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Hippie Hairstyles: Take It Back to the 60s With 20 Hippie ‘Dos

Hippie is a word given to the young generation who unusually style their hair or dress by opposing the general thoughts of the community.

So, hippie hairstyles are unique and stylish hairdos but not worn as a common hairstyle in today’s era. Young girls are looking for a cool and modish look that is different and unique as compared to the usual and daily hairstyles today. You can surely try hippie hairstyles for an offbeat look.

Now that you know that hippie hairstyles can make you feel extraordinary with their appealing looks, you must be wondering what the best ones you can try are. The hippie hairstyle is usually very cool and pleasing and gives an adorable look.

You can try hippie hairstyles with waves, ribbons, dreadlocks, hippie bands, or a combination of two hairstyles. Anything that seems quirky but pleasing is the best hippie hairstyle and can be worn by girls with any hair length and texture. Try out these alluring hippie hairstyles for a tempting and sensual appeal.

Hippie Hairstyles for a Stylish and Reviving Look

Topsy Side Braid

Hippie Hairstyles

Topsy tail hairstyle might remind you of the old-school days, but the side braid will add an adorable twist to the hairstyle. The hippie hairstyle with the loose waves and a messy Topsy side braid is a charming style you can even carry as a casual look or try out for a party. The cool hairstyle is achieved by taking a few strands from the top in two parts, twisting and securing it with a rubber band. Then pass the tail from the above hole and repeat it. Pull some strands out of the ponytail, leaving the rest of the wavy hair loose.

Bubble Updo with Braids

Hippie Hairstyles

When you are trying out something stylish and different, how about the idea of combining a mix of braids with colorful options giving you a surprising and unusual look. You can add whatever braid you like, such as a fishtail braid, a crown braid, thick braid or a twisted braid. You can either add some color to the braided strands or add an extension to make a braid colorful. To achieve the particular party hippie hairstyle, take a few strands from both sides and tie it in the middle by creating a crown braid. Make a bubble braid for the middle strands for an amazing appeal.

Twin Side Braids

Hippie Hairstyles

A very cute and adorable hairstyle and is a great option for girls having long blonde hair. Twin Side braids are an easy hairstyle and even easier to carry for the whole day long. For the top side, braids take a thick strand and make a loose braid. For the front side, braid take a less thick strand and make a braid. After the two braids are created, tie them parallel by using bobby pins. Leave the rest of the hair freely and take a fringe out of the front braid for a naturally pleasing look.

Dual Tight Ringlets

Hippie Hairstyles

A carefree look and a gorgeous style are guaranteed by the dual tight ringlets hairstyle inspired by Drew Barrymore. Girls having medium to long wavy hair can try out dual ringlet hairstyle. The heavy volume of the hair is reduced a bit with two tight fishtail type braids from the middle strands and three to four twists for the upper strands of the braid. Middle parting works very well with the dual ringlet hairstyle. The idea is to keep the ringlets tight to be clearly visible and stand out perfectly.

Flowery Afro Hairstyle

Hippie Hairstyles

Keeping your natural Afro hair bouncy and fluffy is an amazing choice to get a naturally pleasing look. When You add a flowery touch to your natural Afro hair, a cute hippie hairstyle is achieved. You can be as colorful as you want while choosing the flowery accessories and get a mix of bright and light colors like black, white, orange, and purple to style your natural hair. The flowery Afro hairstyle suits all American African girls having short hair to medium length wavy or voluminous Afro hair. Flowery Afro hippie hairstyle is a great option for a day outing or a birthday celebration.

Loose Ponytail with Headband

Hippie Hairstyles

An easy and carefree hairstyle that gives you a charming and sweet look and has very little maintenance. You need to make two loose braided ponytails by dividing your hair into two equal parts and doing middle parting. After your braided ponytails are ready to secure them with a rubber band. Take a fashionable headband and tie it over your forehead and the middle parting to make them look more appealing.

