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18 Extraordinary Long Hairstyles with Highlights

Hairstyles make a woman look impressive. Most of the women love to alter their appearances, and picking the best hairstyle will make them look smart and grand. There are multiple kinds of hairstyles for a woman.

All your facial characteristics will be emphasized if you have a different and fashionable hairstyle. For women, hair is thought to be something that can express their character. In fact, by selecting the proper hairstyle for yourself you will see that you not only look much young but you feel smart as well.

Long hair is wealth for all women, though it is pretty tedious to keep. Some may have thin and straight hair, while others may have very dense and rough hair, some could have wavy and soft hair. No matter what the type is, having polished and long hair would speculate extravagance and elegance.

This is the cause why women choose to have long, thick and fashionable hair. Everyone will turn when they will see you with long, healthy hair. Women with long hair look for various styles to suit as per the event, whether its a causal meeting, marriage, party or anything else.

Women love styling their hair so they can renew their look giving it a more appealing look than ever. The good news is there are various long hairs for women and men so one can choose based on their choice.

Hairstylists are more innovative these days as per the latest trends to make people look more beautiful with long haircuts and styles. Women with long hair always look for something different so that they can get a unique look.

Nowadays highlights are much in trend that allows women to experiment with the look and get a whole new look. Hair color indeed alters the entire look to give a very new appeal to your appearance.


18 Extraordinary Long Hairstyles with Highlights

Highlight your looks with hair highlights:

Essential factors in choosing the right kind of hair expert who will be highlighting your hair.

  • A hairstylist must have the understanding of specific customer requirement.
  • The stylist must have a piece of deep knowledge about different hair products and how it reacts to the skin.
  • He or she must know to highlight the hair according to skin complexion.
  • It is essential that hairstylist follow certain hygiene and health standards.
  • The stylist must possess up to date knowledge about the color trends followed currently.
  • They should deal with the customers with utmost patience.

This hairstyle has a very trendy realm to it and on any event, particularly the ones which call for some party fits perfectly fine. Glorify your look with a good highlight in style and remember such hairstyles are forever in fashion. They look great on all hair kinds and forms.


Light Brown Highlights

Hairstyles with Highlights

If you have long hair and you try to wear down all the time then it becomes quite mundane and dull, but you can indeed change the look around by just highlighting them with the right color tone.

This shade is in brown tones some light and some dark and thus gives a multi-dimensional look and shaded appeal which looks real glam especially if it’s a day party and the hair highlight real sets the vibe on with a bit of the dazzle from the sunshine.


Light Blonde Highlights

Hairstyles with Highlights

This hairstyle looks great on hair that is straight the strands can be colored in light blonde color so that when the hair is parted or side combed the highlights can be flaunted in all its grace in a slight Peekaboo manner.

This hairstyle suits fairer toned complexion and will look great with dark undertones as an appealing choice so that the dark and light contrast up to give a much-stylized effect.


Straight Sleek Highlights in Light Brown Hair

Hairstyles with Highlights

The hair highlights in this style has been done keeping the base color like light brown. On brown base light golden and ash mixes are incorporated. During the day time, this hair is a definite show stealer.

The final look of it can be very surprising and good. The colors will steal the light from the crowd towards you. A dark shade of lipstick will seal the deal for you. The style is sleek and smart.


Brown Balayage Hairstyle with Highlights on Bangs

Hairstyles with Highlights

These hairstyles originally have a French origin. The hair color is applied with a sweeping action, sparingly at the roots and denser towards the tips and is less time-consuming than dressing a full head of sheet highlights with foils.

Popular foiling can at times give strong lines and sharp color variations, but the balayage colorist can really design highlights more exactly where the sun would really go on your hair.


Golden Blonde Hairstyle with Highlights

Hairstyles with Highlights

Distinctive hairstyles for women are always in need and in each season. So whatever the style drifts may be, these kinds of various hairstyles for women will never be out of fashion as each day a new hairstyle for ladies is there in the demand.

The Golden blonde hairstyle is indeed a great way to look the diva you are. An acknowledged hair stylist will tell you all the precautions for maintaining hairstyles and also give you details for nourishing your hair with some really good products that can be even simple products.


Chocolate Brown Hairstyle with Golden Highlights

Hairstyles with Highlights

This hairstyle is indeed super stylish. In this hairstyle the highlights are done keeping in mind the base hair color to chocolate brown and the highlights are thus not made to be overpowering.

Just the two sides have a generous amount highlighted which is enough to glam up the look. One can wear neutral shades of makeup and dress to get along with this highlighted hair look.


Layered Balayage Hairstyle with Highlights

Hairstyles with Highlights

Balayage is a more difficult method than other conventional coloration techniques, so be certain to inquire about the stylist’s practice and expertise. Discuss with your colorist about not computing too many highlights and including further of the deep colors.

