20 Unique and Beautiful Peekaboo Hairstyles

Peekaboo Hairstyles

The word peekaboo initially mean hide and seek and this is one such game that children love to play. The excitement that comes inn discovering the hidden is thrilling. Almost similar concepts are incorporated when it comes to a peekaboo hairstyle. The highlights are not at the front but somewhere inside hidden and when the hair is flipped or tied in a pony or a bun the color is seen and that adds a subtle and quire glamour taste to the entire styling of the hair. A Peekaboo is a hairstyle boasted essentially by the women in which hair highlights shade are used strategically for a small section of the hair.

The laws of conventional hair coloring have been shattering down and we are observing a lot more artistic presentations, from brilliant and glowing hues to soft tone colors all overhead, and from dip-dyed tips to peekaboo extension. If coloring with solids is not your forte then peekaboo can be your ideal pick. Though they’re pretty fashionable as well, they don’t grasp all the application, but only highlight the excellence and color intensity of your hair. Now a days there are a lot off alternation in a peekaboo hairstyle.

20 Unique and Beautiful Peekaboo Hairstyles

How to Get Peekaboo Highlights

  • Choose which tones and design of peekaboo highlights you desire to display. Take your real skin tone, hair tone, and eye color into regard. You can inquire about an acknowledged hairstylist’s recommendation to do so.
  • State your stylist how you usually section your hair to assist them to understand out where to put the peekaboo highlights.
  • The stylist will color your hair in parts, giving the prime layer of your hair intact to protect the peekaboo highlights. They start coloring at the top, about an inch from the bisection, and move downwards. They apply foils to have the hair color from flowing to the sections of your hair that you don’t require to color.

How to Prepare Peekaboo Highlights

  • Use a conditioner and shampoo that will protect the color of your hair and make it long lasting many a time chemical laden shampoos can fade away your hair color due to the abrasive elements. Also these hair products make your strands extremely dry. The best advice is to use herbal products.
  • Due to excessive drying your hair can have split ends and thus the entire quality of hair can be damaged.
  • Also as a part of hair care routine try to incorporate hair oiling. This will ensure that your hair gets nutrients and proper moisturizing. Due to the coloring or the highlights there can also be hair fall which can be prevented by oiling.
  • Whenever you color your hair do not tie them immediately always keep them loose and for two to three days we are not supposed to wash your hair either. This allows the color to set on your hair.
  • Handle your hair with gentle hands. It is always best to gently brush them such that no hair strands break.
  • Also the major attraction of a peekaboo hairstyle is the hiding factor. The highlights are hided and not very overpowering and that’s the USP of it so regular touch-ups by your stylist is a mandate.

Hair-styling is an art and better when any art is subtle and sublime. It helps to bring out your hidden trends setting potential in just a small peekaboo. Choose from the above mentioned list and rock your fashion sense turning heads. You are headed to steal all the lime light there is!

Purple and Blue Peekaboo Highlights

Peekaboo Hairstyles

If you have a slightly lengthier hair then this hairstyle is your ideal bid. In this hairstyle the highlights are done in very subtle tones of purple and blue. The hair is back brushed and collected in a small bun leaving half the section to hang loose where the highlights are done. The highlights are thus done on the inside second half portion of the hair that can only be seen when one ties the mid bun. As the hairstyle is so pretty it eventually become the center of your fashion statement.

Hidden Royal Pink Peekaboo Highlights

Peekaboo Hairstyles

There is nothing as thrilling as getting highlights however the Peekaboo Highlights are all about an added layer of thrill. In this hairstyle the color or the highlight will not be visible on the normal eye when the hair is left as it is loose. However the highlights re done on the flip side of the hair where the inside of the back layers are only colored and that to in a shocking royal pink shade. This hairstyle is done in a whitish grey hair and thus the contrast comes out even more beautifully.

