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30 Low Fade Haircuts – Time for Men to Rule the Fashion

A haircut can create or destroy any person’s look and the sort of style they have. There are many various hairstyles for men, but short hairstyles are much more popular, then medium length and longer hairstyles. Lots of trendy hairstyles for men have come up in contemporary fashion and today hairstyles.

There are several ways by which men can style their hairs. Some of the factors like clothing, facial structure, age, and complexion significantly affect men’s haircut. Men can choose from the vast selection of hairstyles considering these factors.

Short hairstyles can be fun, sleek and unique, and are termed as a classic hairstyle for men. The fade cut can be defined as a hairstyle that features the gradual transition from short to long hair. The fade is another short men’s hairstyle that has multiple exceptions.

To name a few fade cuts, there is the low fade, flat top fade, Brooklyn Fade, Philly fade, and temple fade.  This is a type of tapered cut. This one is similar to another popular style, the Flattop cut and this hairstyle is tailor-made for showing off strong chiseled looking faces perfectly.

Men always pay close attention to the kind of haircuts and hairstyles they get we are presenting the Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles that will be trending in this New Year.


30 Low Fade Haircuts – Time for Men to Rule the Fashion

Side Parted Medium Fade Cut

This cut is meant for those men who want combed textured hair along with a fade. Simply go for a medium fade cut, do a side parting, comb your hair cleanly towards the other side and flaunt your sexy hair with any outfit at any occasion.

Men, as well as boys, love to carry this style since the maintenance is less in this one and the overall appearance it gives is dashing.

Low Fade Haircuts


Medium Shaped-Up Fade

This is a short fade that will appeal to men who don’t like to bother with too much styling. The fading commences in the center of the forehead and goes further down to about 2 to 4 inches above the ears.

To create a shaped-up appearance, the top part is neatly trimmed by the scissors. Comb it up a little or finger into place with just a little bit of gel to set up the look.

While you may have to cut it more often to maintain the style, about every alternate month or so, the ease of styling this particular Medium shaped-up fade haircut is what makes it a favorite among busy men today.

Low Fade Haircuts


Taper Fade

To get this style, all you need is to do a simple taper fade in which the hair will be gradually tapered at the back and side. In modern times, this is one of the most loved haircuts. Almost anybody can adopt this hairstyle.

If you need a simple, sober and safer haircut having an edgy, experimental thrill of styling with your hair, then this one is just for you.  If you have a curly hair, the taper fade also does quite a good job.

Low Fade Haircuts


Taper Haircut Low Fade

This haircuts give more texture to your hair and look good almost kind of face shapes.   If you have somewhat straight hair or absolutely straight, then this hairstyle will surely work best for you.  Similar to mid fade, Taper low fade has a great outlook.

However, the difference lies in the fact that it starts at the low end of the hairline and the sides. As it’ll blend perfectly with your beard, a low fade is also loved by men who have long full beards.

Low Fade Haircuts


Feathered Fades

This is a type of fade haircut that became popular in the 1990’s and needs a high-top hairstyle. It can be held a low fade formed as a supplemental style to form up the top part. Primarily, what it does is make an edge to secure the top style more accessible.

The fading itself is quite short.  The more obvious the temple fade will be the longer your top is. This kind of fade needs regular touch-ups as it can instantly combine in with the rest of your hair, particularly if the top is not too long.

Low Fade Haircuts


Scissors Fade

A scissors fade looks perfect from the very beginning and will not have you adapting to the new hairstyle. However for this haircut highly professional can only be relied upon as it needs a bit of technicality while cutting the hair to the exact degree.

Also, you have to invest a little time as well. However, the outcome is astonishing. This fade is made by using just the scissors as you can tell from the title, however, this hairstyle is created without using a trimmer.

Low Fade Haircuts


Mohawk Fade

Mohawk fade is the most popular hairstyle of the modern generation. It can be named as a mix between a low fade an undercut. In comparison to the low one, this fade is usually, a little higher.  The tapering is almost unnoticeable, and the link levels of this fade are pretty short.

In many cases, Mohawk fade is complimented by different hair designs at the shaved parts. The top styles also vary dramatically. The advantage of this fade is its popularity. With a well-made taper fade hairstyle, any men will feel confident of his looks for sure.

Low Fade Haircuts


Classical Fade

The main rule for choosing a hairstyle is as follows: If you are lost, choose the classics! The tapering starts about 3 – 4 inches above the hairline, in the classical fade hairstyle, and the fading levels are about ½ inch thick.

