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Messy Bun is the New Style to Enhance Your Look

Messy buns are a brilliant way of presenting your hair like a gorgeous and affluent floral vase at the back of your head. Messy buns, as the name suggests, requires a messy touch in the bun majorly to create an unforced and natural look. These types of hairdos are best when you are in a hurry and do not have much time to manage your hair and adorn them with tiaras or other types of hair accessories.

For the younger girls like teenagers, college-goers or working young ladies, the funky messy buns are a great option to go for as it requires just regular free hand ties up in an improper way. For the sophisticated ones, you need to take the help of a hairstylist to get your hair done perfectly. Messy buns are undoubtedly one of the superb hairstyles to go for as it offers great comfort, simplicity, and no maintenance. With just a few bobby pins, you are sorted for a messy bun hairstyle.

Nowadays, messy buns are the favorite hairstyle among the top celebrities, and you can easily spot the television and Bollywood divas carrying funky messy buns for their airport look or gym look.

For messy buns, you can go with any hair length. No matter if you have short hair, mid-length hair, or long hair, messy buns are a big-big yes to you. These hairstyles are our saviors for the days when we are short of time and find no time to wash the hair. As these hairdos are low maintenance, by just applying dry shampoo, you can attain the messy bun look easily.

For those with low-density hair, messy bun is again a great option to add volume to your hairstyle look. The messy hair strands scattered all around bring the appearance of voluminous hair and hides the low density of the hair. This super stylish look is easy to carry and easy to make.

Here, in this article, we have come up with the exclusive messy buns hairstyles just for you to give you a complete idea about the messy buns and how you can carry off them for different occasions. Have a look at all the messy buns hairstyles mention underneath and pick up the most suitable for you.

Messy Bun Hairstyles

Effortless Messy High Bun

Messy Bun

Who says that you can look gorgeous only with keeping your luscious silky hair open. Sometimes, a messy bun can works wonder and make you look like a hot diva that steals every one heart effortlessly. The picture denotes the gorgeousness of the hair and the effortlessness of the hairdo. The silky smooth and luscious brunette toned hair with a reasonable good length and volume goes very well for a messy high bun. This look is appropriate for all the females of all age groups, and it can be paired off well with casuals, semi-formals and formal outfits. For office goers, this is such an eye-catchy look to go for.

Floral Layered Bun Accessorized with Hair Clip

Messy Bun

When you have a long and smooth textured hair, and you want to try out a cool and sexy hairstyle that looks gorgeous and at the same time maintains your comfort, this floral styled messy bun is a super cool hairdo to go for. In style, you can see the beautifully carved streaks to form a floral appearance over the head. The streaks with a bouncy finish not only adding layers to the style but also making the overall density of hair voluminous. The streaks are then taken together to form a bun over the top middle of the head with a loose effect. The hair clip is used as a perfect little and cute accessory to festoon the style.

Snow White Spin Textured Messy Bun

Messy Bun

When you want to add a perfect dose of feminism into your style, opt for this unforced and natural look that not only makes you look blissful beauty but also adds an attraction in your personality. In this hairstyle, you can see the hair is darker at the front, and at length, it has kept creamy white. The natural radiance is adding brightness to the hair color. To attain the same style, curl up your hair with thin hair strands and then tied them up loosely at the back in the form of swirl with leaving some of the hair strands open. The front hair is kept loose and open to add more gracefulness to this messy bun. Carry off this style with party gowns and look charming effortlessly.

Two Toned Balayage Messy Bun with a Floral Accessory

Messy Bun

The balayage of golden blonde and dark brown is evergreen and forever lasting. With this color tone, you can make this stunning messy bun with loose messy fringes scattered all over. To attain this hairstyle, you must have long hair to form an oblong bun at the back. In this style, the hair is gelled up to create the texture of the streaks and enhance the density of the black and blonde hair. The hair at the front is kept messy and left scattered all around the cheeks with little curls and waves. The hair at the back is tied to form a bun with keeping some hair partially tied. The overall look is then adorned with a beautiful light pink shimmery hair accessory.

Jet Black Low Messy Bun with Messy Fringes

Messy Bun

This is the most unforced and natural look that makes you look an absolutely flawless beauty that has the charm to look sassy in any kind of hairdo. The Matt finish black hair is not only complementing the skin tone of the lady in the picture but also adding simplicity and innateness in her look. To get the same messy bun with such perfection, all you have to do is part your hair from the middle and tie them neatly. After tying them up, make a messy bun with keeping some hair tied properly and some hair partially. The front hair is left open in a messy way to bring the natural look in the style.

