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30 Most Vivacious Silver Hairstyles for Women

Many women are shy of their silver hairs. They try to find a hairstyle that helps them to fit with the traditional style. But there is a better solution to the styling problem; it is to have a silver-colored hairstyle.

It is also fashionable, giving a fantastic look to the woman. This hairstyle will provide you with the young look that you have always craved. You can showcase your silver locks with pride and joy after this.

Here we give you 30 best silver hairstyles for you to try this year. After going through our list, you will change your opinion about your greying hair.


30 Most Vivacious Silver Hairstyles for Women

Side Part Highlighted Straight Hair

Have fine but straight hair? Highlight a few strands in between with a dark color. Side part them. Cut them in a few layers just at the bottom and pull them on one shoulder. Voila! Your hairstyle is done!


Wavy Burgundy Highlights with Bangs


A trendy silver hairstyle, cut the hair till the shoulders and in layers. Have a few strands colored in burgundy near the ear. Get bangs till the eyebrow level. Bring the layers over the ears to get the face a fuller look.


Fish Braid Middle Length Hairstyle


Have voluminous hair? Get this simple silver hairstyle by fish braiding the hair right from the top till the end. Keep the braid loose and leave some strands to get a messy look.


Side Twisted Straight Hair

Color the side hair in silver. Start twisting the hair at one side from near the sideburn. Keep twisting till you reach the back of one side. Tie it to the length and leave the remaining length open. You will see a unique combination of white and black.


Straight Short White Hair


Have short hair? Cut the front hair till the jawline with increasing length to the shoulder. Without getting any layers, middle part the hair and comb it straight. Cover the ears to get the focus on your face.


Green Highlighted Ends with Angled Bob

Another unique silver hairstyle, cut the hair in an angled bob style with longer length in front and shorter at the back. Highlight the ends in neon green. Middle part the hair and give them a slight wave-like curl.


Light White-Burgundy Wavy Long Hair

Enjoy long locks? If yes, then have a light burgundy with white color to the entire length. Cut them evenly at the end without any layers. Side part the hair and get some waves from the cheek line.


White Highlights Long Layered Locks

layered dark silver hairstyle


Another simple long hairstyle, middle part the hair, cut them in just a couple of layers at the bottom. Highlight the hair with white at the ends. Curl them to get a wave-like look.


Red-White Long Curled Hair

In this hairstyle, highlight a few strands in a very light red-white color. Without parting the hair, cut the length equally at the bottom. Curl them at the end loosely and leave them over the shoulder.


Light White-Red Half Pony with Bangs

half up ponytail with silver hair


Highlight the hair in white-red. Divide the hair into three sections horizontally. In the front section, get bangs till the eye level. Tie the second section in a pony and leave the third section loose. Curl them loosely at the end.


Silver Hair with Blue Highlights

Silver Hairstyles

This is a cool hairstyle that is suitable for a middle-aged woman. The hair is colored silver all through, and a light blue color is given at the roots.

This hairstyle makes them look younger with no effort. No maintenance needs to be done with this hairstyle. The hair is cut short to neck length making it bob like style.

The blue highlights give it the quirky tone it requires. You can work with your hairstylist to get the best hairstyles for you. It is becoming a hot trend that you cannot afford to miss.


Bob Cut with Layers

Silver Hairstyles

This is a simple yet elegant hairstyle. In this, the hair is cut in layers. The hair ends are cut in an increasing fashion making it a unique style.

This hairstyle offers you so many perks that you cannot afford to miss this one. You can get the perfect hue with this hairstyle. Since the haircut is short, you need to maintain the length by having a cut every 6-8 weeks.

The hair is cut in uniform layers and allowed to fall downwards naturally. Since it is a middle parted hairstyle, there is an added attraction to this style.


Messy Bob Cut

Silver Hairstyles

This silver hairstyle is ideal for older working women. The hair is cut short into a bob. The layers are messed up slightly giving it a quirky look.

Depending on your hair texture and length, you can have variations in this hairstyle. You can have bangs with this hairstyle making it uniquely yours.

