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5 Best Andis Clippers 2024 for Professional and Home Use

Nowadays, cutting your hair is in trend, as there are many online tutorials to learn through. There is no need to go to a salon or do a course on a barber, you just need to apply some common sense and patience. Barbers also use the same equipment for giving you a haircut, so why not you can do that? But, you can only do so with the help of high-quality, lightweight, and handy clippers. So, now let’s look at the buying guide as it will help you make the final decision.


Factors to Consider while Buying Hair Clippers:

1. Reliability

You can get a cheap pair of clippers from any company manufacturing them. But, you will find many types inferior to good quality brands named clippers. They are made from cheap plastic, with poor quality motor and a blade that does not run smoothly. The life of those is not more than 12-18 months.

You can choose your hair clippers from leading manufacturer Andis. It reassures you of a reliable, solid cut every time and trusted service for many years.

2. Quality

It is difficult to find that quality in every clipper out there. The quality will be compromised in some or other way. For a high-quality purchase, you need to think about a few things:

  • Of what material is the clipper made up of.
  • Is it made from valox (a tough, hard-wearing plastic resin) or cheap plastic?
  • How much power does the motor have?
  • Will the blades stay sharp?


Always check the customer reviews before making the buying decision.

3. Accessories

While doing your research for the clippers, checking its quality does not mean that the more number of accessories it will come with, the more superior quality it has. Every home-use and pro-clippers should include these factors:

  • Comb attachments
  • A blade guard
  • Instruction guide
  • Grease and Clipper oil

4 .Motor

There are many hair clippers to choose from, but looking for the size and its power is helping you sort from the top range models. For a cleaner and smoother hair cut, you need to get yourself a clipper with a decent blade and a powerful motor. The price varies according to the motor and the blade quality. Don’t miss out on these factors while making your purchase. Buying a hair clipper with cheap motors will give less power and an uneven cut. Check whether they are made from good material or if there is an option of replacement blades. You have to be cautious while holding it as if you will drop the clipper by default; the blades can give damage.

5. Ease and Frequency of Using

If you are a newbie, you have to look for various features while buying, as you haven’t used it before. It all depends on your previous experience with the clippers. You need to learn how to use it as it might not work well for the first time.

Here is a list of best Andis Clippers just for you:

1. Andis Professional T-Outliner Hair Clipper – GTO 04710

Best Andis Clippers

You won’t get disappointed with the Andis Professional T-Outliner Trimmer. Its simple and lovely design makes it charming. The side contours make it comfortable to use and easy to handle. The sturdy 8-foot cord allows free movement and has a hanger loop. The electromagnetic motor which is equipped can achieve 7200 strokes per minute.

You get a hardened T-blade with carbon, and you might not get a smoothest and cleanest look with other blades. You need to handle it with care as there is zero gap capability. Carbon steel blades can handle different types of hair. Be cautious while using it, as it gets hot just after a while.


  • Side contour to comfortably fit your hand.
  • An 8-foot cord allows maneuverability.
  • Weighs 11.2 ounces.
  • Carbon steel blades make it suitable.


  • Cleaning this tool becomes tough if there are any hair chunks inside the hair clipper.


2. Andis Professional Master Clipper – 01557

Best Andis Clippers

With its high-speed magnetic power motor delivers 14,000 cutting strokes per minute. It comes with a single lever that has an adjusting blade from 000 to 1. The unbreakable aluminum housing and its professional standard for heavy-duty helps in all-around tapering and cutting.

Although, it runs quiet and cool with no noise issues, and its side control switch is given for one-hand on/off operation. With 130V-60Hz, it has length cutting depths with upper blades featuring a fast-speed action product dimensions.


  • Adjustable blade.
  • One-hand operation.
  • Maximum length setting of 1.38 inches.
  • Quiet operation and heavy-duty.


  • This might work perfectly on the thick hair chunks, and you need to change the blades more often.


3. Andis Headliner Clipper 29775

Best Andis Clippers

Andis is growing globally, and from almost 80 years ago, it started introducing a new range of products to Europe, and today its products are available in around 90 countries across the globe. The groomers, barber, stylists, and the consumers everywhere are continuing to reach for Andis clippers, trimmers, dryers, curling irons, blades, and the flat irons when they want to rely on the top-ranked tools.

You can now create a unique smooth trimming experience and more of those professional-looking hairstyles if you have this Andis Headliner 11-Piece Home Hair Cutting Kit with you. The kit has a super-fine T-blade for extremely dry shaving and closes cutting. This feature provides you a precession trimming and also helps you eliminate the ingrown facial hair. Stainless steel blades in it help in creating outlines and fades.

