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Top Hair Trends to Follow This Year – Transform Yourself into a New You

When it comes to women and hairstyle, we should consider ourselves lucky that we can go for ample hairstyles. Length doesn’t matter as long as you got the new hairstyle that just shouts “Wow!” Playing with the latest hair trends gives you the freedom to have fun with colors, styles, layers to wear on any dress with flawless makeup.

If you are someone who likes to have a perfect trendy hairstyle that not just catches attention but also, makes you the talk of the town, why don’t you explore some of our top 15 hairstyles? These are exclusively chosen by the top stylists of the world.

Let’s start, shall we?

Top Hair Trends to Follow This Year – Transform Yourself into a New You

Our Top Favorite – Pixie Haircuts

  • Classic Rose Gold Pixie Cut

Shaved haircuts are becoming popular these days. They are absolutely cool if you ask me. A bold move to look cool and sexy at the same time. You can start with a simple half-shaved head while keeping short hair on one side. To make this more lovable, you can go for 2024’s best color; rose gold.

Hair Trends

It is a popular pixie hair cut that is catching everyone’s attention. All you need is a perfect dress to rock on this look. This is a perfect look in case if you are a biker.

  • Cute and Short Hair Style

Celebrities got it all, don’t they? Their stylists are ready to give them a new makeover just to keep them updated with the latest trends. This is one of the cutest hairstyles that is trending since decades and still makes into the top hairstyle lists.

Hair Trends

It is short and has beautiful bangs up front. You can just add a beige color with a dark shaded tone underneath, and you are good to go. Just don’t forget a bright red lipstick with a killer dress. Short, cute and simply perfect for anyone who wants to look great this new year.

Perfect Blunt Bob Cuts

  • Short Strawberry Blonde Hair

Strawberry Blonde is trending among young girls. It is a new color, yet very eye-pleasing. Looking for something beautiful like strawberry hues is ideal for your next easy hairstyle in 2024.

Hair Trends

In this, you can go for chin length short hair simply known as Fringed Pixie. It is perfect on someone with diamond and heart-shaped face with a border jawline. Young college girls can definitely enjoy this ultra-short style this new academic year.

This is simply ideal for you if you are looking for a hairstyle that is easily manageable yet stands out in the crowd. Get this look and feel new!

  • Lucy Boynton’s Trending Hair Style of 2024

Lucy Boynton does know her way standing magnificent in the crowd, doesn’t she? Perfect dress, makeup and not to mention the trending topic in the fashion industry, the blunt bob cut!

Hair Trends

Blunt bob cuts have always been there in the industry, but this one is absolutely divine. It is sharp, choppy and very unfussy. This is a perfect, yet strong bob cut that everyone now wants to copy immediately.

If you are looking for this bob cut, remember you need to maintain it very well. Start by trimming it every 6 weeks. Do not forget to shampoo and condition to get the best look from this!

Eye-Catching Silver Hair

  • Balayage Ombre Hairstyle

If you want to update your look while maintaining your medium to long hair, then try this hairstyle. It is not only perfect but is currently loved by tons of people out there. It is a sexy shimmering silver-blonde hairstyle that is perfect for anyone who wants to look like an Instagram model.

Hair Trends

You can get any silver-blonde color and just ask your stylist to get your hair a balayage ombre. This will make your hair stand out in the crowd and give you model look for sure. A dark shaded tone underneath is enough to make it even more attractive.

  • Hot Silver Pixie Haircut

Gone are the days when a pixie haircut would be based on the real hair color. Nowadays, silver, grey, pink, green and blue are trending colors and suits a pixie cut quite well.

Hair Trends

Looking forward to enhancing your appearance? Well, this pixie with hot silver is perfect for you. It is currently trending and very much famous among the young Instagram models. It is a new color on this look but suits anyone with a bold and sexy jawline, preferably suitable for heart-shaped or diamond shaped face. If you love makeup, don’t forget to highlight and intensify your smoldering looks!

