35 Elegant Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Think you must be Rapunzel shake an excellent updo? Reconsider! Mid-length hair can achieve new statures with these lovely, rich, and outright breathtaking updos.

A medium length may set a few confinements on fluctuation of haircuts, since a few ‘dos truly look more worthwhile on longer lengths. Whether you require some motivation for a prom, wedding, commemoration, or simply need to accomplish something else, this is the article for you.

35 Elegant Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair


Searching the right hairstyle to wear on a wedding can be very tough. With so many wedding hairstyles to choose from, it can sometimes feel like you’re ruined for selection. This wedding hairstyles for medium hair will give you healthy inspiration to glam your look.



Medium length hair gives us lot of options to make, especially when it comes to selecting wedding hairstyles for medium hair. This gorgeous updos are just so perfect to wear on any wedding event.



If you want to add a little more detail to your curled wedding style, try this french braiding to put your bangs into place. This braid adds a romantic touch and keeping hair out of your face.



A braided bun is one of the classic bridal look, great for those who has medium length hair. You can wrap braids in a loose bun, or keep them tight for a more formal look. Flowers will be the great addition for you wedding hairstyle.



This elegant updos uses classic styling tricks to roll and twist hair into place, this will look totally regal for sure. Try this kind of hairstyle to glam any wedding event.




This timeless classic style tucks and pins curled hair into a bob type, while letting few loose tendrils escape. The flower on the back of one ear is a refreshing touch, mostly for an outdoor summer wedding.



Celebrities are one to watch for fashion and style inspirations. This braids look fresh and gives a younger feeling, After center parting your hair, you van create inside-out braids, just crossed them over at the nape, and pinned into place and secure the best hair look.



Accessories are great to enhance any hairdo. You can add headband or any flower accessories to glam your beautiful hair look.


When it comes to bridal hairstyles, the inspiration are normally split into those for women with long hairs, or those with short tresses. So if it’s wedding hairstyles for medium hair you have lot of options here to grab for yourself.


Is your medium wavy hair troubling you to get a right haircut? This lovely high bun hairstyles are just so perfect inspire from and have the best wedding look for yourself.



Whether you have long hair, shoulder-length hair or short hair, celebrities will always in the spotlight due to their amazing fashion sense and for their hairdos. This fabulous medium length wedding hairstyles are good to make for any wedding.




When it comes to wedding updos are always in trend. This style will truly give your dream wedding hair look. This twisted updo hair styles are very gorgeous to make for wedding occasion.




The only thing which is more important than the outfits on a women’s wedding day is their hair and when it comes to wedding hairstyles for short to mid length hair, it can be tough to get inspiration for something as beautiful as the rest of your big day should be.



Whether you’re going for a classic bob, natural curls, a loose updo, or a half-up, half-down look, there are lot of ways to style mid-length hair.


A very classy look that is fit for a any wedding, this style has every hair perfectly in place, and is best suited for medium hair without too much layering. The great part about wearing medium length hair is that it takes much less time to execute compare to long locks.




Don’t worry if you have chin length hair, it never means that your hair are not suitable to be the standard of a traditional bride. You can wear any hairstyle that you think will look good on you, and wear a fine piece of hair jewelry with precious vintage inspired veil with it.





These beautiful wedding hairstyles for medium hair will help you spend less time in a salon, and you can get the best curly, wavy, or polka-straight wedding hair for medium length that we’ve covered.

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