Being perfect for shaving, sculpting, contouring, and trimming makes it great for every student who wants to ace the perfect their hair-styling skills. The haircutting kit has a trimmer with a contoured shape that will fit perfectly well in your hands and will also help you in getting a good shave. The hair styling tools, including the headliner trimmer, a barber comb, a storage case, four attached combs, and much more are included with this ultra-close haircut kit.

You can easily get professional-looking haircuts at your place and will save your money too.


  • Perfect fit for shaving, sculpting, contouring, and trimming.
  • Have stainless steel blades.
  • Super-fine T-blade for extremely dry shaving and close cutting.
  • Ultra-close cutting helps in eliminating ingrown facial hair.


  • Being heavy makes it tough to hold.

4. Andis Ultra Edge Clipper – 63700

Best Andis Clippers

The ultra-edge clipper by Andis provides you a smoother and cleaner cut for an everyday look. Being equipped with the Ultra Edge 000 blade, it’s powerful, a rotary motor clipper with the detachable blades for much heavy-duty use. Much lighter than most comparable detachable blade clippers and is quiet, smooth, and the running motor stays cool.

The detachable blade hair clipper is for easy cleaning, style versatility, and changing. It gets converted to a cordless clipper as its using a BGR+ battery pack. Also compatible with Oster 76 blades and come with a one-year warranty from Andis.


  • Works with Ceramicedge Blades and Ultra edge Blades.
  • Easily convertible to cordless using a BGR+ battery charger and pack.
  • 20% lighter, 15% faster, and 10% smaller than the traditional hair clippers.


  • You might require to change the blades more often.

5. Andis Supra ZR Hair Clipper – DBLC 79000

Best Andis Clippers

A professional haircut now becomes much expensive if you need it very often, and the need for Andis Supra ZR Cordless Ion Clipper automatically arises. Being one of the best tools that trim your hair perfectly, and you will feel good buying it either for your home haircuts or your salon services. Its cordless design makes it easier for you to use it anywhere and from any angle you want. The high-performance helps you use it for approx. 2 hours continuously after completely charging it.

You can easily detach the blades and also change it as per your needs. Replacing them after they start looking dull with the new and sharp ones gives you quick and effective results. There 5 different settings for you to use it accordingly that provide you with thick or thin desired haircuts in tapering and trimming styles. No one would love the noisy operation of any product they spend money on. This comes with a quiet operation so that you don’t feel annoyed because of its unwanted noise.

This tool helps the user in cutting both dry and wet hair with more finesse because of its powerful motor.


  • Gets fully charged in just 2 hours and provides the same runtime. This helps you use it freely, making your task quicker and easier.
  • Can create fades, along with other advanced hairstyles, and attractive beard patterns with advanced settings.
  • Works efficiently on thick as well as thin hair because of Lithium-ion power mode incorporated with its rotary motor.
  • Gets adjusted with various kinds of blades like Andis UltraEdge, Oster Titan blades, CeramicEdge, Oster Classic 76. Such adaptability to different blades adds more to its versatility.
  • Gives you a free movement while usage it. Its even easy to use, no matter how long you do the task of clipping and trimming.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to hold.


  • Quite heavy, making it further difficult to hold for a long time.

How are a Trimmer T-blade Different from a Square Blade?

It’s important to know the difference between these blades when you need to trim your hair. A T-blade’s curvy edges help you in easy handling and much better access for trimming around the back of the neck, ears, mustaches, and beards. The square blade is the perfect tool for general shaving and cutting designs.

What is the Difference between Adjustable and Detachable Blades?

The detachable blades are designed so that they can be easily removed from the clipper in just seconds without using tools. An adjustable blade is affixed to the hair clipper with its two screws, and you can easily achieve the hair length by changing out the entire blade in detachable blades. With an adjustable blade, you can achieve a range of hair cutting length by adjusting a lever on the side of the unit. So, a typical length range for an adjustable blade is 000-1, and the plastic attachment combs are available in both blades type.

Can the Trimmer Blades and Clippers Sharpen?

Yes, most of the Andis professional hair clipper blades can be sharpened at the factory repair center or Andis Authorized Service Stations. Moreover, because of the teeth’s length on the trimmer blades, we do not recommend that these can be sharpened. So, find a service center near you.

How should one Store their Blades?

You can store your blades in an environment with low moisture to avoid any corrosion and a padded blade storage pouch or a case that will help keep them safe and keep them from getting dropped or chipped, which can knock or break them out of alignment.

How Long a Clipper or Trimmer Blade Last?

The blade’s life depends on how often do you use it and how regularly you clean and oil the blade. With proper maintenance, your Andis clipper or trimmer blade can last quite a while before its replacement.

So, these are a few of the high-quality and reliable hair clippers by Andis that will help you trim your hair conveniently at home with less effort.