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21 Best South of France Haircuts to Try This Season

Made popular by Usher Raymond, the South of France haircut is a type of Mohawk hairstyle and his barber Curtis Smith. The South of France hairstyle, specifically a Mohawk with a burst fade to create a cool cut and style.

This contemporary Mohawk and the fresh fade mix are awesome because it allows a lot of variety and customization. The cut and style can be implemented on any hair type.

The south of France haircut is really a variant of the Mohawk style, having the hair of the sides faded to different height: low, medium and high.

You can even ask your barber to carve apart or hair design. Many people traditionally follow this haircut as it looks the best on curly hairs.

If you are trying to find a good men’s hairstyle, then you can start by looking at pictures of men who have a similar build and facial shape as you have. See how these men are carrying their hair.

Ultimately, what may be your inspiration for the hairstyle, is Usher’s South of France Mohawk hairstyle, but you can get and style the haircut any way you desire!

This haircut is not limited to any reason or any color of the people. Though the name covers France and black people, any person of any region of the world can get this haircut despite the cast and color.

21 Style Defined South of France Haircuts

USP of this South of France hairstyle

If Usher isn’t enough to cause you to take notice of this haircut, you might want to consider it if you’ve always liked the idea of a Mohawk but are concerned that it could probably be too intense for you. As we mentioned before, it’s a great way to get the right balance between modern and edgy (a real bonus!).

Is it Difficult to Style or Maintain?

The South of France requires very little support. The best part is that this cut looks even better if you have curly, shyly or kinky hair! The hairstyle’s various dimensions and definite burst fade will celebrate the balance of your mane rather than fight it.

Plentiful Top Hair

In this style, the volume at the top is denser than the sides. At the sides, a low fade is created with a broad four-dimensional cut. If you want to look like Usher, it’s better to keep it around 2 inches however if you like you can add your own unique touches as well.

Go on, wet hair and then style it by adding a bit of wax to your hair to give that firm outlook. As if you just got out of bed. Rub the wax all over and make it a little messy.

South of France Haircut (1)

Messy Crop France Cut

It’s hard to avoid the benefaction of Usher in making these sorts of haircuts so popular. So, he surely earns a place in our top list of this hairstyle. The south of France haircut is connected with around face and a Mohawk, which helps to build a cool men’s haircut. Low carrying and fashionable, this look keeps up to the phrase less is more. For final texturing run your fingers through the messy hair.

South of France Haircut (2)

Minimalist South France Look

The Afro look- a charming minimalist look that we love and one that is completely stylish. Simply clip your hair down and there you go- care taken without going bald.  As much as possible you should think about getting your hair shaved down.

South of France Haircut (3)

South of France in Chevron Shaped Neck

Why will all the efforts be dedicated to beautifying the front hair? This style will encourage you to do something for the neck hair too. Trim and shave the neck so that it produces some V shapes. This look is also known as a tape up or an edge up, and shape up shape. By any name, it’s a defined and clean cut that looks absolutely awesome from almost every angle.

South of France Haircut (4)

Burst Fade Combining Beard

This kind of fade haircut also goes with a beard. The sideburns taper back up into facial hair, which is groomed into a long chinstrap beard. The forehead and temples are shaved instead of a natural hairline, into straight lines and right angles. Sometimes Barbers use clippers and finish with a straight razor. Conclusion- take the plunge and get the South of France haircut. Every hairstyle has some trademark style. The south of France haircuts has to include a fade having some hair at the top. You can transform the original haircut with a bit modification but make sure the style isn’t turning into something else.

South of France Haircut (5)

Rock it with a Full Beard

While naming the elements of manliness, beard and hair are often taken together. With a full beard, you can rock the south of France haircuts along. This has a connective link with that of the hairline through the temples. The look is smart and extremely stylish and stands as a very elegant hairstyle indeed. Normally, the south of France haircut includes a mid-fade haircut. So the hair on the lower side can simply be faded to the sideburns building a smooth and nice transition.

South of France Haircut (6)

Medium Length Line up Haircuts

A line up can also give a definite frame for longer men’s hairstyles as well as combining a modern finish. Edge up a spiky hair, pompadour, or even an afro. Just a word about this haircut is that, as hair grows back in, the straight line will begin to get blurred and turn shape. This can make new growth even more obvious than it would be with a natural hairline. It’s not a big deal though. Keep it fresh with conventional barber visit or if you dare, save some money by preparing it yourself with clippers

South of France Haircut (7)

The Classic Usher

One can’t deny the addition of Usher in making the south of France haircuts popular. So, the style makes its place in the top 20 hairstyles. This hairstyle is all about getting the basic look that is an apparent simple yes define the class. It is surely a very sophisticated hairdo that will get along as both formal and informal.

South of France Haircut (8)

The Mohawk Cut

Mohawk and the fresh fade combination are great as it allows for a lot of modification and customization. The style and the cut can be used for any type of hair. Moreover, guys can choose mid or high or to get a low, skin fade on the sides and then taper the neck. You can even ask your barber to strip align the border on the temples to give a defined side-line.

