Remy Hair

Remy Hair: The new “Hair-World” Order

In case you’re not a hairstylist, it’s conceivable that you don’t have the foggiest idea about the genuine distinction between these terms; Remy hair and human hair, and regardless of whether you are, all things considered, it’s similarly as hard to determine what these terms mean when you’re attempting to locate a quality hair extension product. Set forth, these terms are intended to show a specific degree of quality in the hair, Remy hair or human hair, that is being sold. Shoppers need to know that the hair they’re purchasing will be durable, extraordinary looking, and dynamically natural.

Remy hair: an unregretful investment

All things considered, Remy hair extensions are often an incredible investment for the hairstylist and the customers, both. These terms are pieces to the same riddle of quality; however, understanding what they mean and how to tell is incredibly significant. We should plunge in a little bit.

What Is Remy Hair?


If you’re an online hair shopping freak, you definitely must have heard about ‘remy hair’. What makes Remy hair so unique is that it’s 100% real high-quality hair, aligned in the same direction, human hair. All Remy hair cuticles go in one direction in which they grow and are kept untouched, which makes the hair appear shinier and does not let them get tangled or matted! If the hair is not collected in this way, it is prone to get tangled and damaged quickly. Who wouldn’t want to have tangle-free hair, right?

How is Remy hair made?

Remy hair is usually shaved or cut hair right from the scalp, in the same specific direction. Another bonus point is that as it is natural human hair, it can be cut, washed and dyed without any damage too!

Remy hair is the most top grade of actual, human hair that is a favoured choice for hair hairpieces, wigs, and extensions since it gets the most natural look.

Remy hair extensions are by a wide margin the best grade of the clip-in hair extensions available in the market on account of the care and protection that is required, the time that is taken to sort the hair so carefully, and the higher quality of the hair that is used.

What Is Human Hair?

Human hair is made out of broken hair collected from the floor or hairbrushes usually. Their cuticles are not aligned. Human hair extensions are sometimes even processed with acid to remove the cuticles, making the quality of hair much lower than Remy hair. This is what makes them less pricey and readily available as compared to Remy hair! The cuticle’s removal causes fragility and dryness; thus, it is generally of a lower quality than Remy hair and will tangle.

Why human hair is a no-no?

Human hair uses hefty silicone layer to make the hair smooth and delicate. In any case, the silicone layer will smell and fall off after certain washes; and the hair will get fragile and messy. Also, human hair is nor reusable because of the tangles.

High-quality human hair will last a reasonable time length, but for that, special care is needed. If low-quality human hair is bought, even more care is required as it might have been blended in with animal or synthetic hair on the grounds that again this industry is not regulated.

Which One Is Better: Remy hair or human hair?


It is said that all Remy hair is human hair, but not all human hair is Remy hair. I know it sounds more like Newton’s fourth law! Remy’s hair is the better form of human hair as it has the cuticles aligned in one, a natural direction which makes your hair look much softer and shinier.

Advantages of Remy hair

As Remy hair does not get tangled like human hair, it is a lot more manageable and looks prettier! Also, it saves you from the tedious experience of brushing and detangling your hair wigs every single day! Remy hair extensions are more prevalent in the market as they are much more durable and better looking. It gives you a very uninformed and sleek look!

Why is Remy hair better?

After the hair has been gathered, they can experience a process before it can be offered to customers. For human hair, since it has been picked randomly, the cuticles are in all various ways. To handle this issue, human hair has to bathe in acid. This has the impact of eliminating the whole cuticle skin from the hair. Then it is processed chemically by dunking it into the silicone.

On the other hand, Remy hair experiences significantly less processing to save its natural beautiful look and quality. The entirety of the cuticle stays flawless and untouched because of how they have been gathered. There is no requirement for any bathing in acid or harsh and risky processes to be utilized on natural hair; it is beautiful for the way it is! Remy hair is always a winner when it comes to comparison with human hair.

Instructions for Remy hair use

There are only two basic instructions to follow to give your Remy hair extensions long and ‘silky’ life, and those are,

  • Always use a good comb or brush while brushing your Remy hair to prevent straining the cuticle and keeping it healthy.
  • Have a good wig care routine. Use the best quality hair products.

Top 3 Best Remy Hair Weave

Because of the fantastic quality of Remy hair, even though it’s a bit expensive than human hair but lasts much longer, so it’s worth every single penny spent on it!

Now that you know everything about Remy hair, below is the top 3 best Remy hair weaves and the best part? They are on sale!

Deep Wave Malaysian Remy Hair 4 Bundles


Click here: Coffy Hair 4 Bundles of Deep Wave Human Remy Hair Weaves Gorgeous Malaysian Hair is a bundle of 4 and is donated by the same donor who is from Malaysia. They’re 100% virgin, black remy hair and the even better part is that they can be dyed too! This one’s great for a more natural look, with its fluffy and thick texture. You definitely won’t regret clicking, trust me!

Kinky Curly 13*4 Lace Frontal Closure Remy Hair


Then comes this ‘kinky curly’ one. You’re going to forget your straightening irons and even your curling rods! This one is amazing for a more dramatic and bold look that brings out loads of personality. This weave is the one to make heads turn with its beautiful, tight curls!

Water Wave Peruvian Remy Hair 4 Bundles


This beautiful extension is a perfect balance of bold and subtle, I believe! Silky, wavy, and shiny is a hairstyle that can make any face complimenting. A free-flowing, smooth water wave Remy hair ought to be on your hair products buying list as it can give stylish, trendy yet straightforward hairstyles. Plus, these are four bundles too.

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