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The 6 Best BaByliss Hair Clippers and Trimmers of 2024

If you’re familiar with grooming products, then you must have heard about the BaBylissPRO brand. BaBylissPRO is a premium brand and the world’s leading producer of styling tools and other grooming equipment.

With over an experience of 50 plus years in styling tools, the brand has well-established engineers. When these quality engineers combined innovative ideas, the brand successfully delivered the top styling tools that customers want. It’s an era where people knock out the brands that don’t produce quality products consistently.

Fortunately, BaBylissPRO is holding the market for over the years with its collection of the best products.

Here we will review the top six hair clippers, trimmers, and shavers by the BaBylissPRO brand. We have chosen these products based on the below factors.


Things to Consider Before Buying Clippers, Trimmers, Or Shaver’s

  • Blades

Whatever the cutting tool for your hair you choose, the master is always the blades that actually cuts the hair. So, you need to choose the best blades that can stay sharp for cutting any hair type. If failed, you may end up in those blades that lose their sharpness after a few uses and start to pull out your hair instead of cutting them, leading to a situation you don’t want. The most common blades used are those made from steel. The steel tends to retain its sharpness for a longer time. There are also titanium blades that are more resistant to corrosion than steel. Rarely, some tools offer ceramic blades, which is expensive.

  • Motor

When you want your blades to move, it needs a motor to supply power. The overall performance of the tool, whether it will cut fast or slow, depends on the motor installed in it. The three common types of motor used are magnetic, rotary, and pivot motors. For occasional use, the magnetic motors being inexpensive supplies the required power. The rotary and pivot motors deliver a high power, the former being the most powerful.

  • Ergonomics

The overall design of the tools is also a crucial factor to consider before purchasing. If you want your grooming tools to stay durable, opt for those made from high-quality materials such as metal, not from those cheap plastics. Having a tool with non-slip properly ensures enough grip to have full control over the device. Also, a lightweight design is easier to handle.

Read out the below review to decide which tool is best for you.


6 Best BaByliss Hair Clippers and Trimmers

1. BaBylissPRO Barberology ROSEFX Clipper, FX870RG

BaByliss Hair Clippers and Trimmers

The ROSEFX clipper by BaBylissPRO is one of the most recommended clippers in the MetalFX series. The clipper, the external body, and the internal features are kept on the same top level. The clipper houses an all-metal body that adds reliability to the clipper. You can trust such clippers to stay durable without much wears, tears and outlasts the drops.

The beautiful rose gold body is designed with knurls on the handle having small ridges on the surface, which help to hold the device with ease. There is also an elevated platform where you can easily rest your thumbs, proving that the body is truly ergonomic.

Coming to the blades, the model has high carbon stainless steel blades, which are consistent in cutting any hair type with precision. The blades’ movement is powered by the lithium-ion battery, and a robust engine designed by Ferrari cuts at 6300 rpm. Such a high-quality engine will easily maneuver and lessens the effort.

Unlike conventional clippers, the BaBylissPRO Barberology ROSEFX Clipper features a high torque, brushless motor. Being devoid of carbon brushes, the motor offers more efficiency, and you can expect more runtime.

It’s a cordless clipper (can also be corded), which needs to be recharged. For a single full charge, you’ll get 2 hours of runtime. This means if you’re using it at home, you need to charge it less often. For customizing the length, the five taper lever settings and eight combs attachments will guide you. Hence, these clippers are much adjustable to cut the hair by using the desired length settings.


  • Brushless, high torque, Ferrari-designed engine.
  • Metal Body with reliable lithium-ion technology.
  • 5 Detent taper level settings.
  • Supports dual voltage for worldwide usage.


  • 2-hour runtime with a single charge is not ideal for professional use.


2. BaBylisSPRO GoldFX Outlining Trimmer

BaBylisSPRO GoldFX trimmer

The BaBylisSPRO GoldFX Outlining Trimmer is a perfect trimmer to consider for home use and professional use. The highlighting factor in the trimmer is the use of exposed T blades. These zero gapped exposed blades are designed for helping the user to easily zero gaps in the blades.

For obtaining a crispy clean line cut on the hair or beard, these zero gapping will help you a lot without letting you remove the blades. You can show your artwork with detailing if you’ve such high professional quality trimmer in your hand.

The T blades with their unique T shape offer a great width to cover the maximum portion for trimming the hair. The quality of titanium coating over the blades is exceptionally good and maintains the outlining process well balanced.