V-Shaped Hair

  • Balayage V-Shaped Hairstyle

If you have medium to long thick hair and you want to give it a little update with the latest trend, this is a perfect hairstyle for you. This specific hairstyle is a shoulder-length bob with layers. If you want to maintain the length of your hair, we can update it with a V-cut followed by a color of your choice with balayage.

Hair Trends

You will look lovely indeed!

This look will be especially suitable for women in their mid-30s to mid-40s. If you are a working woman, try this hairdo and surprise your family, friends, and coworkers. A professional look always matters, isn’t it?

  • V-Shaped Layered Haircut

Got thick hair? Want to get something trendy, classy and eye-catching? Try this haircut! You can get a V-Shaped haircut and in the process, the stylist will layer your hair almost similar to feature cut.

Hair Trends

It will create tousled volume and you can further make this better with choppy layers with suitable highlights. You can just get a new dress and honey, flick those lustrous locks because you deserve it!

Remember to maintain this hairstyle with regular trimming. And yes, care for your hair cut with suitable shampoo and conditioner.

Hair Extensions

Ombre Brown and Blonde Hair Extension

If you are looking for a one-time thing which is effortless and simply perfect to look extraordinary on a day, why not go for extensions? These are easy to add and remove from your hair without damaging your hair, as coloring does.

Hair Trends

Hair extensions are made up of synthetic fibers and suits well with your hair. You add a lighter or darker shade to your hair to get a new classy look. All you need is to select a hair extension and ask you, stylist, to work around it. And voila! You are ready to look gorgeous on birthdays, family parties, weddings; you name it!

  • Blonde Curly Haircut

Planning on looking gorgeous with a few hair extensions just to volumize your hair? Well, get the suitable hair extensions and ask your stylist to work her/his magic. With hair extensions, you can even cut them and get the latest styles. The best part is that you can curl them and look fabulous as ever. No need for heating your actual hair! Awesome isn’t it? All you need is a perfect dress; makeup and you are good to go!

Hair Trends

Mushroom Brown Hair

  • Side Swept Bob

A perfect side-swept bob can look much better with mushroom brown or metallic pearl grey hair color. It is the newest hair color and quite sleek. You got everything you need in this hairstyle – haircut and color. It is a match made in heaven!

Hair Trends

You can ask your stylist to create this semi-ash hair color with a series of lowlights and highlights on top of an ash born bases to create the flawless look. One of the best parts about this is how the ash color undertones and cancels the grays, marvelous isn’t it?

Whether you are a working or college lady, you better upgrade your style this 2024!

  • Layered Shag

Mushroom brown hair with gray ombré brown hair on a layered shag looks perfect than ever!  The hair color we’re talking about incorporates highlights and lowlights in a perfect ratio to give out the best look. Yes, this color quite new yet very attractive, indeed.

Hair Trends

Now that we have entered 2019 though it is only 4th month, you ought to get this look with the sexist and hottest hair color this year! Everyone’s talking about it and the fashion industry loved this striking look!

Impress your family, friends, and coworkers with this perfect piece of the beautiful trend. Go and conquer the crowd, girl!

Rose Gold Hair

  • Long Wavy Rose Gold Hair

Do you have long hair that you desperately want to transform into something spectacular? Well, why not get a simple trim and just go for a perfect color of 2024 – the rose gold. Rose gold is becoming popular and is one of the top colors of this year. It is simply eye-catching!

Hair Trends

It is a hair color; every girl would definitely envy. If you dark shaded hair, you can first bleach it with the help of your stylist or colorist. You will then get your hair colored with rose gold color. Just walk into a salon and ask them to work their magic! To make this a little more attractive, just add a dark shade underneath and you are good to go!

  • Angled Bob with Rose Gold Hue

Rose gold is trending as mentioned earlier. You can see young girls and boys with this amazing color on Facebook and Instagram. It is dusty with this beautiful antique rose theme. This is a perfect color that suits every skin color.