The mystery is to create variations with deeper sections to highlight the highlights. Also, be certain to be transparent at the beginning about the expenses included. Some salons charge by the hour and others by the number of pigments used in the session.

There are also sequence packages accessible that combine standard foiling with balayage to get a more exciting, powerful look with deeper color soaking. This layered balayage tone is great to be flaunted in summers.


Ombre Undertone Icy Highlights

Hairstyles with Highlights

The word represents shading, and in hair coloring, it leads to the continuous change from one hair color to a different. Usually, the color scheme includes having a darkened color at the top of the head near the shafts which transitions to a moderate color along with the range as the color transfers to the end of the hair.

In long hair, the color method is beautiful and combines several varying shades of color, from the deepest browns below to light grey colors. There is no single particular color picked for an ombre outcome, though numerous customers prefer to stick with a color approach to their actual hair at the crown area and work down to a moderate shade near the base.


Dark Brown Hairstyle with Highlights

Hairstyles with Highlights

Brown hair is a common color and has many natural shades. Some people get a feeling of warmth from this shade. Keep the middle part of your hair blonde and use highlights and lowlights which will really enhance this look. Streaking the hair can be very bold in statement and benefits really well from well picked colors.


Burgundy Highlights in Twisted Black Hair

Hairstyles with Highlights

This hairstyle is indeed super feminine and with the subtle curls it is all the more pretty. The base color of the hair is kept jet black and the highlights are done in rich reed burgundy tomes especially on the lower rolls of the hair.

This hairstyle is fit to rock parties and meet ups or a date night. There is something very sensuous about this color tone and thus the hairstyle with its highlight is apt for a romantic date night.


Unruly Golden Permed Locks

Hairstyles with Highlights

There is something exquisitely dense and dramatic about this hairstyle that comes along with a tad bit hippie vibe. This hairstyle is thus multipurpose one. There are almost all strands, baring the area near the roots that are highlighted.

This hairstyle can be paired up with off shoulder crop tops and printed palazzo and the look will definitely get you the limelight. This look is, of course, bold and dramatic. Glam up the look with a bit of eyeliner and lip gloss.


Black Layered Hairstyle with Blue Highlights

Hairstyles with Highlights

The change of a new season causes a difference in hair color thus presenting a new look. You might not require to improve your hair thoroughly but combining a little color force also do some spell.

You can advance your natural black hair up a groove by preferring the right highlights and color lines ideal for your natural black hair. There are several highlight options which can be viewed by people with dark hair and the shade of blue and indigo are one of the great options.


Black and Golden Hair Highlights

Hairstyles with Highlights

Among all the styles this is probably the most glamorous look. On the base of black hair the highlights in golden glamorize the look to a great level.

This hairstyle is done on hair that is long and cut in layers. The front lock has a good chunk of golden streak which adds that shine to the look.


Ombre Brown in Sleek Hairstyle

Hairstyles with Highlights

This hairstyle is indeed sleek and the color has a gradual transcendence in a way that it is soothing to the eyes as well as exuberates a very soft toned yet rich color.

Gels or good quality hair mouse can be used for this hairstyle to add that extra bit of shine and luster quotient in it.


Cascade Highlights Hairstyle

Hairstyles with Highlights

Since hairstyle is the primary trait people notices, it is essential that you keep it accurate to improve your looks. This hairstyle is indeed a very pretty one.

A long drive in style is what calls for styles like this. It is indeed an elite style that has a very carefree vibe to it. You can pair the hairstyle with a bodysuit or a jumper.


The Rich Red Hairstyle with Highlights

Hairstyles with Highlights

This hairstyle has a very chic sense of fashion being portrayed mores on the rich lustrous red tone makes your complexion look brighter. Pair a beautiful black body-con dress.

This hairstyle can be apt for parties or night outs and the special date night with your loved one.


Highlighted Golden Streak Hairstyle

Hairstyles with Highlights

This hairstyle has its own charm. The hairstyle has golden highlights that when the hair is parted and tied can be seen. This subtle exposure of highlights stems up the look two notch higher.

This hairstyle looks good on any complexion and the best part it can go well with both formals and semi formal as well as casuals like the everyday wear. This hairstyle thus is indeed a great one.


Brown Hairstyle with Pink Highlights

Hairstyles with Highlights

Pink has everything to do with feminine grace and charm and this highlight is pure heart stealer because of the warm pink hue. The highlight is not overpowering yet has a warm cast upon the hair.

You can pair the style with blacks and whites and other solid colors to bring out the eccentricity of the look. You can also pair up the highlights with some hair accessories like bands and pins or clips which will look just adorable.


These are some of the amazing long hairstyles with highlights which you must-try to flaunt your hair.