Since the trimmer comes under an FX series, it reveals a sturdy, solid metallic body with ridges on the handle. The Ferrari designed brushless motor operates the trimmer with 7200 rpm and gives quite decent power to handle the toughest hair. The lithium battery lasts for three hours with a single charge.

Not only the brand had considered power and performance in the trimmer but it also has installed a few other features, which will help the user to lessen their hassle. From the base of the trimmer, you can take out a loop, which helps to store the trimmer safely. The positioning of the on/off switch button is highly accessible with the thumb. You just need to slide the button up or down to make the trimmer run. The dual voltage supporting trimmer can be used corded or cordless.


  • All metal professional-quality corded or cordless trimmer.
  • Exposed titanium T blades for precise detailing, hard-line artworks.
  • Reliable engine inspired and designed by Ferrari.
  • High battery life with lithium.


  • Some people may feel the trimmer bit heavier.
  • The kit doesn’t come with any accessories.


3. BaBylissPRO Barberology Cordless Metal Foil Shaver

BaBylissPRO Barberology Cordless Metal Foil Shaver - Best BaByliss Hair Clippers and Trimmers Review

The shaver works on a foil shaving technology. The metallic full-body shaver looks much compact in size. The whole shaver will easily fit into the size of your palm, but still, it has all ability to shave well like a big shaver.

It’s nice to have a foil shaver like this one, which will glide through the skin’s contours. The foil present in this shaver is double and houses blades beneath it, thus saving the skin from getting cuts. Though the blades are not in much contact with the skin, you’ll observe to get an ultra-close shave with this shaver.

When you want to have an extra close shave on the neck, face, hairline, etc., these foil shavers with a rotary motor will easily guide you to achieve the task. The rotary motor rotates and causes the blades to undergo an oscillating motion. Whenever the hair comes into the straight foil head, the hair enters into the foil holes, and blades cut them.

The gold foils are also hypoallergenic, so they are ideal for sensitive skin. The cordless shaver will provide you 3 hours of runtime. The shaver will also ensure consistent running throughout its battery life, which is in contrast to those cheap shavers that decrease its efficiency in performance at low battery levels.

The shaver also has an auto shut-off system. With this feature, the shaver automatically switches off if it is kept for longer hours on charging or the device gets hot due to overcharging, thus, saving your battery from drainage. You’ll also get a storage pouch for safely storing your shaver. Plus, the shaver head clicks on to the shaver for keeping the foils away from any damage.


  • Power rotary motor with straight double foil heads.
  • Cordless rechargeable shaver with 3-hour runtime.
  • Hypoallergenic gold foils for eliminating the chances of allergy in sensitive skin.
  • A storage pouch is included.


  • The polished surface of the shaver body is slightly slippery to hold.


4. BaBylissPRO Cordless Metal Single Foil Shaver

BaByliss Hair Clippers and Trimmers reviewed - BaBylissPRO Cordless Metal Single Foil Shaver

Most men need a shaver to satisfy their desire to get a precise, clean shave without any stubble left on the skin. Few may succeed in finding such perfect shavers, while most men will still be hunting to find the best one for their needs. BaByliss’s single foil shaver is the solution to master you in comfortable, quick shaving without damaging the skin.

The attractive shaver with a compact design has a single gold foil that forms the head. Metal housing indeed a good characteristic of this shaver, which offers standard, professional, and premium quality, making it worthy of every money you spent. Below the foil, you’ll come across sharp blades that are powered by a robust motor and can easily maneuver the toughest areas of skin.

The sensitive skin will thank these hypoallergenic gold foils for adjusting well to the skin without causing any irritation. It comes with a lid that can be used to protect the shaver head and foils. The shaver is not rechargeable when it comes to battery life, but with an AA battery, it will give you a 5-hour runtime.

You can carry these compact shavers anywhere during travel. You don’t need to carry any charging cords or adaptors. Moreover, the company also provides a travel storage pouch to keep your shaver packed safely in the luggage.

For added safety, the auto shut-off system will switch off the device if not in use for a long time and save power.


  • Compact size and metallic body.
  • Single hypoallergenic gold foil shaver.
  • Powerful rotary motor for a comfortable shave without tugging or pulling the hair.
  • Two AA batteries are included in the kit.
  • You’ll get a travel pouch for storing the shaver.


  • The shaver is not rechargeable. You need batteries to operate them.


