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How to Cut Your Own Hair during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The hairdressers are closed for the foreseeable future. Here's how to cut your own hair during these strange times. More than 3 million people have claimed unemployment in the United States since the coronavirus pandemic...

25 Short Braided Hairstyles for an Elegant Look

Braided hairstyles are always in trend. They come in all shapes and sizes, in all patterns and textures and all colors and shades. Even with a very edgy or sleek hairstyle, adding a tiny...

25 Most Amazing Layered Haircuts for Women

Layer hair cutting is a hair cut that provides the illusion of length along with hair volume. The long hairs give the illusion of height, and short cut hair adds the illusion of volume...
Lupita Nyong'o Hairstyle

Lupita Nyong’o Hairstyle – 20 Variations of Utter Coolness

Hollywood’s most popular young actress Lupita Nyoung’o is a perfect example to rock in every aspect of looks, personality, dressing up, make along with the afro African hairstyles. These spectacular young actresses have broken...
New Hairstyles for Men

25 New Hairstyles for Men to Look Dashing and Dapper

Most of the internet is filled with a new, stylish and unique hairstyle for beautiful women but we always try to bring a new cute hairstyle for both our audience. In this particular article,...
Popular Hairstyles for Men

25 Popular Hairstyles for Men to Look Fabulous

Hair styling and grooming is not only women’s copyright; it is equally important for men too. They can too style their hair in long or short as they wish. Today in this article, we...

25 Undercut Hairstyles for an Ultimate Manly Look

Since the time of 1910, the under-cut fashion ruled for quite some time. In 1986 again, this undercut fashion revealed itself with some trendy modification to outrage the fashion of that time. For men,...
Workout Hairstyles

15 Workout Hairstyles for Glam and Fab Look

Workout hairstyles are necessary in today's times because almost one-fourth of the population today is engaged in active workouts. It is integral to keeping ourselves fit, and while sometimes it may seem like quite...
Bridal Hairstyles

21 Bridal Hairstyles for an Elegant Look

All ready for your big day or stuck to find the perfect dress, makeup style, and hairdo? Here we can help you out for one thing that is your hairstyle. We all mostly believe...
Drop Fade Haircut

Drop Fade Haircut for an Ultimate Stylish Look

Drop fade haircuts for men are going to be a big hit in the summer season this year. We are assuming that they will be on top of charts this year, but as the...

Messy Bun is the New Style to Enhance Your Look

Messy buns are a brilliant way of presenting your hair like a gorgeous and affluent floral vase at the back of your head. Messy buns, as the name suggests, requires a messy touch in...

15 Best Prom Hairstyles for All Hair Lengths

No matter how long or short your hair is, you can find the right hairdo for prom night. Check 15 of best prom hairstyles for all hair lengths. When it comes to life's milestones, few...
Quiff Hairstyles

25 Quiff Hairstyles for Ultra Modern Look

The quiff hairstyle is one of the paradigmatic hairstyles that have graced men’s head from the last many years. The hairstyle came into existence since the middle of the last century and has won...

How to Choose the Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

Choosing a great hairstyle may seem easy. All you need to do is simply pick out a hairstyle that you love and then show it to your stylist. Well, this definitely sounds quite easy,...
Blonde Hairstyles 2020

20 Blonde Hairstyles 2020 to Flaunt this Year

Looking for all new hairstyles for a younger and more attractive look in this year 2020, then you are at the right place. In this article, we are talking all about blond-headed ladies. Blonde...

21 Halo Braids to Uplift Your Overall Appearance

From a gorgeous waterfall braid to a complex chain braid to a wonderful French braid, help us to create beautiful braid hairstyling. Braids can be complex to style, but they are easy to style...
Hairstyles for Round Faces

25 Stupendous Hairstyles for Round Faces

Round faces surely may look bubbly and adorable but everyone knows that styling around the face in the most flattering way possible is such a huge task because it simply isn't easy to do...
Hair Color Trends 2020

21 Hair Color Trends 2020 to Glam Up Your Tresses

Hair color trends have experienced several variations. Hair color trends have been growing at a fast speed, and you require to search many experts before you understand which one is the color trend you...
Mullet Hairstyles

25 Mullet Hairstyles to Rock Your Personality

The various styles and trends in men's hairstyles only seem to keep increasing. To stay updated with the latest fashion trends, we have explored a new variety of hairstyles, which is the mullet style....
Short Layered Hairstyles

20 Short Layered Hairstyles to Look Beautiful

When we hear the word HAIR, a picture of black, long and healthy hair comes in our mind. Women are more possessive of their hair than men because from ancient times, hair is known...