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21 Blue Ombre Hair That’ll Make Your Hair Look Outstanding

A blue hue inspires freedom and sensibility, and if you are a girl that loves being original, this stunning ombre hair is something you will fall in love with! It is suitable for brunettes, blondes, waves, and straight hair and will undoubtedly make any girl feel attractive and with a boosted self-confidence.

If you want, you can always warm the color or transform it into teal or even use darker shades. Combine it with green or even pink to make fabulous ombres.

1. Short Blue Ombre Hair

A medium bob haircut is perfect for girls that want to reproduce this fantastic electric blue ombre. Start from a black base color and transit to those beautiful aquamarine shades.


2. Blue Ombre Braids

When you are a braids fan, you can make all sorts of combinations that involve blue. To reproduce the first example, you need jumbo hair in close blue colors as silver blue and pale azure and mix them to obtain that stunning effect. Or you can follow the second example and combine your natural black hair and electric blue jumbo hair.


3. Brown to Blue Ombre Hair

If you are a little girl that loves blue but can’t dye her hair, there are a lot of blue-colored hair sprays or not permanent hair dye that you can use to reproduce those stunning ocean hues.


4. Blue Ombre Hairstyle for Black Girl

If you have short hair, you can choose to create a stunning white blue ombre for your short A-line bob. When we’re talking about long wavy locks, you cand choose a bold hairdo that will start with a dark electric blue and end in a teal ombre.


5. Silver Blue Ombre Hair

Choose a silver color for the roots and use an electric blue hue for the tops. To make your blue ombre stand out, you can style some stunning curls or waves.


6. Blue Ombre on Blonde Hair

If you are a blonde, the contract between the blonde roots and the stunning blue shades used for the tips. Choose different shades of blue as teal, pale blue, or dark blue to make the transition look stunning.


7. Black to Blue Ombre Hairstyle

A bob hairstyle with bangs will stunningly frame your face, especially if you choose a black dye and a blue hue to create the ombre. Style waves and add a few highlights in the fringe area for a fabulous effect.


8. Dark Blue Ombre Hair

Whether you are choosing to make a dark ombre on a blonde or black hair base, we guarantee it will look fabulous. Style some smooth waves to get that high definition look and even make a small knot in the back to pin your crown hair.


9. Pastel Blue Ombre Hair

Pastel blue ombres make you look like you are part of a fairytale. Style braids, create waves or use hair jewelry to give this hairdo a special touch.


10. Blue and Purple Ombre Hair

Purple and ombre ar two colors that astonishingly blend, and if you are a bold girl, it would be such a shame not to style a mesmerizing ombre. These shades will amazingly complete one another, and the waves will give your hair texture.


11. Blue Green Ombre Hair

Get out of your comfort zone and create a Billie Eilish inspired look with an eyepopping green color for the top and a dark blue for the tips. When it comes to make-up, make sure that’s also eyepopping!


12. Pink and Blue Ombre Hair

Style a fabulous look with a pink base color for the ombre that gradually transits into a stunning blue Choose a gorgeous bob hairstyle with a part in the middle of one side. You cand also make some purple highlights to go with your ombre.


13. Navy Blue Ombre Hair

Navy blue is a shade that makes all the girls go crazy! We all adore it, and we have to agree that it also looks stunning if used to style a fabulous blue ombre with waves.


14. Midnight Blue Ombre Hair

Not like the other cases, your blue ombre hair can be subtle with stunning reflexes for the tips. You can wear your hair straight, in a bob hairstyle or long, with bangs and loose waves.


15. Red And Blue Ombre Hair

This color mix became highly popular when Margot Robbie played the iconic Harley Quinn in the movie Suicide Squad. Since then, every girl wants to master that fabulous red, blue ombre, and there are tons of ways to do it. Which of these to examples do you love more?


16. Royal Blue Ombre Hair

Some shades of blue have an imperial touch like this stunning royal blue color. It inspires luxury and baldness, and it’s a perfect choice for women who have natural black or brown roots.


17. Teal Blue Ombre Hairstyle

If you love a nice fade with a little bit of a twist, style a pale teal ombre that only changes the texture and color of your tips. Let the rest of your hair in its natural color.


18. Light Blue Ombre Hair

When you are a woman with a round face, a darker blue shade will help you stunningly frame your face and yet look so feminine. Create an ombre that ends in a pale blue color and style some smooth waves.


19. Long Blue Ombre Hair

The contrast is much more significant when you create a teal or blue ombre on natural blonde hair. The dyed locks have so much definition, and if you also curl them, your hair will look impeccable.


20. Curly Blue Ombre Hair

Take your spice buns to a whole new level of greatness only by styling a low blue ombre on your curly hair. Take your crown hair and split it in two and create two space buns on top of your head.


21. Blue Ombre on Straight Hair

You don’t necessarily need curly hair to make a blue ombre stand out. Choose a medium bob hairstyle with or without bangs and create a gorgeous gradient between the blonde shades and the dark blue hues. You can also use teal or a bright blue tint to make your tips stick out.


Blue ombre hair makes any girl look bold and modern because this fantastic color has a fabulous power and deepness. It is an ideal mix for women with all skin colors and shapes and can look incredible if combined with both blonde and black root colors. If you want something more vibrant, use pink, red,  bright green to mix and create fantastic ombres, just as in the examples above.