5. BaBylissPRO Barberology ROSEFX Trimmer, FX788RG

BaBylissPRO Barberology ROSEFX Trimmer, FX788RG - Best BaByliss Hair Clipper Review 2022

These trimmers are a great tool to update any barber’s grooming kit. When you have a versatile trimmer in your hand, the work of fine detailing, outlining, or drawing any other precise design work, becomes more controllable in your hand.

The trimmers are also very easy to operate. You just need to slide the switch to make it on, and you’re ready with your job to attain a styling look.

The special hallmark engineering of the BaByliss brand can be easily seen. The reason is that, like other BaByliss trimmers and clippers, this model also has a knurled grip in a metallic body.

With the help of Ferrari-designed brushless motors, you’ll be experiencing a lag-free performance by the trimmer, especially when you have to deal with thick hair; the motor supplies enough power to trim the hair smoothly, without causing the hair to get pulled out.

The T blades are made of stainless steel, adjusted for zero gapping, and promise to stay sharper for your every use. These trimmers support dual voltage; hence you can choose them as a perfect partner for your grooming purpose during traveling.

Not only it’s an ideal choice for home use, but it is also for stylists. Anyone can use it corded or cordless depending upon the convenience. The latter choice will offer you a 3-hour runtime to complete the styling peacefully, without any hurry. If you are a user who completes the styling within 10 minutes, then this battery life is enough to last for many days.

For increasing the choices for your styling options, you’ll get 4 comb attachments (1.5 mm, 3 mm, 4.8 mm, 6 mm) as an additional accessory. You can click on these combs onto the trimmer to determine the length of hair length you want to trim. Apart from these, you’ll get a cleaning brush, protective cap, and lubricating oil in the kit.


  • Cordless Lithium Trimmer.
  • Supports Dual Voltage.
  • Comes with 4 Comb attachments.
  • Great for blending, creative design works.


  • Some say it’s overpriced.


6. BaBylissPRO Barberology High-Frequency Pivot Motor Clipper

BaByliss Hair Clippers and Trimmers 2024

The BaBylissPRO FX880 hair clipper is designed for delivering heavy-duty power. It is made for professional usage; the clipper is built strong by collecting strong metallic materials. Due to which, you can feel the silver-colored clipper sturdy in hands, but surprisingly it’s lightweight too and will last longer with the help of such a solid, rugged design.

The clipper is for corded only. You’ll get 10 feet cord length, which will give you the freedom to move around on any side with the clipper in your hand. The power button is installed at the clipper base in the form of a switch, which on clicking makes the device work.

The clipper does have a taper lever at the side. You can use these taper levels with your finger to adjust the blade’s closeness into 5 different settings. Moving the taper lever forward will make the blades go down, and moving backward will make the blades to slide up.

The professional corded hair clipper has a supercharged pivot motor inside. Unlike magnetic motors, the pivot makes this device heavily powerful to cut any type of hair. Especially when a professional has to deal with clients every day, these motors will help to last the device’s high efficiency.

The clipper comes with 8 guide combs and helps you try different styles and designs by switching over different comb sizes.

The clipper has kept an equal balance in every feature. So, you’ll get the blades to be made of stainless steel. The brand says that these blades, with the help of a pivot motor, can give 9000 rpm speed to cut the hair faster.


  • Top frequency pivot motor.
  • Five-position detent taper lever.
  • Eight guide comb attachments.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Cuts all textured hair and types (wet or dry).


  • The power switch placed at the bottom may not be easily accessible.


Which is Better- Clipper, Trimmer or Shaver?

The answer lies in the circumstances or for what purpose you’re going to use the tool. A clipper and a trimmer are almost similar, but they have differences, which gave a unique name to each one of them. If you want to cut long hair into short, the clipper easily does the job well. They can cut long hair quickly.

On the other hand, if you want to trim or maintain the short hair close to the skin, a trimmer is handy for you. A shaver cuts the hair closer to the skin and gives a smooth, clean shave. Since most men need one or the other tool at some time, it’s better to have these all included in a grooming kit.


Should I Get a Corded or Cordless Tool?

The corded and cordless version has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you need a continuous power supply without any interruption, a corded tool is the best. Hence they are best for professional use. There is no harm in using a cordless tool by professionals if it can supply high battery life.

Whereas, the cordless is the best home use and for travel purposes. A more versatile tool offers both corded and cordless options. If you have low power left, you can easily connect it with a cord to continue the styling.