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40 Most Stylish and Splendid Guy Haircuts to Look Dashing

Men have been obsessed with haircuts since the stone era from long locks, high buns to slick backs are evolving every year. Wearing the right hairstyle is not only a necessity but a must-have for any man to be complete, with most men today willing to spend a fortune for the trending haircut to match their aura.

Rightly so because appearance is the first parameter to judge a person, as that is what strikes the cords at first but choosing a hairstyle that is suitable to your face structure, hair type, and most importantly your persona or style statement.

The right haircut doesn’t just enhance your looks but also gives you the much-required push in your confidence.

These hairstyles are carefully handpicked among various trending men’s haircuts and styles all over the world with many of them going well with every occasion or attire, right from office space to bar.


Most Stylish and Splendid Guy Haircuts

Slicked Back Side Part

Slicked Back Side Part hairstyle is more familiar with the military haircut but with an added variation that brings a style that gives it a sexy and appealing look to die for when done correctly.

In this slicked Back variation the top part is styled with short-length hair and then slicked back while the sides and back are bladed to complete the look. This hairstyle goes well with a framed and chiseled jawline to create a breathtaking look.

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Messy Layered Haircut

The Messy Layered Haircut appears like a grown-out mane with shorter sides to give a sleeker, fashionable and sexy look.

Men with wavy hair will have an easier time flaunting this style because all they need to do is run their fingers through their hair to create a messy look which can be a head turner on every occasion be it formal or casual outing.

Men with straight hair can also go for this hairstyle using hair styling gels to get the look right.

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Undercut with Textured Top

To create this look, the hair in the top section are left about 1.5 to 2 inch long with a razor cut finish to add texture while the sides and the back hair are trimmed clipper.

This haircut goes well with thin hair types or is for men with receding hairlines. It is a low-maintenance hairstyle with little time required to style the look.

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Undercut Hairstyle with Spikes

This undercut hairstyle with spikes is a perfect match if you are looking for a short and choppy look while maintaining 2-inch locks in the top section which can further be spiked up to add length to your locks while creating a smart and sexy look.

This haircut goes well with a sports person or anyone looking for a haircut that is modern yet goes with professional attire.

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Ultra Modern

Ultra-Modern hairstyle is a result of razor art, this razor shave sides with a textured top look are the epitome of a perfectly done haircut.

The textured top is easier to create while the sides should be razor faded, which is an art of professional, finishing touches are added by blow drying and grooming spray to add the modern factor to the hairstyle.

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Thick Blonde

Hair coloring is the simplest way to up your style and trend quotient; unlike women, for men, not all colors look good on them, one has to be wise in choosing the one that matches the skin tone primarily followed by hair texture.

The one that blends with most of the skin tones is certain shades of brown and grey, blonde being among the hottest color of the season for men.

A thick blonde hairstyle goes well with men’s having thick locks as the highlight looks mesmerizing. Men with medium to long hair can go for this hairstyle without any second thoughts.

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Professional Hairstyle for Men

A professional hairstyle for men is the haircut that fits right in between the lines of stylish and professional. The smooth transition from top to the sides; it goes well with all hair types and skin tones.

It is the most common hairstyle among professionals and yet remains classic among the crowd due to its flexible styling which can be easily molded into a professional or casual look.

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Short Textured Haircut for Men

To achieve this look hair is trimmed clipper short on the sides, and back with about 2 inches long hair in the top section, separation and texture are added to the top layer with razor cut finish.

Short Textured Haircut works well for men with a receding hairline, facing hair thinning or who are in their 40s.

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Combed Back Hair with Undercut

Some Men are god gifted with incredibly lovely hair, and so wearing a sexy hairstyle is almost effortless for them.

Combed back hair with undercut goes well with naturally dense and voluminous mane, all that one needs is to smooth shave the sides and back leaving the top section to comb back in their natural pattern to create a neat and sexy look.

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Teenage Boy Haircut

The classic side-parted hairstyle can be created with medium-length hair in the top section and uniformly shorter hair on the sides and above neck.

An adolescent boy haircut gives you the innocent schoolboy look which is the epitome of cuteness overloaded when carried right .go for this look if you have that mischievous million dollar smile that melts the heart of iron too.

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Men’s Short Messy Hair

Men’s short messy hair is easy to style and carry as compared to the longer ones since they are lightweight and easy to manipulate with clipper short hair and an inch or two longer hair in the top section which can be styled overusing hair gel and other products.

The best thing about messy hair is they go well with every hair type, being a quick, easy yet fashionable alternative to an everyday look.

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Haircut for Men with Wavy Hair

Hair is styled with the approximately same length in the top section right till the back of the head with definition to give a wavy texture.

Wavy hair is best paired with a messy look as it looks effortless and goes well with the texture of hair as well. Wavy hair actually needs to be given some direction and styling to achieve the hot and sexy look girls fall on the knee for.