This hairstyle is well suited for women with round facial structure. The best thing is that this hairstyle will work well for both casual and formal settings. You don’t need to spend too much time setting this hairstyle.


Wavy Silver Hairstyle

Silver Hairstyles

This is a professional looking hairstyle for older women. You can show off your gorgeous silver hair in this hairstyle.

The attractive feature in this hairstyle is the wavy layers that are formed towards the back side. This gives the hairstyle a business outlook.

With a formal attire, you will look cool and confident in this hairstyle. Your greying hair will look dignified in this hairstyle.

This hairstyle is with lots of layers that give it breathtaking beauty. They draw attention to your facial features making it attractive.


Long Silver Hair

Silver Hairstyles

This is an unpretentious hairstyle that shows the truth as it is. Do you have greying hair? So what? You can show off your grey hair in a long hairstyle that elevates your beauty.

You will get the appreciation for this hairstyle. You can keep the hair at any length based on your comfort level. Your friends will definitely love your avatar in this hairstyle.

This hairstyle will make an old lady look stylish and elegant. You can easily pull off this hairstyle with a little help from your hairstylist.


Long Wavy Hairstyle

Silver Hairstyles

This is a classic hairstyle that takes advantage of the natural bounciness of your hair. You can look beautiful in this long wavy hairstyle. If you want to look youthful, then this hairstyle is the one for you.

Mature women can look amazing in this long wavy hairstyle. The waves introduced at the middle length gives it a unique appearance.

This is a great feminine alternative to short hair. If you are not afraid of maintenance, then go ahead and try this hairstyle. Let us know what your friends think of this hairstyle.


Long Straightened Hair

Silver Hairstyles

This is a great looking hairstyle for young women. This hairstyle is dreamlike with it violet highlights. This silver hairstyle is perfect for college women who want to show their identity differently.

The light dash of violet color naturally fades back in the hair giving it a mesmerizing appearance. If you are quirky enough, then you can try this hairstyle.

This hairstyle is best for any sophisticated woman who wants to make a mark in the fashion world. The youthfulness of this hairstyle is really amazing.


Medium Silver Hairstyle

Silver Hairstyles

This is a medium silver hairstyle suited for women who do not like long hair. The hair is cut to give it a heart shape from the back. You can try side part hairstyle for a thrill.

This hue is particularly popular with young college going girls. Have a beautiful toning to get the silver color correct in this hairstyle.

This mid-length hairstyle helps in giving a cute appearance to the woman who is wearing it. You are in luck if this hairstyle suits your facial structure. Get in touch with your hairstylist to get the best results.


Side Part Hairstyle

Silver Hairstyles

This is a hairstyle with a nice twist. It combines the traditional elements of bob and hip hairstyle to give a unique look.

This hairstyle brings out the adventurous character in the woman. The hair is cut short, and a side part is used to make the style look gorgeous. The hair is swooped to the sides giving you a distinct style.

Embrace this hairstyle and get your hairdresser to give the exact same style. With fine-tuned lightening techniques, you can get the best dimensions in this hairstyle.


Dark Grey Hair

Silver Hairstyles

This is a mermaid type hairstyle. The hair color is a dark grey, and hence it is unique. The waviness of the hairstyle is the unique look that is loved by a man. You can impress your boyfriend with this hairstyle.

This style works well with women with an oval-shaped face. There is no maintenance required with this hairstyle. Hence you can be relieved with this hairstyle.

If you are officially going woman, then you can use this hairstyle to show your confidence. This is a no-nonsense hairstyle for today’s women.


Short Side Part Hairstyle

Silver Hairstyles

This is a short bob like hairstyle. It is a new style in which the hair at the front will be separate making it look unique. This is a straightened hairstyle that makes you look gorgeous.

This silvery-white hairstyle is attractive and give you great beauty. Use hair products to maintain this hairstyle as it is.

You can get feedback from your loved ones about this hairstyle. The light undertones are the ones that give the style its uniqueness.