Hair Trends

If you are looking for an angled bob, definitely get that hairstyle along with this color. You can be your own Instagram celebrity! And for college girls, you can rock this even more. All you need is a perfect outfit and you are good to go!

Remember to maintain this look with a regular trim and yes, never forget the all favorite color conditioner.

Baby Blonde Hair

  • Cute Baby Blonde Hair Color

When it comes to long hair, you can always experiment. Just trimming a little, making it further perfect with adding color and texture is something you ought to look forward this year. This is a perfect summer style, perfect for anyone who wants to make their summer a memorable with parties and lots of fun.

Hair Trends

To rock this baby blonde hair, it is recommended by celebrity hair colorists to keep your hair long to make it totally worth. And yes, always make sure to keep your hair healthy and shiny with proper care.

  • Low Maintenance Blonde

If you are a natural blond and want to just update your looks, it is better to have some lowlights and highlights. It is a simple low maintenance blond look but looks great of dark-toned outfits.

Hair Trends

You can ask your stylist to add a dark brown and white as the highlights while light shaded brown being the lowlight. Let the experts work their magic and you’ll see the difference! You will look perfect than ever! And yes, nothing beats an ideal hairstyle to rock this old fashioned hair color.

Straight Haircuts

  • Past the Shoulder Haircut

It is a beautiful haircut where the perfect slant at the bottom of the hair. It starts from the neck and passes by the shoulder, creating this amazing look anyone. The best part about this look is to get honey highlights with balayage.

Hair Trends

You can straighten them, half curl them and look amazing any occasion. This is a perfect look for college students. It is awesome! And yes, perfect for college parties too.

  • Hailey Baldwin Blunt Bob

A chin-length blunt bob suits perfectly on Hailey Baldwin. It is refreshing and absolutely, popular during summertime. It is blunt and super straight at the bottom.

Hair Trends

You can try this look this summertime and just to make it more appealing, try getting some lowlights and highlights. All you need is a perfect makeup, dress and you are good to show off your bold, hot look!

Bold Accessories

  • Hair Clip Trend

A perfect haircut, dress, makeup is everyone’s dream. To be the at the center of attention or just be a gorgeous hotshot in the crowd. Now that we have entered 2019, there is always something coming up in the industry. This year, we have hair clips!

Hair Trends

Hair-clips use to the most required accessories back in the 90’s, but hey, they use to be quite colorful. Now in 2024, we are opting for gold and solver hair clip with various styles. It is an Instagram jewelry trend, you know.

All you need is to perfectly comb your hair keeping half on either side and further add 2-3 hair clips. Make sure they’re unique with the same color as golden, silver and platinum blond.

  • Triangular Hair Clip

Got short hair? When it comes to short hair, you got nothing to do. A simple hair care is enough, isn’t it? But if you got a party to attend and you want to look a little more awesome, why not get some hair clips?

Hair Trends

You can get a unique hair-clip with platinum gold shade and you are good to go. A wild look with makeup, dress, jewels and this, is perfect!

Cool Top Knots

  • Top Knot with Natural Makeup

We all know how natural makeup is currently trending. It is all natural and looks perfect on everyone. It brings out the real you and just gives you a simple look. Since 2017, this trend is still on the list. If you are opting for a simple, natural look, why not get a top knot? It is easy to create and looks great.

Hair Trends

A top knot bun always looks stylish and is created from wrapping your hair in a bun on the crown area of your head. It gives you a classy yet versatile look! You can wear this at any party or even on your night out with friends and family.

  • A Half Bun on Short Hair

Got short hair? Well, if you want to have your forehead clear of all the messy hair, then why not create a top bun? All you need is to comb your hair perfectly. Take a rat tail comb and create two sections in the middle of your hair – on either side. Now you can take the middle hair and comb it again. Create a loop and cover it with the hair. And voila! You have a bun! This is perfect for anyone despite their age. It is simple to create and just perfect.