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Short Spiky Hair

Short spiky hair is one of the timeless hairstyles that never go out of fashion, to create this look the hair is cut clipper short with slightly bigger length in the top section which is further styled with gels to achieve spikes.

This style throws a significant attitude, especially when paired with vibrant highlights. This hairstyle has found its liking among kids due to similar haircut endorsed by an animated character.

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Medium Length Taper Fade Hairstyle

One can never go wrong with medium taper fade hairstyle; it gives you the look which smoothly switches from the formal to a party throb with bare minimum styling.

You can wear it basic super formal or go wild and experiment to match your mood; this hairstyle gives you the right canvas to paint on your attitude right. The fade can be casual or dramatic according to one’s preference or attitude.

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Short Hair with Shaved Side

To create this fabulous look, the top section is styled and cut to medium to small length, styled forward to cover the forehead up to the eyebrows with closely and neatly trimmed sides.

This hairstyle is a perfect match or best bet for men with irregularly shaped foreheads or receding hairline as it helps conceal it with an added style factor.

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Cornrows for Men

The most popular braided hairstyle for men’s cornrows is a classic technique been around for decades yet has not lost its charm and still manages to grab the limelight paving the way for numerous other braided hairstyles.

This hairstyle can be achieved by equally parting the hair into 5-7 equal parts and tightly braiding it from start to bottom, go for cornrows if you are a fan of the tight braids look.

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Taper Haircut with Curls on Top

The Best way to style your hair is to go with the natural flow rather than try to force it into something different, that being said men with curls shall always look at their best when they base their hairstyles on their curls like in this fabulous hairstyle.

Curly hair is easy to style giving you to create a perfect look, in this hairdo the top section is styled at its natural best while adding some texture to the sides and back to create this look.

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Men’s Shaved Hairstyle

Men’s shaved hairstyles have undergone a lot of evolution since the military cut hairstyle, with global celebrities like David Beckham sporting the look it has been on the trending charts for a while now.

Sport this look with short-length hair in the top section and closely shaved hair around the sides and back. Try the sporty side-shaved hairstyle to bring out the hipster in you.

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Emo Hairstyle for Boy

All due credits to pop bands Emo Hairstyle for a boy is inspired by a pop band look, to create this look longer locks are maintained throughout with razor-cut endings to create a rough spiked-up look which gives you a slight head-turner look.

If you are looking for something that highlights your rock band inner self this haircut that would speak volumes.

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Hairstyle for Teenage Guys

This is a pop Culture inspired hairstyle with the top looks voluminous with long bangs while the sides and back are closely shaved to create a bold look.

If you are looking for the most trendy hairstyle of the year for teenagers go for it, rock the casual look, and sport it with confidence to explore the sensational you.

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Military Hairstyle

The military hairstyle is a convenient and an excellent option for any businessman; the shorter hairstyle provides a clean, sophisticated and uniform look that goes well with the casual as well as formal attire.

It’s the best option for time savvy people, and excellent go to for people who aren’t comfortable carrying around curly or wavy locks, you basically get to cut off the curls so that you are left with enough hair to give you a straight hair look.

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Medium Hairstyle for Men

Medium Hairstyles for men is the best hairstyle to opt for as it has the best mix of both worlds, long enough to give it a stylish and trendy look yet not long to cause hassles.

This fashionable combo is the ideal hairstyle to rock, and up your style factor, it goes well with every hair type and frames your face well. Pair it with a clean-shaven or a subtle look to grab eyeballs everywhere you go.

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Shorter Hairstyle for Men

Short but sweet the Shorter hairstyle, the close cut well-trimmed are the best for adults as well as children’s who don’t like to spend time grooming the hairs.

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Curly Fade Haircut

Curly would look mesmerizingly charming and incredible on any man provided it styles it well.

With Curly fade haircut one can never go wrong with the curls wherein the curls are left in the top section while the rest of the head along the sides are closely and neatly shaved in a faded pattern.

Style your locks forward and pair it up with a subtle beard to create a look that girls would kill for.

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Funky Korean Hairstyle

Funky Korean Hairstyle, is a fashionable and quirky hairdo, to create this look medium hair are styled on the top with close shaved sides and razor cuts on both the sides, style the long center locks with hair gel to get spikes and bring out your inner punk, best suited for college students who are all up for experimenting.

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Layered Faux Hawk Hairstyle for Men

Layered faux hawk is one of the topmost trending hairstyles of the year, to create this look the top is styled such that it remains thick with smooth hair right till the back of the head, there on getting uniformly shorter, with trimmed sides to give a cool and outstanding look !!

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Classic Spikes Hairstyle

The classic Spikes hairstyle goes well with every hair type and brings out confidence in you with its classic yet simple styling.

Go for this hairstyle when you want a stylish yet professional look for every day which is easy to carry and style.

