25 Most Superlative Medium Length Layered Hairstyles

Every woman wants to look beautiful and elegant with their hairstyles. There are a lot of styles which you can go for having that ultimate look.

It doesn’t matter you have long, medium or short hair, the only thing is matters is how you style them. Well, here we are talking about stunning medium-length layered hairstyles. A layered haircut is a tremendous choice because it flatters all girls and has a huge spectrum of its execution.

An outstanding manner to spice up a medium-length haircut is with some layers. by adding layers, you can add shape, volume and texture to your adorable appearance. Nowadays some of our favorite celebrities have been seen wearing this gorgeous hairstyle at special events. And now it’s quite easy to get it done for yourself too.

Medium-length hairstyles will never go out of style, and that is simply one of the reasons why we like them. Medium-length layered hairstyles are easy to keep, look stylish and they suit a wide style of face shapes. So just opt for one of these coolest medium-layered hairstyles and fancy up your ultimate look.


25 Most Superlative Medium Length Layered Hairstyles

Blonde Medium Layered Haircuts

This medium hairstyle looks stunning on blonde hue hair. The layers to this hairstyle are edgy and look fabulous. It is essentially a razor layered medium cut that gives an edgy look to your personality. Try this style and get the same beautiful look for yourself.

Blonde Layered Medium Haircuts


Blonde Medium Layered Haircut

Medium-length hair is very versatile and easy to manage too. This choppy medium-length hair is done with a blonde hue. It looks stunning on women who are old and want to look younger. Try this classy style to glam your look.

Blonde Medium Layered Haircut


Blonde Hair with Bangs

You can always make experiments on your medium layered haircut to provide you facial features that enhance the appeal. This blonde shoulder-length hairstyle with side bangs can make a huge difference in your appearance and personality.

Blonde Shoulder Length Haircut with Bangs


Cute Medium Layered Hair

We all love medium layered hairstyles with bangs which can make a very youthful and lively look for girls. It is the best way to get rid of a boring, flat look on straight hair. Try this cute medium-layered haircut to fancy up your look.

Cute Medium Layered Haircuts


Easy Med-Length Layered Hairstyle

Ladies if you have medium-length hair then this would be the easy and stylish cut for you. This haircut will provide an edgy appealing look. it is a great hairstyle with amazing side bangs and cute layers which will surely enhance your beauty for sure.

Easy Med-Length Layered Hairstyles


Layered Haircuts for Medium Hair

Girls if you want to look the best from the rest then get ready to make this fabulous wavy layered hairstyle for medium hair. This dazzling style will surely glam your facial features and give you the ultimate look.

Layered Haircuts for Medium Hair


Layered Shoulder Length Hair

Bored of the same old long and short haircuts. Try this medium-length hairstyle done with a blonde hue. Make it look cuter with some layers and have the best look for yourself.

Layered Hairstyle for Shoulder Length Hair


Thick Hair

It is a very popular and beautiful medium-layered haircut. This kind of messy layer looks pretty wonderful with wavy hair. So try this gorgeous look it will surely glam your medium-length thick hair.

Layered Medium Haircuts for Thick Hair


Layered Medium Length Haircut

This look includes some of the different factors. It has a ton of layers, giving the top of the hair plenty of volumes and the bottom an extra sleek look. Highlights and low-lighting also add to the intense contrast of this particular medium-length layered style.

Layered Medium Length Haircut


Layered Bob Haircut with Bangs

Bobs are not only considered as a short hairstyle. There is a lot of variations in bobs which are done with medium hair too.

A Layered Bob is more flexible than you may think when it comes to getting exclusive looks. This coolest medium-length bob with bangs can look beautiful on you. Try it and believe it.

Medium Layered Bob Haircut with Bangs


Red Layered Haircut for Round Face Shape

The textured medium layered bob haircut makes a good balance between the edgy hair color and the conventional hairstyle.

Red hair is the most trendy hair hue in current times. The soft hairlines go naturally down the round face and make a beautiful face silhouette effortlessly. This is a very gorgeous hairstyle for young women.

Medium Layered Haircuts for Round Face Shape


Medium Layered Hairstyle

We always follow celebrities and admire their fashion and styles. Here we can see that Rachel McAdams has worn an ultimate medium layered hairstyle. This blonde style will surely glam your look like her.

Medium Layered Hairstyle


Medium Layered Fine Hair

Ladies need an inspiration for amazing medium layered hairstyle, this will do right for you. For medium and very thin hair, you could chop your locks in layers and blow them outward to make the hair look full and lovely.

Medium Layered Hairstyles for Fine Hair


Medium Layered Hairstyle for Women Over 40

If you are old and want to look younger then this marvelous wavy medium layered haircut will surely work for you. Try this style with some hues to make it blonde and glam your look.

Medium Layered Hairstyles for Women Over 40


Medium Length Layered Bob

Bob haircuts are very popular among women. This sort of straight bob haircut seems truly fabulous with some layers. it is one of the most sophisticated medium-layered haircuts.

Medium Length Layered Bob Haircut


Medium Length Layered Bob

This Alexa Chung’s beautiful medium-layered bob works tremendously with curly hair. It can be spunky and fun or hot and soft depending on how it’s styled. So go for this style and rock your look.

Medium Length Layered Bob Hairstyle


Medium Length Layers

here we have this classic medium layered cut. This cut is a mid-toned shade that is blended with mild blondes and browns.

The side bang virtually adds volume and shape to this look. Blonde and brown are two hues that complement each other very well and aren’t too accessible.


Medium Length Straight Layered Hair

Layers are a dazzling option if you have naturally medium straight sleek hair, or if you like to hold your hair straightener.

Enhance your style with side parting. This ultimate style is the right choice to make your medium hair look more beautiful.

Medium Length Straight Layered Hairstyles


Medium Length Dark Bob

Shaggy hairstyle is very simple to make and it looks so beautiful and stylish medium length hairstyle. Try this gorgeously done medium-length wavy layered bob cut to glam your appearance.

Medium Length Wavy Layered Dark Bob Haircut


Mid Length Layered Haircut

Medium layered hairstyles are those which are easy to carry hairstyles and look good on every girl. This layered style is also an elegant cut for you to glam any event.

Mid Length Layered Haircut


Ombre Medium Layered Hair

If you are having medium hair then this ultimate layered ombre style will rock your personality for sure. Try it and glam it.

Ombre Medium Layered Haircut


Shoulder Length Brown Bob

This is another great example of a bob haircut. This gorgeous mid-length layered bob hairstyle will look great on any woman. You can add a brown hue to your bob and glam this look.

Shoulder Length Brown Bob Haircut with Layers


Shoulder Length Layered Haircut

This Shagged cut is one of the medium-layered haircuts. The hairstyle doesn’t need maintenance. choppy layers and subtle layers to gain shagged shoulder-length haircut. you could add splendid hair shade to make it more stunning.

Shoulder Length Layered Haircut


Shoulder Length Layers for Round Faces

Holding your hair shoulder length requires little work. No need to be afraid, you will be spending fewer hours in front of a mirror. Just provide your hair a little tousle and add some wispy bangs. A great short hairstyle for a round face is ready to rock!

Shoulder Length Layered Hairstyle for Round Faces



Blonde Layered Hair

We adore this overly layered look. It is easy but the layers truly provide it character. The split bangs make this appearance super attractive.

The split bang permits this look to fall in step with your face shape. this is mainly flattering on those with medium hair.

Blonde Layered Haircut for Medium Hair