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10 Best Wahl Clippers for 2024- The Complete Guide

Not only trained hairstylists can utilize professional-grade hair trimmers, but an ordinary person can also use one achieving the best results by just sitting at home. These high-quality trimmers don’t have to require an arm and a leg for proper functioning during the process. Today, clippers have made it way easier to groom your beard or facial hair within minutes.

Wahl is always making sure to stay on top of the leading competition when it comes to trimming accessories for both beginners and professionals. However, there are a few factors to consider before buying any clipper.

 How to Choose the Perfect Clipper?


The hair trimmer should be equipped with a powerful motor for constant performance. There may arise trouble of slicing through thick and thin hair when the motor is weak. This will lead to irritations and other skin problems, and so it is advisable to choose a clipper only with a robust motor system.

Adjustable Length

The razor of the clipper should be strong enough to adjust and accommodate the hair length of your desired choice. There is an alternative of using guide combs instead of adjustable razors.

Storage System

It is recommended to choose a hair clipper that comes supported with a storage system. The main reason behind this is keeping all the equipment in one single bag or case after the use is easier. It will also protect the clipper when not in use and can also be portable.


When you are a beginner, there are often chances of getting small cuts and nicks during the first trimming process. Hence, it is better to choose a clipper that comes with some safety features to avoid such problems.


The razors should be oiled frequently to ensure usage for a long time and also sharpening of the blades. There is an option of self-sharpening blades too which makes it easier for people to not oil and stuff.


One of the biggest decisions to make while buying a clipper is to know how it is going to be powered. There are options cord and battery-powered clippers available in the market. A cord can be restrictive and considered useful by most of the users because of the ease of maneuverability in places. Either way, if you are going for a battery-powered clipper, it is mandatory to check the battery life of the device.

If you’re going to choose a battery-powered clipper, it is essential to consider battery life.

In this article, the 10 Best Wahl Clippers available in the market are discussed.

10 Best Wahl Clippers

1. Wahl Magic Clip 8148

Best Wahl Clippers

Wahl is the most ancient brand that brought hair clippers on the market and achieved a great name with newer hair clippers. This magic clip is their 3rd generation hair clipper in the Wahl 5-star list of hair trimmers. The Wahl magic clip is one of the most popular designs for professional-grade performance and regular use. This number 1 Wahl 8148 cordless hair clipper is a passionate subject to the grooming experts and gaining popularity quickly. It is also recognized as an ultimate solution for your hair grooming. Wahl provides lots of attachments with the cordless Wahl magic clip package that includes:

  • The Wahl magic clip clipper
  • 8 attachment combs
  • A blade guard
  • A hair comb and Lubricant oil
  • Cleaning brush
  • Charging adapter
  • User manual

The stainless steel blades are made with unique technology that can operate in speed and give the best results. The blades account in for the existing magic, hence the name Wahl magic clipper. The hair clipper can trim or formalize the hair very quickly and secure due to the super-sharp blades in less time and low pressure. The hair can be blend and faded to accomplish the haircutting process efficiently. The cordless Wahl magic clip is made with dual power technology making it popular in the market. This tool can be used with the available charging cord when it is deprived of battery. The clipper cordless can be used later after the charging process. The battery will provide 90 minutes of great extent, power for using the continuous cordless hair clipping with a full charge. The available taper level is useful for removing the debris by making the arm up and down. The review and the build quality make the product perfectly expert in hair grooming purposes.


  • Effective Motor
  • Great Blade technology
  • Good Built Quality


  • No battery lifetime
  • Noisy

2. Wahl Lithium Ion 9818

Best Wahl Clippers

The Wahl Lithium Ion is one of the most polished clippers available today. The stainless seamlessly covers the handles of the trimmer, providing good appearance while using the clipper. The Lithium-Ion Plus is incredibly simple in design while showcasing the impressive stainless iron frame. The stainless steel exterior stays on the rear to hold any object that doesn’t have a strong rubber grip. The smooth surface of the blades causes the beard trimmer more glazed to hold than the rubber Lithium Ion clipper. This is considered the most used tool along with the other attachments because of its trimming head features.

