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30 Hairstyles For Teenage Girls To Look Charming

As you grow up, you develop your unique personality. You start realizing the best styles, enhancing your beauty, and helping you to stand out in the crowd. But younger men and women find it difficult to make the selection wisely. Thus, you need to pay attention to your hairstyle, during your teen years.

Teenage is a critical phase in the lives of all boys and girls. Their body and mind go through several changes. They start developing their identity. But most importantly, they want to create a positive impression on the minds of the other sex.

So, they are ready to do anything to look their best at all times. The pressure is more on teenage girls, as they face the dilemma of choosing between long and short tresses. If you have the same doubts, a quick look at some Hairstyles for Teenage Girls will offer you an easy way out.


Pretty Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

Strawberry Blonde Highlights

It’s a simple and easy hairstyle for teenage girls. Choose a strawberry blonde hue to blend well with your natural golden hair. 

The middle part your hair, tuck the front tresses behind your ear and let the rest of your hair fall freely. It’s a great style for those who love middle-length hair. 

teenage girl with long brown hair


Ginger Red Curls

Keeping it simple and curly is all we can say about this style. If you have naturally curly hair, then adding the ginger-red hue is all you need. 

It will add more charm to your overall look. You can simply set your hair with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. Girls love to wear it. 

frizzy curly hairstyle for teenage girls


Blonde Beach Waves

Well, who doesn’t want to look fresh and jolly just like a beachy breeze? If you are a jolly kind of girl and want to flaunt your thick hair, add some waves to your hair. 

Make a little puffy side swept and your voluminous look is ready to roll. So if you want to keep your hair to neck length, then try this one out.

teenage girl with layered blonde hairstyle


Vanilla Blonde with Dark Roots 

Teenage girls love to experiment with their hair, outfit, and makeup. They want to try as many things as they can in a little span of time.

Keep the hair to neck length only, color the hair ends with a vanilla hue, and keep your roots in their natural color. Then add some sassy bangs and the look is done. You can easily wear it to college, school, or even for casual meetups.

dip dye hairstyle with bangs for teenage girl


Honey Blonde Curls

Managing curly hair can be tricky but by using the right products one can do it easily. Choose a bright color like honey blonde for your curls as it will instantly illuminate your hair. 

Now to style your curls, scrunch them while they are wet, and let them set. Backcomb the front hair to add more bounce to your curls. After drying, let them flow freely, and you will love the result for sure. 

teenage girl with thick curly blonde hair


Kinky Updo

Black teenage girls who no longer want to keep your hair open, try this really easy updo. It looks stylish as well as quite easy to make. 

Instead of using a crunchy, go for a scarf, now grab your hair higher at the back and make a messy bun using it. Now, cross it over and tie its knot at the front, making a hair band of it. 

curly ponytail for mixed race teenage girl


Taffy Shag

After seeing this style, no one would say that short hair cant is styled in different ways. Teen girls look great in this shaggy bob as it requires less maintenance and time to create. 

You can simply use the hair spray to keep it intact for a longer time. It gives you a more confident and blond look, making you look different from your gang pal. 

teenage girl with short wavy pink hair


Peachy-Yellow Split Hairdo

Not able to decide on one color? But why choose one, when you can have two at a time? 

Divide your hair into two equal parts. Color one side with a pastel yellow color and the other side with paste peachy. It will give you a very soothing hairdo making you love lovely as always. 

half and half hairstyle for teenage girl


Rolled Space Buns

Go for a golden blonde hue to add more glamor to your hair. Now divide your hair slightly away from the middle and take one section at a time.

Roll your hair, and make a bun just above your ear and secure it properly. Do the same with the other section and your space look is all set to astonish everyone. 

space buns hairstyle for teenage girl


Long Lustrous Dark Hair

For those with naturally dark hair, this is for you.  Keep your hair long and simple. Middle part it, and make loose curls to just tame the ends and get a lovely cute look. 

teenage girl with long brunette hair


Dark-Snowy Micro Braids

Thick voluminous hair can be tamed and managed easily with micro braids. Now to add more fun to it, you can either color your hair ends silver-blonde or can even use hair extensions. 

Going from a darker hue to a lighter one, you will get the effect of snow which will make your braids look more prominent and classy.

braided hairstyle for teenage girl


Raspberry Long Bob

Bored of the same hair color? Well, try this raspberry hue and get an instant makeover. Teenagers will fall in love with this bright yet classy hue and can flaunt their hair every time they step out of the house. 

teenage girl with bright red hairstyle


Braided Wavy Hairstyle

If you have long and wavy locks, then you can become a fashion icon in your school with the Braided Wavy Hairstyle. The wavy locks look beautiful naturally.

But the presence of the braiding on the top middle part of your head will take your beauty to the next level. But it is better to keep it for special occasions only.

Braided Wavy Hairstyle


Sleek High Ponytail

If you want to achieve the high fashion look, straight out of a magazine, then the Sleek High Ponytail look will come in handy. The application of hair gel is a must to keep every strand in place.

If you want to sport an edgy look on your birthday or the prom night, the team this hairdo with an unconventional A-line gown.

Sleek High Ponytail


Side Part Medium Hairstyle

Teenagers with medium hair length try to get a haircut that gives them a fashionable look, without much fuss. Among several such hairdos, the Side Part Medium Hairstyle is most popular among the young women.

As they desire to look beautiful and attractive, the side parting promises satisfactory results.

Side Part Medium Hairstyle


Long Hairstyle for Teenage Girl

If there is one hairdo that you will never see gong out of fashion, it has to be the Long Hairstyle for Teenage Girl. Girls of this age think that they will look good only if they have long locks.

It is easy to create several styles with long tresses. In case you possess wavy locks, you can keep it open as well.

