How to Properly Optimize Business Profile on Social Media

The 21st century is full of surprises. Most of the top 100 worldwide companies were created in the 21st century. We can focus more on social networks that win the ‘attention game’ every day. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms have the attention of billions of people around the globe. For every business owner, social media platforms could be lucrative platforms. For instance, you can put your product (service) offer on YouTube and start to create a marketing plan. You can buy YouTube subscribers for a successful jumpstart on the journey. Everything goes down to a few things that add up over time. If you are not on the platforms like YouTube and Facebook, then your business is leaving millions of dollars on the table. Today we will take a look at social media marketing from a different perspective. 

Set up a solid customer service


Customer service deserves a chapter dedicated to it. Too often, companies undermine their reputation by not taking or making fun of social media complaints seriously.

Social media gives us quick and easy access to businesses. No need to make a phone call, and no need to go to the Post Office. Just go to their Facebook page to complain – and everyone has access to the result. Nothing to do with what was done before.

The relationship with your audience is essential. Sure, sometimes the complaints may be unfair and unfounded, but you still need to engage with users in a professional manner.

Putting them back in their place would do no good, and instead would tend to draw attention to your business for the wrong reasons.

Building a community organically

This is one of the hardest things to achieve if you are not a big recognized brand. There is no simple method, but rather an array of various means.

  • You will have to arm yourself with patience.

Take your time and do it properly: you’ll end up having an audience that really engages with you.

– Create content that people are likely to share and that will be seen by users beyond your network.

– Be a useful referrer for people who use your products and services.

– Let users know, through other means of communication, that you are present on social channels.

– Talk about other people’s content, not just your own, and build relationships with them (collaborate).

– Always stay interesting or useful.


Shareable content on social media

Creating “shareable social media content” is a recommendation that often lacks from social media campaigns. What is shareable content? What makes it shareable? Where is it found?

The best advice I’ve read on this can be found in two books worth their weight in gold: “Contagious,” by Jonah Berger, and “Made to Stick,” by Chip and Dan Heath. Those books could be fundamental when it comes to shareable and memorable content. 

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