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30 Very Short Hairstyles for Women To Amaze Everyone

The popular misconception is that shot hair limits your chances of hairstyling and hair experiments.

This is really not true as the options galore when it comes to styling your short hair. It will leave you astounded and amazed when you get to know that instead of limiting your opportunities for hair-styling, the short hair in fact gives you more innovative options.

The first thing is about the length of the hair. You can keep it extra short or just long in the middle. Very Short Hairstyles give you the widest range of freedom in hair coloring as well. You no longer need to stick to a conventional color. When you go edgy with your hairstyle, you need to go edgy on the color and styling as well.

Think of colors like platinum or white blondes which is a rage in the present times. You can try the conventional look about the cut and color as well.

You can look both edgy and cute depending on which hairstyle you choose among the many options available. The thing that short hair does not suit all faces is also not true. All you need is the right cut of the hair to make sure that it suits you.


Best Very Short Hairstyles for Women

Easy Bristle Fohawk Style

woman with very crop short hair


If you’re looking for a very short hairstyle for women, this is one of the shortest. The hair on the sides is shaved so short that you can hardly run your fingers through it, and the hair along the top of the head is slightly longer, very bristly, and in a fohawk style.


Brushed Forward Crop

This cropped style is a wonderful, very short hairstyle for women. It’s easy to style, and here the hair is just brushed forward with a slight center parting. It’s a style that can be set with a little gel every day, and it’s long enough to ruffle if desired.


Forward Brushed Longer Locks

While still very short, this style is longer than the two above. There’s enough hair to brush forward onto the forehead, run your fingers through, and play with.

However, it still barely comes halfway down the forehead, and the sides are so short they don’t even touch the ears.


Purple Bowl Inspired Cut

very short bowl haircut for women


This hair has a bowl shape, but it’s tapered and longer at the back. This makes it a far more fashionable version of this style. The purple also adds tot he fashionable element, making it a great hairstyle for self-expression.


Patterned Short Hairstyle

Here’s one of the shortest types of haircuts you can have. A lot of the hair is shaved down to a very bristly number 1 haircut, with some thicker bristles on the top of the head. However, the standout is really the sharp lines in a nice pattern shaved into the head.


Spikey Longer Pixie

Do you like the idea of a pixie cut, but do you want something longer? This may be for you. This is a pixie cut style, but it’s a little grown out, giving the hair some life and volume. It’s very spiky, so it’s great for an edgy look.


Short Wet Look

Asian woman with very short purple pixie cut


The wet look is becoming quite trendy again, and this is an example of how great it looks. The hair is tightly cut short, it’s wavy, and some brush the forehead to help decorate the face very nicely.


Tightly Curled On Top

The top of the hair here is the focal point. It’s just long enough to brush the forehead, and it’s shorter on the sides, so it keeps the focus on top. The curls are perfectly coiled, but there’s still slight messiness to them that makes them look delightfully natural.


Blue Bowl and Undercut

Here’s a cut that’s inspired by the bowl cut, but there’s a twist. It’s shorter than your typical bowl cut, revealing the shaved sides of an undercut. It’s also slightly longer at the back. Most of the hair is brushed slightly forward.


Side Swept Curls

very short curly pixie cut for women


Here the hair is gently swept to the side in curls that fall over one side of the face. The sides of the hair are cut very short with a fade, but the fade is subtle as it’s not a skin fade. It’s a very feminine cut with a tomboyish edge.


Tall Fohawk and Skin Fade

This look has some very tall hair along the top of the head, and the sides are kept short and tight. However, there’s a sharp skin fade midway down the head that makes the hair look very interesting. It’s an edgy, rocker-chick look that’s also modern and trendy.


Wide Fohawk Style

very short spiky blonde hairstyle


This hair has a wide fohawk style to it. The entire top of the head is covered in thick hair that stands tall, and the back of the hair has bristly hair that’s still quite thick. The sides of the hair are shaved very nicely, and they have a subtle skin fade.


Grey Pixie Cut

Very Short Hairstyles

If you are bored of getting the same hair colors done every time, then now is your time for a change. Go grey with your hair and make a bold style statement. Keep it really short in a pixie cut.

This is one style that shows that even a shot pixie cut can look edgy and super fashionable. If you do not want to flaunt a cute look then this one is just the right fit for your needs.


Very Short Pixie

Very Short Hairstyles

With this hairstyle you can go even shorter than the pixie if you want. The first step towards getting this hairstyle is coloring your hair grey.

The sides of the hair are kept really short and the hair in the center is longer than the sides. Keep it messy with this hairstyle and do not make it too well brushed and neat to complete this look.


Layered Blonde Pixie Cut

Very Short Hairstyles

For the beautiful blonde bombshells, the right short hairstyle is here. Go one step further than the regular pixie cut with this amazing hairstyle. Keep it layered to bring some texture to the regular haircut.