Braided Streaks with Curly Messy Bun

Messy Bun

To form any kind of hairstyle, the hair texture and hair color play an important role. The multi-hued light coffee brown hair with platinum grey hair looks every bit of stunning with the beautiful placing of the grey streaks in between the browns. Such hair color is so perfect for buns and compliments the bun hairstyles. The hairstyles require thin braided streaks made loosely to be added into the bun at the back. The front hair with few hair strands is curled and swirled to the left open to flow freely over the cheeks. The hair at the back is also curled to add a gorgeous texture to the bun at the back. As it is the messy bun, some hair strands are left free at the back as well to create a cute mess in the hairstyle.

High Messy Bun with Pink and Brown Balayage

Messy Bun

To look unconventional and stand out in the crowd, you have to experiment with the hair color and try out a unique look to create your own style statement. The gorgeous lady has opted for a balayage of pink and brown shades to create a unique effect on it. All the hair is tied up tightly together to form a high bun at the top of the head. Though the hair is tied up tightly, still the bun is kept messy to create an exciting texture. The pink hue is placed so nicely at the top of the head. Some of the hair at the sides are left free to compliment the look.

Messy Low Bun Accessorized with Hair Accessory

Messy Bun

The gorgeousness of the black hair color can never be ignored. It adds the perfect charisma and elegance in the overall look and compliments so well with all skin tones. The style shown in the picture can be worn beautifully by the brides to be to create a natural and unforced look. It can be paired off well with all kinds of gowns, especially with the backless ones. To get the same look with perfection, gel up your hair evenly by separating multi hair strands and tie them together in the form of a messy bun with a loose grip. Leave some hair untied to make the messy bun look more impactful. Accessorize with an appealing hair accessory and you are ready to rock any party.

Black and Blonde Messy Bun with Circular Pattern

Messy Bun

The awesomeness is in the bun itself. The vibrant blonde color is adding so much glamour to the look. All the hair is colored with brunette shade from top to mid-length and the rest of the hair length is colored blonde. The messy bun is created with a cool effect by tying up all the hair in a circular pattern adorning the head with semi-circular shape. This bun is secured with clips, leaving some of the hair from the ends untied to give the messy bun an authentic, messy look.

Charming and Refined Messy Bun

Messy Bun

The Hair color is playing an important role in this hairstyle. The luscious hair with ash brown color touched with a tint of light pink shade giving the hairstyle a mesmerizing look. Who will not fall in love with this look? When you are up for a party and want to dress up like a diva, go for this hairstyle. From the front, the style is purely elegant and classy and at the back, though the bun is bit messy, still it is secured so well with detailed texture. Carry off this style with nice party clothes and sexy gowns with nice collection of jewelry.

Blonde Balayage with Half Up Tied Messy Bun

Messy Bun

Those who want to flaunt their open hair but do not want to compromise with the comfort, this hairstyle is perfect for them. The glossy hair with smooth and silky texture looks stunning with the playful balayage of blond, white and brown color. To attain the same look, first of all, you must have a good length of the hair. comb the hair well and part them in half to tie them up at the top of the head. Messily form the bun leaving some of the hair partially tied. Leave the rest of the hair open. This hairstyle is a perfect combination of open and tied up hair.

Braided Messy Bun

Messy Bun

Again, the role of hair color is playing an important role in the hairstyle. the permed finish texture of the hair with a fair density is apt to style the hair with this braided messy bun look. Two hair strands are taken from the front to form two braids coming back simultaneously and tied together with the rest of the hair. Tied up hair is now tied at one of the sides and are braided together to form a braided messy bun. This is a messy bun look but actually is very comfortable and graceful to carry.

Matt Finish off White High Messy Bun

Messy Bun

So what if your hair texture is not very smooth, or you have frizzy hair. This messy bun looks amazing with Matt finish and frizzy hair as well. In the style you can see the hair of the top are two colored with dark and light shade whereas the hair at length is pure one colored with off-white hue. The hair is tied together at the back to form a high messy bun. This look suits well the college-going girls and can be paired nicely with casual clothes. It is a cozy and manageable hairstyle to cheat the hot summer days and maintains your stylish look.

