face steal the focus.


Middle Parted Layered Curled Waves

This is a very regular yet the trendiest hairstyle you can grab. Color the hair golden brown. Middle part the hair and cut them into layers. Have a few strands in the front cut short, maybe reaching the cheek. Curl the hair at the ends to get the necessary fluff.


Shaggy Layered Hairstyle with Bangs

woman with curly shag haircut


To wear this hairstyle, highlight the hair in golden brown. Cut the hair in layers right from the top. Get some bangs covering the foreheads. You will look stunning and beautiful if you have wavy and loose curly hair.


Rainbow-Colored Layered Hair with Side Bangs

Color the hair in a range of colors, as many as you wish. Cut the hair in layers from the top. Get side bangs with the middle partition and curl the strands in the front a little. Have the same color at the tips to get a unique look.


Golden Side Bangs with Curls

long curly shag haircut with blonde hair


Love having curls? Cut a few front strands in layers. Middle partition the hair. Curl the strands falling on the face outward. This will give an inverted V look to the forehead. Curl the entire length loosely.


Red Highlighted Feathered Cut

shag haircut with bangs and highlights


A bold modern shag hairstyle, color the strands falling in front of the face in red. Have bangs covering the forehead. Keep the layers curled outward to bring a unique getup to the look. Either has the waves falling over the shoulders or curl them loose.


Short Side Bangs Brown Highlights

short shag haircut with highlights


Have short hair just about the jawline? Highlight the ends of the hair in golden brown. Cut a few strands in the front in layers. Middle part the hair and do the bangs to both the sides.


Shaggy Lob with Flipped Fringes

Modern Shag Haircut

A shaggy lob is a modern shag haircut version influenced by 1920’s women hairstyle. The medium length haircut with multiple layers till neck or shoulder length is a shaggy lob.

The shaggy lob hairstyle with flipped fringes is unique and trendy. It doesn’t require much maintenance, and you can easily style it within one minute.

The front fringes after a side parting are flipped towards the ends for a more natural and gratifying look. You can carry shaggy lob with flipped fringes hairstyle as a daily casual look.


Razored Shag with Waves

Modern Shag Haircut

A cool girl look can be easily achieved with these beautiful Razored shag haircut. This haircut involves wavy hair cut with a razor to get medium length layers of multiple sizes.

The front bangs are also cut long for an adorable look. The haircut is suitable for short to medium length hair.

Girls having sharp features and a short height can beautifully wear a Razored shag hairstyle for their medium length hair. You can also style your haircut with a muffler or neck-cloth for a tomboy look.


Crown Layered Shag Haircut

Modern Shag Haircut

Girls having fine hair of medium length can wear crown layered shag hairstyle as it goes perfectly with the thin and fine hair. You can add some trendy shade for the highlights like blonde or mix of brown and black to enhance the look.

Crown layered shag, as its name suggests, has beautifully cut layers of different sizes in the shape of a crown from the backside.

The ends are given a textured cut towards the side. You can wear the look if you want to uplift your carefree personality.


Straggly Medium Shag Haircut

Modern Shag Haircut

A medium length shaggy haircut with no shape or symmetry and styled in and spreading irregularly. A straggly medium shag haircut is a wispy haircut that has become a modern trend but is actually inspired by the retro style look from the 70’s and 80’s.

It is best suited for girls with short faces. The small layers achieve the eye-catching look cut irregularly. For the front fringes, few strands are given a uniform layered look that gives a smart and trendy appeal for the overall personality.


Long Shag with Curled Bangs

Modern Shag Haircut

A popular and modern shag haircut for college going girls with long hair is long shag with curled bangs. It is a very easy hairstyle to carry for your long hair, and the shaggy haircut allows you to be carefree for a long day.

You can carry the long shag with curled bangs easily during winters and spring time. The front bangs given a flip and curled with the long free shaggy waves looks really amazing.

You can wear your favorite outfit if going for a party with the shaggy curled bangs hairstyle as it works great with all the outfits.


Straight Hair with Sharp Ends

Modern Shag Haircut

Girls having medium straight hair can go for the straight shag with sharp ends hairstyle. The unique look is so effortless that you won’t even require combing while going out.

