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5 of the Best Vegan and Organic Hair Bleach and Direct Dye

Cutting our hair and coloring it according to our preferences is another best way to express ourselves. The sky is the limit when it comes to what we can do with our hair. We can cut it short or let it grow really long. We can curl it or straighten it and aside from that, we can also change its color whenever and however we want.  

However, there can be one thing that holds us back from coloring our hair and that is the fear of getting it damaged because of the harsh chemical ingredients that most hair coloring products contain. Good thing that there are vegan and organic products nowadays that we can use to bleach our hair and they are cruelty-free! This means that we now have the liberty to color our hair without the fear of getting it damaged! 


Best Vegan and Organic Hair Bleaches and Direct Dyes

Hair Bleach and Direct Dye2

1. Amplified Flash Lightning Vegan Hair Bleach Kit (2-Pack) from Manic Panic

One of the best vegan and organic hair bleaches in the market today is the Amplified Flash Lightning Vegan Hair Bleach Kit (2-Pack) from Manic Panic. When you purchase this hair bleach kit, you will get eighty volumes of hair bleach and the Prepare to Dye clarifying shampoo. 

What’s good about this is that the shampoo will help protect your hair from UV rays in order to give you a perfect pre-bleach deep clean. On the other hand, the hair bleach has the right pH level, which is at 7.8. With this, your hair cuticle will surely open nicely so you can achieve the color that you want. On top of it all, the formulation is vegan and cruelty free, so you don’t have to bleach your hair with fear and guilt!  

2. 3-in-1 Natural Lightener Kit from Tints of Nature

Next on our list of the five best vegan and organic hair bleaches is the 3-in-1 Natural Lightener Kit from Tints of Nature. This hair bleach can lighten up your hair from four to seven shades- this is really awesome considering that it is not made with any harsh chemical ingredients. 

Aside from that, the good thing about this vegan hair bleach is that it can nourish, condition, and protect your hair while lightening it. It is also made with 75% organic ingredients, and the manufacturer also added wheat protein that can strengthen your hair instead of damaging it like most of the common hair dyes in the market! 


3. Permanent Haircolor Gel from Herbatint

There are many permanent vegan hair dyes that are good in delivering a hint of color. However, these hair dyes are not that effective in coloring gray hairs. The Permanent Haircolor Gel from Herbatint will give you a high color pay off without using harsh chemicals such as ammonia, parabens, and alcohol so you can get rid of your gray hair without worrying about your hair getting damaged. 

Aside from that, this is a gel dye so it is so much easier to apply on the hair. It also comes in a variety of natural shades, twenty three shades to be exact! You will have the color that you want may it be platinum blonde, black, brown, red, or any shades in between! Besides that, there are also people who have already used this product that says that the color lasts significantly long and it is very gentle on their hair and scalp!


4. Unicorn Hair from Lime Crime

Are you gunning for holographic hair? If yes, then you can definitely achieve that without the fear of damaging your hair with the Unicorn Hair Haircolor from Lime Crime. 

Before, people were so afraid of coloring and bleaching their hair too much because it might break and become too dry. Luckily nowadays, there is Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair which is an undeniable very gentle product. Besides that, you no longer have to use any toner or developer to achieve that color that you want!

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5. Blonde Formula Hair Lightener by Sun Bum

Last but not least of the five best vegan and organic hair bleaches on this page is the Blonde Formula Hair Lightener by Sun Bum. This hair bleach is made from Hawaiian lehua honey and lemon to help brighten up any blonde hair. 

Its color-enriching formulation also protects against frizz, humidity, UV oxidation, and dullness. Besides that, it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals such as parapen, gluten, phthalate, and formaldehyde. It is vegan, cruelty-free, and PETA accredited!

Color the way you want

Hair Bleach and Direct Dye3

It is really fun to be able to express ourselves by doing so much with our hair. However, our hair is still our crowning glory so we must protect it by using only vegan and organic hair bleach and direct dye. With these products, we can color our hair the way we want!