All around the head perimeter, the hair is faded keeping the length same throughout. It’s easy to take care of these fades. You need to go to regular trims to maintain this style.

A complete touch up spans for about 4 weeks. However, depending on the hair growth rate, it can be extended up to 6 weeks.

Low Fade Haircuts


Faded Haircut for Curly Hair

Men with curly hair always find it difficult to manage their hair as well as have very less options to try. But with this style, they can simply flaunt their curly hair in a new way.

The sides are undercut, giving you a faded look, whereas the top and the front hair are kept long so that your natural curls can be seen.

Keep the hair at the back a little short than the front ones. Comb your hair towards the front, let the strands cover your forehead, and you are ready to hit any party, meeting or outdoor event.

Low Fade Haircuts


Spiky High Faded Look

Regular fade with spikes this is another complicated variation of the regular fade haircut. Since it gives you an opportunity to experiment you can enjoy the long top hair and enjoy the stunning results.

Right now Spikes are very trendy, and they are easy to create. All you require to do is spread the gel wrapped fingers through your hair and spike it up.

Low Fade Haircuts


Low Top Fade Haircut

This hairstyle is just clean and neat and doesn’t require much effort. However, the top part is cut much shorter.  This hairstyle again is one classic fade cuts that can instantly boost an outlook and make men look and feel confident and stylish. For this hairstyle, a stylist is not required. You can create it on your own.

Low Fade Haircuts


Trim Fade with Scissors Cut

The fade haircut made by using both scissors and a trimmer always look especially effective. The lower part of the hair is left to a trimmer while the high part is cut with scissors.

The top part is left so long that it has enough space to devise some spikes and other interesting options.

Low Fade Haircuts


Regular Fade with a Wet Look

This regular fade hairstyle is easy to create thanks to the hair gel. The more gel you apply to the top hair part, the stiffer you can style the upper part. A tip is to get a hard gel that does not stick to your hair.

Low Fade Haircuts


Designer Fade Haircut

Experimentation is good, but this hairstyle goes a little way ahead. This hairstyle will instantly boost your style quotient and leave the crowd going all gaga.

This hairstyle is cool and has a definite style statement of its own which is extremely different from the other low fades. There is a designer trim that goes along the circumference and adds to the appeal of the look.

Low Fade Haircuts


Low Cropped Fade

This hairstyle requires you to go almost trimmed which can create the look. This hairstyle looks good with loose fit casual denim shirts.

The loose fit clothing goes on with the perfect contrast with the compact hairstyle and provides a very juxtaposing high built appeal. Go all macho with this look.

Low Fade Haircuts


The Afro American Low Fade

This low fade hairstyle does justice to men who have thin hair. This hairstyle is stylish and goes pretty well with almost all formal hairstyles.

One among such is wearing a tuxedo with this hairdo. This hairstyle suits best when one wants to look fashionable yet formal.

Low Fade Haircuts


Medium Shaped-Up Fade

This is a short fade that will appeal to men who don’t like to bother with too much styling. The fading starts in the middle of the forehead and goes down to about 3 inches above the ears. The top part is closely trimmed by the scissors to create a shaped-up appearance.

Low Fade Haircuts


Narrow Cropped Plus Trimmer Fade

This kind of hairstyle is very unique and uncommon. So much so that you can actually even walk a ramp with this hairdo. This hairdo is very stylish.

The hairstyle has a very narrow chiseled look and gives a definite shape to your jawline. This hairstyle does not require gel set up. The messed cropped hair on the top adds to the messy appeal.

Low Fade Haircuts


Clean Cut Fade

This hairstyle is elegant and clean. The bladed clear cuts at the temples provide a much-disciplined look that makes one look kind of stern. Also, this haircut is good for formal outlook.

Once you have this hairstyle even if you do not comb your hair, it is fine. The front has a clean razor shaped horizontal alignment.

Low Fade Haircuts


Undercut Low Fade Hairstyle

The fading layers are rather slight; however, the transition from long to short hair is obvious. This fade is leveled at a medium length and is similar to an undercut. For men who are looking for a unique hairstyle, this is a good choice.

The fade is almost bald at the back. The front portion can be spiked a little. This look gives a very sporty kind of vibe to the face and brings out the friendly persona.

Low Fade Haircuts


The Feathered Low Fade

In this hairstyle, the end or the bottom part has almost minimal or no hair. The front portion has very chiseled cut narrow spikes. The entire look has very sharp appeal to it and is a totally clean shave look.