Twisted Boho Hairstyle

Hippie Hairstyles

The quick updo hairstyle takes just 2 minutes to style as it a messy hippy hairstyle. If you want a casual look for your high school or college and need a carefree hairstyle, it is a perfect choice for you to opt for. To achieve twisted boho hairstyle, carry few strands from both sides and pass it around one another by twisting it. Repeat the same two to three times and pull the strands out from the top for a messier look.

Half Top Knot

Hippie Hairstyles

Topknot a very sensual and cool hairstyle and goes well with all the occasions. You can try half the top knot hairstyle for a day outing, a college event, or a daily casual look. It is very easy to do and maintain also. Just take all your top hair and tie them together in a high bun. Use a rubber band to secure it and then cover it with the help of few strands rolling over the bun and securing with a bobby pin. Leave the rest of your hair free and wear it with a classy and chill outfit.

French Twists with Crimped Waves

Hippie Hairstyles

A unique and trendy hairstyle for girls with long thick hair. The crimped wavy hair gives you a chic style look. Adding a French twist on both sides helps you to get a hairstyle that you can manage easily with your voluminous hair. Do middle parting for your hair. Pull few strands from one side and twist it and add other strands to it from the side. Repeat step three to four times and secure it with a hairpin. Repeat the same on another side and add crimps to the rest of the hair to achieve this cool look.

Single Headband Hairstyle

Hippie Hairstyles

Single headband gives you an adorable and sweet look at any occasion, be it grand or simple. It adds a perfect finish for your front hair, as well as gives you an alluring appeal. Not much care is needed for this style, and it doesn’t require any pins or rubber bands. Just secure your front hair with a cool hairband to get a classy and appealing look. Leave your curly or wavy hair-free, adding a natural style to your overall personality.

Front Braid Hairstyle

Hippie Hairstyles

Whenever you make a braid, you secure it on the side of your back of the hair. Adding a front braid is a new and unique hairstyle that gives you an eye-catching look. To get the particular look, take the strands from the very front of one side and make a braid and secure it along with your forehead. The front braid hairstyle goes well with girls having short to medium length hair and oval face type. It can be carried both as a casual hairstyle or a party hairstyle.

Twisted Front French Braid

Hippie Hairstyles

For those who are looking for a front braid hairstyle for long hair as it is a very classy and unique hairstyle, twisted front French braid is the choice for you. For the silky long hair, add a front braid going towards the side and keep adding a strand from the top while continuing the braid. Add a hair gel to the braid to keep it intact and away from your face and giving it a twisted look with a gorgeous appeal.

Twisted Lofty Unlatched

Hippie Hairstyles

Here, we come up with long straight with a twist in the waves of hair. The twisted lofty hairstyle is very much suitable for the girls with long healthy hair and can be carried over easily without any traumas of handling long hair. Making a middle partitioned in hair makes it look denser a deep in the top portion of the hair. Different oxidized ornaments can be carried just to grace the overlook gaze. It looks more enhanced with a color dye of lightest golden color shade in the twisted hair stripes.

La Tresses Africana

Hippie Hairstyles

This is one of a kind of those French braid hairstyle. It is performed at the very top sideways of the head by coupling the hair straps into one another with a loose grip on the hands and making it look a messy thick braided at the sides. It can be fixed up with any of the hair clips at the end. It best suits those having a thin volume of hair even goes good with long highlighted hair. Adding a stoned band on the very top forehead part brings up with more authorized look with this side portioned French style braids.

Dreads Bun

Hippie Hairstyles

This hairstyle is one in hundreds of hairstyles as this is not so commonly found hairstyle, and it’s a bit difficult to uphold it for an individual, but still some girls are brave enough to carry it all along. It is perfect for girls with dreads; if anyone is bored of that unlatched dreads, you can give change it into a form of bun dreads. The bun will be formed at the middle back of the head, and some dread strips can be left loose, not including them in the bun. Tying a Blue colored thread to one of the loose dreads may it look better.