South of France Haircut (9)

The Usher Hairstyle

The much celebrated singer Usher is looked up to and also followed by a lot of millennial and this famous hairstyle is the usher hairstyle.  Sometimes it can feel like short haircuts for men only provide you with so many options. If you are ready to switch it up after you have been wearing cuts like the classic low fade for quite a sometime then the South of France haircut is one of the trendiest ways to show off your true curls in a shorter style. This is more of a celebrity look and fans just love to incorporate this in their trends.

usher fade hairstyle New South France Haircut

The Mohawk of Gentlemen

The haircut is almost undetectable from the front, but once turned to the side, you can be known it by its dapper four-dimensional look and trademark burst fade. And although it’s displayed on the classic punk-inspired Mohawk, it’s really known as a “gentleman’s Mohawk”, all the applause goes to its subtle shape. This style is classy and simple and sometimes less is more.

South of France Haircut (11)

Twist out South of France Hairstyle

Not only for the ladies but also the fact that twists are also a great guarding hairstyle for men. Simply take an inch-wide part of hair (you can begin anywhere), then divide this section into two and weave your two-strand twist. Continue this method with the rest of your mane – and that’s pretty much it! This hairstyle is indeed conventional. It is a very original and unique hairstyle and is suitable for men who like being treated like stars and who like being in the center of attention. It can be defined as a very urban haircut.

South of France Haircut (12)

Longer on the Crown with a Beard

Although the South of France is generally a shorter haircut, you can also go for a more exciting look by keeping your hair longer on top. Compared to a standard Mohawk, a South of France typically highlights a wider section of longer hair, making this haircut usually more work fitting. The beard adds to the edginess of the style.

South of France Haircut (13)

Crooked Line Hairstyle

This haircut looks great on young people. Draw a line straight or a crooked one as the arrow right on the connecting point from where the hairline of the forehead begins. This choice of haircut is somewhat quirky and is unique in its own way. This hairstyle will definitely catch the limelight, and you can hold the title of sporting a stylish hairstyle. This is, in fact, one of the most sensual haircuts of the year. This hairstyle looks effortless, low-maintenance, yet very cool.

South of France Haircut (14)

A Fade Spike Cut Hairstyle

To add a subtle stylish edge to many looks Fade haircuts are great no matter what the length of your hair is. Combine a sharp cut with a short afro and clean, faded sides for a contrast in textures. Also for a more minimalist style, get a closely cropped cut with tapered sides to add a modern touch without going to extremes. Because this is one of the most charming hairdos for men, flatter them with curls which have spikes which can be more noticeable. If you want to look all stylish and young, this is the hairstyle should be your ideal pick. It suits both short and medium length hair, and can also be matched with either formal wear or casual wear.

South of France Haircut

Subdued Buzz Cut

To get a Mohawk even more interesting, primed your sides for curly hair. To achieve that you can either have a buzz cut or go for cornrows on the sides. The trimmed sides and the back will work great especially in the summer because they keep your hair neat and tidy and will help keep the head cool. Also, the subtle wavy minute curls give the hairstyle a flamboyant appeal that adds to the USP of the hairstyle.

South of France Haircut (16)

Designer Buzz Haircut

It is a designer buzz cut wherein a high fade will be there and there will be an arced line going from the top towards the brow, making the cut more sassy. Add a surprise line behind an ear in case you do not wish the design on your hair to be seen from the front. Continue the slash into facial hair, for even more impact, even a full beard. The temple is a great place to design a hair design. It highlights both the mid-fade along with the classy textured sweep back. The best thing is that it suits any hair type. Two small lines incorporate the hairstyle in a very cool way.

South of France Haircut (17)

Classic Taper Fade along with Shaped up Beard

The fade is another one of the classic black men’s haircuts that shouldn’t be overlooked, as this cut has a lot of range and can be worked with a variety of lengths. If a normal taper fade feels too obvious, you might wish to try a high or low fade. As for the scissor fade? It’s a great choice for curly hair textures if you want a casual style that looks as effortless as it feels. The main limelight, however, goes on to the beard in this hairstyle.

South of France Haircut

Short and Crop Hair

This hairstyle is quite common among youngsters since it requires less time. But any men can carry it, the style even look great with beard. What you need to do best if you have to crop your hair closely do not give this much thought. Just go for it. You are absolutely wrong if you have curly hair and think that no such hairstyle that can suit you. This hairstyle is the one for you. This hairstyle can be worn at any informal and formal events. It is up to your choice how much shorter you want the hairstyle to be. They are low maintenance and very masculine. Textured short hair will definitely give a subtle touch of sophistication.

South of France Haircut (19)

Caesar Cut Hairstyle

Looking for short, dapper black hairstyles for men? The Caesar haircut exuberates a very classic sense of coolness, especially when you wear this combined with fades. Although it takes some effort and time, once you’ve created the hairstyle, you won’t regret it. Stylish and serious, this haircut is one of the most modern ones with men who are self-confident and prefer simplicity. It is the most suitable hairstyle for spring and hot summers.

South of France Haircut (20)

Classic South of France Haircut

Hairstyle plays a very significant part of our image. More and more men are growing concerned about the way they look. Looking handsome and charming is not just about wearing a cool T-shirt, stylish shoes, or a pair of trendy jeans.  To complement your look you should also get the proper haircut. Today, there are many diverse hairstyles possible for men who want to look their best. Hairstyle trends keep on switching from time to time. People always come up with interesting new trends every year and many men want to stay up to date on the latest trends. You can then take a picture of the haircut that you like to a hair stylist or a barber to get the look shifted to your own scalp. If you are having difficulties finding a hairstyle that you like, then you can always talk to your hair stylist for references.

South of France Haircut (21)

So what is the wait all about? Being stylish and fashionable is a deep down desire for every man, and this is your chance to embrace the new style trend and look really handsome!