It works great with the girls who have straightened their hair as the sharp hair looks really classy and trendy.

For the blonde highlights, the straight, shaggy haircut with the sharp ends gives a different and pretty look. It works well with the girls having a bigger face or square face and shoulder-length straight hair.


Tousled Hair with Straight Bangs

Modern Shag Haircut

If you are looking for a modern and stylish look with a combination of sweetness, tousled shag with straight bangs is a great choice for you. The medium shaggy haircut is a perfect hairstyle for girls with oval and rectangular face type.

To give a more nature and trendy look to the tousled shag haircut, the hair is styled with the middle parting.

The front bangs are cut short and sharp and styled with the middle parting only. The hair goes perfectly with the formal attire giving a beautiful appeal.


Curly Shaggy Hair with Side Bangs

Modern Shag Haircut

A perfect style to get a hot and sexy appeal with the eye-gazing curly shaggy hairstyle added side bangs. The new modern haircut is a truly chic hairstyle and looks great on the oval and square shaped face.

The long curly hair is cut to various layers to give a curly shag hairstyle, and the front bangs are cut in a side angle.

You can add texture to the amazing hairstyle by styling it with your fingers. A nice party hairstyle to stand out of the crowd with a perfect glamour on the face.


Chopped Bangs with Wavy Hair

Modern Shag Haircut

A very natural and pleasing hairstyle added with a trendy shade of highlights such as grey and lightly golden. The chopped bangs covering the front forehead adds a more astonishing look for the overall personality.

The style goes great with the long hair and short face type. You can easily carry the hairstyle for your daily college or office look. A simple and elegant attire goes great with the chopped bangs and the wavy hair cut in a shaggy way.


Textured Shag Haircut with Bangs

Modern Shag Haircut

Some of the shag haircuts are amazingly textured giving a simple but stylish look. The modern shag haircut with bangs gives you a rocking flair and you can wear the hairstyle with your favorite attire and medium to low makeup.

Textured shag with bangs is the hairstyle for medium length hair girls. Goes well with rectangular or square face type.

You can carry the textured shaggy haircut with the front choppy bangs as a casual look and style with your fingers for a natural texture.


Beachy Shag Haircut

Modern Shag Haircut

As the name suggests the beachy shag haircut is a carefree beach styling option that can be carried by the beach lovers. The beachy shag haircut is a low maintenance haircut best suited for short to medium length hair.

For a sporty spirit girl, it is an attractive hairstyle with the natural black hair. The multiple layers cut in a shaggy way styled with a middle parting are great for a casual look for a beach or a sportsperson to give a stylish trendy and carefree look.


Medium Brunette Haircut

Modern Shag Haircut

The medium brunette shag haircut is a perfect option for an adorable look for the girls having short to medium brown hair.

Brunette is a very eye-catching and attractive color for the girls and the medium shag haircut adds more glamour to the personality.

To achieve the particular hairstyle, get a short shaggy haircut for your brown hair and style them with a middle parting. Carry the look with eye makeup and a light lipstick to match the shine of your brunette shag.


Rocky Bangs with Shaggy Haircut

Modern Shag Haircut

For all the punk lover girls the rocky bangs shag haircut is a perfect style to opt for if you are looking for some rocking personality with a punk style.

Shag haircut with the sharp rocky short bangs for the front gradually increasing for the back hair gives a very unique and trendy appeal to your personality.

Rocky bangs with the shag haircut show a confident and bold nature of the girls while giving a perfect party rocker look and work great with any face type.


Swoopy Bangs with Bronze Hair

Modern Shag Haircut

A delightful and attractive hairstyle for the girls having long and thick hair. It looks great with a bronze highlight or a brown hair girl.

The shaggy layers on the long thick hair are just so amazing that one can not easily take eyes off from you. But the major eye-catching look here is achieved with the swoopy bangs that are swept to the backside from the front.

Side-swept for the back hair is given to add more volume and texture to the back hair. The style looks great for any face type having long brown hair as a casual or party look.


Grey Hairstyle with Arched Bangs

Modern Shag Haircut

A versatile and classic hairstyle with a modern shag haircut. The grey hair gives a more pleasing look to the hairstyle. You can give a perfect frame to your face type with the beautiful grey shag haircut with arched bangs.