Casual Messy Top Bun

Messy Bun

This is a summer oriented look. When you are in a mood to ditch the sun in the scorching hot summers, go for this messy top bun. It will not only save you from the discomfort of hot days but also make you look super cool with this style paired with any kind of outfit. This is an easy to carry hairstyle that requires just a casual tie-up of the hair above. You can make this hairstyle yourself so easily with just hair clips. Also, this style goes well with any kind of hair color and any kind of hair texture.

Braided Tiara Messy Bun

Messy Bun

This is a look that gives you the vibes of both messy and neat look. The hairstyle comprises of a beautiful braid created with a tiara effect. The braid is coming from front to back to cover the head circularly and brings a tiara kind of look and the rest of the hair of the braid is tied together to form a bun. As the bun is supposed to be messy, the hair is tied improperly to create the messy effect. This look is cool and casual for the younger girls. It can also be carried off well in the professional world.

Sophisticated Messy Bun with Curled Up Tresses

Messy Bun

Elegance can be attained in any form. No matter if you are opting for a messy bun, you can still look elegant and sophisticated in the same; all you need is the innovation and artwork in your style. Here in this style, you can see the beautiful lady with brown hair looking absolutely stunning in this charming hairstyle. The hair is combed so neatly from the front and tied properly at the back to form a messy bun. The side hair is left open to form striking tresses with curled up ends to embellish the look and more classiness in the style.

Funky Messy Bun

Messy Bun

A very cool and casual look that not only makes you look a comfy queen but also adds an unforced style in your personality. Though the hair color is not the major factor in the style as this kind of messy bun look goes well with all types of hair color. But here, the tint of brown is adding an appealing factor in the overall personality. This is easy to make a hairstyle that requires free hand combing up of your hair and loosely done bun at the top of the head secured in a way to leave some of the hair strands untied to create that messy effect.

Messy Bun Tied Up with Ribbon

Messy Bun

To give your hair a unique look, try out this hairstyle. This is a perfect way of accessorizing your hair with a stylish hair ribbon and making your bareback look more attractive. The hair from the front is left open with twisted curls to flow freely everywhere and the rest of the hair is tied together to form a gorgeous bun at the top of the head. This hairstyle allows you to make your hairdo compliment your dress by using the hair ribbon with complimenting the color or contrasting color of your outfit. For the younger generations, this is a must-have hairdo on the carefree days.

Layered Streaks Low Messy Bun

Messy Bun

First of all, let’s gives credit to the striking hair color which is a blend of chestnut color with rich golden-hued hair. The hair is styled with different streaks and hair strands that are adding texture to the overall hairstyle. The front hair is left untied whereas the rest of the hair is combed up to the back to create a swirled and cylindrical messy bun at the lower head. For parties and social events, this style is perfect to carry. Pair it with party gowns and one-piece with danglers to grace the events you step in. This is easy to carry look.

A Messy Bun with Half Down Hair

Messy Bun

First of all, the hair color deserves the attention. The top hair is hazelnut brown whereas the length of the hair is contrasted with a blonde. With this combination of hair color, the half tied hairdo goes really well. To attain the same style, comb your hair from the front half and tie them up in a half bun in a circular motion leaving some of the stands open and messy. The rest of the hair will be left open with beautiful curls at the ends. This hairstyle is befitting for the younger girls with long hair.

Rich Messy Bun with Thin Streaks

Messy Bun

If you are blessed with the smooth and glossy hair texture with a moderate volume of hair, then try this style out on the special occasions and events. The hair is kept wavy and curly to bring the dense effect in the messy bun. Also, the rich chestnut shade of brown is looking so elegant and classy to grace this style. To get the same style, get it styled by a hairstylist as it requires a fine dose of curls and waves to bring out the same texture with perfection. Pair this style with traditional Indian attires to look phenomenal.

These are some of the most stylish messy buns that not only make your look naturally beautiful but also add comfort in your look. For long hair, messy buns hairstyles are the perfect style to carry to maintain the impact of having long hair as well as protecting your long hair from harmful ultraviolet rays and pollution. These are easy to carry and manage and do not require much care as they are messy and if a little bit of mess gets added into the hair then it does not matter. Grow your hair long now and have these funky and elegant messy buns look that is suitable for different occasions.