The plug sits in the charging holder and is intended to be practiced when it is kept inside a piece of luggage. The power button will not turn your Lithium-Ion Plus with the travel plugin system. The power button is not metal and is made from rubber, and still, the button can be firmly pushed. A small led indicator is hidden behind the power button to indicate the Lithium-Ion trimmer is turned on or charging by displaying a blue shade of light.

The Wahl Lithium-Ion works the best tom maintain a short beard as it is a detailed T-Blade less sharp trimmer. The sharp edges of the blades are enough to cut through hair strands externally pulling, although it is not recommended to use this clipper for daily activities.


  • Detailed Shaver Head
  • Efficient Charging
  • Smooth Stainless steel blades


  • Cannot be used for long hair or beard trimming

3. Wahl Elite Pro Clippers

Best Wahl Clippers

With the Elite Pro, though, the brand has taken things further as it is stronger, and more powerful output is achieved. The hard plastic body with chrome-colored lines provides an elite feeling to the tool as its name.

The Wahl Elite Pro motor beats other Wahl models easily because of the innovative technology used in it. The issues with most of the other brands are thicker hair types and bulkier volumes, but the Elite Pro clipper will push over them, generating a new experience for you.

This standard Wahl is made of plastic and feels fragile while holding it, thinking it may break down soon. However, the Secure-fit Wahl metal in this elite pro clipper guards does not allow you to endure from this problem. The hard plastic is sturdier, and the metal part is responsible for extra durability. The tighter blades provide precise haircuts with less mess without the addition of ear tapers. The side luxuries of the steel combs offer to feel like the famous barber’s cape, and the tight storage case simply embeds a Wahl cherry at its tip. It is considered to be a bit heavier than other clippers for home use but gives a professional outcome. The more powerful motor of this model and the trade-off is worth your time. The special smooth cutting stainless steel blades are self-sharpening, and so there is less to worry about the maintenance of the tool. This model aces at its best for home use than any other version available in the market. However, the salon finish performance cannot be expected at times, but it will never disappoint you while trimming.


  • Lightweight
  • Maneuverable
  • Portable


  • Taper level is not available
  • Little bulky

4. Wahl Peanut 8685

Best Wahl Clippers

The Wahl 8685 Peanut is a compact, corded clipper as powerful as a normal full-sized clipper. The robust motor and sharpened edges of the blade of this peanut-sized trimmer support for a narrow shave with the least skin irritation. The oil serves as a fine cream for the razors, leaving the surface of the skin free from soreness or re-growth of hairs soon. The oil can help the trimmer running efficiently and can extend the life of the Wahl peanut clipper.

The clipper measures just 4 inches in length that makes it easy to maneuver. It comes with 4 attachment trimming guides to maintain the preferred length as per your choice. The Peanut corded trimmer provides constant power without ever dying out of battery. The quite long cord doesn’t make it difficult to reach larger areas with some struggle.

The removable precision blades allow adjusting the blades easily by snapping them off while attaching the brand new ones on. It also makes it easy to clean, and the sharp blade ensures in performing a close cut, especially great for outlining and accuracy. The only drawback of the clipper is it can be used only by experts and is not ideal for beginners to have a close shave.


  • Easily maneuverable
  • Lightweight and strong blades
  • Minimal skin irritation or rashes


  • Cannot be used by beginners
  • Power cord may not be compatible with certain specifications

5. Wahl Cordless Clipper

Best Wahl Clippers

Wahl offers commercial-grade products of trust, and Wahl Professional 5-Cordless Magic Clip has already become the top pick among trained hairdressers due to the enormous speed, accuracy that stylists desire.

The zero-overlap 2161 blades feature cutting precise hair strands too nicely in less time. The convenient, flexible lever produces fading and tapering hair easy, making it one of the best clippers for fades.

Professional barbers and stylists use Wahl’s cordless clipper to save time and deliver the best results. This clipper offers many benefits to the users as per their choice doing their job easier.

The lightweight makes it maneuver easily on any part of the body and can also be carried during travel. The strong motor does not produce noise during the process than many other professional models.

The precision of zero-overlap blades is responsible for achieving a close and easier clean trim on many high-end clippers. The convenient taper lever allows easy blending and fading of the clipper, enhancing the ease of use. The Lithium-ion battery provides 90 minutes of runtime per charge and can be used with a power cord when it is out of battery. The cordless clipper kit also comes with other variety of tools like attachment combs, oil, a red blade guard, along with a cleaning brush for your beard grooming.


