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35 Mullet Hairstyles to Rock Your Personality

The various styles and trends in men’s hairstyles only seem to keep increasing. To stay updated with the latest fashion trends, we have explored a new variety of hairstyles, which is the mullet style.

This style is basically achieved by keeping the hair very short on the front and sides, while the hair on the back is quite long.

This used to be a trendy hairstyle in the 1980’s and now it seems like this hairstyle is fashionably making it’s way back into the new decade.


35 Mullet Hairstyles to Rock Your Personality

Spiky Mullet Hair

spiky mullet hairstyle for men


Style subtle rat tail strands throughout your hair to make your mullet look spiky. This hairstyle suits naturally straight hair. Spiky hair, along with an undercut, looks super edgy and stylish. Cut your hair short and tease your hair to create those spikes.


Short Mullet

Keep your mullet hairstyle short and sweet. Keep the top part of your hair shorter as usual, and keep it shaggy till the end by adding short wispy strands. Comb the hair at the top towards the front and create those airy fringes. Further, add an undercut at the sides to push the shaggy effect.


Mohawk Mullet

guy with curly mullet hairstyle


Rock a mullet and a Mohawk together with this edgy hairstyle. Opt for high taper fade at the sides and keep all the volume at the top. The curls accentuate the height of the Mohawk and add texture and firmness to the hairstyle.


Frizzy Mullet With Mid Part

mullet hairstyle for blonde hair


This frizzy hairstyle combines a short classic mullet with a high fade. The hair at the top is mid-parted and combed on both sides, forming a double-flanged front fringe. The striking platinum shade is sure to make you stand out.


Blow-out Hair

messy mullet hairstyle for blonde hair


For thick and dense hair structures, a blow-out mullet will let you show it off. Keep the hair on the top longer than usual, and use a blow dryer to blow your hair towards the front. The ginger hair color paired with shadow roots gives a punk look to your hairstyle.


Classic Mullet Hairstyle

messy mullet hairstyle for men


The classic mullet is iconic and as fashionable as ever. Grow your hair at the back up to the shoulder length to achieve this long hairdo. Keep the hair at the top and sides cut to medium length. Add layers to blend the hair on the top and the front. The beige highlights provide further detailing to the layers.


Funky Hair Design

mullet with fade


Hair design can make any hairstyle eye-catchy by giving the eyes of the on looker’s gradient patterns to feast on. Create clear surgical lines above the ears giving your short mullet hairstyle half-up hairstyle look.


Curly Blonde Hair

Curly hair and a mullet make a great combination. The natural bounce and volume of curls make the change in length from front to back gradual and smooth. The long hair at the back allows you to show off your curls without distracting attention from your face. Light brown highlights make the curl more prominent.


Slick Back Look

guy with slick mullet hairstyle


A slick back mullet is an excellent choice for thin hair as it automatically grows longer at the back and grows straight, making it easier to achieve a combed back look. It requires very little maintenance and is easy to style. Use hair gel for the sleek and set hair.


Retro Mullet

mullet hairstyle with bangs for men


Try out a cropped mullet style with a frizzy top and short bangs for a retro look. Keep the hair at the back longer and style them in messy curls using a curling iron. The side fade gives a modern touch to this vintage style.


Hipster Mullet

Mullet Hairstyles

The perfect way to add some extra edge to your normal mullet hairstyle with this very bold and cool look. Hair is kept long, and the mullet has been styled similar to a faux hawk haircut.

The faux hawk is styled on the upper section of the hair and then leave the rest of the hair to fall freely in a long tail. The sides have been styled in a very neat and tapered undercut taking the whole look to the next level.


Orange Mullet with Bangs

Mullet Hairstyles

This is another cool hairstyle that one needs to try out if you’re into colorful hairstyles that are also quite dramatic enough.

The hair is dyed beautifully with bright orange and has been paired with short bangs that cover only half of the forehead.

Along with a very layered neckline, this hairstyle also features a temple faded style along with the bangs making it look times cooler.


Casual and Cool Mullet with Beard

Mullet Hairstyles

To rock a mullet, it’s best if you have hair that is gorgeously and naturally flowing just as shown in this picture.

Styles like this will definitely catch everyone’s eyes as it’s a quite classy one and will make you look like a gentleman, but also fun-loving and playful.

Keep the hair short for this style on the top and the long tail is flowing freely on the back. It’s a very effortless hairstyle and doesn’t require much of maintenance too.


Long Mullet with Sideburns

Mullet Hairstyles

This long mullet hairstyle is paired with a very cool mustache, and there is nothing to rival this popular style from the 1970’s.

It is classy and sassy both at the same time and will have people swooning all about your looks if you get this hairstyle.

And to add to the hotness of this look, it has been paired with long sideburns that beautifully frame the face. The hair everywhere else has been maintained at a long length itself. Just the retro hairstyle that you’ve been looking for.