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Zayn Malik Hairstyle

The key to rock the Zayn Malik Hairstyle is confidence, individuality, and attitude. The best thing about this look is it can be styled for every occasion be it a professional meeting, a day outing or a night pub date.

A little of hair styling product and you are good to go to rock an event. This hairstyle requires efforts to style but once done the outcome is a sure head turner of the day.

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Textured Quiff with High Low Fade

The high fade along with the line-up looks sexy with a modern textured quiff. To create this look, the top section is styled with long locks with a preferable brown shade highlights to accentuate the texture and razor cut.

While the side and back are trimmed short uniformly with a razor line undercut to define the transition which gives the whole look an edgy twist pair it with a faded beard to create a mesmerizing look.

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Wavy Low Fade Haircut

A slight wavy look can add some style to a rather plain haircut. In this haircut, the hair is styled medium to long length in the top section, while the sides and the back are slightly trimmed with scissors in uniformity with the top part.

The longer top is styled forward towards the forehead, and the tips of the tops are messed up to create a wavy look. This hairstyle is best for men’s with wavy looks as it is easier to be styled.

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Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle

Slicked Back Undercut hairstyle maintains long locks in the top section which is further styled or combed to give it some height with undercuts on the sides.

This style is best suited for people with thick, dense voluminous hair as it is easy to create high tops with these hair types, This is a neatly styled look unlike other high tops wherein the top section is left shaggy or flattened.

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Silky Hair Style for Man

A silky hairstyle is one of the simplest ways to style the hair yet gives you an elegant and classy look.

To create this look the top front is styled like a quiff with a uniformly smaller hair on the sides as well as the back. It goes well with people have medium to an extended length of hair with hair type medium to dense.

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High Fade Quiff Haircut

If you are looking for a fabulous hairstyle that blends in admirably for an everyday look search no further.

High fade Quiff hairstyle is for you, styled with the long top section and neatly trimmed sides and the back this hairstyle could be intensified with highlights of a brown shade. It goes well with thick hair types and gives you a look which goes well with all occasions.

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Mid Fade Haircut

Mid Fade Haircut is the perfect blend between high and low fade, to create this look a partition is made right from the middle of the sides above the ears styling the top section with long locks finger brushed backward.

This is the best haircut for you if you want to endorse your long locks with short sides.

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Ivy League Hairstyle

Ivy League is an excellent option for men’s looking out for low maintenance and easily styled look.

To create this look the top portion is trimmed short enough to neatly comb to either direction or styled messy with an added texture the sides are trimmed to the shortest to create this timeless look. This haircut offers a lot of flexibility with the length of hair in the top section.

Hair at the top part is upright, and you can add hair styling products or gel to spike it even more to create a wet and sexy look.

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Low Maintenance Hairstyle for Men

A low maintenance hairstyle is a great option when you have to avoid the hassles of frequent haircut preferred mostly by men’s in the 40’s.

It is easy to maintain and doesn’t take much of a time to style for an everyday look; it is one of the styles which never goes out of fashion.

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Side Part Low Fade Haircut

This is a rather formal haircut, clean and simple that shall make you stand out from the rest. Side Part Low fade haircut is a perfect example to prove sexy can be simple too.

To create this look the top section is styled with texture with a simple disconnect on the sides. This look is easier to style with a side part hair and neatly and closely shaved sides which go well with a clean shave look.

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Cool Spiky Hairstyle for Men

Common among college students, to create cool spiky hairstyle the hair in the top section are maintained at medium to slightly long length while the sides are trimmed uniformly with the top.

The hair is further styled to give a spiked up look using hair styling products or gel to create a cool and sexy look.

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Messy Pompadour Hairstyle

Messy Pompadour is more of statement hairstyle that portrays a slightly rebellious streak and goes well with the rock band image grabbing all the eyeballs.

To create this look the top section is styled with straight long messy hair with neatly trimmed sides and the back in trimmed with uniformity to the top, to complete the look the top part is styled using hair gels to add the finishing touch and spike up the hairdo.

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Long Messy Hairstyle for Guys

We are going to see longer hairstyles takeover to the top three this year among men’s hairstyle. Long Messy Hairstyle for guys is a simple yet elegant look that goes well with wavy and voluminous hair.

To create this look the hair is given styled with longer locks in the top section with uniformly shorter sides to create a messy yet neatly hand brushed back look.

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Every year marks the rise of more metro hairstyles popping up everywhere messy, the faded hairstyle was also the norm so far around the globe.

With 2022 coming to an end it should be exciting to see what pops up next if the year is of any indicator it should be an exciting year to catch up with the trendiest haircut for men’s.

Choose a hairstyle that best highlights your jawline and enhances your face structure, Hair type and sense of style. There are hairstyles for every type of hair structure out there, Choose the one that looks perfectly styled for everyday look.