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Unique Wedding Perks To Help You Stand Out

Every couple wants a unique and unforgettable wedding. They’d like it to be a festival of love they can celebrate with relatives and friends. They also want their wedding to capture all of the excitement they’re experiencing, sharing it with their guests. 

Planning a wedding like this might seem easy, but with all the trends today, it could be daunting. That’s why it’s best to consider a wedding planner. They could help with details about your wedding. Hiring them means you’ll have someone to assist you in your preparations.  

Additionally, having a wedding planner could save you time and resources by doing all of the tasks on your behalf. If you’ve already chosen one, you could discuss with them your ideas to make your wedding special and memorable. 

To help you with that, here are some unique concepts to try on your wedding day. 

Make-Your-Own Floral Booth

Gorgeous flowers could make a huge difference in your wedding day. Fortunately, there are a lot of flower options that fit your budget. You could even inquire with your florist about establishing a DIY flower station. 

Set out several long-lasting blooms, such as roses or mums, together with a plethora of bright ribbons and buttons. Place stickers with DIY instructions on how to make a corsage along with the flowers. This vibrant wedding idea will surely be a hit among your guests. 

Over-The-Top Guest Transportation 

Providing transportation for your guests is a generous touch, particularly if you’ll be entertaining some out-of-town guests who don’t have access to a vehicle. Furthermore, if alcohol would be served at the reception, this is the best choice. 

Make the ride part of the experience by hiring some fascinating mass transport to convey the visitors. Take it to a new level by renting those nostalgic yellow school buses. For added flair, personalize the bus ride by blasting lively music or decorating the bus with your wedding poster. 

Pre-Party Cocktails 

Food and drinks are important components of every party. This could ensure your guests will have a wonderful time. Set up tables with light refreshments on the path to the reception as a fun treat for the guests. 

But, avoid offering drinks that are too strong as these might get the guests drunk easily. Instead, serve light cocktail refreshments. Don’t forget to provide non-alcoholic beverages as well. Before the ceremony starts, have the caterer or ushers gather any loose bottles to ensure the area is clean. 

Provide Other Dessert Options 

Candy bar for birthday party or wedding

Guests love choices, so don’t serve only cake for dessert. It’s nice to have gluten-free desserts if you have guests with food allergies. It’s also awesome to have a nut-free range of snacks so your visitors could chew on something. They would enjoy the fact that there’s plenty to peck at other than cake. 

Hire An Entertainer

It’s worth the investment to hire a band or DJ to entertain your guests. This would give every attendee a fun memory of your wedding day. These professional entertainers know how to hype people up. You could be sure that they’d be performing music that will get the guests up from their chairs and onto the dance floor. 

Flower Up Your First Dance

One of the peaks of your event will be the first dance, so make it extra memorable by adding a flowery touch to it. During your romantic dance, you could ask your florist for a flower petal shower, instead of confetti.  If you think this could ruin your wedding hairstyle, you could have a flower mandala arranged on your dance floor instead—it would be visually pleasing and picturesque. Just coordinate with your florist to make this happen.

Personalize An Open Bar

An open bar is a great idea for every wedding. Just be sure to serve a signature cocktail or an exclusive menu to make it more unforgettable. Consider a customized cocktail menu, such as a few variations on the martini. You could also have a margarita lounge where visitors can taste their favorite concoctions. 

Throw An Afterparty

Book a unique post-wedding celebration for you and your party-hard guests. To keep the fun going, rent a place with a different atmosphere from your reception. Besides, a few of your friends and relatives might have come from a long distance to celebrate with you. You’ll miss out on spending quality time with them if you let go of this opportunity. 

Don’t Forget To Enjoy

When you’re enjoying the best moment of your life, all your guests would remember your wedding day with a smile. That is the true symbol of a memorable and unique wedding.

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