It gives a fresh stout look to the face and slight height to the crown area of the head. Also, this hairstyle can be created with gel to get the spikes set in the front portion of the hair.

Being one among the most versatile hairstyles it will not only make a man look handsome but also portray a sophisticated personality.

Low Fade Haircuts


Side C Low Fade Haircut

This hairstyle is indeed very unique. In this hairstyle, the sides of the beard and the hairline are cut in such a way that it gives a C like the design on the cheekbones. This hairstyle requires a pro and gives a somewhat chiseled jawline.

It also makes the face looks slimmer, gives a confident look yet it is clean. The look can be styled for any glam fashion statement for a party night with friends or on your reception. This look is actually very classy.

Low Fade Haircuts


Side Low Fade Haircut

One thing that is very easy and can be easily done on your own is making the fade on the sides. This haircut is for you if you have thick hair.

This hairstyle will suit you the best especially if you want to make something special out of it. Whether you fade it low or high, both are sure to look absolutely fantastic.

Low Fade Haircuts


Conjoined Low Fade

Now this style is beyond an art piece. Fashion is what stands apart from the mundane and is yet very striking. This hairstyle portrays absolutely that.

Also, another striking note about this hairstyle is there is no gap between the beard, and the hair. It is like a neat network of interconnected hairstyle. The bear is narrow and clean or rather trimmed

Low Fade Haircuts


High Rise Scissors Fade

A scissors fade is an intricate haircut which looks splendid no matter how you style the top. A Scissors fade high rise looks great when paired with the soft and high top hairstyle.

If you are inclined to go further and fiddle around with pompadours on top or high rise spikes, you’ll positively make an impact.

Using hairspray to keep them in place and without too much hair gel, you can form a pompadour by shaping the locks with your just your fingers. The uniqueness lies in the razor trip line that goes like a narrow drift I the side hairline.

Low Fade Haircuts


Slick Look Low Fade

Hair gel can assist you to allot with the uppermost part of your fade haircut whenever you are not holding up to something unique or just forgot to clean your hair. Take a look at the picture and try to formulate a relaxed look with just your fingers.

It is on the back and sides of the head where the length of the hair is slowly reduced in until no more hair is left on the scalp or the bottom skin on the head.

Low Fade Haircuts


Blunt and Fade

To give your hair a thick and masculine look trim your bangs in a straight line. This new fade hairstyle is very effective and yet so simple. The blunt cut add to the edgy style of this entire outlook.

A look that can create a lot of buzzes is definitely something to sport to take in the limelight of any event. Well, now you know which one to go for.

Low Fade Haircuts


Low Fade Artistic Curves Hairstyle

Artistic haircuts can incorporate multiple ranges of designs. If you already have a peak hairline and have trimmed hair, then by cutting artistic faded sections you can change the style in fact dramatically.

This hairstyle makes the face look slender and contoured. For men who love style and fashion, this is the ideal hairstyle to sport.

Low Fade Haircuts


Afro Frohawk Low Fade

Fading is one such hairstyle that can incorporate a lot many designs. With Afro-textured hair, it is really easy to create a frohawk. This happens because, without any additional styling product, this type of hair keeps its shape.

Whilst allowing the frohawk to look bigger, the fade will allow you to keep more of your natural hair. This hairstyle is very cool and playful and adds great height to the crown area.

Low Fade Haircuts


Crow Cut Low Fade

This hairstyle refines sophistication and class with a hint of fashion style and coolness. This Crow cut low fade can be the ideal one to sport on an informal event yet maintain a unique and a not so casual style.

This hairstyle does require a trimmer or an electronic razor to give that clean and shaved finishing near the temples.

Low Fade Haircuts


The world of fashion comprises of both styles for women and men. Although we have a lot of options about women hairstyle not many know that even men have a huge range of option when it comes to hair styling.

The low fade haircut has become a very predominant men’s fashion style that has been trending a lot lately. In fact, Fade haircuts are among one of the most popular hairstyles for men to some extent due to the several types of fades one can ask for.

Men can choose from skin a razor, bald or fade as well as temp, drop, burst, flat top (box) and high top variations. Eventually, which short fade haircut you seek depends on the kind of style and cut you desire.

All the above-mentioned hairstyle looks completely stunning on men and needless to say they are extremely stylish and fashionable. Also, these hairstyles do not take ample amount of time to be curated and the best part is that these trendy hairstyles are extremely easy on the maintenance department which suits the quick schedule and nature of men’s lifestyle.