Zigzag Florescent Peekaboo Hairstyle

Peekaboo Hairstyles

In this hairstyle the haircut adds the extra glitz. The style is such that the cut forms a zig-zag kind of pattern and the color is done on the alternate strands. The colors chosen are very vibrant. The red and purple on florescent tones peps up the otherwise boring blonde hair. Also style is a part of your persona and incorporating the style portrays a very colorful and exciting personality of yours. The length of the hair is short hence women looking for short length highlights, here is the pick for you.

Blends of Blue and Pink Tone Peekaboo Hairstyle

Peekaboo Hairstyles

If you have brown hair, go for an intensive tone like this dark purple. The turquoise blue attaches a beautiful vibrancy to her golden colored curls. A bright purple, dark pink, and signs of pink together with the purple to give us this wonderful hair color blend. These colors formulate a splendid peekaboo highlights appearance. The golden hair enhances the whole look. This hairstyle is cool as well as smart. This hairstyle can be paired up with off shoulder dresses or tops and printed jeggings and the look will surely get you the lime light.

Light Ombre Shaded Peekaboo Hairstyle

Peekaboo Hairstyles

When you are not much of a colorful person then this is your hairstyle. The highlights are done in between the short hair which is copper colored. This hairstyle is for women who like it les and goes for minimalism. The shade matches subtle e tones of light brown and creates a very monochromatic appeal. This peekaboo style highlights the back section of your hair. For a styling that can be taken to board room discussion this one is your smart bid.

Borderline Highlights for Peekaboo Hairstyle

Peekaboo Hairstyles

This hairstyle suits best on women having copper colored hair or slightly brown. The shade of the highlight is on purpose light brown and thus the hairstyle is in tones of blonde and brown imparting a very beautiful shade and the highlights give it a much enriched look. It is a great shimmery look which is both sophisticated and glamorous. This hairstyle has a slightly carefree that adds a messy outlook to the entire aura of the hairstyle.

Pink Blossoms Highlights for Peekaboo Hairstyle

Peekaboo Hairstyles

By far this is the most warm and cutest hairstyle. This can be done in hair with short length. The color tone is that of a very soft pink color. This hair tone requires no glitz and glam. The actual base hair color is a soft blonde and the peekaboo style is a soft light baby pink color. If you look very intensely you can separate or less the total hair has a soft pink hue to it. This style is great for college, parties and specially a great one for teens. The pink and golden locks merge beautifully.

Hazelnut Highlights for Peekaboo Hairstyle

Peekaboo Hairstyles

This hairstyle is soft and warm giving a very beautiful color. It also makes your skin complexion look brighter. You can style the hair with any outfit be it western, casuals, pretty dresses just name it. Also the best part about this hairstyle is it is easily manageable. Whether you tie it or let loose r pin it the highlights subtly pick out and are indeed great.

Pink Ombre Shade Peekaboo Hairstyle

Peekaboo Hairstyles

There are very less number of women who in true sense do not like the color pink. In fact pink is one such color that has become almost synonymous to feminine choice. This shade of pink color will give you the right kind of glow and the best part it can delight you anytime. This hairstyle incorporate the shade below the locks such that the front portion of the hair has a golden touch and the back ends have a pinking hue and with a windy day be prepared to swoon many hearts.

Monochrome Blue Shade Peekaboo Hairstyle

Peekaboo Hairstyles

This hairstyle can be a great everyday look. There is nothing overboard about this hairstyle however the subtlety is all that, matters when it comes to this hairstyle. Also this rich shade of brown chocolate and burgundy and that peekaboo blue can give u a lustrous shin make your hair look royal. This kind of hair color compliments any color tone of apparel especially softer pastels. The blue color indeed is a great surprise in-between the other colors.

Mermaid Tones Peekaboo Hairstyle

Peekaboo Hairstyles

This hairstyle is simply gorgeous. It has great undertone of the blue color of the ocean and has a quaint touch of the gorgeous blue colors. The dark blue the turquoise the sea blue all these colors together gives a very beautiful coral color with blue base and the best part is the highlight is done in between the primary hair shaft. This hairstyle has an angular cut such that the front side is longer with shorter back cuts. This hairstyle is an extremely out of the box and pretty hairstyle.

