How to Fix Hair Clippers that won’t cut?

A hair clipper is an essential tool in a barber’s kit. However, it is not only a barber who keeps hair clippers. Many beauty salons and hair parlors are equipped with hair clippers and trimmers for styling and cutting hair, even parents will buy the best hair clippers for kids. Besides that, many people like to keep hair clippers for their personal use as well. It’s better to have a personal clipper that has only touched your hair and no one else’s.

Hair clippers can be very beneficial. They help you get rid of huge chunks of hair quickly without having to put it in much effort or time. They do not pose any harm or injury to your head or other body parts while using. You can always use a trimmer to sharpen and create edges after you’re done using a clipper.

But you won’t be able to do that with a clogged clipper that just won’t work. What causes this? How can you fix your hair clipper so that it stops pulling your hair and instead starts cutting it off?

Yes, you can fix a hair clipper instead of throwing it away, along with all the money that you spent on buying it. That’s why we’ve brought you the perfect guide to fix your hair clippers and have them working as good as new.

Before moving on to how you can fix your hair clipper, let us just mention that throwing away your clipper blades is a dangerous thing to do. Please do not do that; blades can be recycled even if they are useless to you.

You need to check a few things if your clipper isn’t working.

1. The Teeth:

You will first check your clipper’s teeth to see if they’re still in the right place and still straight. If any of the teeth are missing, you might want to invest in another blade.

2. Oil the blades:


While this may seem like a weird thing to do, oiling your blades can help you preserve your blades’ life and keep them running smoothly.

3. Check the Power:

The clipper’s power also plays a significant role in its functioning. Check the power of your clipper and see if it is too weak to run the clipper. You can check the battery for damage or wearing out too.

4. Clean the clipper:


Once you’ve checked the blades and battery, clean your clipper using the right cleaner and a soft bristle brush. Take out the blades, clean them with disinfectant and check for rust between the teeth.

5. Align the blades:

Once you’ve cleaned up the blades, align them parallel to each with just the right gap between them. If they’re aligned wrong, they will not do their job.

6. Sharpen the blades:


If your clipper still doesn’t work after you’ve followed all the steps, you might want someone to sharpen your blades or get new blades for your clipper.

Hair clippers are a great accessory to keep, and it would be a shame if people would throw away their clippers at the first malfunction.