Hair Trends

Glossy Shiny Hair

  • Sleek Ponytail Runway

Sometimes, all you need is to just look simply yet have a classic and bold look. You can start with a simple sleep ponytail famous at the runway shows. In just a few steps, you’ll get your favorite look.

Hair Trends

Step 1 – Texturize your hair with a suitable hairspray (L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray)

Step 2 – Bow dry your hair

Step 3 – Brush your hair back towards the either side of your head (At the neck area)

Step 4 -Tightly hold your hair and tie a knot

Step 5 – Hide the tie with a strand of hair (optional)

Step 6 – Fix loose strands of hair with the mentioned spray

And voila, you are good to go!

  • Nicole Warne’s Glossy and Shiny Hairstyle

In 2013, Nicole Warne made it to “This Week’s Top 10 Celebrity Beauty Looks” at PopSugar. She looked stunning than ever with flawless makeup and of course, hairstyle. She had her hair angled bob and had this shimmering texture even they were plain black. To get this look, you can obviously start with an angled bob cut followed by a shimmer spray.

Hair Trends

You can just talk with your stylist and get the suitable shimmering spray for you! Look perfect, flawless and shimmery wherever you go.

Wispy Bangs

  • Wispy Bangs for Oval Face

Adding bangs to your hairstyle can be fun. You can change your look and get a fresh style. You can for long, heavy bangs just hitting your mid-eyebrows. They are straight across and you can push them to the side if you wish. Styling is easy with bangs!

Hair Trends

Long hair or mid-level hair is perfect to get bangs. They look beautiful and you can style them however you like.

You can further make your style cooler by just getting some highlights. This will upgrade your appearance and make you look much hotter than ever.

  • Bob cut with Bangs

If you have short hair and you want to get a new, fresh look, why not go for front bangs? You can ask your stylist to trim your hair and just give you front bangs. These will definitely uplift your look to a new level.

Hair Trends

It is perfect your anyone despite the age. This look is way easy to manage and is flawless. A dress and makeup are just enough to get you the attention you want!

Feathered Hair

  • Feathered Short Hair with Bangs

If you are looking for a hairstyle easy to manage and care for, try getting feathered short hair. The feathery texture is quite sexy and suits woman of all ages. And yes, you can further update this by getting some front bangs.

Hair Trends

This hairstyle is very easy to manage and care for. Simple hair care tricks can work just wonders your looks. Remember to trim your hair to maintain this gorgeous look.

Elderly women defiantly enjoy this look since short hair suits them. It is a flawless look indeed. You can stand out in the crowd where you are as a modern, sexy grandma.

  • Feathered Long Hair with Side Bangs

Long hair is tough to manage, especially when it comes to freshening up your style. You can do anything with it but needs to suit your face and style.

Hair Trends

If you have long and dull hair, try getting this style. All you need is to get a feathered haircut. And then get lowlights and highlights to make your style more appealing than ever. And yes, don’t forget to get some side bangs.

Balayage Hair

  • Partial Highlights on Brown Hair

Looking for something non-fancy yet attractive hair color? Well, why not try partial highlights on brown hair? It is just simply a flawless color and freshens up your look to a new level!

Hair Trends

This is platinum blonde highlights on ashy brown hair. Isn’t it beautiful? It gives off sun-kissed feelings. It is natural looking and looks great on brown hair!

Whether you are a working woman, homemaker or even a college student, this hair color can work wonders on you! Try this, to look the new you this 2024.

  • Red Balayage Short Hair

If you are looking for something sexy, unique and very eye-catching, try this copper red balayage on an angled bob. This hairstyle slims your face down and creates an illusion of a thin and well-balanced face.

Hair Trends

Yes, indeed it is a great look. So, why not have this look with this hair color. If you have a tattoo on the neck, you can further enhance your style with this.

Hey guys! We love our readers and we do everything help you out with the latest trends and style in the industry. Feel free to like, comment and share this with your friends. Stay tuned for more.