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20 Exclusive Teen Haircuts for Instagram and Tik Tok

Being in teenage gives you all the chance to look as pretty or as stylish as you can. This is because you get to experiment with most of the hairstyles without much worry. And if you have to look stylish, then it should be something really peppy. But many teenagers do have a problem of not getting enough time to style up because of their studies. That is why we have selected some teenage hairstyles which will not just make you look stylish but will not take more time of yours.

We know how after every few months, you want to get a new hairstyle. So, this time we have not just come up with 1 or 2 or 3 but 20 stunning and pretty teenage hairstyles to enhance your teenage beauty. Whether you are a mom of a teenage girl or a teenage girl herself, we are pretty sure that you will love these teenage hairstyles.


Teen Haircuts for Instagram and Tik Tok

Frohawk Inspired Hairstyle with Cornrows

A quite difficult one but a bold hairstyle mashup is here for all the teenager girls. However, this kind of look is mostly styled by African-American women or girls. Keeping half head hair in the form of cornrows. And the rest of them into the Frohawk style with some small buns. The hair from the buns is raised above to give it a Frohawk look. With the shiny jet black color shade, this is looking a perfect stunning style.

Teen Haircuts

One Side Thin Hair Braid with Loose Tresses

Do you want to add some style to your oh-so-simple hair look? If yes, then see this hairstyle, it is very easy to try. You may not need any stylist for this one. Just do side parting of your smooth, shiny hair. Then, form the side which has less hair, take some hair tresses and make a sleek and thin 3 strand braid. Put the braid behind the ear along with your tresses. It may look effortless, but it is gorgeous also.

Teen Haircuts

Auburn Hot Loose Wavy Hair

The shades of red on hair makes one look hot anyway. And with this auburn shade of red, these curls are looking very attractive. The tresses are parted from the center, leaving some at the back and some on the front. The front tresses are giving a frame to the face. If you have straight hair, then you can just give them a little wavy look and can simply go with this style.

Teen Haircuts

Go Straight and Blonde with the Choppy Cut

Straight hair is in not from today but from a long time. That is why trying different looks with them becomes easy because of the availability of so many hairstyles. We have chosen this specifically for teens who love the blonde shade. As here the dark and light blonde shade both are used. And the tresses are chopped in blunt cut style with layers. With layers, it is giving a different look like that of uneven tresses.

Teen Haircuts

Wavy Hair Looks from Emma Watson’s Hairstyle Collection

From Emma Watson’s dressing style to her hair look, almost every teenage girl loves it. Here, is one of the best classic and cute hairstyles from her different looks. The copper and brunette shade hair color is looking amazing on the wavy tresses. You don’t need too short hair and too long hair. With the mid-length wavy hair tresses, you can look lovely for as long as you keep this look.

Teen Haircuts

Dual Shade Short Mohawk Hairstyle

Mohawk hairstyles were quite in fashion at a time. And the trend seems to be returning in 2024, with this different Mohawk hair look. The dual shade of this hairstyle is catching attention and is looking pretty glamorous just like any model look. With the reddish blonde shade of Mohawk and the jet black short trimmed hair at one side, you will set the trend.

Teen Haircuts

Breaded Headband with Loose Waves

Why to go for just one, when you keep both braid and loose hair at the same time? Obviously, who would not like to flaunt the thick braid along with the loose, smooth waves. Especially when you have such long tresses. Wear the braid like a headband, keeping rest of your tresses at the back. If you will notice it closely, this look has three shades, Dark blonde, golden blonde, and platinum blonde shade as well.

Teen Haircuts

Boho-Inspired Side-Parted Hairstyle with Wavy Tresses

Be it any part of the world, the bohemian hairstyle is always in. It looks different, and it has a style as well. Wearing this bohemian hairstyle can win many hearts as it is reflecting the teenage vibes. The way the tresses are side parted along with those thin hair braids is quite pretty. The wavy tresses are looking very stunning with the color shade being used and how beautifully it is pinned up together at one side. Teenage girls with long natural wavy tresses must try this hair look.

Teen Haircuts

Smooth Side-Parted Tresses with Long Bangs

Beauty does lie in the simplicity, and this hairstyle is proving it. This is one of the easiest hairstyles and require very less maintenance and need no stylist. Just get your hair chopped in this look once, and then you can make it like this every day. Side part the smooth straight hair and put them at front. Leave some long side bangs covering your one side cheeks. For this style, you can choose any hair color including the one in the pic.

Teen Haircuts

Choppy Layered Tresses with Thin Bangs

Too straight or too wavy also not look good on everyone. So, chose a mid-way and go for this one. Here, is the long and slightly wavy hair which is chopped into layer cut. The thin bangs added to the temple are making a face look full. If you have a square shape face, then try this style. Use the shades of light and medium blonde, and black at the root.