  • Clean and comfortable cutting experience
  • Suitable for all hair types


  • No battery charge indicator

6. Wahl Color Pro Clipper

Best Wahl Clippers

Wahl Color Pro is one of the most popular rechargeable and cordless hair clippers. It is called Color Pro because of the available 12 color-coded guide combs. Every guide combs have a unique color that presents it simple to identify the size of the cut by glancing just at the comb’s color. This complete haircutting kit provides everything for home use and is recommended by many of the professionals too. This easy-to-use product appears with color-coded guide combs and is designed particularly for beginners to start using a clipper as per their desires and style.

The Color Pro clipper aces the convenience and simplicity offered by this wireless machine’s execution or quality. The soft head and the combination of the stainless steel blades allow efficient power and even shaving off a corded clipper. The model showcases a unique ability to cut close without any snagging or injuries. The clipper promises the best results of trimming by enjoying its use at home only. The existing strong power cord comes with a powerful NiMH battery that extends up to 60 minutes of run time during the process. The battery life is 60 minutes, once its fully-charged, allowing it to use even for longer duration. This makes it one of the best battery hair clippers during travel, as they can be charged anywhere.


  • Cordless
  • Powered by heavy motor


  • Noisy

7. Wahl 5 Star Balding Clippers

Best Wahl Clippers

Wahl 5 star balding clippers are cordless and amazingly adaptable with both expert and non-professional usage. The ergonomic tool is designed to give the user satisfaction during the trimming process. With a robust electromagnetic engine that forms twice the rate of swivel motors, this Balding Clipper allows stylists a quick, precise trimming of beard. The clipper comes with other accessories needed for styling that includes:

  • Eight attachment combs
  • Oil
  • Cleaning brush
  • Red blade guard
  • User-guide

The available attachment combs ensure maintaining the length of hair as per your desire. The Oil and cleansing brush helps in increasing the life of the clipper by keeping it in great condition. It can easily be carried anywhere anytime and use it by just loading the battery and removing the cord. The high precision blades of the clipper remain sharp for a long time providing ease of use. The sharp edges are set to zero-cover to achieve a close shave without leading skin irritations. The powerful electric motor and sharp blades deliver an outstanding performance, which makes this device extraordinary. The strong built-in motor is responsible for the precision and gentle cut of your hair.


  • High precision blades
  • Corded and Cordless models available
  • Quick Charging


  • The cover may fall down

8. Wahl Peanut 8655-200

Best Wahl Clippers

Wahl peanut trimmer is not only excellent at providing haircuts but also delivers styling and trimming facial hair such as mustaches and beards. The deep profile of the razors presents the ability to effortlessly maneuver the trimmer around your skin without reaching the nose or lips. The blade cuts close enough that it can even be readily used for trimming behind the ears.

The Wahl 8655-200 Peanut Professional Clipper is a professional grade intended for giving a barber finish at home in less time. It gets the name because of the peanut-shaped body with a sleek design. These trimmers will sit warmly in your hand, assuring to retain a steady grip without the risk of dropping it during the shaving process. The quality is ensured because of the professional-grade of the trimmer. The kit incorporates four different trimming combs offering flexibility to cut hair at precise lengths as per your choice. The cutting power of the motor is strong enough for all types and thicknesses of hair without causing any pulling or risk of any cuts. The lightweight design is responsible for using it over a long time without any pain. The detachable stainless steel blade system is easy to clean and stay active working for a great time. The blade without a comb can easily cut down the hair strands securing adjacent skin-tight cut. The long power cord allows using it any place without any hindrance in the movements.


  • Great Blade Guard
  • Easily fits in the hand
  • Long Power Cord


  • Less number of combs

9. Wahl Clipper Barber Kit

Best Wahl Clippers

Wahl’s Clipper Barber Kit comprises most of the tools needed for your hair grooming. It involves a corded multi-cut clipper, personal battery trimmer, and battery touch-up trimmer to achieve the perfect trimming as per your style. The premium clipper comes furnished with a strong Heavy-Duty motor that produces extraordinary power with no snagging or risk of irritation to the skin. The self-sharpening blades stay for a longer period if proper oiling is done to them regularly. The available 12 attachment guards are responsible for maintaining cutting lengths, and the trimmer is excellent for a waxed appearance.

