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30 Stunning French Braids for Genuinely Marvelous Looks

It’s crazy to imagine that the French braids we love today have actually been around for centuries. The more intricate version of regular braids, these braids are stylish and versatile while protecting your hair.


What is French Braid?

The basic French braid is done starting from the front portion of the head which extends till the nape of the neck. It is done by dividing the hair into three sections. The braid is started by gathering hair from the sides and adding to the main sections till it reaches the back of the head. There are many variations of the French braid too.


How to French Braid Your Hair?

To get a neat and classy French braid, simple steps must be followed:

  • Brush the hair gently to remove all tangles and make it smooth and fine for braiding the hair.
  • Depending on the type of braid, make sections in the hair. If a single braid is to be made, the hair must be brushed backwards. For side braids, the hair must be side parted.
  • As soon as the hair is ready, the sections must be made. The largest section must be made at the top center of the head.
  • The section must be divided into three parts. The three sections of the hair must have an equal thickness and should not vary from other sections.
  • The French braid begins with the normal traditional braid. Holding two sections in one hand and the other section, on the other hand, a traditional braid has to be made till a few rows have been completed.
  • Afterwards, make the traditional braid, gather small sections of hair and keep adding them to the main braid. Keep doing this on both sides of the head.
  • As the braid is running down, the free hair should have finished as all the hair is gathered in the braid.
  • After all the hair has been added, finish off the braid as the traditional braid at the end f the ponytail. Secure with a rubber band or ponytail holder.


How to Maintain French Braid?

French braid or any kind of hairstyle will only look good when maintained properly. For the hairstyle to look good for a greater amount of time, it is essential to follow certain steps.

  • While making the French braid, ensure that the hair strands are added properly and tightly so that there is no stray hair sticking out.
  • Make sure the hair is well moisturized and hydrated. Dry hair is not only difficult for making the braid but also difficult to maintain. If possible gel your hair properly before making the French braid.
  • Styling products and sprays can be used to set the hairstyle and keep it in place.
  • After the braid is done, make sure to add finishing touches so that there are no extra strands left behind.


Different Variations of French Braids

From buns and crowns to braids with weaves, we’ve got every french braid style covered.

1. Two French Braids

Double French braids can be worn straight down the back, but we love them tucked up in a perfect up-do. Two braids are great for play and even formal occasions.


2. Braided Pigtails

Your french braids don’t need to go all the way. Braided pigtails are very popular these days, whether your hair is wavy or pin straight.


3. Fishtail French Braid

Fishtail french braids are that intricate-looking style that is actually easy to create. This protective hairstyle gets easier with practice, so pop on a Youtube video and start today.


4. Side Braid

French braids don’t have to be an all-over style. Side braids are perfect as a detail on romantic up-dos. Add just one-or a ton- depending on your overall vibe.


5. French Braided Ponytail

Instead of rocking a simple ponytail, create a french braid along your scalp. Tease your hair at the crown for added height or keep it sleek and simple.


6. French Braided Bun

You can never go wrong with a classic french braided bun. Completely braid hair for a braided bun or tie unbraided hair into a lovely chignon. The choice is yours!


7. Braided Updo

If you’re looking to make a simple up-do unique, a little french braid detail at the back of the head will do. A looser braid is better for a sophisticated vibe.


8. Short French Braid

Short hair, don’t care! All you need is a few inches of hair to create a beautiful french braid. For short hairstyles, french braid details look beautiful along the forehead.


9. Long French Braid

Long hair can be a chore to maintain. To keep locks healthy and free from tangles, opt for a beautiful yet simple french braid.


10. Braid with Weave

Weaves encourage the growth of your natural hair, so coupled with a protective french braid style, you’re ready to go. Consider some fun colors for added playfulness.


11. Braid for Kids

Kids are messy and don’t always care for their hair. French braid styles like up-dos keep hair out of the way during play and look age-appropriate for formal occasions.


12. Half Up Half Down Braid

Nothing says romance quite like a half-up style with a french braid. Take it all around the head for a crown style or try it on one side for an unexpected twist.


13. French Braid Crown

For a look that conveys simplicity and beauty, go for a stunning braid crown. If the pulled back look isn’t your thing, leave a few tendrils to fall along the cheekbones.


14. Upside Down French Braid

Why start at the top when your french braid can begin at the bottom? Upside down french braids are popular for cool updos like space buns.


15. Reverse French Braid

There is so much hidden detail on regular french braid styles. The reverse french braid simply turns braids inside out while still maintaining that protective hold on hair.


16. Braid with Bangs

In case you were wondering, french braids look gorgeous with bangs. Short, choppy bangs may look strange, but a fringe on the longer side works well with the style.


17. 4 French Braids

French braids don’t have to be one and done. They don’t have to be double braids, either. Four french braids make for a funky look and work well on ultra thick hair.


18. Feed-in Braids

Looking to incorporate extensions into your french braids? The feed in braid technique lets you braid extensions into your natural hair, strand by strand, for a stunning look.


19. French Twist Braid

Foster your creativity with a french braid that is unique. French twist braids involve twisting each section of hair as you braid for added dimension.


20. Loose Braid

Tight braids have better hold but can grow uncomfortable over time. A loose french braid is not only easier on the scalp but is also dreamy and feminine. Use hairspray to make it last.


21. Big French Braid

French braids are as flexible as your desires. If you want a french braid that wows, take up larger sections of hair when braiding and make your style as big as possible.


22. French Braided Mohawk

French braids tend to be sweet, while a mohawk is anything but. Combining the two, however, looks undoubtedly cool. Consider smaller braids on each side for extra flair.


23. French Braided Dreads

Even babes with dreads can wear a pretty French braid. Handle dreads delicately as you weave them into a loose braid pattern.


24. Braid on Curly Hair

On curly hair, french braids look super natural. Before creating a french braid crown or half-up style, be sure hair doesn’t have any knots or tangles.


25. Front French Braid

French braids are pretty down the back of the head, but are statement-making along the the forehead. The style is perfect for growing out bangs or keeping hair out of your face.


26. Headband Braid

Who needs an actual headband when you can create one with a french braid? This style is pretty, easy, and won’t create any tension that a real headband might.


27. Messy French Braid

No one said french braids have to be perfect. In fact, a messy french braid can be ethereal or even sexy, given the right occasion. Keep your braid loose when going for a messy vibe.


28. Pull Through Braid

The cool part about a pull-through french braid is that no braiding is involved at all. With the pull through technique, you’ll give off the illusion of an impressive french braid.


29. Waterfall Braid

Waterfall french braids are more and more popular these days. These braids seem to flow like water and have that perfect ‘undone’ look that feels effortless yet chic.


30. Braided Space Buns

Who doesn’t love some funky space buns? French braids are the perfect detail that not only perfectly accessorizes space buns, but helps keep the overall style in place.


After viewing these inspirational french braid hairstyles, it’s easy to see the wide range of styles you can choose from. It’s hard to choose just one, so switch up your braids each day for added fun.