Punk Mullet Hairstyle

Mullet Hairstyles

Jared Leto is always known for his iconic and bold fashion statements, especially the ones that include his wide variety of hairstyles.

Many hairstyles have also been named after him. And this is no exception and is another mullet hairstyle that was popularized by him.

A cool and spiky hairstyle which people will always remember you for since it is not a very easily forgettable style. The punk mullet style is also making a statement about your bold and eccentric personality.


Mullet with Temple Fade Flowy Hair

Mullet Hairstyles

A very classy hairstyle that you can try out if you have medium length and straight hair. The hair has been styled by simply pulling back the upper section of the hair in a beautiful flowy style.

And the sides have been cropped into a temple fade haircut. At the nape of the neck, the short tail serves to make this look all the more interesting.

Not everybody can pull this look, so make sure you have the right type of hair for getting it.


Normal Mullet Hairstyle

Mullet Hairstyles

This is a simple and basic style without much being done in term s of making it look more fun or creative. But as the saying goes, sometimes less is better and this is the reason why this simple hairstyle really stands out.

The medium length of hair that is maintained overall helps to frame the face and make it look much better, ideally. The top is maintained in a flat style which gives it a very retro look.


Blonde Brush Up Hair with Taper Fade

Mullet Hairstyles

Blonde hairstyles are always so in vogue, and this hairstyle is no exception to that fact. The beautiful blonde locks are simply perfection, and if you do not have naturally golden hair, then you always have the option of getting it dyed in this radiant color.

The hair at the top has been maintained in chopped and crispy layers, which makes it look very classy. The tail at the back is also very short and the sides have been styled in a taper fade manner.


Blonde Mullet with Faded Sides

Mullet Hairstyles

another blonde mullet hairstyle for you to try out and this hairstyle used to be one of the most popular ones in the 1980’s glam rock era, when everyone was seen sporting this cool look.

This style is still trending even in this new decade too, so there’s no harm in giving it a try and getting yourself a new look.

The hair at the top has been maintained at a long length and then neatly pulled back in a flowy hairstyle. the sides are also long enough and maintained in a subtly faded style.


Cool Mullet with Faux Mohawk Haircut

Mullet Hairstyles

This is a great hairstyle for you to try out if you have thick hair of medium length. Some texture is really needed to sport this style so perfectly.

Keep the hair very long, and while some section of the hair has been pulled back, a few strands of hair have been left hanging on the front itself.

The back section has also been paired with long and cool layers. It’s an overall fun hairstyle that is sure to take you places.


80’s Mullet Hairstyle

Mullet Hairstyles

Yes, the mullets style is one that goes back to a few decades and is the ideal hairstyle if you’re looking for a vintage look.

But if you really want a very old 80’s look, then there is no better look than this. This hairstyle features a short-cropped hair on the top with long flowing layers of hair on the nape.

Both the upper portion and lower portion may contradict each other as separate styles, but when combined together in this mullet, it creates a very cool look.


Modern and Subtle Mullet Hairstyle

Mullet Hairstyles

This is a toned-down version of the original mullet style and is very basic as it does not feature all of the drama and fun that is usually seen in a mullet hairstyle.

The hair has been maintained at a short or medium length both on the upper section and even the tail. It is a very casual look that makes you look very cool too.

This is the perfect hairstyle for those who don’t want their mullet to look too obvious or upfront and instead would like to keep it low-key.


Wavy and Layered Casual Mullet

Mullet Hairstyles

This is a hairstyle that is pure art. The subtle gorgeousness that stems from this look makes this hairstyle look very stunning.

The style is as casual and laid-back as it can get, yet it is sure to draw attention to you because of the perfection that has been achieved in this look.

Another version of the slick and flowy hairstyle, it is perfect for wearing with all kinds of outfits and to all types of events. A look that will make you instantly look like a classy gentleman.


Mullet with Blonde Highlights

Mullet Hairstyles

This is another look that simply is about perfection. This is also a very basic and normal mullet hairstyles and the best thing about this look is obviously the blonde highlights that have been painted across the hair.

The mullet has been styled in a flowy, swept-back manner with hair that has been maintained at both short and medium lengths on different parts.

Since the undergrowth of the hair is a natural brown color, the hairstyle couldn’t look much better. The side undercuts also complement the overall look.


The Wild Rockabilly Mullet Style

Mullet Hairstyles

Seriously, this hairstyle couldn’t get any cooler than what it actually is. This hairstyle is all about bringing back memories about bands and musicians who used to rock this look in the 80’s and 90’s era.

The upper section of the hair has been styled in the manner of a crown with side-swept hair. And on the temple, a cool shaved styled has been sported which would totally be the highlight of this look. This hairstyle is best suited for long and wavy flowing hair.


