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22 Fetching Lavender Hair Color Ideas To Sport This Season

Believe it or not, lavender locks are very trendy these days. The color has staying power too: it’s been several years now where lavender hairstyles are fresh and fun. They show off a sense of style and vibrancy that more common colors can’t.

We understand the look isn’t for everyone, but don’t think you’ve got to dye all of your hair to participate in this style. Try ombre, balayage, or sprinkling just the tips of your locks with luscious lavender.

Also, the options for hues are just as varied as highlighting techniques. So, let’s see all of the varieties that lavender hair has to offer!

1. Lavender Hair Highlights

Lavender Hair Highlights

Whether you’re intrigued by an all over highlights effect or sprinkling in lavender locks, this beautiful purple hue is a total win. The amount of lavender you want to rock is totally up to you.


2. Lavender Ombre

Your lavender color doesn’t have to be an all-over style. In fact, ombre lavender hair is perfect if the color you want isn’t ideal for your specific skin tone. With ombre, your natural color still frames your face and you’ll get that pop of purple color you desire.


3. Lavender Balayage

Lavender Balayage Hairstyle

Who says your lavender locks have to be one block of color? You can use the same balayage technique common on blonde or brunette hair to give your lavender hair dimension and variation.


4. Lavender Hair for Black Girls

Lavender hair looks gorgeous on every skin tone, but it’s important to choose your hue based on your skin’s undertones. Ash purple hues look great on skin tones with warm, pink undertones, for instance.


5. Silver Lavender

Silver hair is just as popular as lavender hair these days, so why not let silver inspire your next hairstyle? Ask your stylist to incorporate a touch of silver to give your hair an amethyst, ash tone. The amount of dimension you want to create is up to you!


6. Light Lavender

Some lavender hairstyles contain bold purple hues. Light lavender takes on an almost pink tone that can be great for paler babes. If you desire all-over color, you may want to consider balayage highlights for added tone.


7. Lavender Grey

Darker, lavender grey hair is the perfect way to give your dark brunette hair the color you’ve always wanted. Applying lavender to hair is more complex than you’d think- first you have to strip the hair of color. Dark grey contributes to your hair’s overall health.


8. Dusty Lavender

Want to really make your lavender hair stand out? This dusty color is inspired by the hues of deep gemstones that have a grounding effect on your style. It looks gorgeous on ultra dark or very pale skin tones.


9. Lavender Purple

Sometimes, you just want purple hair! This lavender color is based in a true purple tone that works wonders on skin with either olive or yellow undertones. As for dimensions, give your purple hair as much or as little highlight variation as you’d like!


10. Pastel Lavender

Pastels are all the rage these days, and purple pastel is no different. Pastels have a softening effect on whoever wears them. Lavender pastel can be combined with blonde or silver tones easily and beautifully.


11. Lavender Blonde

To apply lavender hair, you’ve got to start with a bleached blonde base, so it makes sense to rock your lavender with blonde hair! Go for a bold ombre effect if you prefer your blonde roots to show, or an overall balayage look so hints of blonde can peek through.


12. Dark Lavender

You can rock bold, bright, pastel, or light lavender hair, so why not deep as well? We love deep lavender tones for babes who typically have dark hair or feel more comfortable with subdued tones.


13. Lavender Brown

You don’t have to sacrifice your usual brunette hair to invest in the lavender hair trend. Consider painting your ends in a purplish blue hue for ultimate contrast or in a true ombre effect for subtlety.


14. Lavender Blue

Bring our your inner superwoman with this color combination! Lavender looks amazing with a bright and beautiful blue. Try it out on the roots or with any highlighting effect you choose.


15. Pink + Lavender Hair

Situated right next to purple on the rainbow, pink makes a great compliment to your lavender locks. Use it as a toner or create an ombre effect with pastel or hot pink, depending on your desired color scheme.


16. Black & Lavender Hair

Black and lavender make for a stunning, unexpected hair combination. Deep purples look great with a balayage lavender hairstyle while lighter hues with hints of silver or gray blend perfectly on ombre styles.


17. Smokey Lavender

Take on an amethyst-inspired vibe with this ultra-popular smokey lavender hairstyle. This look works great if you prefer ash and grey undertones on your lovely locks. Again, the balayage technique is wonderful for adding dimension to your hair.


18. Lavender Hair with Dark Roots

Root growth is edgy and cool, so why not incorporate it into your hairstyle? We especially love the contrast between light lavender and darker, eggplant-hued roots. Plus, it will help your natural color blend well as it eventually grows out at the roots.


19. Lavender Bob

Long hair is great, but nothing says stylish quite like a lavender bob. Whether lobs or short bobs are your thing, incorporating your favorite lavender hue into your hairstyle is chic yet playful.


20. Short Lavender Hairstyle

Lavender pixies are seriously adorable. They look great on any style, but add playfulness to edgy shaved sides or undercuts. Incorporate an all-over highlighting style or let your natural tones inspire the hue of your lavender color.


21. Lavender Straight Hair 

Lavender hair looks amazing on every hair type, especially straight hair. Because straight locks can lack ample body and texture, pretty highlights that vary in tone and style are perfect to create the illusion of dimension.


22. Lavender Curls

Lavender hair can be unexpectedly beautiful on curly hair. Because this texture is busy by nature, keeping your lavender tone simple is the way to go. Deeper roots, however, provide the right amount of dimension without overwhelming your look.


Regardless of how you want to wear lavender hair, your perfect style is definitely on our list. Curly and straight textures can rock lavender locks, whether your hair is pixie short or lusciously long.

Now that you’ve seen all of the options that lavender hair and its various hues have to offer, which hairstyle will you choose?