Battery life and performance of this beard trimmer is exceptionally great as the individual accessories available. The regular blade head highlights stainless steel blades that give good performance without causing any pulling or minor injuries during the trimming process. It also comes with various other head accessories to provide you the versatility to trim distinct areas, including a precision T-blade for outlines and touch-ups. The dual shaver gives a clean, close shave on your face or body, and a precision trimmer can simply trim in hard to reach areas of your body parts. The personal trimmer comprises 2 interchangeable heads for particular trimming and fine ear/nose trimming. This complete kit also has numerous other accessories to help you achieve your style.


  • Even Cutting of beard
  • Prolonged use
  • All in One kit


  • Senses Vibration on hand

10. Wahl Clipper Chrome Pro

Best Wahl Clippers

Wahl Chrome Pro offers high quality by effectively realizing your favorite appearance at a single go in the home. The chrome upper part looks chic, and overall the design and sturdiness are amazing. The strong motor gives you extra haircutting that produces exceptional energy regarding no-snag trimming. The smooth cuts and extra toughness can be achieved even for thicker hair because of the carbon-coated blades.

The Wahl clipper guards and the blades fit each other perfectly, unlike other models with a loose fit. The hair trimmer consists of self-sharpening trimming blades that extend extra quality to the customers. These precision ground cutting blades are designed for smooth trimming utilizing different varieties of razor-sharp to produce optimum output. The kit includes a battery trimmer that performs the task of outlining, touching-up necklines, sideburns, and around ears. The adaptable taper lever is used for blending with custom-made slicing actions of the beard. Wahl Chrome Pro is a great purchase for people who are just starting with clipping their hair as a beginner. It will perform excellently even for a simple haircut using all its technology. The rotary motor of this clipper is responsible for giving better performance and precise haircuts.


  • Self-sharpening carbon steel blades
  • Does not Overheat easily


  • Not Suitable for all hair types

How to use a Clipper Effectively?

To ace any job well, the right tools and certain steps to be followed are a necessity. The steps to cut your hair with a clipper are mentioned in detail below:


It is advisable to dry your hair completely with a good towel before using a clipper to achieve the best results.


Attach the correct guard available in the kit as per your length choice for trimming the head. The longest guard can be used for the whole head, and the shorter guards can be used while moving to smaller parts. Run the clippers in the reverse direction to your hair growth with each stroke.


Remove the guard and flip the clipper in your palm for obtaining a clean neckline finish. Cut a line at the back of the neck and nearby the ears, downwards from the hairline for precision. Later, style as per your choice.

Sharpening of Sideburns

Cut a line across the bottom of each sharp sideburn to make it even lengths. A guard should be used to remove the facial hair below the sideburns.


Clean your clippers after each use by wiping the blades free of hair, and then applying a thin film of the oil to maintain the tool for several years.

What to do when Hair Clippers do not Cut Well?

Clippers need constant care and maintenance, and at times there may arise a situation when the clipper is not working smoothly. The common problems associated and ways to fix them are mentioned below:

Check Battery and Power Connection

If the motor of the clippers is not working, it indicates there is an issue with the batteries of the tool as the clippers are not getting enough power to run the device.

Battery life can be checked and recharged if necessary and then again start using the clipper after it is fully charged.

Check Springs

The springs or hinges are vital elements of any set of clippers as their task is to help carry force by offering a more comfortable cutting experience to the users.

The best way to verify this is by removing the clipper blade spring from the clippers. The two screws should be taken off on the head of the razor and set up again to use it.

Blade Holders

The most common problem with blade sockets is that one of the ears will become bent after some years of regular use.

It can be fixed by bringing the ears to close together as you likely can without making them too sticky.

Blunted Blades

The dull blades of razors are witnessed by most of the users who use different trimming tools for grooming purposes. It can overcome only by sharpening the blades or replacing them.

The blades can be oiled regularly after every single use, and this can help you from not experiencing the blunted blades problem. Regular oiling can also maintain the tool for several years.