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What to Look For in an Online Marriage Counselor

Marital harmony is an important for a family to be happy and healthy both mentally and physically. Any discord in marriage affects not just the couple but also family members and people involved in their lives. And even the most mundane things can become big issues in no time leading to unnecessary fights. Hence, it is important to address even the smallest issues in a marriage as early as possible. And marriage counseling is a good way to take the first step towards a healthy marital relationship. But many couples are reluctant to go for therapy due to various reasons like social stigma, lack of time, financial issues, etc. This is where online marriage counseling becomes useful. A good online marriage counselor can help you work out your marital issues in a comfortable and convenient way. But what qualities do you look for in a good online marriage counselor?

Licensed Counselors

Licensed Counselors
The very first thing you should look for when searching for online marriage counselors is their license. Many scammers pretend to be counselors to take advantage of your need and take your money. Such scams are one of the reasons most people are apprehensive of online therapy. However, with some alertness and thorough research you can easily learn to differentiate between the real therapists and the frauds. Dealing with marital issues at the earliest is very important. And as this article suggests, online therapy can save your relationship. But, it is important that the counselors you visit are licensed so that you don’t end up getting caught up in unnecessary issues or other hardships for availing their services.


Now you’ll say this is quite obvious. But it still needs a mention mainly because of the various Internet scams prevalent in the industry. Indeed, on many occasions people have found their online doctors to be self-taught gurus with no real qualifications or even a license to work as a counselor. These scammers often fake their degrees or use false certificates to cheat naïve and unsuspecting people. Hence, it is important that your online counselor is absolutely legit and has the required knowledge to treat you. After all, you’ll be putting your mental health in their care; qualifications should be must.

Experience and Expertise

Another quality you need in your online marriage counselor is a good amount of experience in marital counseling. Marriage counseling is all about dealing with marital problems and issues that married people face. Hence, only a counselor trained in this field and having the related expertise can help. Also, if a marriage counselor has enough experience in dealing with married couples and their issues, he/she can help you resolve your issues in a better and fruitful way. So, when you go looking for a marriage counselor online, do check their experience and expertise before signing up.

Unbiased and Neutral

Unbiased and Neutral
A good marriage counselor should always be impartial. Counseling involves hearing both sides of the story and trying to resolve the issues in a neutral way. Marriage counselors often tend to treat the relationship as a separate entity and try to resolve the issues of a relationship instead of focusing on the individuals. This unbiased approach ensures no partner is treated unfairly. So, if you find a counselor showing bias towards one partner, it is not a good sign.

Solution-Oriented Mindset

Another quality that is a must in a good marriage counselor is a solution-oriented mindset. When married couples seek therapy, they are looking for someone to resolve their issues, not someone who would just keep on listing the problems.

Finding solutions and trying to resolve behavioral and other issues in a marriage is the job of the counselor. So, if a counselor is focused more on the problems in a marriage instead of focusing on finding solutions, then it is not a good sign.

Marriage counseling is only the first step towards trying to save a failing marriage. It is the dedication and commitment of the couple that can actually help them move past their differences and accept each other again. However, choosing the right marriage counselor, especially in online counseling, can go a long way in speeding up the process significantly.

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