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30 Effortless Medium Bob Hairstyles To Try Out (2024 Guide)

Want to give your hair the life-changing hairstyle it needs? A medium bob is always a stylish option, regardless of your age, face shape, or hair type. Yes, you’ll want to complement your features, but you can still choose a style that makes you feel beautiful and unique.

There are many styles of mid-length bobs to choose from, but we have 30 of the very best right here on our list. So, let’s take a look at what we have to offer!

1. Medium Inverted Bob

An inverted bob is a beautifully styled haircut you never knew you needed! Characterized by long hair around the face and short, stacked hair at the nape of the neck, inverted bobs have tons of movement and stylishly show off shiny locks.


2. Stacked Bob

Inverted bobs aren’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for a low-key version of this look, try a medium stacked bob. By tapering the ends of hair at the nape of the neck, your bob is given an instant lift and a beautiful round shape.


3. Angled Medium Bob

Take your bob from basic to beautiful with a medium angled bob. With this look, your hair is long enough to frame your face and show off your unique texture. Control the severity of your angled cut through the stacked hair and the nape of your neck.


4. Asymmetrical Bob

Not everyone wants to fit in, some babes want to stand out! A  medium asymmetrical bob is a perfect way to do it. Forget about sacrificing gorgeous color or texture and show it off with longer length on your preferred side and a shorter cut on the other.


5. Medium A-Line Bob

A-line bobs are probably the most popular of all bob hairstyles. Why? Because the gradual length frames nearly every face shape beautifully and works with every hair type. As for color, that choice is left to you!


6. Layered Bob

For thin hair types, a medium-layered bob is an excellent choice. Layers give life to thin hair, adding instant body and dimension. Go for all-over layers or focus them on the lower portion of the hair for subtle texture.


7. Medium Bob with Bangs

Bangs are a naturally logical detail for bob hairstyles. They hide a large forehead and add cohesiveness to a short style. Short fringes show off eyebrows and have a quirky appeal while longer fringes look great wispy or swept to one side.


8. Bob for Fine Hair

Fine hair texture does extremely well in a medium-length bob hairstyle. On longer hairstyles, fine hair lacks necessary body. When cut short, however, fine hair suddenly appears thicker.


9. Medium Thick Bob

Even thick hair can rock a medium cut bob hairstyle. You may want to consider bangs, feathered ends or layers to break up bulk and add some personality to your look.


10. Curly Bob

Curly hair can quickly become bushy and bulky when cut short. Ear-length bob with plenty of layers cut throughout the hair, however, will give it the shape and style it needs.


11. Wavy Bob

Looking to spice up your medium length bob? Subtly soft waves are not only easy to wear but look pretty and pulled together, whether it’s your natural hair texture or not.


12. Straight Bob

Medium Straight Bob

If you’re thinking of cutting your straight hair into a medium bob, let your part craft your style. A side part is sweet and defines the face while a center part looks chic with curled under ends.


13. Blonde Bob

Medium Blonde Bob

Blondes know how damaging the light color can be, that’s why many go for a short, sassy style like a shoulder-length bob. Wear it down and textured or throw it up in a half-up bun for a casual, flirty look.


14. Messy Bob

Long, messy hair can be too much. On a bob, however, it looks sexy. Give your wavy, curly, or frizzy texture that bedhead feel without having to worry about perfection.


15. Medium Braided Bob

Braids aren’t just for long hair. In fact, they make beautiful details for medium bobs that are also functional. Braid hair back to pull it out of your face or go for a face-framing braid crown.


16. Medium Blunt Bob

Blunt cut hairstyles give an aura of freshness. Show off your clean, trendy bob style with a length that frames the chin.


17. Shaggy Bob

We love a good shag hairstyle for the edgy babe. This style adds lots of layers to your medium bob that start around the eyes. Side swept or long center part bangs complete the look.


18. Choppy Bob Cut

We most often think of pixies when we think of short, choppy styles, but your bob can be choppy, too. Razors are perfect for creating these edgy layers.


19. Middle Part Bob

Middle parts look so sleek on medium-length bobs, especially if your hair is straight. Blunt cut ends pull the style together best for the ultimate ‘boss babe’ look.


20. Side Parted Medium Bob

Side parts are perfect for medium bobs as they soften strong jawlines and highlight cheekbones. Incorporate side swept bangs to frame your eyes.


21. Undercut Bob 

Add a touch of edgy to your medium bob hairstyle with an undercut. To create this look, shave a portion of hair behind the ear and leave the other side long and sleek.


22. Medium Swing Bob

A swing bob uses movement to define its shape. Typically, lots of layers move the energy of the hair cut forward to frame your lovely face.


23. Bob with Side Bangs

Create loads of style with bangs on your medium bob. Whether your hair is pin straight or gorgeously wavy, side bangs can define your face and frame your beautiful eyes.


24. Textured Bob

Medium-length bobs can be perfect for managing hair with lots of natural texture. Instead of fighting texture, let it give your bob the gorgeous shape you desire, stress-free.


25. Mid-length Razor Bob

Razor cuts are great for bob hairstyles. This tool can create choppy texture that is perfect for creating layers that can bulk up fine hair or minimize thick hair for movement.


26. Asian Bob

Looking to add some interest to your naturally straight texture? Bobs create instant style to frame your gorgeous face and make getting ready quick and easy.


27. Bob for Round Faces

Oftentimes, short hairstyles emphasize a round face, while most women are looking to minimize the shape. Details like choppy bangs, side parts, or layers can miraculously lean out full cheeks.


28. Medium Black Bob

Medium bobs are gorgeous on black hair. The shorter style can be easier to care for and keep hydrated while still encouraging growth. Suit your face shape with a side or center part.


29. Bob for Women Over 50

Many women over 50 choose to cut their hair into shorter lengths. Medium bobs suit brittle, aging hair in way that is still stylish and sophisticated.


30. Bob Weave

Maybe you’re having trouble growing out your hair or you simply wish to create a brand new bob that is colorful or textured. Shoulder-length bob weaves are the perfect way to protect your existing hair while encouraging its growth and showing off your current mood.


Certainly, your next medium bob hairstyle is on our list. You can choose an inverted, A-line shape, cut choppy layers, a shag, or keep it sleek and straight with a center part. How you choose to wear your bob hairstyle is truly up to you!