Long Hairstyle for Teenage Girl


School Girl Hairstyle

Not much explaining is needed when you hear the name “School Girl Hairstyle.” It is very common among all teenage girls. The first reason is it is really easy to maintain.

The second reason behind its popularity is you need not waste too much time to acquire the look. The presence of frontal fringes gives a dash of edginess of the look.

School Girl Hairstyle


Ponytail with Bangs

If you are low on time, or do not desire to spend several hours in front of the mirror, then the Ponytail with Bangs is what you need.

The ponytail will give you a neat and maintained look, while the bangs will cover the forehead, thereby adding an edge to the look. It is a perfect hairdo for daily needs, and can be combined with other styles as well.

Ponytail with Bangs


Funky Messy Hairstyle

As the name suggests, if you want to highlight your fun and fearless side, then the Funky Messy Hairstyle will come in handy. Not all will be able to carry this look.

It will look good on girls with long and thick locks. In case you pull of this hairdo, you will become the talk of the school for many days to come. It is a complex hairstyle, and will require adult assistance to acquire the satisfactory look.

Funky Messy Hairstyle


Blonde Pixie

Many teenagers want to opt for something that is unconventional. But they do not want to compromise on fashion quotient. If you have the same requirements, then opting for the Blonde Pixie will meet your needs.

It is one hairdo that will look good on women of all ages. Teenagers will be able to flaunt their fun side with this haircut, without the use of many accessories. The stile will complement any dress you wear.

Blonde Pixie


Top Knot with Bangs

The Top Knot with Bangs is another style that is rather popular in the middle school and college circuits. The bangs will frame your face, and add to its innocence.

The top knot will assist you to make your distinct style statement. It also adds an illusion of height. So, it is perfect for those girls who desire to look taller. Anyone can do the hairstyle on her own.

Top Knot with Bangs


Braided Crown Hairstyle

The 16th birthday is special for any boy or girl. It is their transition from childhood to young adulthood. So, they try to make the memorable in every possible way. They leave no stone unturned to ensure that no one looks better than her.

If you have already picked your birth date dress, then team it up with the Braided Crown Hairstyle. Add a tiara on your head, and you will look like a pretty princess.

Braided Crown Hairstyle


Tousled Wavy Hair

Women of all ages look good, if they have wavy locks. The waves prevent the boredom of straight tresses, and are not difficult to maintain, as the curly locks. The Tousled Wavy Hair will highlight the features of your face.

It is a fun hairstyle for all teenagers. The cut will suit all kinds of dresses as well. Whether it is a birthday party or class graduation, you will be able to create a statement.

Tousled Wavy Hair


Side Swept Mid Length Hair

Most teenage girls do not want to cut their hair too short. But it is not easy to maintain long locks. Thus, the best solution is to mid length tresses. If you have similar hair length then opting for the Side Swept Mid Length Hair is ideal.

The hairdo is very glamorous, and you can be rest assured that not many will show up in the prom with this hairstyle, making you special among the rest.

Side Swept Mid Length Hair


Blonde Bob Haircut

Most teenage girls with blond hair, have the secret desire to look like a princess. If you want to attain this on your 16th birthday, then the Blonde Bob Haircut will come in handy. It is perfect for young lasses with straight hair.

Middle parting will allow hair to fall on both sides of your face. You can also take two segments and pin it up at the back. It will give you the princess like look that you see in story books.

Blonde Bob Haircut


Messy Curly Hairstyle

Gone are the days, when teen girls, with curly tresses, used to shut themselves in their rooms on bad hair days. Curly locks look good, but they are hard to maintain. If you too have the same issue, then opt for the Messy Curly Hairstyle.

It will work with the natural twists in the locks, and allow you to look perfect with all outfits. The messy look will highlight your natural hair texture, and also set you apart from others.

Messy Curly Hairstyle


Sleek Blunt Bob

The popularity of the Sleek Blunt Bob has always been high among teen girls. The simplicity of the hairdo will accentuate the beauty of your face. You can opt for side or middle parting with this style.

Either way, your locks will fall on both sides of the face, adding elegance and drama to your look. One can also try several other styles with this haircut. It will offer opportunity to change your look often.

Sleek Blunt Bob


Side Fishtail

The fishtail is a common hairdo for the wedding ceremonies. A messy fishtail also guarantees that other girls in your class will appreciate your skills. In case you have long locks, then the Side Fishtail is an excellent option.

If you are going to a traditional occasion, then you can use beautiful and sparkly hair accessories to add an extra elegance to the entire look. The hairdo is perfect for traditional as well as modern gowns.

Side Fishtail


High Top Bun

Another hairdo that is common in proms is the High Top Bun. It is a classic hairstyle that will never fail to fetch complements. As the hairstyle is simple, you can complete the look with dazzling accessories.

Hair accessories in particular will accentuate the beauty of the bun. The look is easy to acquire, and your mother will be able to help you, in case you are not confident about your skills.

High Top Bun


Updo Hairstyle for Teenage Girl

Are you looking for a right hairdo for the prom night? If the answer is yes, then the Updo Hairstyle for Teenage Girl is perfect for the occasion.

The night is all about celebrating your style, and freedom. Whether you have a date for prom or not, with this hairdo and a matching gown, you will be able to attract the attention of all girls as well as boys.

Updo Hairstyle for Teenage Girl


Apart from these Hairstyles for Teenage Girls, there are several other styles, which will highlight your natural beauty. But it is better no stay away from harmful chemical hair products.

If teenagers take proper care of their locks, then they will not have to suffer from hair-related issues in the future. Healthy hair looks most beautiful. If you ensure this, then you will look good in all styles and haircuts.

It is better to remember that staying natural is the best style statement. It is better to take inspiration from others, rather than copying something blindly that does not do anything positive for your looks.