Unbolted Bumpy with Braided Extensions

Hippie Hairstyles

A unique and astonishing hair look without wasting a lot of your time from your daily schedule. It makes you look great only by adding some of the beautifully braided extensions at some random points of your top head part and allowing the hair to fall freely, avoiding the proper sophisticated look and acquiring a messy open hair look. This hair extension is easily available in the market and can be applied very securely and safely without damaging any of your natural hair. It totally depends on the choice of your hair braid extensions to make it look more fascinating.

Blase Crimps

Hippie Hairstyles

Every carefree person opts to have a very carefree look for there all day long, and it is one of those hairdos to get a perfect carefree beach look. Crimps and curls all around are the main base of the hairstyle and can be done by a couple of minutes to get it done completely in a proper way. Each and every single thin strap are curled using a hot curled Iron, and once the curling is complete, we can leave it loosely with an artificial hair braid band at the top forehead part of the hair.

Crowned French Tail

Hippie Hairstyles

Its for those girls who doesn’t have good length and volume in their hair, so here we come up with simple and easy to do French ponytail hairstyles for them who use to struggle in styling their hair in the braid style. It is a bit messy French braid which is done starting from a crowned portion of the hair are continued till last tips of the hair in a braid form. The French braid is carried with 3 bands of hair and are loosely tangled with themselves. Applying the floral tiara on the top part of the hair makes it look more enchanting.

Twine Bumpy

Hippie Hairstyles

Twine Bumpy has freely carried hairstyle and suits more of those having long hair. It comes up with a wavy look when all done as it is more suitable for long hair the ends are experienced to be bulkier and thicker to maintain the grip of the hair flow. This can be done by a hot steam Iron rod for twisting the ends taking thick straps of hair to curl, and then separating each layer with loose open hands. A thick floral double-lined tiara on the top head part with a middle portioning of hair makes it looks more glorious and elegant.

Wafer Thin Twirls

Hippie Hairstyles

One of the very fascinating and non repeated forms of hairstyle. The wafer-thin hairstyle is very new to the Hairstyle zone and a very glorious among many. This can be done by twirling the single thin strips of hair to get this super fascinating and prettier look on your face. The most important look changer is to use a Light Pink hair color shade in the right proportioned, leaving the top head part, and it easier to get this amazing look. The hairstyle is mostly suitable, with girls having a little brighter shade of the skin. Carrying a broad pink shade flower tiara on the top head part makes it look fresher and glory.

Minnie Knots

Hippie Hairstyles

When you are bored with your everyday long hair look, you can try this awesome and one of the cutest hairdos for everyday life. This hairstyle is easier to do and gives a change in the look. A very easy way to have this is by parting your hair middle ways, and you can gather a small portion of hair at the back top of the head and fix it with any hairpins or within the hair itself, the same can be done for the remaining another side of the hair. The rest of the left out hairs can be handled, leaving it loosely falling.

Half Tresses Africana

Hippie Hairstyles

Half-tresses are a popular African hairstyle that looks great on anyone with long hair. In this hairdo, it is observed that half the hair is slightly twisted and the upper mid-section of the hair is braided in tresses African style, giving the face a very stiff look. It is perfect for any hippie look. It can be maintained by tightening the braids and binding them with small straps, leaving the other half of the tiny hair straps loosely curled and twisted.

Hippie hairstyles are nothing new, having been popular since the 1960s and 1970s. In the past, young girls preferred to wear unusual hairstyles that complemented their personalities. The hairstyles have become more modern, but the idea remains the same.

Young girls in the modern era adore cool and loose hippie hairstyles. The reviving look you get by choosing a creative and innovative hairstyle can boost your confidence while giving you an eye-catching look. You can wear the hairstyle for any occasion or favorite event, like a wedding or prom.

Hippie hairstyles are easy and fun hairstyles that allow you to show off your inner beauty by getting a perfect hippie hairdo with a freakish element to it.