Teen Haircuts

Shiny Lob with Wavy Hair

Bob cut is favorite of all, be it a teenager, a woman in late ’30s or an old lady. How about a long bob for the medium length hair with the wavy strands? You will love this look, as for a teenager, it is a match of classic and casual. And being a teenager, you will not have to put much effort into maintaining this hair look. By parting from the mid, this lob hairstyle looks very alluring.

Teen Haircuts

Braided Style with the Low Bun

Just like going for the high buns, for a change you can try this low bun hairstyle as well. A three-strand simple braid is made around the crown passing near your forehead and then above the ear. Then tie it down there in a bun. You can bring braids from both sides and can tie it below. This will give an altogether new look to your hair.

Teen Haircuts

Tousled Wavy Hair with High Ponytail

Teenagers are full of energy and that is why this wild free hair look with a high ponytail is giving a very bold and confident look. The hairdresser has made a high ponytail with a low puff on the front. The ponytail is tied with the hairs strands to make it look natural. The tousled waves from the ponytail and around the head will make one look like a damsel beauty.

Teen Haircuts

Tempting High Bun with a Bow

We have just no words for this hairstyle, as it has left us awestruck with its grace. The stylist has gracefully added all the hair from around the head to the center to form the bun. Do not let the hair go loose to give your bun a perfect look. To make the bun look high, two hair buns one above the other is made. And to tie up the bun some loose hair strands are used which are then formed in the bow look. It’s not just graceful but it will give that cute teenage look also.

Teen Haircuts

Thin Hair Half Updo Half Down Style

When you have thin hair, then there is a problem of giving volume to your hair. Now do not worry about the volume, as you can still look beautiful without it. With a puff, form a messy loose hair bun at the top of the head by taking some of the tresses from the center. Make sure you leave a good number of tresses at both sides. Add these loose hair tresses to your shoulders and some at the back to give a complete look.

Teen Haircuts

Tangled Blonde Shade Hair Chopped Bangs

If you have a hectic schedule and want to have a hairstyle which is easy to keep then go for this one. This is a famous style and in many TV shows the teenager actresses have carried this look. The wavy tangled hair is left loose on the front. And some thin chopped long bangs are added to the forehead. The bangs are long till the eyes and are beautifully placed. Keep the shade dark blonde mixed with medium blonde.

Teen Haircuts

Butter Blonde Smooth Straight Layered Hair

Keeping it simple is what in trend these days. So, go for the smooth hair look. To add grace to your hairstyle, just use the butter blonde shade. Below the mid length, cut the tresses into layers and add them on the front. Both center parting or side parting will look good with this hairstyle. Keep your hair straight only, but to make them look beautiful just give the tip of hair arc look.

Teen Haircuts

High Knot Bun Look Hairstyle

When you are bored with every other style, try this different bun style. This is a new style which you can try in 2024, without thinking much about it. As, being a new style, not many girls would have tried it. It’s a simple bun style but the bun is made with the help of a knot. At the top of your head, just take all your hair and tie it in a bun making a knot. Do not make it a big bun, so just take rest of the hair left from the bun and pin it down at back.

Teen Haircuts

Reddish Blonde Shade Twirled Hairstyle with a Crown Braid

Another hairstyle with the reddish shade to make you look gorgeous. This cannot be your everyday style, but for any party or occasion, you can try this look. Here, also the thin braid is made from left to right with the puffed hair at the front on one side. The hair will be parted from the side, to give this front look. The braid will end above the ear only. Leave rest of the tresses twirled and loose on both your shoulders.

Teen Haircuts

Sleek Short Bob with Long Edgy Bangs

Another bob cut with a different style for all the teenage girls. In general, girls keep bob hair parted from the mid, but here the parting is done from the side. Put the tresses of the side which has less hair behind the back. And the other one to the front. Bob cut being a famous short haircut, does not require much styling. In this look, the long edgy bangs are also added to make this look elegant. This is a kind of look which anyone can keep as long as they want. Do the root with dark brown blonde and the tresses in golden blonde shade.

Teen Haircuts

Styling is not only for the young adults, but even the teenagers also want to look stylish. But with the teenagers, the competition to look pretty and beautiful is more. And that is why they love experimenting with their fashion styles. Looking at all those points only, we tried our best to share some of the different hairstyles with you all. These hairstyles can be your look for 2024.

From short to long to mid-length hair, and from wavy to straight to curly hair, we shared the teenage hairstyle for all. So, that every teenage girl can try these styles. If you liked our hair styling tips for teenage girls, do let us know.