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11 New Black Hair With Caramel Highlights

Highlights are always in trend and it suits all hair colors. If you have black hair and want to make your hair look different, then caramel highlight is a great choice. Caramel highlights on black hair give a fabulous look and suit almost every skin shade.


Amazing Caramel Highlights on Black Hair

Take a look at these 15 different black hairstyles with caramel highlights and find the one that suits you the most.

1. Short Black Hair with Caramel Highlights

short black hair with caramel highlights

For some reason, many women believe that if they have short hair, highlighting is out of the question. If you have short locks, don’t hesitate to try caramel highlights.

You’ll be amazed at how wonderful your hair will look. If you have bangs, you may choose to dye it completely caramel or to make partial highlights there as well.


2. Caramel Strands

long black hair with caramel highlights

If you don’t want to add too much contrast to your image, consider creating caramel highlights on your black hair. You don’t have to dye all of your locks. The highlights on top will do the job perfectly.


3. Caramel Ombre

caramel ombre highlights on black hair

If caramel highlights seem too simple, consider creating a caramel ombre. Leave the top part of your hair naturally black and dye the bottom part with caramel shades. The mix will look fantastic!


4. Caramel and Brown

black hair with caramel brown highlights

Use brown and caramel highlights to brighten up your black hair. As you can see in the photo, the overall color is extremely natural. But when you take a close look, you see a mix of highlights.


5. Low Highlights

black wavy hair with caramel highlights

Low or dip caramel or blonde highlights can look striking on a black mane. You don’t have to waste your money on full-time dyeing. All you need to do is add some color to the tips of your black hair.


6. Fire and Ice

black straight hair with caramel highlights

Create a burning fire look by making a black and caramel ombre. The hair stays natural on top and the bottom strands are dyed with a caramel dye. The longer your hair is, the more impressive this style looks.


7. Partial Highlights

medium black hair with caramel highlights

Black hair with caramel highlights looks perfect even if you don’t use the classic highlighting techniques. Consider highlighting just a few of the front strands and adding some dye in the back.


8. Surrounding Highlights

black hair with caramel highlights 2

The surrounding highlights look especially appealing when contrasting colors are used.

Black middle and caramel trimming give your image a unique appearance. Especially if you add some waves.


9. Front Highlights

front caramel highlights on black hair

Front caramel highlights on black hair can make your face appear more radiant. The back part can be left natural.

Just don’t forget to change your approach to makeup since your face will open up with the new colors.


10. Burgundy and Caramel

burgundy hair with caramel highlights

Burgundy hair with caramel highlights is hard to stop looking at. If you are ready to make an effort to maintain these colors, the mix is worth a try. You’ll love the way you look in the mirror.


11. Caramel Extensions

layered black hair with caramel highlights

If you want to create a stunning look but your black hair is just not long enough, think about attaching caramel hair extensions. They’ll give you a chance to flaunt a long mane and check out some new colors.