Tiger Stripes Peekaboo Hairstyle

Peekaboo Hairstyles

If you are the one who desires to draw all the attention towards you, you can go for this hairstyle. It has all the gorgeous colors like orange, brown, black and other absolutely glorious shades. The hair color together looks like the tiger stripped tome and is definitely a dramatic and extremely bold one. This look is perfect for women who desire to keep the length of the hair fairly short yet do not wants to compromise on the style part. This style is surely the show stopper.

Red and Burgundy Highlights

Peekaboo Hairstyles

These colors are stunning cherry colors that goes well with regular or everyday look without subtracting on the style quotient. The best part is this hairstyle is an indeed versatile one. You can leave the hair open or tie or braid this style is just magnificent. It comes out well in all possible styles. Pair it up with a long white gown and oxidized metal jewellery to make the look a stunning one.

Gold Toned Copper Highlights

Peekaboo Hairstyles

If you love to shine then this highlight is for you. The golden lustrous glow will definitely give you the shine you love. This hair highlight has a very diva kind of appeal and the best part it gives a very bright lustrous shine to the entire look. The look created is perfect for parties. The combination of gold and copper looks so amazing. Also this highlight so pretty you would just want to leave the hair loose and flaunt your locks.

Brown Low Lights for Peekaboo Hairstyle

Peekaboo Hairstyles

This hairstyle is just ideal for hair that is cropped or the typical boys cut hair. This hairstyle gives a very girl next door and a casual fashion statement. This hairstyle is one ideal for women who want the hair very short and also great for summers this hairstyle will pair up perfectly well with denims, shorts or other such western attire. Also this hairstyle is great form young girls or for professional women who do not want to impart a lot of time on styling hair.

The Shades of Blue

Peekaboo Hairstyles

If your favorite color is blue then this hairstyle is definitely for you. This hairstyle can be a colorful pick and a very stylish one as well. The mixture of colors are blue, tones of grey and turquoise which together renders a very pretty peekaboo style.

This hairstyle can definitely change your mood to a much laid back party mood. Also if you are planning a vacation on a sea beach you can think of all the glamorous pictures that you can have with this hairstyle specially the color.

Braided Highlights for Peekaboo Hairstyle

Peekaboo Hairstyles

This hairstyle is out of the box and not so much of a daily wear. The highlights are done in braids and that the USP of the entire look. So this hairstyle along with the highlights have a very bohemian appeal to it. This hairstyle is stylish but is a little time consuming. The hairstyle requires patience to do and it is not a great choice for women who lack time. This can be a one-time wear, wherein the event can be a friends outing or any other such event. The peekaboo style is in pink and is indeed a show stealer.

Screw Cut Brown Colored Highlight

Peekaboo Hairstyles

This hairstyle is all about flaunting your personality , the cut along with the highlight together makes the look an extremely classy and sophisticated look which is just appropriate for parties, even night and any such event where you will noticed by many or you will be clicked. This hairstyle is a simple yet glamorous one. The brown color highlights attracts the attention of the actual hair style.

Peekaboo Highlight with a Ponytail Hairstyle

Peekaboo Hairstyles

This hairstyle requires to color the hair in a rich slightly golden tone which has a brown undertone. This style is indeed a great one which gives a very sleek look and imparts a shine as well. With a backless gown this hairstyle can turn the heat on. With a bold a gracious attitude carry this style to be the diva.

Short to Medium Hair Uneven Highlight for Peekaboo Hairstyle

Peekaboo Hairstyles

This one style requires uneven cutting of the hair. The layers are cut in acute angle having sharp and strict edges. This style is thus a great one and moreover the cuts are colored in such a way that the red colors ad a very subtle not of color to the entire style. This hairstyle with highlights can immediately make your entire look very stunning. The hair length is till the shoulders so for women searching out for hairstyle or on shoulder or short hair length this one is to give a try.

So what’s the wait? With all these beautiful variation stay in style stay fashionable and let your hair do all the magic.

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