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21 Cool and Trendy Knotless Box Braids Styles

With every changing season and era comes a new fashion haul and styles trend. Some styles make there come back from the classical era, while some styles emerge as brand new.

However, some styles come out as a new trend with some moderated alterations, and one such hairstyle is the knotless box braid. The knotless box braid hairstyle is basically the box braid with slight modification.

The difference between box braid and knotless braid is that, unlike box braids, the knotless variation does not comprise of the small knot that is fixed at the scalp near the roots of the hair shaft, because of the inclusion of the artificial that is the synthetic hair with which the braiding is primarily done.

This hairstyle is instead made by using a method known as the feeding technique. To a person’s natural hair braiding hair is added in small pieces.

This technique finally results in a braid that lies plainly on the scalp and is not at all heavy on the head as well. So once you take out time and braid in this pattern the rest of the week you completely save time on your hair. It can be as it is for days and even a week.

Here are 21 beautiful knotless box braid hairstyle with amazing variations such that you will be spoilt for choice.


21 Cool and Trendy Knotless Box Braids Styles

Criss-Cross Box Braid

Box Braids

In this hairstyle, the front part is the key attraction where the braids are installed such that the hairline shows a cross-like pattern, at the juncture of the side partition.

The rest of the hair is kept long, and the complete look is stylish and patterned and is a great protective hairstyle. This can be paired with casual shirts, denim, baggy t-shirt and you can get a glam carefree look.


Side Zonal Braid Hairstyle

Box Braids

Hairstyles can really be a piece of art, and hairstyles like this are a sure shot piece of art. The outcome is a beautiful pattern that will definitely make you the center of attraction.

Be it in a party or your favorite date night or a casual dinner with family and friends; this is one such hairstyle that suits all-purpose.

The sides have small plot like areas from where the braids alternatively connect to the next batch of braids.


Center Parted Box Braid Hairstyle

Box Braids

The advantage of these kinds of special braids is that it leaves an endless scope of styling and variation. In this particular one, the style replicates that of the typical center partition style.

The installation of the braids is done such that the patterns fall on either side of the center hairline and thus has a cupping effect on the face. It makes a face looks a lot slimmer defined.


Back Highlighter Knotless Box Braid

Box Braids

As mentioned earlier, the box braid hairstyle has umpteen number of variations and these variations come up with their own little surprise element. One such element that’s worth attracting the glance of the crowd is the back area.

The braid installations are done, but the scalp is here is the focus where the vertical zig-zag pattern is crafted. This hairstyle is basically a little bit more different than the other knotless patterns.


Wired Knotless Box Braid Hairstyle

Box Braids

This hairdo can easily stay for about weeks. The only catch is that this one should be taken care of and maintained in the right way. It consists of multiple strand braids.

Usually, the process of braiding these tresses with knotless box braids need two hairstylists. It involves the feed-in technique and is pretty time-consuming.

However, the final look of it is just mesmerizing. It is suggested that messaging your scalp after braiding with oil will help the hair to breathe and take in the nutrition well.


Green Knotless Box Braid

Box Braids

The shade of olive green is hitting the charts when it comes to colors. This is a very sophisticated color having a sublime Gothic tone that allows the entire vibe to be bold and quire, and there is a bit of mystery that lies into it.

The knotless box braid hairstyle as it is a painless braiding technique that avoids the insertion of the uncomfortable knots.

With the addition of the color, the experience is all the more exciting and definitely more attractive. This hairstyle can be a fun fashion experiment to flaunt among friends to portray a cool style statement.


Big Knotless Box Braids

Box Braids

With a very robust appeal, this hairstyle stands out. The braids are pretty wide, and that adds to the enormity of the look. With this hairstyle, you are sure to attract the crowd.

Also, the styling that is the braids are apart from each other and tied at a distance adds extra space and makes the look pretty spread.

This hairstyle is one such style that requires a bit of volume in the hair. This Big Knotless Box Braids hairstyle does bring out that glamour and sense of style and experimentation from your personality.


Star Designed Knotless Reddish Braid Hairstyle

Box Braids

If you are an individual whose style quotient is somewhat dramatic then your style pick from this knotless box braid list is definitely this one. You can seek solace as your quest ends on this particular style.

This start style reminds us of the classical cool era, where the persona of a carefree person is displayed. A persona that is empowered with a great sense of fashion.

Also, the reddish hue is a serious and bold color that imparts not only a dramatic undertone but also the boldness to the look.


Top Bun Designed Braid Hairstyle

Box Braids

Although the style looks a bit intimidating the hairstyle will not be a mess at all, and this is because of the protective bun on the head. The hairstyle also has a very bohemian approach that makes the entire look very cool and carefree.

It gives a massive look, and the enormity of it is the actual USP. It is something new and if exploring something new and exciting is in your forte then surely this can be worth giving a try for.

Also within the bun braids, you can add on the wires or threads of various color like red, blue or gold to add the pop of colors.


Reddish Colored Knotless Box Braid Hairstyle

Box Braids

The colored knotless braid hairstyle adds a lot of hep and coolness to the style and exuberates a trendy look. The hairstyle is really very sensual.

When you go for a colored hairstyle, be sure to set your style quotient one notch higher. Such color is for women who want it to be attractive and also want to experiment and explore with something new.