The evenly arched bangs covering the forehead are the thick strands of hair from forehead to just above the eyebrows in an arched form.

It is a really cool hairstyle that you can carry for the whole day long as a casual outing or a daily hairstyle. Pair up the modern shag haircut with sunglasses to get a cool style.


Lisa Rinna Hairstyle

Modern Shag Haircut

A bold and fun hairstyle inspired by Lisa Rinna hairstyles. It is an amusing and flirty hairstyle perfect for the girls who love ultra-short hair as they are very easy to manage and carry, also giving you a sweet and sexy appeal at the same time.

To achieve the particular hairstyle, the ends of the short shag haircut are cut with a razor and given the flicks with short side bangs. Lisa Rinna’s shag hairstyle suits girls with a long face shape and a cheerful personality.


Brunette Curly Hair with Bangs

Modern Shag Haircut

A very charming and fun-loving hairstyle which is also easy to maintain. The Brunette curly shag is great for the girls with curly brown hair with medium length.

The shag haircut for the curly brown medium length hair suits for the girls with the square or rectangular face shape. The shaggy layers with the front bangs styled in a sideways direction give a cute and adorable appeal to the face.

The brunette curly shag haircut with front side bangs is preferred by young girls as a daily casual look for high school and colleges.


Feathered Shag for Long Hair

Modern Shag Haircut

Feathered Shag for long hair is a universal modern shag haircut that is famous and trendy. It is a trendy and stylish haircut as it gives you an unmatchable beautiful appeal with an elegant style.

Feathered shag is perfect for the girls with long and silky hair. The blonde highlights to the natural black hair add more glorious appeal to the personality.

The feathery waves cut in different length layers create a sensual look and are easy to do carry party styles.


Short Messy Curls Haircut

Modern Shag Haircut

For the girls having super curly hair and looking for a short and carefree hairstyle, short messy curls haircut is a great option to opt for.

The short messy curls haircut works well with girls of any face type having short to medium curly hair. The modern shag haircut for short curls is a nice casual as well as a party hairstyle.

The short curly shag haircut styled messily with the help of fingers avoiding comb gives a natural wet texture adding more charm to the look.


Angled Shaggy Bob Haircut

Modern Shag Haircut

The modern trends never misses the bob haircut and especially when looking for the shag hairstyles. The angled shaggy bob is a unique and stylish option for the girls who prefer short funky hairstyles.

The shag haircut cut in an angled bob way with multiple layers adds a unique glaze to the overall look and works well with the trendy color highlights.

You can carry the hairstyle with light makeup for any party or chilling outing and can simply carry the long bangs with then angled bob shag for a casual daily college look.


Shoulder Grazing Blonde Shag Haircut

Modern Shag Haircut

A lovely and delightful hairstyle for the girls with shoulder-length straight hair. The shoulder-grazing blonde shag haircut is a simple yet elegant haircut with distinctive looks when the layers graze the shoulders and give a flaring look at the ends.

The spiky layers with straight hair don’t need much styling. However, while going for a party, add a hair gel for edgy spikes and carry a bright makeup for some eye-gazing appeal.


Blunt Shag Haircut with Fusion

Modern Shag Haircut

A funky and stylish haircut for the girls looking out to get something unique and trendy for their daily casual look.

Everyone gets bored with normal hair color or some normal hairstyle, but with the blunt shag haircut and the fusion highlights, one can never get bored with the different and stylish look.

The fusion can be done with any of the trendy highlights by taking one bright and another light color like burgundy and grey. The straight and silky hair with side-swept bangs with a fusion highlight gives a charming and funky appeal.


The shag haircuts are very easy to maintain and carry and works well with all hair lengths and textures. The style is very trendy and popular among the young girls as they can have easy and low maintenance hairstyles for a daily college or office look with the modern shag haircuts.

The multi-layered shag haircuts look very different if tried for the first time and give a unique chance to the face with amazing energy.

Every girl should try shag haircut once in the lifetime for the lovely experience for carefree casual days and get a cool and classy look with dazzling appeal.