Short Pixie Cut

Silver Hairstyles

This is a short pixie hairstyle that has grey undertones. The hair is cut short to a pixie cut, and the silver color is applied to make it look cool. This hairstyle is slightly difficult to achieve.

You need to approach your hairstylist for this hairstyle. This is a smart choice for young women who want to showcase their individuality. You can blend your old growth with the new hair giving it a mixture of grey and white color.


Long Silver Hairstyle with Colorful Undertones

Silver Hairstyles

This is a gorgeous long silvery hairstyle with colorful undertones. The hair is kept long and straight with a superb outline.

The snowy white hairstyle is matched with a gothic lipstick and outfit. This style is rocking and suitable for special occasions. The color highlights in this style make a nice transition.

You can recapture the essence of this cute hairstyle with the application of right hair products. Keep the hair soft and straight to make you younger.


Ponytail Updo

Silver Hairstyles

This is a gorgeous silver-white hairstyle that has a fantastic look. This ponytail updo is suitable for young women in their 20’s. This hairstyle is so confident that it makes its own style statement.

Go for an experienced hairstylist who can pull off this hairstyle with grace. The hair is kept long, and the ponytail is fanciful making it look cute.

Have a good regime of washing your hair with shampoo to give the best results. You can keep the hairstyle fresh for a long time.


Ponytail Updo with Braids

Silver Hairstyles

This is an East Indian type hairstyle that evokes a tribal fashion. In this style, the hair is kept long, and a ponytail is made on top.

There is shine and gloss in this hairstyle that you will not get in any other hairstyle. This is an interesting hairstyle with braids on the front.

You will surely get kudos for choosing such an interesting style. You can literally make friends with new people who want to know about your hairstyle.


Pixie Cut with Bangs

Silver Hairstyles

This is a pixie cut that takes advantage of the greying hair. This is suitable for middle-aged women who want to make their natural grey hair into fashion.

The hair is cut short, and the front bangs are cut to eye level. This is a formal looking hairstyle, and it is best for women who have jobs.

This short hairstyle is more manageable for office going women. Styling with wax and tousling tresses will help you to maintain this hairstyle.


Medium Length Wavy Hairstyle

Silver Hairstyles

This is a medium length wavy hairstyle that is suitable for young women. The waviness of this hairstyle makes the hair look beautiful and gorgeous.

This hairstyle provides the much-needed femininity and low maintenance. A regular trim will give you the best results for longer periods.

Go for this pretty silver shade if you want to impress your loved ones. This has the right hue to give you an awesome looking silver hairstyle.


A Mix of Black and Silver Hairstyle

Silver Hairstyles

This style has a mix of black and silver. The root of the hair is colored black, and the hair edges are colored white. This makes the hairstyle look amazing for younger women. This makes you look beautiful without a doubt.

This is a sassy hairstyle that has a twist on the regular look. This hairstyle is cut in layers and made to follow the face frame. The long strands are the main attraction in this hairstyle. Go ahead and try out this hairstyle.


Short Hair with Braids

Silver Hairstyles

This is a cute mermaid hairstyle that has braids on the side. This is a cute hairstyle for young women. The hair is cut short in this style.

However, the braids give it a unique look. This cut has modernized the traditional short hair look. There is an element of surprise in this hairstyle. This is definitely the hairstyle of the year.

Get this hairstyle before someone else steals it from you. We would love to hear from you how you felt in this hairstyle.


Medium Silver Hair with Bangs

Silver Hairstyles

This is medium hairstyle in which waves are made. The bangs on the front side are unique for the style. You will definitely like this style as it is different from other styles.

The hair is cut in layers and strands are placed on the sides. Older women can give a young vibe with this hairstyle.


Everyone gets old and form grey hair. But that is not the time to get worried. With the best silver hairstyles, you can reclaim your youth and beauty.

These hairstyles are easy to set, and hence you will become a gorgeous angel within minutes. The silver hue on your hair looks stunning.

This hairstyle is absolutely gorgeous and natural for the woman. You will be flattered with the beauty that comes with these hairstyles. Try one of these hairstyles to show your interesting personality to the world.