With this gracious color, one can pair this hairstyle with any vibrant colored dress to bring out the glamour quotient of the entire look.


Middle Parted Box Braid Hairstyle

Box Braids

With the middle partition and long style this knotless box braid hairstyle has a very flamboyant charm that makes the hairstyle look great.

The bohemian approach of the complete. The best part about knotless hairstyles like this is, with the knotless feed-in technique there is always less pressure initiated on your hair.

There is no pulling or tugging. Also without a knot, friction at your scalp is less, which leads to no shedding or breakage.

Protective styles like this can make a great choice, and you can pair up such styles with crop tops and denim to make them look cooler.


Two Sides Pony Knotless Box Braid

Box Braids

This style pick has a high cuteness quotient, and also it suits best on younger women. However, style is something which anybody can carry provided you have the confidence.

In this style there are ponytails ties after the braiding is done and because the style is of knotless braid, tying a pony is easier, and the scalp or the hair roots do not face any twists or turns and are not pressurized.


Scattered Highlighted Box Braid Hairstyle

Box Braids

Sassy and sensuous id the code to this number. The highlights make the thin braids look more fashionable. So if you like, do give this style a try as this goes with your personality and choice.

Also, the point of attraction in this hairstyle is the slight colored wiring that goes with the braid. The style is quite versatile and hence goes with any attire, making it an envious style statement. Pair with vibrant colors.


Long Pony Knotless Box Braid Hairstyle

Box Braids

This hairstyle is smart and sassy. The hairstyle is fit for women who have a good height. The reason being this particular hairstyle is long, and women with short hair will not look good.

Also, this hairstyle requires long extensions that are installed through the feed-in technique. This style can be complemented pretty well with Western casuals, baggy t-shirts, and other such loose apparels to make the complete look casual and cool.


Trimmed Top Mount Knotless Box Braid Style

Box Braids

The knotless box braid hairstyle is a style that is a quintessential African hairstyle that has an oomph factor as well as a protective style. This particular style is something that makes an effect. The bun is mounted on the top.

First, the hair is braided. After that, the braids are out altogether to make an intertwined thick large bun. This style does put a bit pressure on your head.

The sides of this hairstyle is trimmed to almost minimal and thus escalating the effect of the top style.

Cool Poetic Justice Braids to Flaunt


Huge Knotless Box Braid Bun

Box Braids

Any look that creates an effect and standout styles like this. Women who love to explore and experiment can pick this hairstyle like no other. In this hairstyle, the bun and its enormity create a lot of edge and volume to the style.

Thus the style is something which is very much out of the box, and it has the potential to stand out in the crowd. Also, a hairstyle like this encompasses a lot of Aura and portrays a very adventurous personality.


Unicorn Colored Box Braid

Box Braids

Colors always add a note of style in any given haircut. These colors are associated with the unicorns color palate that comprises of soft-toned colors like shades of light blue, pink, and mauve.

In this hairstyle, there are shades of baby pink, light blue, and light blonde. These color combinations are immensely cute.

The look can be equally attractive as there is a subtle, sensuous feel about it. Also, this can be a great try on for young women.


Cornrow Knotless Braid Hairstyle

Box Braids

This hairstyle has a sleek appeal. The braids are brought to one side, and the opposite sides have cornrows or more like narrow ridges. These are actually the gaps between the braids that make the look quite interesting.

You can pair the hairstyle up with solid colored vests or sleeveless tops and blue denim or jeans. Such a look can surely turn the heated pace a notch higher.

One will surely end up looking a lot more sensuous, sleek, and stylish. If you wish, you can pair up long earrings with it.


Shaded Narrow Knotless Box Braid

Box Braids

Looks can be changed from top to bottom with the help of minor changes just on the part of the hairstyle. In this style option, the braids are kept very narrow, and thus, the head feels pretty light.

The Braids are installed with colorful extensions such as brown blonde and burgundy, the three elemental shades that can never go wrong.

The added highlighted braids make the look very stylish. You can make the look even more glamorous by adding some ornament to the style quotient. A long steel hoop earring will really look quite classy and compliment the look.


Cropped Brown Bob with Box Braid

Box Braids

In this, hair is stylized in short length, and the braids are medium. It is neither narrow nor the size of the jumbo braids.

They are of moderate size, adding a lightweight to the scalp. Also, the point of attraction is originated in the highlighted brownish color.

The highlight is a pretty trending option. Nowadays almost all hair highlights are styling on the top list. This can be an ideal go-to styling option for college girls and yon women.


Patterned Narrow Long Knotless Box Braid

Box Braids

This long style has a great feminine charm adding an oomph factor to your persona. This is great to look at, but you have to do some maintenance.

You’ll have more access to your scalp as tying knotless braids begin with your real hair. Thus it will be much easier to style.

According to the suggestions of hair experts, wiping the braids slightly with apple cider vinegar every once or twice a week will keep the odor-free, fresh and as it is for a long period. Also doing this will help you to get rid of excess oil build-up on the scalp.


These knotless braids are comparatively lighter and easier than the box braid. Also, the intricate patterns it weaves makes a great hairstyle worth the effort.

Hairstyles like these are known as protective hairstyle, and the best part about these is that, no matter how time-consuming it is, at the end of it all, it will be worth it.