Let the layers fall over your forehead to bring a nice feminine look. The layers at the center of your hair should be longer than the hair on the sides and your look is done.


Textured Short Wavy Haircut

Very Short Hairstyles

You can add some texture to your regular hair with this style. This one looks the best on dark hair but you can try it even if you are a blond or a red-head.

Create a parting on the left side of your hair and then keep the rest of the hair wavy. It will be best if you can cut your hair in a layer style. The popularity of this hairstyle stems from the fact that it gives volume to your normal hair.


Short Hairstyle with Bangs

Very Short Hairstyles

This short hairstyle is the ideal match for the ladies with straight hair. There is no need to worry if you do not have poker straight hair as the hair straightener can always come to your rescue.

Keep the hair short with long bangs in front. Make a division on the left side of your hair but do not make it too prominent. Brush your hair well and that completes the look.


Edgy Short Pixie Cut

Very Short Hairstyles

If you are really into hair experiments, then you will love this hairstyle for sure. Everything right from the cut to the color of this hairstyle speaks of daring style.

Get a platinum blonde color done to your hair. Then for the haircut, keep it short at the back of your head but long and messy for the front portions of your hair. Let the locks fall over your forehead showing the strong and independent woman in you.


Short Boyish Haircut

Very Short Hairstyles

This hairstyle has been tailor-made for you if you are someone too worried about what style to get for your thin hair. This haircut is almost boyish but it gives you a pretty and cute look.

This one is the right addition to your fun persona. Just keep a bit longer on the left side of the right-parting. Add some light layers to your hair and the job is done.


Very Short Buzz Cut for Women

Very Short Hairstyles

The buzz cut is not just for men. The women can rock it too with equal style and panache. Keep it really short and cropped for this look. It looks its best on the brunette beauties.

The best thing about this style is that it has the lowest demand when it comes to maintenance. You just need to brush it once and it stays that way.


Cute Short Hairstyle

Very Short Hairstyles

The fact that short hairstyles can be really cute is made evident by this hairstyle that is very popular among the women around the world.

The cutest part is that the end of the hair is kept tapered in a nicely trimmed way. This one makes you look way younger and is a versatile haircut that you can try in party or office.


Short Cropped Haircut

Very Short Hairstyles

The fact that you have kept your hair short creates more options for you to style it just as you want. Go blonde or even platinum blonde for the hair color.

As far as the haircut is concerned, you need to keep it cropped on the sides and the back of the head. Do not brush it too well but do not make it too messy as well. Keep it only slightly messy on the front side of your hair.


Fade Buzz Cut

Very Short Hairstyles

One of the most tending hairstyles of the present times is the fade hairstyle. Here the hair looks like it is fading in length from the middle of the hair to both sides and the back of your head.

The hair on the sides is cropped so much in this that the skin starts showing and this is what makes it a really edgy look suited to the daring ones.


Copper Blonde Pixie Cut

Very Short Hairstyles

The beauty of the copper blonde hair color is that it looks good on most of the skin tones. Besides, it looks absolutely natural and stunning on women of all ages.

Go for a regular pixie cut after getting the color done on your hair. This is the style for the ones who prefer going the conventional way.


Funky Short Haircut with Bangs

Very Short Hairstyles

Create a buzz cut on the extreme sides of your head and then a next layer of a bit longer hair is kept. The longest lock of hair is kept at the center of the head and then it is pulled forward like a bang to cover the forehead.


Side Swept Short Hairstyle

Very Short Hairstyles

Bring out the beautiful features of your face with this hairstyle. Keep the hair short and create the parting on the left side of your hair.

Then brush the hair well to complete this really nice and conventional look that stands out in any occasion. The good thing is that it looks great with any dress or suit that you want to wear with this hairstyle.


Short Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

Very Short Hairstyles

Bangs look cute in the way that they give a nice definition to your face. So go ahead and ask your stylist to make nice bangs on your short hair.

Bangs are one of the ultimate in looking like fun and feminine in one go. You can be of any age and this style will still suit you just perfectly. So try this for the next outing with friends or the special someone.


Short Blonde Shaggy Hairstyle

Very Short Hairstyles

There are three things to know about this hairstyle- Keep it short, make it blonde and let it be messy. There are no partings required for this one though you can sweep your hair in any direction that you want to bring your look to completion.

Though blondes look great with this style, the brunettes can give it a try too. It will look stunning on them as well.


Cropped Pixie Haircut

Very Short Hairstyles

Crop your hair and make a regular pixie cut on it. This is the style that is bound to be one of the favorites of you. Be ready to fall in love with this one thanks to cute and comfy goodness of this haircut.


Short Spiky Hairstyle for Women

Very Short Hairstyles

Get hold of some hair gel and create spikes all through the middle of your hair. You can create the sides lightly spiky too. The best part about this one is that you can flaunt it and change it at will. You can wear this to the next party of yours.