Spiky Mullet Hairstyle

Mullet Hairstyles

If you want a spiky and cool look, but one that is not too upfront, then this hairstyle is perfect for you. It isn’t too obvious about the choppy and spiky layers of hair as they have been maintained very subtly only.

The whole look gets its perfection from the length of the hair that has been maintained very neatly and looks effortless too. Combine this spiky look with a thick and textured beard and it’s just the teenage boy cool hairstyle that you want.


Pompadour Mohawk Mullet with Wavy Hair

Mullet Hairstyles

This is a great hairstyle that combines so many different styles beautifully, and all of them have been blended together in such perfection.

To get this perfect look, it is required that you need to have wavy and long hair. The hair has been styled in a pompadour cut and complemented with a faux Mohawk style which together makes it a lot cooler.

The wide pompadour hairline and the burst fade on the sides is what creates the Mohawk shape without it actually being a Mohawk haircut.


Short Mullet with Wavy Layers

Mullet Hairstyles

A cool hairstyle with naturally black hair. The style features very subtle and minimal dark brown highlights, which make the entire style glowing from within.

The hair at the upper crown section has been maintained in short layers and lengths, and the hair towards the tail and on the back has been cut about in messy layers that simply make it look stunning.

Layering goes well with any type of hairstyle and helps to add in much volume and dimension to your hair, that is required to sport a style like this.


Curly Mullet Style

Mullet Hairstyles

Straight hair surely is one of the biggest fashion statements but you can also create many iconic looks even with curly ruffly hair as shown in this picture.

Finn Wolfhard looks amazing in this medium length wavy hairstyle that is serving all the looks.

The length of the hair can be long too and you create a significant dimension to your wavy hair with such a hairstyle. The flowy hair on the upper crown part as well on the tail part looks amazing.


Short Mullet Style for Wavy Hair

Mullet Hairstyles

The upper portion of the hair resembles the classic Caesar cut hairstyle and the tail and the sides have been styled in the mullet fashion.

The hair on the upper front part has been cropped to a short length and maintained in a similar fashion itself.

The tail and side portions feature many choppy layers that make the hair look as if in a spiky hairstyle. This is a cool hairstyle with a very retro look about it.


Long and Voluminous Mullet

Mullet Hairstyles

When we talk about hairstyles that ruled the 80’s glam rock era, this is just the hairstyle that we should be talking about. It is perfect in all ways. Length, volume, style, dimension.

This hairstyle has everything blended together in all the right proportions. On the top part, the hair has been maintained in significant volume with few choppy layers here and there.

The sides are also very thick with the hair looking like it’s completely grown out. And towards the nape of the neck, the tail of this mullet style is of significant length as it falls all the way down below the shoulders.


Long Mullet with a Faux Hawk

Mullet Hairstyles

A very hipster and stylish hairstyle which features a cool faux Mohawk hairstyle on the upper crown section of the hair.

The faux hawk simply serves to enhance the overall beauty and perfection of this hairstyle. It will surely speak volumes about your bold and eccentric personality if you sport a hairstyle like this.

The sides of the head have been shaped neatly, and this also makes it all the more interesting. Complementing the faux hawk is a very long and straight tail.


Short Jared Leto Mullet Style

Mullet Hairstyles

This is another hairstyle that was made iconic by Jared Leto and one that is named after himself too. He looks very cool and stylish in this amazing hairdo that features a short mullet along with short sideburns that go really well with this look.

The tail of the mullet style isn’t too long either and complements the overall hairstyle perfectly.

Not everyone may pull off this look, especially since not only do you need the right texture for this hairstyle, but also some confidence to sport a chic style like this one.


Blonde Modern Mullet Style

Mullet Hairstyles

This is also a very basic and simple hairstyle that you can try out if you would like to keep it low-key with your mullet hairstyle.

The mullet isn’t too visible or obvious here, so you don’t need to worry about too upfront with your hair. The hair is a brilliant shade of blonde and looks very amazing too.

The hair has been maintained at a short length on the upper crown section and has been styled in layers. The overall look has a messy vibe to it that also gives the impression about this being a very effortless and laid back hairstyle.


David Beckham Mullet Style

Mullet Hairstyles

And now we come to the last hairstyle, and surely it is one of the best mullet hairstyles ever to have existed.

Popularized by the king of fashion himself, this is a very iconic hairstyle that made all the news once upon a time when all people were seen sporting this wavy mullet hairstyle. You need to have straight or wavy hair to truly rock this hairstyle with perfection.

The layers of hair on the upper part have been maintained at a medium length. The sideburns and the tail have also been allowed to grow out, but the overall head only features a medium length.


Whether you want a short mullet style or a long mullet style, we have bought together with the best of all types of mullet hairstyles.

You only need to find the most suitable one for you and ask your stylist to style it similarly, or you can also draw inspiration from any of the above hairstyles to create a new and unique hairstyle, which has your personal stamp on it too.